Sofia and Sofia


Sofia and Sofia (two parts)
Part I
To start my story, I have to begin with my encounters at a young age that led to my infatuation and eventual love. My parents were hard working people who were in the beginning stages of a new business they were trying to get off the ground. I won’t go into details about it because it is irrelevant to the story except to say that they were both away from home much of the time. We had moved from our rural roots into a big city and away from family. It was necessary for them because of their work. Still, they had a lot of travel and that kind of sacrifice meant that I stayed with a nanny during a stint of my childhood. My parents had inherited a large amount of money from a distant relative that had no close family of his own. He had made a fortune in the oil business and, in his will, left everything to my father because he was his only nephew. My father knew nothing about that business so he sold off all assets and, long story short, made millions. Now he was starting with his own business. I had loving parents that hated to leave me, but it was necessary in the beginning. Once things got off the ground, they were back home. But that wasn’t until I was fifteen. So from the time I was eleven to thirteen, I stayed in our huge home with my nanny. Her name was Sofia and she was about thirty years old when she first took the job. She was a fine woman who always treated me very well, and I behaved for her.

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   We became close almost from the beginning, but I could tell that there was always something more to our relationship than what it naturally should have been.
Sofia was the daughter of immigrants from Italy. Her parents had moved to the U. S. when she was only two. She still had the slightest Italian accent even though she was only beginning to say words when she and her family arrived here. When she accepted the job, she had been working in a day care in the city and wanted more. The idea of living in our luxurious suburban home was attractive to her and the money was excellent. So she moved in with us and I instantly liked her. She was a short woman at only about five foot tall, but she had a lovely figure. She had dark skin and black hair, but the face of an angel and uniquely bright blue eyes, which accentuated her looks. That, along with the greatest smile I had ever seen, made her the most beautiful woman in the world in my mind. At first I hardly noticed, but as I began to hit puberty, I started to really take notice. My folks were gone probably a total of nine months out of the year and so Sofia became my best friend. I had trouble making friends because I was very shy.

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   But Sofia always greeted me with a smile after school and I had no real desire to be anywhere else but with her. I don’t know if it was her family raising or what, but she did have some methods about her that I thought were strange, but also intriguing. And this is what led to the beginnings of my adolescent discoveries.
Sofia always dressed rather skimpily, and I never got used to it. I loved it, but as I became more mature, I always felt desire when I was around her. She would usually wear shorts that were so small they looked as if they were painted on. And they were so short that they showed a great deal of her butt cheeks, especially when she bent over for something. She also usually wore a sleek top, either a tight tube top or a small shirt tied in a knot in the back, and she wore no bra or panties that I could ever tell. She rarely wore shoes and felt completely at comfort in her attire. I knew because she even dressed in this fashion when my parents were home. The other thing that was unusual was that she would always bathe me. I knew it was part of her custom because she said her mother bathed her when she was young, but by the time I had turned twelve I began to wonder when she would finally stop. It was very embarrassing at first but I got used to it as we became closer, but now it was causing me to get erections. She would take the cloth and rub my back and chest and legs, everywhere but my privates which she made me do. It was hard to hide my erections but I sat up in the tub when she would bathe me and try to conceal myself with my hands.

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   It worked I guess, because she never said anything about them. This was also the age when I began to masturbate and I found myself more than not, masturbating while thinking of Sofia. I thought it was dirty at first, but then I became more used to it and it made me change my attitudes toward Sofia. She was still my nanny and best friend, but also the object of my desire. Things finally came to a head between us one night after my first soccer game when I was thirteen.
I was in my first year of school soccer, which I loved, but the practices were grueling I thought and I was often sore from it. After my first game, which Sofia came to watch and cheered loudest, I was sore as could be. I had played hard and had a couple of rough collisions and my muscles were aching when I got home. Sofia bragged about me all the way home telling me I was the best player on the field and I was also the most handsome. I blushed a little but remained humble and modest as she doted on me. When we got to the house I was dead tired.
"Sofia, I think I’m just going to take a bath and go strait to bed. " I said.
"Are you sure Danny? It’s Friday night and you usually stay up late. " She replied.

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"Yeah, I’m beat. " I said as I started up the stairs.
"I’ll be up in a minute to run your water and help you. " She said.
I had been telling her that I was getting to old for her to bathe me, but she insisted. So I usually didn’t resist her when she said she would help. Besides, I was too tired to argue and she was looking very lovely that night, both because of her natural beauty and her skimpy outfit, but also because of the praise she had given me after the game on the drive home. I went to my room to get out of my clothes and then sat down sleepily on my bed until I heard the water run. Sofia usually started the water and then left the room for a few minutes and that is when I would get in the tub. This time I walked in to find her waiting for me with a big smile. It startled me a little and I quickly put my hands over my genitals as I blushed.
"Don’t be like that Danny. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Besides, you have a large, beautiful penis and shouldn’t hide it. Our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of.

