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She scoops a handful of the white shortening she took from the counter with her left hand. Reaching back, she looks at her son as she coats her deep ass crack with the white grease. She smear it from her tail bone to her snatch. She winces as she probes her fingers into her pooper. After a couple moments, she is flushed and breathing. She is reluctant to take her fingers out of ass. Putting both hands on the table she looks straight ahead at the other side of the kitchen and waits. He moves in behind her and fists his thick, throbbing cock. Presses the tip to her tight pucker. Slowly he pushes until his large knob slide into his mother’s tightly clenched asshole. Grabbing hold of her hips shoves deep and hard into her rectum in one, hard thrust. Ignoring her screams and whimpers he starts sliding in and out her ass. Plunging and shoving. The greasy shortening make his shoves smoother and easier. His heavy ball sac slaps wetly against his mom’s sopping wet gash. It’s not long before she hears her son begin to groan that his is going to cum.

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   Although she is finally getting used to the pain and pleasure of having her ass reamed she forces herself to wiggle away from him. Moving to the side she takes hold of his throbbing cock with her left hand and picks up the bowl of stew beef, potatoes, and vegetables. Stroking and jerking her boy’s dick she purrs, “c’mon give mommy your sweet cream sauce baby. ” She uses her tongue on the tip and head, and then aims his cock at the bowl. “Please sweetie give mommy your cock sauce. ” her voice rising to a plea. The throbbing muscle begins to throb and twitch in her fist and she knows he is on the verge. Then without any warning thick jets of jism spurt from the tiny slit. She watches with excitement at how much cum her son gives. A pout curls her lips as she thinks how good it would taste filling her mouth, even better, her cunt or ass. As the last drops are milked out, the food in the bowl is completely glazed with pearly white cream. Getting up off her knees, she puts the bowl back on the table. After helping him out of his clothes, she releases her daughter from the leash keeping her down on the floor. As her son takes his seat at the table she spoons out the cum covered feast for her and the girl. She takes the tall glass pitcher and places it on the floor.

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  Her ass burns and stings as if a fire has been set to her flesh. The spatula hangs from between her butt cheeks obscenely. Her brother and mother watch as she gingerly squats over the mouth of the pitcher. Her mom has not let her pee all day. Her bladder is full to bursting. There is only a brief moment before her gold water rushes in torrents from her twat into the pitcher. Her face burns with shame, just like every other time she is made to piss in front of others. She is never allowed any privacy. Having the spatula protruding from her asshole only adds to her humiliation. Once she is done she dutifully put the half filled pitcher on the table. He sits comfortably, his mother has helped him to strip naked. She stands beside him and waits, her feet set wide apart. He can enjoy his meal, while his little sister, whose is under the table, gently sucks and licks his semi-hard cock. Each and nearly every piece of food he takes on his fork he flavors with his mom’s juices. He takes the food on the fork and put it between her thighs and either rubs the morsel between her cunt lips, or dips it inside her, to coat with her flowing quim cream.

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   It is only after he is finished with his dinner that his mother and sister can eat. He sits and watches as each out them take the cum coated food, out into dog dishes. They pour their drinks from the pitcher. His sister shifts and wiggles on her chair from the burning itch of her blistered ass. Once they begin eating he gets up and head upstairs to take a shower. He takes his time washing and enjoying to scalding hot shower. He laves his body spending some time on his large, cum heavy balls and meaty, thick cock. He spends a few minutes to shave what stubble has grown on his cock, sac and groin. It leaves the area smooth and exposed. When at last he is done, he turns off the shower and pulls back the curtain. There on the floor, just in front of him kneels his mother. She reaches up and gently takes his flaccid, yet thick cock in her left hand. Opening her mouth, she feeds herself his long tube of flesh. He stands there patiently, enjoying the feel of his mother’s expert mouth and tongue on his schlong. She waits patiently outside the shower on her knees and naked.

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   After dinner, she had told her daughter to clean up the dishes and kitchen. On her way up the stairs, she had stripped off the apron and through in the hamper as she entered the bathroom. Her pussy is sopping wet, as she waits she can not keep her fingers off her hot and juicy snatch. She has come to look forward to this little ritual. Even when her son was a little boy she would get into the bathtub with him to wash him and stroke his dick until it was hard, even then he was well hung for his young age. She would get him hard and aroused then be a good and caring mommy, she would suck his dick and let him shoot his cum in her mouth. When he had gotten old enough to take control of her, she learned to drink all his heavy load of jism. At first it was difficult, and he would bend her over and blister her ass with his steel like hand. The curtain slide open and her son stands the with water coursing down his body. His thick, meaty, yet flaccid cock hangs before her, tempting her. She curls her left hand around the soft shaft and feeds it into her mouth. Using her sinewy tongue, she laves the cock meat and sucks hungrily. In mere moments the hot slab of flesh begins to swell and grow in her mouth. As his shaft grows to it’s ten inch length, she begins stroking it by sliding her moth up and down it slow and steady. She strokes the tender underside with her tongue.

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       He looks down to his mother’s head bobbing back and forth. He loves the feel of her mouth and tongue on his cock and her fingers on his cum filled sac. He stands patiently as his mother brings his cock to full, throbbing attention. “Hurry this up mom, you don’t have all night. ” he says, taking hold of her head in her hands. “Make me cum, now cunt. ” he demands, forcing his cock deeper and harder into her mouth and throat. He feels her throat relax to take him. It feels like a tight wet pussy. Then he feels his cum start to boil up his shaft. She feels the pulsing of his shaft as the thick spurts of cock cream gush into her mouth and down her throat. She had practiced and worked to take a steady flow without choking and gagging. She greedily sucks on her son’s cock until she drinks down the very last of his jism. She feels her pussy twitch with excitement. Then she realizes her son is still holding her head, his large knob still in her mouth.

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       She looks up at him with building shame. He is going to do it again, and she is helpless to stop it. He stares down into her pleading eyes and reddening face. The surge of pressure rises up his cock as his hot piss courses powerfully into his mother’s mouth and throat. She lets the hot water pour into her throat. It since like an hour before his is finished and pushes his mother away. “ Get cleaned up I am sure things have already started. ” He steps out of the shower and heads for his room. She cleans up the bathroom, her tummy feels swollen and full with her son’s cum and piss. She makes her way down stairs to the living room. She hears the voices and sounds well before. She enters to find her son and a four of his friends. He is sitting on the couch counting money from a couple envelopes. Her daughter is on her knees in the middle of the large, round coffee table. The girl is straddling one guy, taking his huge dick up her twat.

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       A second guy is up behind the girl jabbing his cock into her daughter’s asshole. Only the sound of her son’s voice shakes her from her daze. “Get you’re your busy slut, you two have a full schedule tonight. ” he demands. She moves without pause to a spot on the couch between the two young men, both already have their thick, meaty cocks out of their jeans and stroking them. She kneels on the couch with her ass toward one stud, and her head over the lap of the other. As the one behind her gets up and stuffs his horse like dick into her snatch, she takes the one guy’s cock into her mouth to suck him off. She hears the doorbell ring, but the stud is forcing her head down. She is pretty sure she can hear the voices of three more young men and a couple girls. The sound of her daughter’s screams cover all the other. “It is going to be a long night. ” she think to herself. .



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