Some of My First Fun


I have always been very adventourous. I have liked challenges and things new or at least different and so when I began playing (at 18 years old) and Uncle Jack and Aunt Claire taught me things, I usually liked to go out on my own and see how I did without any help. I guess this was to convince myself that I was attractive and that I was desireable withoiut them setting something up for me.
We lived in north Alabama at the time and I was blossoming really nicely as Uncle Jack used to say. Aunt Claire had taught me how to take care of keeping my puss nice and shaved since I had began developing and I had to keep it trimmed up. At the age of 18 I passed easily for 18 to 18 years old and if I dressed right no one doubted my word. One Friday evening I put on the sexy clothes Aunt Claire had gotten me, cupless uplifting bra, thong panties and a very nice low cut pull over blouse and a skirt that was slit up the side. I went out telling them about where I was going and soon got off the bus in the next town over from where we lived. I got off in the middle of town and there was a shopping plaza and stores and a movie there. I went to the plaza and found something to eat at a shop. While I ate I was looking at the men there, some really watching me as I ate and some of the women seemed interested too.
I sat at my table alone and smiled at those that made eye contact with me when a man and woman came over. "Do we know you? You really do look familiar?" they asked me. I put on my most mature look and said, "Well, who do you think I am?" "Aren't you Claire's neice from over in _____?" the woman said. "Yes, and your name is?" I asked her. "Kari, Kari Wilis and my husband Daniel.

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  " I said "Oh, yeh, you do look familiar. " and they looked at me as if to ask more. "No, I am not running away, I am out to enjoy a night by myself. " I said, "Jack and Claire know where I am. " "And they know you are alone in Montgomery?" "Yes, Claire dropped me off at the Greyhound station. " I said, "Would you like to sit down?" I asked them. They sat down and began asking me questions and all sorts of things. Finally Kari said, "But I thought you were only 11, I grant you look a lot older. " "I am 11. " I said matter of factly, "Is there something wrong with that?" I said. "How are you getting back?" Daniel asked me. "Oh, However I like, I may hitch a ride or take the bus, or I may stay the night if I find a good reason. " I said and I was getting wet. I felt that they were my 'good reason' but were not sure yet. I had pulled my blouse down some in the front so that it was almost showing my tits and then reached across the table and touched both their hands at the same time.

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   "Are you two busy tonight?" I asked. "Well, not really he said and took my hand, she slowly took the other one I offered her across the table. "Did you two come to Montgomery to get into some fun?" I asked them. They turned red faced. "Well, what do you mean?" Kari said. I was finished eating and said, "Could you two give me a ride to the movies?" "Sure. "  Daniel said without any hesitation.
We got up and they had a nice pick up truck with the bench seats that went all the way across and after he got in on the driver's side I jumped in and sat in the middle and Kari looked at me and then him and she got in so that I was sitting in the middle of them. He drove towards the mall and the movie side and on the way I talked and slowly my hand went to his leg nearest me. Kari wore a nice loose skirt and my right hand went to her legs also and found it's way to her bare skin. My tits were hard as we drove. "Is it warm in her to you guys?" I said and they both said it was. I moved my hands and pulled my blouse off over my head and they saw my cupless bra showing off my tits that the nipples swelled and were hard. Quickly my hands went back to their legs and this time I found his hard cock swelling and making a snake down his pants leg. My right hand went up under her skirt and although I am sure she did not mean to at first her legs moved apart and I found a pair of soaking wet panties.

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   Daniel said, "Maybe we shouldn't go to the movies after all. " Kari agreed and we drove out of the parking lot and down to a road that had a motel on the outskirts of town. He pulled over in the dark since I still had my blouse off and parked and said, "I will get a room. " Kari and I said "Okay" at the same time.
When he left I turned and took off the bra all the way and took Kari's face in my hands and kissed her. She froze and then little by little her lips parted and she began kissing me back. My hand went between her legs and again found her panties and pulled them aside and my fingers slipped into her pussy, it had some hair but not much and she looked at me as I ran my fingers around he lips then licked my fingers. "Oh, you taste good"  I told her. The Daniel came back and we drove to the back building and got out after I had slipped my blouse back on. We got out and went to the room and turned on a dim light and I pulled off my clothes again and threw them on the floor in the corner. I turned to them as they stood there frozen again. "You do know that this is totally illegal to be in bed with me don't you? Especially with what we are going to do?" I said. They just looked at me and I puched her down on the bed, "You first. " I said and began pulling her clothes off. She was blonde and had thin hair on her pussy and she just laid there as if she had never been in bed before.

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   I laid next to her and began kissing her all over and soon she moaned and began groaning. I was on top of her taking the dominate role and soon was eating her pussy and she soaked my face with a nice orgasm. I laid on my back and spread myself out, "Now you do me" I said. She began kissing me and soon her fingers found my clit and I spasimed and soaked her fingers with an orgasm. "Oh, that didn't take long" she said and then I told her to keep going. "Eat my pussy. " I told her and she found the clit and began sucking and licking me. After a couple more orgasms I laid there and ready for Daniel.
"Okay, now for you" I said. He came to the bed and Kari began to move off, "No dear, stay here and enjoy it. " I said. I told him to lay back on the bed and he did and I got on top of him and rubbed my tits all over his chest and down his tummy and then I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking. It went all the way into my throat and he almost died as I deepthroated him and he had about 8 or 9 inches. "Oh damn, you are good little cock sucker. " he moaned.

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   "Now watch this Kari. " I said and then began really making him go nuts. Soon he filled my throat with his load and I swallowed it all. He laid there and I massaged it hard again and sat on it and took it all the way in. I rode him and made sure she kissed me and he sucked my tits all the time. I rode him and felt it swell and my orgasm came at the same time and sprayed his cock and balls all over.
We laid there as I moved off him and cum slipped out of my pussy and his cock was slippery with it. I moved her to his cock and said, "Clean him up Dear. " She looked at me, "But I don't do that. " she said. "Tonight you do, you had sex with a girl for the first time tonight, now time to suck a cock and swallow. " I said. I locked his cock and got some of the cum on my lips then kissed her deep and then again and again, "Now kiss his cock and lick our juices from his cock. " I told her. She did and soon was sucking him and he was hard again and I whispered to her to keep sucking until he filled her mouth.

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   She did just that and when he did she almost lost it but kept trying. "Now eat me" I told her and she willing ate my cum filled pussy. We kept playing most of the night and long after the sun came up we woke up, three bodies cum covered and drenched all tangled up. We woke and began kissing again and and I made love while Daniel showered and then we went in. In the shower we made love again and did not wear any bras or panties for the drive back home. When we drove up I insisted they come in and get to know Aunt Claire and Uncle Jack better. They left the next day for their home.



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