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   We know each other plenty well enough by now to not feel embarrassed. " She said.
She walked over toward me and pulled my arms apart exposing my penis in an attempt to get me to loosen up. It was rapidly and involuntarily growing so I hurried into the tub. The water felt so good that my embarrassment quickly faded and I closed my eyes as Sofia began to wash my back and chest. Then I laid back, which I rarely did, as she washed my legs. I was sore, but comfortable at the same time and was feeling so relaxed that I hadn’t noticed that Sofia had stopped. After a while, I felt the cloth washing my legs again and realized that I might have drifted off for a moment. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Sofia, during the pause, had gotten undressed and was now kneeling at the tub wearing nothing but a smile as our eyes met. I sat up a little and she could see the wonder in my eyes. She laughed a little as she spoke.
"Don’t be startled Danny. I just figured you would feel more comfortable if I were naked too. Now I want you to be relaxed.

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  " She said.
She was a sight to see! Her breasts were average sized, but very perky and tight against her chest. Her stomach was flat and fit, I guess from all the non-stop housework she did in keeping the place spotless. She stood up to go get a bottle of body soap from the counter and she had the most unbelievable ass I had ever seen. I knew it from her tight shorts she always wore, but this was even better than I had imagined. She was evenly tanned all over, and I was aroused at the thought that she must sunbathe in the nude in our back yard while I was at school. Her pussy was trimmed and neat in a perfect classic triangle shape. The smile never left her face as she kneeled back down and looked at my extremely hard penis. I had not even noticed, but it wouldn’t have mattered.
"Since you are so sore, I figured I would clean your privates for you this time. You just relax and I’ll take good care of you. " She said.
I couldn’t speak as I watched her squirt a generous amount of soap into her palm and then rub her hands together. She slowly dipped her hand into the water between my legs and eased it toward my scrotum. When she touched it, I jumped a little.

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   It was the most intense thing I had ever felt. She stopped only to tell me to relax and then cupped my balls inside her hand and began to gently rub and massage my scrotum as she cleaned my balls. After a few seconds, she took her other hand and slowly wrapped it around the shaft of my penis, which was bigger than I had ever seen, and gently began to stroke it in her hand. I was anything but relaxed as she had wanted, but also wasn’t about to stop her from her touches. Her pace was slow but steady as she stroked all the way from the base of my penis to it’s tip. Her other hand was massaging my balls at the same time and I soon felt my orgasm building.
"Uh, Sofia. I think you might want to stop. Something is happening . . . " She stopped me.
"I know Danny. It’s ok. Just let it happen.

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  " She said.
I couldn’t hold back, and soon I was squirting huge ropes of cum high into the air. It landed on my stomach and on her hand and wrist, but she never wavered. She continued her slow and steady strokes until my orgasm has subsides and I was completely clean.
"You deserved that after the game you just played. " She smoothly said.
Then she rinsed me off and pulled the plug out of the drain and looked at me, now with a more serious stare.
"I know you usually don’t, but I want you to shower now to make sure you are completely clean. Then dry off and come into the bedroom. " She said, and then turned and left the bathroom, leaving her clothes on the floor.
I quickly did as she said and went into the bedroom. There, Sofia was lying naked on my bed waiting for me. She extended her hand toward me as I advanced and then pulled me up onto the bed. She grabbed my other hand with hers and pulled me on top of her as she spread her legs without a word. Then she looked deep into my eyes and I felt her hand stroking my growing cock to fullness.

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   She took it and pulled me toward herself as I felt my cock touch the slick entrance of her pussy. She guided it in until my cock’s head was in, and then put her hands on my ass and pulled me all the way inside. Her pussy felt tight and wet as my pelvis met hers and my balls rested on her ass. She then wrapped her legs around my waist and I began to slowly push in and out of her pussy. She put her hands on my cheeks and pulled me in for the most erotic and best kiss I had ever had. We kissed the entire time, only stopping briefly to catch our breath and allow me to suck on her erect nipples as we moaned together. She had taken my virginity and I had fallen in love. I wanted it to last forever, but inevitably it had to end. I felt my orgasm building and finally erupting inside my new lovers pussy. She came at the same time, moaning loudly as her own orgasm hit. Then I collapsed on top of her, gave her another kiss, and drifted to sleep.
I slept very soundly that night and had an amazing dream about Sofia. I was pleased to wake up next to her. She was already awake and was looking at me with a soft smile. She said good morning and we kissed again.

