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I have thought about sex my entire life. I can remember playing Dr. and looking up the next door neighbors pussy when we were only six. I started jacking off at 18 I didn't get any cum until I was about 18 but once that first load shot out I was hooked. I have cum at least 5 times a day ever since. And as you can imagine it wasn't long after that first load that I got the bright idea to taste my cum. Hey not bad, I got to try this again. So the next thing you know I am rocked back on my shoulders jacking off into my mouth. Well this went on for a week or two until I just had to try and suck myself off. Being the ingenuis little pervert that I am, I went to the garage and got some rope and a pulley and rigged it up to where it would pull my legs further over my shoulders until I could just lick the head of my dick. It was almost success but I couldn't jack off because I was holding the rope. So looking around the garage I found my dad's hand winch, and you got, a turn here and a turn there and I had the head of my dick in my mouth. I sucked my dick so many times my nuts were shriveled up to peanut size! Over the years my dick got longer and I got more limber to where I can now suck myself off with out any assistance.
Now at 19 I had been married for 1 1/2 years when my wife says she wants a divorce and moves back home. My sister Patty had just moved back to mom's house after her divorce so I ask her if she wanted to split the rent on my 2 bedroom apartment. She moved in a few days later and everything seemed to going ok until she caught me.

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   She had come in from work while I was in my room playing some music and sucking myself off. I didn't hear her knock on the door so she opened it up and got a real eyefull. There I am eyes closed listening to the music daydreaming of my ex sucking me off when I feel a smack across my ass cheeks and I fall of the bed. Just like a dog licking his balls and falling off the couch! "What the fuck are you doing?" patty screams at me. "What the fuck does it look like? I'm getting myself off since I haven't had any pussy in several months!" "Well, you don't see me eating my pussy just because I haven't been fucked in a couple of months do you?" "No, but you do go through a lot of batteries!" "Fuck you" she screams. "Well if you were fucking me, you wouldn't need so many batteries and I wouldn't have to suck my own dick!"
Patty stormed out of my room and I figured, ah fuck it, and got myself off. I heard Patty come out of her shower and then she knocked on my door. She comes in wrapped in a towel and says she is sorry for yelling at me. Its just she has never seen a guy suck his own dick, especially her own brother and it kind of freaked her out. I tell her no problem its that I am so horny and miss my ex so bad I have to have a release. Then she shocks me by asking if she can watch me suck myself off. Well who am I to refuse such a request. But I tell her I need a lttle incentive to get up so to drop the towel, which she does. Now my sister ain't no dog. She is 5'2" tall with long brown hair, brown eyes, 34DD tits and a great ass and her pussy is just the way I like it, all hairy and natural.

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My dick gets hard just looking at her tits with their big brown aerola's and 1/2" long nipples and I roll into position and start sucking myself off. She stands right where I can watch her as she fingers her pussy till her juices are flowing. She starts massaging my ass with one hand and then rubs her pussy juice on my asshole. "Oh baby, can I finger fuck your ass?" I just nod as she slides 1, then 2 fingers into my butt. She is rubbing her pussy harder and finger fucking my ass harder and harder. Then she slides in 3 fingers and tries for 4. I am shaking my head NO, but she gently pushes it in. "Come on baby suck that dick, cum for momma!" We both start going faster and harder and right when I am starting to cum she shoved her whole hand up my ass. Then I blacked out! I don't know if it was from the pain or the pleasure. I came around to Patty kissing my face and licking my cum up as she crying,"are you ok, talk to me!" "Holy shit you hurt me. " I'm sorry", she cried, "what can I do to make it up to you?" "Well, you can let me fuck your ass and see how you like it!" I say. "OK, but be easy please", she whispers.
We lay there and cuddled for awhile as my dick and ass needed some time to recover. I sucked on her nipples for what seemed like hours and my dick steadily got harder. When it was rock hard she straddled my dick and lowered her pussy onto it.

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   Damn her pussy was so tight it felt like it was ripping the skin off of my dick. She started rubbing her clit as she bounce up and down on my cock and within minutes she was cumming. I never seen a girl squirt before and at firtst I thought she was peeing on me, but she actually squirts several ounces of fluid when she cums which I thought was really cool. When she stopped squirting she raised up off my dick and guided it to her ass. Ever so gently she lowered her ass onto my dick. We were so covered in her cum that it eased into her butt without much resistance. When she had managed to get it all in she had this glazed  look on her face as she slowly rocked back and forth and up and down. She rubbed her clit in time to her rocking getting faster and faster. "I'm going to cum baby and I NEED you to cum in my ass, NOW. " Patty starts squirting her cum all over my stomach and it drives me nuts as I slam into her ass and cum for all I'm worth.
We fell asleep in each others arms dreaming of what was next. 2 nights later I was already asleep when Patty got home and I feel her slip into bed with me. I'm in that dream state where you kinda feel what is going on but you don't know if it is real or a dream. I feel her massaging my butt and then my butt hole. Next is some creamy lotion as she slides her fingers in my ass, again! This goes on for a few minutes then she removes them and I feel some pressure on my asshole as it opens up and lets her in.

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   An inch, then 2, then 4, then 8, then she is sitting on my butt. I wake up and say, "What are you doing to me?" She says, "I can't help myself, ever since I finger fucked your ass  and you butt fucked me, I have wanted to shove a dick in your ass, my dick!" "So I went and bought a 2 headed strap-on dildo the same size as your dick. I figure if you can fuck my ass with yours, I can fuck your ass with mine!" You can't argue with logic like that!
Patty starts to slowly pull her cock out of my ass, she stops just before the head comes out and then its back in. I start raising my ass to meet her thrusts. I am moving my ass in circles and pushing up as she fucks me faster. Within minutes she has squirted her cum all over my back and lays down on top of me covering her tits with her cum. We lay there as she catches her breath, "can I fuck you some more?" she asks. "Of course you can! But I want to cum this time too!" I say. She has me rollover onto my back and places my legs on her shoulders. She slides her cum covered cock back into my well lubricated ass again. The sight off her 34DD tits bouncing up and down as her cock went in and out of me was incredible. Patty grabs my dick and starts jacking my off saying, "Jimmy please cum on my tiities, please!" 18 minutes of her butt fucking me and stroking my dick was all I could take. My cum shot onto her tits, her face and mouth and into her hair. When I started shooting cum she was right there squirting her cum all over my ass.
I still miss my ex, but at least I'm not doing without anymore!

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