Special Love for Daddy - Chapter 2


I sit up and pull the sheet over my body, suddenly very aware of my nakedness. “Julie, come here honey. ”Julie slides her hand out of her underwear and pushes the door open. She’s looking right into my eyes as she slowly walks over to my bed, and stops directly in front of me. Her breasts are right in my face, and they’re so beautiful. But I can’t be sidetracked right now; I have to talk to Julie. I reach for her hands and hold them in each of mine. Her hands are so small, so soft. I give them a gentle squeeze and bring them to my lips. I kiss each hand before speaking to her. “I think I should explain what just happened. I love you so very much Princess, maybe a little too much. I think about you when I touch myself Julie. Today isn’t the first time. I’ve been thinking about you like this for about a year now. I know it’s not right, and I know that I shouldn’t, but I just can’t help it.

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   You’re so beautiful and…” I can’t quite finish what I was about to say, my mouth has gone completely dry. I swallow hard and try to continue, “You’re so beautiful and sexy. I can’t stop thinking about you. If you don’t” She interrupts me. “Daddy, I love you too. ” She puts her hand under my chin and lifts my face so that I am looking into her eyes. “I love you in the same way. I have to admit that I have only just realized this, but I love you and want to be with you Daddy. I’ve been saving myself for that special someone, and I now realize that YOU are that special someone. I want you to touch me, and kiss me, and make me yours. ”I can’t believe it – my little girl wants me to make love to her. My cock gets hard as I think about what she has just told me. Julie looks down and sees the bulge under the sheet and steps closer. She puts her hands on my chest, leans down, and presses her lips to mine. It’s ‘now or never’ I think to myself.

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  As I start to kiss Daddy, I hear him moan just a little. His tongue is licking across my lips, pushing against them, so I open my mouth just a little and his tongue slides past my lips. Our tongues are swirling together, sucking, tasting. Daddy stands up while we are kissing, but never breaking contact. He puts his arms around me; one hand pressing against my back and the other hand pressing against my ass. I can feel his erection pushing against my stomach. It’s so hard, I think to myself. I reach up and wrap my hands around his neck as we continue kissing. I have to stand on my toes because he’s so tall. She’s so tiny I have to bend down just to keep kissing her. I put both my hands under her ass and lift her up and settle her against my hard-on. She gets the idea, and wraps her legs around me. I keep one hand on her back and one on her ass. God, this feels great!!There’s nothing between me and her pussy except those little panties of hers, so I start rubbing her body against mine. That makes her slide against my cock, and I can feel her wetness through her underwear.

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   I turn around towards the bed and lay Julie across it. I ask her if she is sure this is what she wants. “Yes, Daddy, I want you so much. ” That’s all I needed to hear. My hands go to her waist and I notice, and not for the first time, how trim and beautiful her body is. I kiss all over Julie’s belly, giving little licks here and there, brushing my fingertips across her skin. She’s squirming and giggling, telling me I’m tickling her. I hook my fingers under her panties and start pulling them down and Julie lifts her butt off the bed so I can slide her underwear off. Once I get past her hips I stop. I see her pussy for the first time – it’s completely and totally hairless. She must shave it all the time because there’s not a single hair there. I’m getting so hard it’s starting to hurt. I pull her panties the rest of the way off and drop them to the floor. I look back down at her pussy and I can see the juices already dripping out of her. Her girly-cum already flowing and I haven’t even touched her yet.

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   I kiss each knee, each thigh, slowly licking my way up her body. She’s spreading her legs further apart the higher I go, and I bet she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. God, my little girl is so sensuous. I reach the juncture of her thighs and I remain still for a moment; just taking in the musky scent of her womanhood, the swell of her outer lips, the heat emanating from her most secret place. I place a light kiss at the top of her pubic mound, trailing little kisses downward from there. Light, feathery kisses designed to arouse. Tiny love bites, playfully teasing her sensitive flesh. I can hear Julie’s ragged breathing, so I look up and see her caressing her own breasts through her bra. Both her hands and her beautiful breasts hidden, that little silk bra keeping me from seeing all of my baby girl. “Take it off for me Princess. Let Daddy see you. ”Julie sits up in bed and reaches behind her back. She unclasps her bra, pulls the straps off each arm, and drops the silk to the floor. I see her little breasts, not yet fully grown, nipples so hard – like little pebbles. Oh, so beautiful.

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   So perfect. I rise up, pressing my lips to hers once again, my hand searching, searching until I find that perfect little globe. Julie moans into my mouth as I knead her tender breast, tugging slightly on the hard little nipple. I lean forward to press my little girl back down on her back. My lips leave hers, but they don’t go far. I kiss and bite just below her ear, and am rewarded with a soft mewl of pleasure. I smile to myself and whisper in Julie’s ear, “Daddy loves you so much Princess. ” As I’m whispering to her, my hand slides down her body, to her smooth lips below, my fingertips dancing across her slit, not yet opening her up. “Will you let me make you feel good baby girl? Will you let Daddy in?”In answer, Julie reaches her little hand to my swollen cock, wraps her fingers around it, looks into my eyes, and says, “Yes. I love you too Daddy. ” She slides her hand up and down my length at the same time I run my finger along the inside of her slit. I don’t know if it was myself or Julie that moaned, but God, if she kept this up I wouldn’t last much longer. “Not yet, Love, I want this to last” I tell her. She smiles at me with understanding, and stops her stroking. I slide my finger down her slit and feel the wetness there, then slide back up taking some of her juices back up to her clit.