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   Then she began to kiss my neck and down to my chest, kissing her way all the way down to my penis. She was under the covers and I couldn’t see her, but I was in heaven when I felt her lips on my cock. I had never had a blowjob either, and it was more amazing than I could imagine. I pulled the covers back so I could see her. Her eyes met mine and I watched only for a few seconds as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, never breaking eye contact with me. Then I came, and she stopped only to take my load into her mouth as she stoked my cock with her hand. Then she carefully pulled her mouth away and swallowed before rising up and straddling me. She lifted her ass high enough to take my cock into her pussy and then began to ride my cock wildly. She was moaning and screaming within seconds and fucked me to her own orgasm. I felt and heard the wetness of her pussy as she came and then she quickly moved over my face and sat down as I instinctively licked and sucked her cum off her clit and pussy. She was moaning loudly again in seconds as she was coming again. This time I couldn’t get it all into my mouth as she splattered my face with her watery liquid. Then, as if she couldn’t get enough, she moved back and took my cock into her pussy again and had a couple more orgasms before I blew another load into her hot pussy. She then collapsed on top of me and kissed me before tiredly climbing off me and into the bathroom where I heard the shower start. It was even better than the night before and not a word had been spoken other than the "good morning" she had greeted me with in the beginning.


   She then called for me and we showered together. She did not say a word during the shower, but I could tell something was bothering her. After we dried off, she went to her room and I to mine to get dressed. I met her in the kitchen afterwards and she made breakfast. It was at the breakfast table after eating that she finally spoke.
"Danny, I want you to know that I am not sorry about what happened, but that it cannot continue. I wanted to tell you when you woke up, but you looked so handsome and innocent that I . . . anyway it has to end now. " She said.
"Why Sofia? I love you and what we did was natural for two people in love, right?" I asked.
"I love you too Danny, but I shouldn’t have done that last night. Or this morning for that matter. I was just so proud of you and you looked so desirable to me.

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   I can’t honestly say that I’m not in love with you, but it is not natural. Besides me being your nanny, I am also much too old for you. I am practically twenty years older than you and it isn’t right. You have so much life to live and you will meet someone your own age and fall in love. I’m not the one for you and we mustn’t speak of last night again. Among ourselves or to anyone else. Besides the age difference, it was also illegal. I would definitely get fired by your parents and I would most likely go to prison for what we did last night if anyone found out. " She said.
"But Sofia, I can’t just forget about last night. I want you no matter what our age difference is. " I begged.
She just shook her head and left the table. I could tell she was beginning to cry, but she wouldn’t respond to my knocking on her bedroom door. Oddly enough, I only spoke to Sofia briefly throughout the next two weeks.

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   I tried to talk to her and I wanted her badly, but she would not reciprocate. Then the unthinkable happened and as soon as my parents came back from their trip the last time, she resigned. I was crushed. She did come up to my room to say goodbye before she left. My parents tried to change her mind and even offered her a huge raise in pay, but she didn’t waver. She told me she would never forget me and that she loved me and we cried in each other’s arms before she walked out of my life.
I was in deep depression for much of the next year. My parents tried to get me to tell them what had happened and why she had left, but I only said that I didn’t know. They knew something was up, but I’m sure they never guessed the truth and finally they quit asking. They tried to get a new nanny for me but I refused. After much debate, they decided I was old enough to stay alone, even though I probably wasn’t, and they allowed it as long as I would agree to let our neighbor check on me quite often while they were gone. He was a good friend of my father’s and a reason we had moved into that neighborhood in the first place, so it worked out.
Part II
I only stayed alone a short time because my parent’s business was taking off and they were able to hire more employees which freed them up to stay home most of the time. We were a normal family again for my last two years of high school and we did a lot together to make up for the lost time when they had been away. Still I thought of Sofia every day.

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   She was still my first love and I couldn’t get past it. I was no longer depressed, but still often sad and pined for her always. I had a difficult time meeting girls in high school, even though I had become popular because of my achievements in athletics. I was not only the soccer star, but also baseball and track and people in my school took notice. I had an offer or two from girls probably based on the fact that I was the star athlete, but I didn’t take them up on the offer. I could only think about Sofia and go home and masturbate to the memory of our two times together. It wasn’t until I met Dee in college that I found some stability and settled down. I asked her to marry me on the day after our graduation from college and she gleefully accepted. I did love her, but I still thought of Sofia and even almost backed out of the marriage on our wedding day thinking I might still have a chance with her. I had not spoken to her but once since she left that day. She had called me on the day I graduated from high school and we had a good talk until I told her how much I still loved her. That made her skittish and she quickly ended the conversation and hung up. I waited for the call on my college graduation but it didn’t come. I didn’t blame her because she probably didn’t know about it. I had no way of sending her an invitation because I still didn’t know where she was.

