Sons Lust.....


It began as a simple thought. One day while Alex was on his computer an Ad on the screen caught his eye. "Mom on Son Action XXX". His mind quickly realized what the title was about, upon locking his bedroom door he returned to the Computer and clicked on the Ad bringing him to the site. He was immediately entranced by the pictures and captions that were on the Monitor. He book marked the website so he could continue coming back to the site when he pleases. This continued for several weeks, but abruptley ended when his computer crashed and had to be sent to a Tech to get fixed. This caused him to look other places to entertain himself. . . . This entertainment would end up being focused on his very own mother. Her name is Lindsey and at 36 she is very well off for herself. She is around 5'7'' 156lbs, Long brown hair that reachs down to the top half of her back. The hair covers up a long band that stretches across the shoulder blades. She has large B cup breasts, but her most noticable feature about her is her rather large thighs.

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   This is in-part due to her fairly large back side that is usually squeezed into much smaller jeans that conture her medium sized waist. But her best attribute are here drak Blue eyes that are offset by the dark brown hair. This was enough to drive Alex mad. . .
He began to watch his mother at any chance he had. The first time was when she was doing Laundry, just the site of her underware set him off into a long dream that would help him "release" that maddness later in the night. But this could only entertain the young man for so long. Soon he would become more "wanting" of this and would try and catch her in her room, while she was tanning, or just while she is walking around in her robe. But even then he was not satisfied. More drastic measures were needed. When the time presented itself he took advantage of the opportunity. . . .

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  The opportunity presented itself on a warm Summer Afternoon. He had just arrived home from a long week at school and was happy to see his mothers car in the drive way. He swung the front door open and walked inside, closing it behind him softly hoping not to make too much noise. He walked to his room, passing the basement door he could hear the sound of the washer running. He made with quick hast to his bedroom and slung his back pack on the floor and flipped off his shoes and socks. Dashing out of the room with silence at his heels he arrived at the basement door frame. He walked on the front of his feet to avoid detection. Upon reaching the bottom he felt the cold cement ground on his bare skin making him jump slightly. He looked too the laundry room door and observed the light being admitted by it. He snuck his way to the door and peered inside. . . He was not disappointed with the sight. There his mother stood, her back to the door as she folded some of her clothing and placed it ontop of the dryer. He looked over her entire body, drawing in every detail of this moment.

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   Her dark brown hair was swooping down over her back. Underneath it was a white tank top, the black strips of her bra straps were clearly visible through the seams. His eyes ventured further and arrived at her shorts. They were jean shorts that were fringed at the edge, which went down to mid thigh. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opend them his eyes continued to wander down her thighs and too her calfs, then back up. He realized that his oppurtunity was upon him. . . He began to approach her from behind, he stopped as he stood within a foot or two of her. He reached out with one of his arms and wrapped it around her stomach. She flinched at this act and tried to pull away while uttering, "Alex, i didnt even know you were home. . . ".

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   She pushed his arm slightly, but quickly realized that he was standing sturn. He took another step forward and pushed his chest against her back, allowing him to strengthen his clutch. "Ok Alex, Let me go, I have to finish the Laundry. " She said with a semi stern voice. It fell upon deaf hears as He pushed her forward, her stomach smashing against the hard edge of the dryer. "Alex, what are you doing!" She screams out as she tries to push herself off the machine. Alex did not answer her cries, his mind was to busy with other thoughts. Soon his hand was traveling down his mothers side. It reaches her jean shorts, his thumb wraps around the waist band and pushes down slightly. "Alex. . . " She murmers out, still trying to get out of his grasp. He let his grip go from her waist as his hand lurched up and took hold of her face, grabing her by her mouth to try and silence her. This was followed by a quick push against her back, leaning her over.

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   He quickly tugged her jean shorts down to her knees, her white panties now revealed as she tries to gagle something out. He presses up against her, she call feel him against her and if not clear up to now, she now knew what his idea was. He let go of her mouth and used his forearm to pin her down onto the dryer allow his free hand to unbutton his jeans and let them drop to the ground. His hard member bulges out of his boxers and presses against her panty covered ass checks. His breathing got heavier as he pulled his boxers down to meet with his jeans. He kicked them both off his ankles and over to the side. Lindsey let out a small wimper as she felt the head of his cock rub against her panties.
    She then felt his cold fingers slip under the edge of her panties as he began to pull them down. His breathing subsided when her panties fell to the ground revealing herself to him. He proceeded to run his thumb down from the top of her ass crack and down to the enterance to her cleanly shaved snatch. While caught up in the moment he pushed his long finger deep into her pussy and listened to his mother moan at the feeling. With a smile he began to buck his hand against her, leaving his finger deep in the now moistening pussy. Her moans grew into grunts untill he pulled his finger from her backside. She then felt both his hands grab hold of her ass checks as he spread them open she felt his member press against her pussy lips. "Alex.

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      . . " she lets out as she lowers her head too the dryer. His hands slipped to her hips and he jabbed his hip forward, thrusting his cock where his finger once was. His mother jumps slightly as he begins to work his way deeper into her pussy. Soon he was thrusting, like and animal, into his very own mother. But no sooner that he realized this, he noticed that Lindsey was pushing back. He grabbed hold of her hair and put it into a pony tail then grabbing hold of it with his left hand. He pulled her by this back onto her cock. Her moaning quickened and he watched as her hands reached out and grabed hold of the side of dryer. He felt her juices pour out of her and down his leg. He thrusted into her a couple more times before pulling out of her pussy. She immediately dropped to the ground, her hand catching her from falling all the way to the floor. Alex took advantage of the situation. With his hand still full of her hair he turned her head to his still hard cock.


       She knew just what he wanted as she slipped her lips over his head. She took more and more of his cock in untill her lips were pressing against his body. He puled her head back off his cock before jamming it back down her throat. He placed his free hand on the back of her head and continued to thrust his cock in and out of her warm mouth. His balls clinched as he neared his orgasim. He pulled her head back so just half of his cock is in her mouth. He proceeds too shoot his load of cum into his mothers mouth, catching her off gaurd. She cringes and closes her eyes when she feels the warm salty cum wash over her tounge. He holds her head steady untill he finishes. When done he throws her head back off his cock and watches as she struggles to swallow it down. He calmly picks up his clothes and walks out of the room, leaving his mother in a heap on the floor.