Spoiled Step-daughter


When I meet my wife, Susan she was married and looking. I was already separated from my ex-wife and living in an extended stay motel. The affair began and Susan seemed to be exactly the kid of woman that I wanted. She didn’t want to make love, she wanted to be fucked. We fucked everyday that we saw each other, using every minute of the time we had in bed. She didn’t want to leave her husband and break-up her family, but I was in love with Susan and showed her how things would be with me. Susan let herself go and divorced and a week later we married secretly.
The reason for our secret marriage was because of Susan’s daughter, Tracy. Tracy was a daddy’s girl and Susan wanted her to get to know me before we were all thrown in together. Tracy seemed very sweet and well behaved at first, but then I saw that she was spoiled and could really be a brat at times. Tracy didn’t affect things much with Susan and I, because we were out fucking and having fun when Tracy was with her daddy.
Things begin to change when Susan’s ex-husband began to enjoy his newly found single life. He started spending less time with Tracy which directly affected mine and Susan’s sex life. I wanted Susan naked with my cock in her mouth, pussy, or asshole as usual, but Susan had to take care of Tracy.
When Tracy was getting what she wanted she would melt my heart with her sweetness, but when she didn’t the entire house was in turmoil. I never believed that spoiling children was a good thing, so I went to battle and lost every time.

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I began to give up and let Susan handle things, and she struggled. Susan and I decided to put Tracy into gymnastics, so that Tracy would have a release for all of her energy. Seeing Tracy’s finely shaped body in the gymnastics out fit bending and spreading her shapely evenly toned legs on the mats made my cock stir.
Susan was still struggling with Tracy’s back talking and defiance. I decided that I would start giving Tracy what she wanted. After work, I went shopping for Tracy buying her the kinds of trendy clothes and underwear that she liked. Tracy responded quickly, jumping into my arms. My hands were quickly overflowing with Tracy’s butt-cheeks as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Because of her weight, I had to adjust my hold on her and the fingers of my left hand was against her young cunt. I could feel the heat from it causing my cock to harden.
Susan and I had peace that night, and I fucked Susan hard enough to wake Tracy in the next room. Susan warned me several times that she could hear Tracy, which only made my cock harder and me to pound her with everything that I had.
My mind started to swirl. Everything that came to mind seemed to spell trouble for me and possible jail time, but every thought that I had of Tracy was sexual. I took my frustrations out on Susan fucking hard and making lots of noise in our bedroom.

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Tracy continued with her affection and I continued buying her the things she wanted. I bought Susan things at the same time in order to keep her from complaining. Tracy seemed to know that her affection had a direct influence on me getting her what she wanted.
I was watching the news one evening and Tracy came and straddled my lap. She wanted me to buy her some designer clothes that Susan had flat out refused because of the cost. Tracy’s small boobs were staring me directly in my eyes while my hard cock throbbed against her crotch. My hands firmly gripped her butt-cheeks as I told her that I would have to clear it with her mother. She began grinding against my cock begging me buy her the things that she wanted. I heard Susan finishing up in the bathroom, so I quickly agreed to Tracy’s demands and she got off of me giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.
Tracy immediately told Susan what I had agreed to, which cause a brief bit of drama, but Susan gave in. Tracy was way too big to be held in anyone’s arms, but that didn’t stop her from jumping in mine. Susan seemed to be happy that Tracy and I were finally getting along and that Tracy wasn’t giving her such a hard time. I found myself rubbing Tracy’s crotch out of the eye sight of Susan, and Tracy didn’t reject it at all.
Susan and I had just gotten in bed and Tracy came in. Tracy climbed between us to talk to Susan.

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   Neither Susan nor I had on anything under the covers, but before we could protest Tracy pulled the covers and got under them. Susan was about to hold down the cover over herself, but I had to pull them back over me.
Tracy began talking to Susan and sharing thoughts to Susan’s delight. All the while, my hard cock was pressed against the back of Tracy’s thighs. I pretended to fall asleep and a little while later both Susan and Tracy were quiet. I had actually fell asleep. I stirred around day break realizing my position. My throbbing cock was between Tracy thighs against her crotch and Tracy’s hand covered mine as I held one of her tits. Susan was wide awake lying on her side looking at us. The covers was pushed down to my knees, so Susan was full aware.
Susan put her finger to her lips to quiet me. Tracy’s night shirt was pushed up above both her tits and Susan eased it down as I slowly pulled my hand away. I got my robe and Susan led me quietly to the kitchen. Her cool manner gave me the since that there was no problem.
    I sat quietly while Susan made us coffee.

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    Susan said, “Tracy is ready for this. ” She reached in my robe and grabbed my cock.
    I nearly choked on my coffee.
    Susan stroked me gently and smiled. “You woke me up humping her,” she said softly. “I saw her move your hand to her boob, and she was humping too. ”
    I sipped slowly wide-eyed.
    “Things have been going good around here and I don’t want to spoil it,” Susan added. She got down and started sucking my cock like she was horny for it.
    I was a little shaky, but I gave her a hefty load of cum to drink. She got up and smiled at me as if the blowjob was her way of thanking me. I had dismissed everything else.
    A few days later, Tracy flopped down on my lap in her panties and sleeping shirt showing me a pair of shoes that she wanted. It seemed that every day that went by, I got hornier and hornier for her. I had on my robe and pajama bottoms, because I was ready for bed.

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       My cock pushed straight up against her ass. She straddled me when she began to beg. My cock was out from my robe and pajamas.
    “I’ll do this,” Tracy said pulling the crotch of her panties aside and took hold of my cock. She rubbed the head of my cock along her slit to her hot spot.
    That did it for me. I didn’t give a thought to any consequences. I pulled down on her hips as I thrust my cock. She moaned out in pain, but I was deterred. I had a hold on her that I wasn’t about to loosen. I felt the surge and I began pumping. I fucked her desperately for about twenty-five minutes before I shot every drop of my cum into her vise-like cunt.
    I told Tracy that I would take her to get the shoes the next day. Tracy thanked me giving me a kiss on the cheek and went off to bed. Susan was lying in the bed waiting for me.

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    “I need to get her on birth control,” Susan said.
    I didn’t say a word. The reality of fucking Tracy was beginning to set in and my heart was in my throat and pounding in her ears. I toss and turned all that night thinking of all the trouble I could get in for what I had done.
    The next day Susan got up full of life and as happy as could be. Tracy was quiet and didn’t give Susan any grief. Tracy held on to my arm tight at the Mall, and seemed less enthusiastic than I thought she’d be over the shoes. Susan picked out herself several outfits, but Tracy didn’t ask for anything.
    When we got home Tracy asked me to go lay down and take a nap with her. That was a first. Tracy was never the one to take naps. She had all was on full blast until she went to sleep at night. She had been so clingy that I happily agreed because my cock was hard from thinking about her and I was hoping to fuck her again.
    Tracy closed the door and turned out the light when we got in her room. She pulled back the covers and began taking off all of her clothes.

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       Some how I was naked on her bed before she got her pants off. There was no talking, only grunts and moans. It felt like the first time that I had fucked Susan except that Tracy’s pussy was extremely tight.
    I stayed with Tracy until I heard Susan moving around the next morning. Susan told me that she was going shopping, so I went back to bed with Tracy. When Susan got home that evening I was fucking Tracy.
    I fucked Tracy about twice as much more than I did Susan for about three months. Tracy became very respectful of Susan and I tried my best to spoil the both of them.



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