So,I`ll tell you how it turned out. I use to wakeup when she came home,but I woudn`t let her know I was awake. I`d lay there and watch her get undressed and get into bed. She would climb in bed with just her bra and panties on. She had a great body for a mother of 2 teen boys. She had us when she was around 18yrs. old. So she was very hot to look at. I`d lay there peeking out my eye lids and it wouldn`t take long for me to get a hardon at that age. Anyway I`d been doing this for awhile. one night as she got into bed she lifted the covers up a litttle higher than normal. As I lay there on my side,I know she had to see my dick sticking staight out. she climbed in and turned out the lights. I lay there like I`m still a sleepAfter about 4or5 minutes I felt her roll over and the next thing I felt was her hand on my stiff dick. I just about came right there. It`s the first time anyone other than me had touched my cock.

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  Damn,Iwas in shock and at the same time it felt so good. So I just lay there like that as she slowly starts to slide her fingers up and down on my cock. Well it didn`t take long for me to shoot my first load of cumall over the sheets. As I was cummming my mom moved her hand and then spook up and said my name to wake me up. I acted like I was wakeing up and round over on my tummy to hide my hard on and said that I was sorry for what had happened. she said not to worry about it and that it was normal for a boy to have wet dreams. She got up to get a towel to clean up the cum on the sheets. And from that moment on I know that I wanted some more of what just happened. I got up and went to the bathroom to wipe myself off. As she was cleaning the cum of the bed,she said to be quite and not wake up my older brother. I didn`t even bother to cover myself up. I was hoping she would like to see it some more maybe.
When I came back into the bedroom she had gottin back into bed. I sliped back in myself. She ask me if I was ok,I said yes,but It still felt funny,She told me it would be ok,And then she put her hand back on it,It was still hard from the first time.

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  I couldn`t believe how good it felt to have her touch my dick. I just layed there on me back and she slowly started to stroke it again. After a couple of minutes she let go and said that I needed to get some sleep,and that it would be ok in a little bet and I had school tomorrow. I said yes I know but I couldn`t go to sleep in the state I was in. she kinda giggled a little bet and then said I can help with that,but you can`t say anything to anyone because  mom isn`t suppose to do these things and she could get into big trouble. I said I wouldn`t and I never have until today.  ( I just had to finally tell someone. I found this site and have been reading some of the other stories and thought I`d share some of mine. )  I was in heaven. She slide a little closer to me and she reached across and started to stroke  my dick again. This time I just layed there and let her go at it for a little while. I could feel it building up in me again and it felt so good. She slide down the bed alittle bit and had her head about on belly. I reached down and put my hand on her back. I started to rub her lowwer back as she stroked my cock.

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  This was amazeing,I couldn`t believe what was going on.   She worked as a bartender and I was thinking that she most have gotten alittle drunk herself that nite,because I couldn`t belive she was doing this,But I didn`t care,It was my first time with a girl and it didn`t matter that it was my mom. As I lay there taking all this in I side my hand alittle farther down her back and I had it on her butt. It felt great,still felt firm and she had a nice little ass. She was not a very big lady. I started to rub her ass ,she still had her panties on. She hadn`t said anything yet so I started to work my hand under her panties. She let out a little moan and that was it. I was thinking aout her ass so much that i forgot about her stroking my cock. which was a good thing because it kept me from cumming so fast again. But I knew it wasn`t going to take much longer. My hand was feeling her ass and I slide my middle finger into her butt crack,I was sliding it up and down and she started to move her ass from side to side. I slide myself around alittle bet to give me a better reach. At that time I could my finger slideing down on to her pussy lips. They  were really wet.

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  I slide my finger in some and it felt like smooth silk. Right then I shoot my load and it hit her right in the face. She laughed and got up real fast and went to the bathroom to clean up. she came back into the bedroom with a towel and wiped me off. Said she was going out to have a smoke and I should get some sleep. That I did. Layed there thinking about what had just happened and hoping for more. I fell a sleep pretty fast. But there is more. That was just the first time I got to play with my moms Kitty. Nothing was ever said about it. we never talked about it in the day time,but at night she wa a diferent person. more to cum