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I'm a mature young Eskimo man aged 18 years. Mom and Ilive alone together in a small town in the northernreaches of Alaska and are very close. I'm able todiscuss anything with her and feel assured that shewon't be judgmental or negative. Mom is a hard worker and provides well for us. We areboth affectionate and we hug and kiss each otherfrequently. I have many times had sexual thoughts abouther, but I knew that was not normal and never discussedthem with her. I always wrote off those feeling as something thathappened to me because I had matured into a man and hadlittle contact with girls my age. I tried to alwaysforce those feeling down deep when they occurred. One day last winter we had a terrible blizzard. Powerlines were damaged and we were stranded by the hugesnowdrifts. Our heat was lost because of the powerfailure and it began getting real cold when the sunset. The fire in the fireplace barely kept the temperatureabove freezing. We knew we were going to be snowed in for at least twoor three days. We got to talking about our ancestors andhow they slept together, sharing body warmth, to keepfrom freezing. When it got time to go to bed, momsuggested that we sleep together because she didn't knowhow cold it was going to be and, without heat, we shouldmaybe act like our ancestors. I finished brushing my teeth and changing before momdid.

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   I got under the covers and waited. When she cameout of the bathroom, she had a long flannel nightdresson. She rushed toward the bed saying that she hoped Ihad warmed it up for her. She got under the covers andcuddled up to me all shivery and cold. I rolled toward her and we hugged face to face. Soon ourlegs were entwined and I felt real warm lying next toher. My penis was pressed against her lower stomach andevery time she moved the slightest bit it grew. Before long I had a full-fledged hard on and becameworried what she would say. But Mom didn't pull away at all. We just continued lyingin each other's arms. I don't know how long it wasbefore I began a slow grinding and moved down a littlelower so that my boner was against her pubic mound. I thought she would be repulsed by these actions but,but mom just lifted her leg over my hip and pressed intome. I was a virgin and didn't know what to do, but whatI was doing felt really good. When I lowered my hand, I was surprised to feel her barethigh. I caressed her leg for a while and eventually Iwas rubbing her bare behind.

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   I fully expected her tostop me any second, but I had to keep exploring I had anoverpowering urge to do so. It felt too good to stop. Then from somewhere I got the idea that it would feelgood to have my penis between her legs so I pulled alittle away and freed myself from my pajamas andpositioned my boner between her legs. Her nightdress wasup to her waist by now. All this time she never said aword nor made a move to stop me, but she didn't reallydo anything to help me either. The top of my dick was now against her slit and as Islowly pumped my hips, I just hoped that mom wouldn'tstop me now, I wasn't entirely sure what I'd do it shetried. After several minutes of caressing her ass and slidingmy boner along her slippery slit, mom began to react. Her hips began slowly pumping against mine. As wecontinued, I began trying to find her opening. My lackof experience was apparent and, to my surprise, momreached down and guided me with her hand. It felt incredible and I began coming within seconds. But I didn't get soft afterward. Mom kept her slow hip motion for several minutes beforeshe started breathing hard. When she began a softmoaning, I felt that I was going to come again. We wereboth hugging each other and thrusting now.

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   We sooncollapsed from exhaustion. I lay there still sexuallyconnected and after a time we fell asleep that way. The power was on by the next morning. We got up and hada good breakfast. Mom acted as if nothing had happened. I sensed she didn't want to talk about it, so I tried toact as natural as I could. Over a month passed and mom still hadn't mentionedanything, but I thought about the sex we'd hadconstantly. One evening, I was really horny and I waslooking at mom's body and imagining what it looked likeunder her clothes. When we finished the dishes, I reached out and gave hera good hug. We were facing each other and my erectionwas rubbing against her pubic mound. Mom just hugged meback, making no effort to pull away from my slowlygrinding penis. I said, "Mom, I want to cuddle with youlike our ancestors tonight. " She smiled as she responded, "That would be nice son,but ancient Eskimos don't wear any clothes when theysleep together. Would that bother you to be nude infront of your mother?""No, not at all," I replied. Seemingly by mutual consent, but without saying it, webegan getting ready for bed even though it was stillvery early.

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  Standing beside the bed, mom began undressing. Followingher cue, I began removing my clothes. Mom's breasts weremuch larger than I had imagined.
    Her nipples were largeand protruded half an inch. As I removed my underpants,I noticed her eyes locked on my very stiff penis. Mylooking at her very full bush, caused my dick to pulse. Saying she was cold, mom slipped under the covers and Ijoined her. We hugged a minute and she rolled on herback. She said she wanted to feel my hands exploringher. so I began caressing her breasts and feeling hernipples which were very erect. Before long I moved downto her thighs and bush. She pushed her hips up as Iexplored her fat mound with my fingers. As I ran myfinger along her slippery slit she said softly, "Kiss mynipples and suck them. "I was really enjoying the giving of pleasure. Mom toldme she had really missed sex and loved having such awonderful son to help her.

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       Suddenly she yelled, "Oh myGod, I'm coming! Don't stop, PLEASE! I love it!"Her hips were pumping rapidly for a good minute beforeshe slowed down. Mom then told me to get on top of her. She guided me into her into her and told me to letmyself go. Again, I didn't last long, but the pleasureof having my mother hold me tight while I pumped my loadof semen into her was incredible. The next morning was a Saturday, so we slept in late. When we got up, mom walked toward the bathroom. I wasenjoying the view of her nude body when she turned andasked me if I was going to take a shower. I followed herand we both pissed and then got in the shower. Helping each other soap up soon had me excited. Mom wasvery playful as she helped dry me off. She had me sit onthe edge of the bed and told me she was going to give myprick the attention it deserved. I couldn't believe itwhen she got on her knees and began licking it as if itwere an ice cream bar. Within a few minutes she took the head and half of itslength in her mouth and slowly sucked. Her tongue on thesensitive under side drove me crazy and I began moaning. That caused her to double her efforts.

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       She swallowedevery drop as I unloaded my lust into her mouth. Then Mom got on the bed and lay back with her legs open. I could see her moist cunt lips protruding. I looked upto see mom smiling. She said, I know some young mendon't like kissing vaginas so you don't have to. But, Iwould love to show you how to give me the same pleasureI just gave you. Without hesitation I kneeled between her legs and put mylips to her cunt. I loved the feminine odor. Mom told mewhere to lick, what to suck and how hard. She had meslow down several times before she told me she wascoming. I had her clitoris and the skin around itbetween my lips and I was pumping it by sucking thenpressing. That set her off. Her excitement got me hard again andwhen she slowed down a little, I mounted her. It waswonderful. We both pumped slowly for at least fifteenminutes.

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       The pleasure was superb. Mom moaned out thatshe was going to come again and wanted me to come withher. We fucked hard for a few seconds and came stronglytogether. After resting a short time, mom told me she had nevercome twice in such a short time nor had she ever hadsuch strong orgasms. She told me that I was a wonderfullover. And I felt that I was after that, and many more timesafter that. .



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