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   And it was only after that when I decided to propose to Dee.
Dee and I lived happily together for the next thirteen years. Our story is much like my parents in that we both traveled a good deal of the time. The difference is that we didn’t get rich like my parents, even though we were comfortable, and that we didn’t travel together because we had separate jobs. Still, our marriage was happy and we had a perfect little son that kept us even closer. He was only ten years old when we began to travel through our jobs, so we did what my parents had done and got a nanny. My wife had chosen one while I had been gone and I didn’t meet her until after she had began working for us. The day I met her was one that I will never forget.
I was returning from a business trip and my wife happened to be home so she could pick me up from the airport. She was departing the next day and I would only be home for two days but it gave us time to catch up as we parked in a wooded area next to the airport and had sex twice in the car. Afterwards, we giggled like school kids and composed ourselves for the drive home.
"That was nice Danny. Sorry it had to be like this but our new nanny is home with Jay and I had to have you. " She giggled.
"You’ll hear no complaints from me.

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  " I laughed. "So tell me about this new nanny. "
As my wife began to tell me about her, I almost drove the car off the road. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She told me her name was Sofia and that she was twenty-two years old. And when she told me that her mom was Italian, I almost fainted.
Dee asked me if something was wrong, probably by the stunned look on my face, but I tried to assure her there wasn’t. Still I couldn’t help but think, is it possible that this girl we hired is Sofia’s daughter? The years would match up pretty close if Sofia had become pregnant not long after she had left our house. I had heard through the grapevine that she had gotten married not long after she resigned, but it was never confirmed to me. My mind was still racing as we pulled into the driveway. I couldn’t wait to see her.
Sofia greeted us at the door and my eyes almost popped out of my head. It was as if I were looking at my old nanny again. Obviously she was a little younger than my Sofia had been when I knew her, but it could have passed for her even still. She was lovely and I felt I was looking back in time.

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   I said my hello and shook her hand. A strange electricity serged through my body from her touch. I knew no matter how happily married I was, I had to fuck this lovely creature, if nothing else to possibly put closure on my long desire for my Sofia. It wasn’t my Sofia, but it easily could have been. And there was no one else that could come as close.
I could tell this young Sofia liked me from the start and so the next day when Dee took Jay to the zoo, I stayed home faking an illness so I could make my move. Sofia was vacuuming the floor in a skimpy outfit just like my old Sofia would wear when I decided not to wait. I went up behind her and spun her around so I could look into her eyes. Her eyes matched my old Sofia’s eyes perfectly and I couldn’t help myself. Without a word, I pulled her close and kissed her, hoping she didn’t slap the shit out of me afterwards. Instead, to my glee, she put her hands on my ass and pulled herself hard into me. In a flash our clothes were off and she dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock. It was as if I had traveled back in time. I felt as though I was fucking my first love again and I quickly came in her mouth. She even used the same techniques that I had remembered Sofia using that time years ago.

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   She stroked me until I had finished and then swallowed before standing up and kissing me again. I picked her up and sat her down onto my cock, guiding it in with one hand as I held her off the ground with the other. Then she wrapped her legs around my back and I cupped her ass as I began to bounce her up and down on my cock. She bucked the best she could and was moaning loudly. She even sounded like my old Sofia. She must have cum ten times while I pounded her up and down my shaft. She was so wet that our thrusts were making a squishing sound as we moved. Then I walked us over to the couch and laid her down. I went down on her and ate her pussy to another orgasm as I savored her taste. Then I raised up and put my hands on either side of her and began to fuck her hard, ridding myself of years of sexual frustration on pining for my Sofia. She screamed and clawed my back as I fucked her hard, only pausing to suck on her large breasts. Her body was just like my old Sofia’s except her tits were larger. And I loved that. When I was ready to cum, I decided not to cum inside her for obvious reasons, so I pulled my cock out and stroked my cum all over her stomach and chest. Some even hit her face as she tried to catch it in her mouth.

