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Her exercising was the main reason I lifted weights so often. It would give me another chance to see my mother all sweaty in her tight spandex workout clothes. I've had more than one mishap with free weights losing concentration because of her. I hardly saw my dad at all. My mother would wake me up, feed me breakfast, take me to school, pick me up from school, work out with me, eat dinner with me, hang out with me, and take me to bed after I'd fall asleep waiting for dad to get home. I got all that extra attention because she thought I needed cheering up. She was already suffocating me with attention, and if she wasn't so hot I would've had her stop a long time ago. I didn't start taking any chances with her and her affection until I was 13. I had put two and two together and realized that she was lonely and needed someone as much as I supposedly missed my dad. So I made it a point to stop hanging out with anyone other than my mother. We always snuggled together while watching television at night in the same position: she'd sit up on the couch and I would lay down with my head in her lap. As I said, I started doing things at 18 that maybe I shouldn't have. I began rubbing her inner thighs with just enough pressure that she'd feel it, but not so much pressure that I was grabbing her leg. She started stroking my hair in response as her breathing started to get a little deeper. I faked being asleep so that when she took me to bed, I'd be wide awake in order to wack off. This went on for a while, until she started wearing less and less to bed.

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   For many years she wore long, cotton robes that weren't sexy at all. After we began caressing each other, the cotton robes were replaced by unbottoned silk robes with nighties on underneath. Eventually the robes came off completely and she was wearing lacey negligee. The night we crossed the line (I was 14), she had put on a black corset with matching stockings complimented by a garter belt. I got instantly hard when I saw her walk into the living room like this. When we looked at each other, there was a mutual acknolwedgement that we both wanted something more than caressing. We took our usual spots and I began rubbing her inner thighs, partially covered by stockings. She also continued to run her wonderful fingers through my hair. But that night, I got more adventurous with my fingers. I slid them smoothly up her thighs up to her pussy. Her rubbing my head had stopped as she was fixiated on what I would do next. I removed my finger after a minute and kissed her crotch. I heard her gasping for air when I did this, so I did it again. And again. Her hands found my way to the back of my head as she continued gasping and commenced forcing my head as deep as they could go into her crotch.

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  All I could hear above me while I was eating my mother out was her impassioned pleas for me to continue. "Ohhhhh, Hank. . . . . . . . mmmmhhhh oooohhhhhhhhhh. . . keep gooooiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn. . .

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  hmmmmhhh. . . "I was getting a little uncomfortable myself because my 5 inch dick was face down into the couch. I had to readjust where I was sitting so that I was kneeling on the floor in front of Mom. While doing so, she took off her black lacey panties from her waist and I slipped them off with my teeth from her extended ankles, kissing her feet when the panties were off my teeth. This was the first pussy I had seen, and it was awesome. She looked at me with glassy eyes, still relishing the attention I'd given her glistening crevis of love, and pleaded me to start again. Not that I needed any beckoning, but it helped to see her at such a state of arousal to further convince me to keep at oh Hank that. . . ~gasp~. . . .

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  that was unbeLIEVable. . . oh god. . . , MMMMHHHH. . . let me help you with that. . . . . that beautiful dick of yours.

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  . . . "My mother was panting uncontrollable for a few minutes but came to eventually. "Now Hank, lie on your back and Mommy's going to make you feel extra good for helping me. ""OK Mom. " Not the words of a master with women, but I'd just given Mom a BJ so I didn't need to sound suave. I laid down as instructed on the couch and watch as Mom licked her lips a few times. I tried to reach up to feel her bouncing breasts, but she instead grabbed both hands and put a couple fingers from each hand into her mouth. "MMMMMMMmmmmm. . . . AAAOOOOHHHHH. .

