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  One friday night in july I came home about 1 in the morning to find mom had gottin home before me and was passed out on the couch in the livingroom. she was laying there still in her clothes. She had a short skirt and blouse on. The blouse was half unbuttoned and her skirt was slide up alittle . I could see her black panties covering her bush. She had all the lights on in place. I went around and turned off most of them,but left the one at the end of the couch on. I walked over to her and tryed to wake her up. butShe was sleeping hard. I could smile the booze ,so I knew she`d been out partying to. I sat down next to her on the couch and just looked at her for a minute. She looked so hot laying there. I put my hand on her tanned  leg and started to rub it up and down the inner thigh. I could feel myself starting to get worked up,just looking at those panties under that skirt. I reached up and slide it up a little more to give myself a better view. Then I reached up and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and pulled it open.

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  Now I had a full view of her laying there in her black bra and panties. She was a sexy looking lady with a killer body for her age. I reached down and played with her pusssy a little and then I thought I might as well get her panties out of the way. I grabbed them and started to pull them down,it was kind of a bitch with her just laying there. She didn`t move at all or seem to wake up. Then I unzipped her skirt on the side and pulled in down and off too. I stuck my hand down between her legs and started to play with her pussy. Slipping my finger along her lips I started to spread them apart. I fingered her for awhile until i felt her starting to get wet. I thought back to how her pussy had tasted that  first night that I got the hand job from her. So I pulled out my finger and stuck it in my mouth to try it again. It wa different,but not bad. I thought about my brothers friends talking about eatting pussy at some of ther partys,I`d never tryed it. So I grabbed her leg and slide it over as far as I could. The other one I lifted and bent it and leaned it on the back of the couch.

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  There it was just spread out waitting for me. I stood there  at the side and bent down and put my face right inbetween her thighs. I stuck out my tongue and slide it up and down her pussy lips. They felt so soft with my tongue on them. It didn`t take to long and they got real wet. I started to bury it a little deeper and kept licking. It most have felt good and got her attention,because mom slid her leg open even farther. I couldn`t believe how much I was enjoying this my dick was rock hard and begging to get out of my pantsI stopped and stood up to take them off. I looked down and seen how wet her pussy was,my first time eatting pussy and it was fun and I liked the taste of it. I moved myself to the end of the couch and got in between her legs. I bent down and started to lick it some more. I wasn`t very comfortable,so I slide my body around some half on the couch and half off of it. I started to lick it faster and trying to get my tongue in as far as I could. she started to moan some and moved her body over some. I had a great set now.

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  I just kept licking and sucking on her pussy. She started to make more noise and moving her ass up and down on my face. I grabbed her leg and moved it up more. She pulled her knees up to her tits and I was in heaven. I was licking faster and she started to shake and moan even more. All of a sudden she let out a yell and I could feel her cumming. Her pussy was flooding my face with cum. I grabbed her ass with both hands and buried my face in pussy as far as I could go. She reached down and put her hands on my head and pulled my face into her pussy as hard as she could. I was licking as fast as I could. I knew right then That I was going to luv to eat pussy from then on. ( I still do to this day. )  I think she came about four tines before I quite licking,sucking and nibbleing on that sweet pussy of hers. I stood up and looked down at her,she never even opened her eyes. Her pussy was soaked and so was the couch.

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  She just layed there breathing heavy. My dick was so hard after that and it had precum all over it.
    I needed to release it before it exploded. i grabbed her leg and started to move it over some and she spoke up and said  enough. She turned on her side and faced the back of the couch. I just stood there looking at her. She looked like she was going back to sleep. So I put one knee on the couch and bent the other leg,and grabbed my cock and started to point it to her pusssy. She spoke up and said she`d had enough again. I didn`t say a word. I just slide my cockup and down her pussy until I felt it part her lips some,then I pushed it in. She moaned and rolled over a little bit more. Her pussy was so wet,it didn`t take much to make my dick slippery. I started to pump away on moms pussy. my knee was resting right on the spot on the couch where she had cum so much from me licking her pussy.

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      It was just soaked,I knew she had gottin off good a few times. It didn`t take long for me and my dick was ready to blow. I slammed it in hard and let it go. I didn`t think I was ever going to stop squirting it in her. Me licking her pussy most have made me really horny. I couldn`t believe how hard I came. I got up and went to the bathroom and when i came back out mom had sat up. She just looked at me and smiled. I sat on the couch and she got up and went into the bathroom. When she came back out she stayed in the bedroom and got into bed. I sat there on the couch thinking about me licking her pussy long enough that my dick started to get hard again. I got up and went into the bedroom and she was laying  ass up and no covers on her. I climbed in bed and got betwen her legs . She didn`t say a word,but when she felt my hardon poke`n around she spread her legs and I slipped it in there one more time. I pumped away on that pussy of moms quite awhile.

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      After I came one more time that night,the only thing mom said was, Are you ever going to get enough?I didn`t answer,But I knew after that night I`d never get enough of eat`n pussy. .



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