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   I had not cum so hard since that time with Sofia twenty two years ago. After I finished, she scooped and rubbed my cum all over her chest and face, tasting it before I picked her up again and took her to my bedroom. I knew my wife would not be home for a few more hours so I fucked this new Sofia three more times in our bedroom. I even fucked her in the butt doggy style before dumping my load inside her ass. I have to say this new Sofia was more freaky that my old one as she was asking me to do the naughtiest things to her. I was feeling my old love over again and I finally collapsed after she rode my cock for one last nut, as I spewed all over her ass.
"Wow, you really were turned on by me weren’t you?" She asked, with a slight little accent just as my old Sofia had.
"I’m sorry to have been so forward, you just remind me of someone special. " I said.
"That’s ok, if you wouldn’t have made the first move, I definitely would have. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in the habit of being a home wrecker. It’s just that I felt something special with you the moment I met you for the first time yesterday. " She said.
"I know exactly what you mean.

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  " I replied. "What made you become a nanny in the first place?" I asked, trying to change the subject as a little guilt was starting to set in.
"Well, my mother had been a nanny and her and my step-dad thought it would be a good way to earn some decent money. " She said.
My heart almost stopped as I thought now this might really be Sofia’s daughter.
"What’s your mother’s name?" I asked.
"Her name is also Sofia. I’m named after her. " She said.
"Was her maiden name Domingo?" I asked, with my heart in my throat.
"Yes, how did you know that?" Sofia asked with a puzzled look.
"Oh my god! It can’t be! You are the daughter of my old nanny!" I exclaimed, horrified and happy at the same time.
"Oh my god! Are you the Danny that she always spoke of!?" She asked, her face frightfully worried.
"Yes! Yes! That’s right! I can’t believe this!" I exclaimed happily.
"Oh my god!" Sofia screamed as she rushed off the bed and into the bathroom.

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I was worried by her reaction and went into the bathroom to find her crying. I was puzzled and worried. What the hell was going on. After she finished she began to speak again as she sat on the bathroom floor covered up in a towel.
"I can’t believe what I’ve just done! What we just did!" She said.
"What’s going on Sofia? I know it’s a huge coincidence and everything, but it’s going to be ok. " I replied.
"No, it’s not ok! You are my father! I have just had the nastiest, freakiest sex of my life with my father, and you have just fucked the shit out of your own daughter! Oh my Jesus! I swallowed my father’s cum!" She was crying again.
I was stunned. What the fuck is she talking about? I couldn’t speak as my mind raced and she could see I was very confused so she continued.
"Don’t you see!?" She cried. "I know you had sex with my mother and that is why she resigned. She told me you were young, but I didn’t think . . .


   just add it up! It was about twenty two years ago right? Well, I’m twenty two years old. She told me there was no other man in her life until my step-dad came around and that was three years after she left you! She told me that Danny Regan was my real father! My god, how did I not see this coming. I knew Jay’s last name was Regan! If your wife didn’t still use her maiden name then I might have not been so blind. "
"Wait a minute, this can’t be right. Something’s a miss. You can’t tell me that you’re my daughter. Sofia would have told me that by now. " I said.
"She didn’t tell you because she didn’t want you to waste your young life away. She is sorry she didn’t tell you now, but then she was thinking only of you and was blinded by what she thought you wanted. Then you got married and things just got more difficult. I was going to look for you soon anyway. " Sofia replied.
"I can’t believe this!" I said as I sat down on the toilet lid.
"You know what the worst thing is?" Sofia asked.

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   "The worst thing is that even now that I know the truth, I still want to fuck you. I want to fuck you more than ever. "
I was in shock as I watched her crawl over toward me with tears in her eyes and take my limp cock into her mouth. She slowly sucked on it, looking up at me, until my cock was hard again. Tears were streaming down her face. She now knew her dad, and in a more intimate way than most daughters. I should have pushed her away as quickly as I could, but I have to admit that I felt the same way. I let her suck me until I was ready to fuck and then I picked her up and leaned against the back of the toilet, watching her as she straddled my cock and sat her pussy down onto me. This time she came even harder and more rapidly than before as I shot my load into her pussy. Before I was careful, but now I actually wanted her to get pregnant. She was my daughter, but I felt a strong desire to have a baby with her. To continue our strange linage I guess. I didn’t know how my wife would take it, having a newly found daughter to raise, but I didn’t care. I figured somehow it would be fine. I just hoped she wouldn’t know that she was my daughter AND that I was fucking her as often as I could.

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   And if and when the baby comes, Dee could think it is just a bastard child from an unlucky night with some guy. But Sofia and I will know the truth and we can all be a family together just like I had always wanted with her mother.



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