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  . . " were the sounds that escaped both of our mouths as she slowly licked my fingers. "Now be a good boy and let Mommy do all the work. " She put my hands down at my sides, took my boxers off for me, and just dove in. She gave quick little pecks to my already stiff member, then began licking up and down the length of the shaft. "Mmmmmhhhh, honey, you're already bigger than the other boy in this house. " I was too lost to know that she meant my dad and how small he was. As she went back down on me, she engulfed my whole dick in her mouth. I let out a quick gasp and instinctively put my hands on the back of her head. This was SO much better than wacking off after she'd put me to bed. I wish I could say that I was a stallion and lasted forever, but I lasted maybe ten seconds with my mothers luscious lips around my dick. It felt so good that I started seeing stars. I don't know if she swallowed all of my cum or not because I had blacked out. But she brought me back to earth by kissing my softly on the lips like a satisifed woman.

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  We heard my dad pull into the garage not long after that, so our encounter ended there. . . for the night. I was extremely upset when my dad woke me up and informed me that Mom was sick and that he'd take me to school that day. I wanted to share more moments with Mom in the morning, but I guess that was out of the question. Unless. . . I decided that even if she was sick, I was going to spend the day with my mom anyways. So right after school started I faked being sick and called to have my dad pick me up. He took me home right away and went back to work. My mother didn't know that I was on my way to see her. I quietly went to her bed expecting to see her, but she wasn't there. I was puzzled, but I knew that if she wasn't too well then she'd be in the house somewhere.

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   I went looking for her. I found her in the laundry room. Her back was to me as she put a load into the drier and a new load into the washer. She was wearing a green baby doll, with matching green panties, thigh-high stockings and high heels. Wearing all these things with her bent over, exposing those perfect legs and extravegant ass, I couldn't help cumming in my pants when I saw her. Trying to make a joke of it, I told her that she should wait until I got out of my cum-stained pants before starting the new wash. She was startled at first; she spun around and put her hand to her heaving chest before she realized it was me. "Hank, don't scare me like that! I might have to give you a spanking if you're not careful. "Not knowing that her spanking me was a sexual thing for her, I looked down sheepishly and apologized, fearing I'd just ruined the moment. She assured me that all was alright by kissing me on the lips. I was soon greeted by her tongue trying to pry my lips open. I was all too eager to oblige, and soon our lips were dancing around with each other. "You are the man I have dreamed of all my life Hank. I can't believe how much I love you. I faked being sick so I could have time to think about what you meant to me, and I realized that you're the only man I want to have in my life.

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   I want to take care of you and let you take care of me. I want to please and fuck you in any way that I can. I want to be your Mommy and be your wife and be your best friend and be your lover. "All the while, I had been laying smooches on her heaving breasts. They were so bouncy, like nothing I'd ever seen before. When I comprehended what she had said, I looked into her eyes and started kissing her again. She gave a sigh that was equally relieved from knowing that she'd met her man as well as excited from the pure sensuous kisses we were giving each other. After several minutes of tongues interlocking, I went down to my knees. "Oh Hank, suck me again, PLEASE!!!"That was exactly what I was going to do. With my thumbs, I grabbed her soaked panties and guided them down her tanned, green-stockinged legs down to the floor. After stepping away from them, she thrust her pelvis into my face. I grabbed her ass and pulled her forward into me. I playfully licked her clit with intravenous speed. After a few minutes of that, I forced my tongue into her pussy as deep as it could go. I started swirling my tongue around, getting acquainted with the feel of it.

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   It seemed like Mom was going to pass out, because she wasn't standing up straight; she was rocking side to side. "YESSS, YESSS!!! AHHHHHARRRRAAAHHGHHGGHGH!!!!!"I sensed her knees getting very weak. Juices exploded into my face as I had to let her fall forward onto me. Low gutteral sounds were coming from her lips as I stroked her head, letting her enjoy the orgasm that rocked her. After a few minutes of sucking her neck and her breasts, I asked her how she was. With a knowing smile, she said, "I've never felt better, Babe. Now it's your turn again. "She sat up on my chest and took off the baby doll. Her breasts were jiggling up and down as she threw the baby doll to the floor as I kept rubbing her legs. "Are you ready to let me make you a man, Honey?"I was still in awe from her breasts. She understood that I'd never seen naked breasts before and let me enjoy myself. I rubbed her left breast with my right hand as she leaned forward to kiss me. She only gave me a few pecks on the lips before she rode up on me and leaned down again. This time, her wonderful breasts were shimmering at my face. I started kissing each breast as she hopped up and down on me.