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   I find her little button and twirl my finger around it. It was like opening some long-forgotten treasure box. Julie’s hips started moving back and forth, her moans were getting louder, she was definitely enjoying this. I felt her body tense, her breathing so very heavy now. Just a little more and my baby girl would cum for me. I urged her on, “Let it go honey, and let Daddy give this to you. Cum for Daddy, Princess. ” Shudders racked my little girl’s body as she screamed out her release. I didn’t give her time to come down from that orgasm as I led her on to the next. I dipped my finger in her juices again and brought it back to her clit and rubbed little circles around it. Julie’s body was still quivering. I took my finger off her clit and replaced it with my thumb, and took my middle finger and put it at her opening, sliding it in just a little. I kept rubbing my thumb against her clit as I slid my finger inside my little girl. I got in up to my knuckle and felt her maidenhead. I know that there is going to be pain for her, but I want to make it as little as possible.

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   Maybe I can work on stretching her hymen a little so it won’t rip so much, I think to myself. I have to make sure she doesn’t notice it until she has to. I look up to her face and see her eyes closed, her head moving back and forth on the bed, wanting something she still doesn’t quite understand. I move my body so that my head is at her chest, and I take her nipple into my mouth. I hear her moaning, and this urges me on. As I suckle on her young breast I continue pushing my finger inside her, and caressing her clit with my thumb. Her body tenses again, and I get ready. I lick around her nipple, nipping at her breast, begging her to cum for me. Julie is breathing even heavier now, just little gasps for air really. As I feel her pussy muscles contracting around my finger I push a little more in, pressing more against her cherry as she climaxes on my finger. I let my little girl catch her breath and I reach down to stroke my cock to relieve some of the ache. I feel precum all over the head, and I know that I can’t wait any longer. I need her so bad. I reach for Julie’s little pussy again and just rub it lightly with my whole hand as I ask her, “Are you ready for Daddy now baby? Do you want Daddy to make you a woman now?”“Yes” is all that she could manage to say through her ragged breathing. Once again, that’s all I needed to hear.

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      I position myself between my daughter’s legs, my cock standing straight out. I have dreamt of this moment for so long now. Julie’s so beautiful, naked in front of me, her long red hair lying across the pillow, her little breasts, and nipples standing out so proudly. I see little red marks on one of her breasts, and smile to myself, wondering if my goatee would do that to her in other places as well. Maybe another time, but right now I must have my little girl. I must have paused too long, given Julie time to think. “Is it going to hurt Daddy?”“Yes Princess. It will hurt a little at first and then it will feel good, but I will be as gentle as I can. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to honey. There are other ways that we can make each other feel good. Do you want me to stop now?”“No Daddy. I love you, and I know you will be easy with me. I want to be yours. Make me a woman Daddy. Make me yours.

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      ”How could I possibly deny that request?I put my hands on her hips and pull her closer to me, so that her ass sitting on my thighs a little. I take my cock in hand and rub it against the outside of her pussy, enjoying the feel of her smooth pussy. After a few seconds I move the head of my dick to the bottom of her slit. Her girly-cum is dripping out of her pussy and I slide up and down in her juices, moving my cock from the bottom of her slit to the top and back down again. I do this over and over, and each time I reach the top the head brushes past her clit. I hear Julie’s whimpers each time I come in contact with her sensitive button. It’s just too much for me. I grip my cock firmly and slide it to her little hole. I ease in just the head and stop. I look to Julie and she is biting her bottom lip, probably out of fear, but she has no idea how sexy that little action makes her look. I push in just a little more and I can feel her cherry. I look to Julie again, and ask her, “Are you sure?” Julie nods her head. My brave little girl. I push against her hymen, and Julie stiffens. There’s really not going to be any easy way around it.

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       “Here it goes honey, are you ready?” Again she nods her head. I grab her hips and pull her against me at the same time that I thrust forward. I feel the barrier as I push past it, I hear Julie’s scream of pain, and I stop once I’m all the way in. Oh God, she is so tight. I look at Julie’s face and I see a tear go down her cheek. I can’t believe I hurt her that much. “Baby, I’m so sorry. There was really no way for me to avoid hurting you on your first time honey. I love you much. ” I lean forward to wipe the tear from her cheek. I start to pull out of my little girl, but she wraps her legs around my waist and squeezes tight. “Don’t leave me Daddy. The pain is gone now, so don’t leave me. ”“Are you sure Princess?”She responds by pulling me closer with her legs. That’s all it took.


       I grabbed her hips again and started sliding in and out of my daughter’s tight little pussy; slowly at first, but then picking up speed as she started catching the rhythm. This is what Heaven is like, I think to myself. I move one hand to her pubic mound as I’m fucking her. I reach my finger down to flick over her clit and she moans loudly. I start pounding harder into her pussy while fingering her clit. “Oh God, Daddy, yes. Oh that feels so good. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”I pound faster into my little girl’s pussy. “Dadddyyyyyy” she screams so loud as we cum together, squirting my seed into my young daughter. I roll over onto my back, taking Julie with me, never breaking our special contact. I feel myself going soft inside her. Julie is lying on top of me, with her head on my chest, trying so hard to catch her breath. I run my hands up and down her back, caressing her soft skin.

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       I could stay like this forever. “I love you Princess. ”“I love you too Daddy,” she murmurs before drifting to sleep. I keep caressing her back until I, too, fall asleep, only to dream of having many more days like this one with my little Princess. Anyone want another chapter? All comments welcome. .