   At long last, I licked her left nipple with my tongue a few times. She let out several more high-pitched gasps as my tongue began servicing her other nipple as well. She kept kissing the top of my head as I was licking and eventually enclosing my mouth around her extraordinary left nipple. Her bounciness was helped by her heavy breathing; it seemed as though the more I sucked, the more she dry humped me; the more she dry humped me, the more she was bouncing, which meant I was sucking more. What a wonderful circle of events. After a while, I told her that I was about to explode. She told me to hold off for a while. "Hank, Mommy is so happy to be the first to make you a man, but there's something I want to try. . . "It was my mother so of course I was going to do whatever she wanted. Little did I know how great her idea was. "Hank, sit down on top of the washing machine. " She grabbed a few towels and laid them down on the top of the washer, which is where I sat. "Now help me up.

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  " I grabbed her and pulled her up (I was already pretty strong by then). Whether it was divine help, good timing or just dumb luck, the washing machine was about to start its spin cycle. Just what Mom wanted. "Hank, let me ride on top of you for now. " It seemed natural to let her do so; when I helped her up, she was already sitting on my lap facing me. I had commenced my attack on her nips when she told me this. I said "OK" and the next thing I knew, my mother squated her pussy onto my dick. "NOW PUSH UP!!!" I raised my pelvis to meet her pussy and sealed our fate as lovers forever. It felt incredible to be inside my first vagina. "YOU'RE A MAN NOW HANK! YOU'RE A MAN!!! NOW FUCK ME LIKE A MAN!!!" Mommy had lost it at this point. I wasn't sure what exactly she wanted me to do, so I did what felt natural--I began thrusting up with my dick. My mother's orgasm took her to another place as I fucked up and down. She came crashing down to earth as her pussy shot some juices onto my dick. It took her a minute to recover, as I continued my slow unconfident thrusting. And that's when the washing maching took over.

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   "Hold onto me baby, HOLD ON!!!" I grabbed hold of her hips as the washing machine hit its peak. The next thing I knew, we were being shaken left and right by the washer. I held on for dear life to my mother as she started screaing in ecstacy again. I hadn't come yet so I was still rock hard as the maching took over. All I had to do was hold on and let the machine do the work. We were rocked back and forth as the washer did the shaking for us. The movement of the washing machine simulated the action of fucking, taking over for my inexperienced body. Left and right, up and down, with my penis buried in my mother's cunt, we were fucking like mad. Seeing her breasts jiggling to all sides was too much for me to handle, and I came shortly after the spin cycle was in full force. But thank god for whoever designed our maching. Even after I came the first time, I was so turned on that my dick seemed to get harder as time went on. My mother was screaming incomprehensibly, either because of her pleasure or because of the noise from the machine. Her breasts were going everywhere uncontrollably. For my part, I held on like there was no tomorrow. Mom finally lunged forward, wrapped her arms around my neck, and held on for dear life.

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   All I could do was hold on to her hips and be mesmerized by the bouncing breasts that were in front of me. I could feel the ejaculation coming from my toes, build up in my feet, shoot straight through my legs and out my penis as I yelled at the top of my lungs that I loved my mommy. If the machine hadn't slowed down at the instant that I came, I would've lost my mother. Fortunately I let go just as the machine stopped, at which point my mother had gained enough control to hold onto me without choking me. We were both insane with what had just happened and kissed frantically, not controlling our tongues. We fucked like animals for a few months without Dad ever finding out. It was hard to conceal how pregnant my mom had become after a while, though. . . (If there is a next chapter, it will involved our fucking while she's pregnant and what happens when a man finds out his mother is pregnant with his own daughter. ).