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Like I said,been going on for 9,10 18 weeks. When one night I was out with my friends at a party and I got pretty wasted,some beer, weed(we all were pretty wild at that age. ) Anyway when I got home it was getting pretty late. But I knew my mom was still at work,so I was safe on the time. But I was really buzzing,One of the older guys there gave me something that he said would keep me going and he was right. been five hours and I was wide a wake. I`d been home about a half hour,my brother stayed all night at one of he`s buddy`s house,so I was there alone. I had the TV on and was laying around half dressed trying to chill out to go to sleep. When I heard the door to the apartment open and in came my mom and one of her friends. They both was drunker than hell. Mom couldn`t even stand up let alone walk. Her friend was holding her up and walking with her,they headed to the bedroom  saying hi and laughing,giggleing  on the way by. Her friend came out about five minutes later and ask how I was,I said ok. She said that mom got off work early and they had been out drinking with some other friends all night. she talked alittle more then said she had to get herself home. After she left I locked the front door and sat back down on the couch.

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  The bedroom door was closed, I was still wide a wake and started to think about mom being so drunk,I though she was passed out in bedroom when I heard her say my name. I got up,went in there and there she was sitting on the floor by the bed. It looked like she had slid of  it. There she sit with just her bra and panties on and her slacks down to her ankles. still had her shoes on. I went over to her and ask if she needed some help. She said yes,and started laughing. I reach down and pulled her shoes off and then slid her pants off to. Man was she fucked up,she couldn`t hardly sit up . I took a step and put my feet on each side of her legs so I could help her up. As I was getting ready to grab her arms,she reached up and put her hand right on my crotch. I was wearing this old lounge shorts and that was it. she had my peter in her hand and started to rubbing it. So I moved forward a little. my dick was now about 6 inches in front of her face.

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  I reached for my shorts and started to slide them down. She let go long enough to let them get passed my dick. Then she grabbed it again and started to stroke it more. I  sill had a good buzz and my dick didn`t seem to jump right up like it usually did when mom would play with it. I leaned forward more and stuck my dick right in front of her face. she opened her mouth and I slid my dick in her mouth. Well it didn`t take long and it started to grow. It felt so good having her lips wrapped around it. She started to suck on it like she was hungry. It get hard as a rock and I started to pump it in and out of her mouth. It felt so great,she had her head againest the bed and I just keep pump it in and out. she was making all kinds of slurping and moaning sounds. I must of stood there for 18 minutes fucking moms mouth. I couldn`t believe that I hadn`t came yet,it didn`t take that much to get me to cum before. But I knew I was pretty buzzed myself.

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  I started to see how much of my dick I could get in to her mouth. I was trying to slide it as far down her throat as it would go. She didn`t seem to mind to much. she just kept sucking away. Then I went to far and she started to gag some,I pulled it out and let her get her  breath. I reached down and grabbed her by her arms and tried to pick her up. At that age I wasn`t a vey big kid. But with a little help from her I got her up and on the bed. She layed back and giggled. I bent over her and pushed her bra up and started to suck on her tits. I loved sucking on them. I could feel my dick rubbing up againest her pussy. It was wet,her panties were getting soaked. So I stood back up and reached down and slide them off. There she layed with her feet hanging off the edge and her bra half on,and her sweet pussy just begging for me.

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  I reached down and put the tip of my dick right at the openning and started to work my way in. I looked up and she looked like she had  passed out. My dick was hard and I was horny as hell. I didn`t care if she was a wake or not I was going to get my rocks off. I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and started to slide my dick in and out of her pussy. She didn`t move,she`d make a moaning sound every now and then but that was it. I must of fucked her for 20 minutes like that,I couldn`t believe how hard my dick was and how good it felt sliding in moms pussy. It must have been the shit that the guy at the party gave me,cause man I was going strong. My legs started to get tired from standing there for so long. I finally started to feel it build up and I knew I was getting close. I couldn`t believe mom was so fucked up. Between the blowjob and me fucking her,I had been going at it for 40 minutes or so. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and I got up on the bed. I got down by her and stuck my dick on her lips. It was covered with her own pussy juice.


  I slide it in and as I did her mouth came open. She moaned alittle and I spoke up and told her to suck on my dick. I don`t think she even knew what was going on,but she started to suck on it a little bit.
    I layed there and started to slide it in and out of her mouth. This was driven me crazy, she was sucking my dick covered in her own pussy juice. That was it ,all it took and I started to cum. I shot one squirt in her mouth and then pulled out and sat up. I didn`t want her to drowned in my cum. I shot the rest of it on her tits and on her bra. Man it was  great I couldn`t believe what was happening. I layed back on the bed and caught my breath. My dick was still rock hard and standing straight up. Mom layed there and didn`t move I could see the cum on her lips with her head laying sideways. but I wasn`t done yet. my dick was still hard.

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       I got off the bed and went to the end of it . I bent down and started to finger her pussy some more. she didn`t make a sound or move. I started to finger fuck her more and she moaned alittle bit. I slide in 2 fingers and kept going at it. her pussy was getting wetter and i kept going I wanted to see how much I could get in her. I  grabbed my left hand with myright and squeezed my fingers together and started to slide all four of them in at once. They went in to about my first nuckles and that was it. I kept fucking her that way for a little while and her pussy started to open up even more. i was getting my hand buried up to the second nuckles,she was starting to moan and move her ass. I was loving this and I think she was to . she started to make more noises and then I felt her cumming. My hand was saoked with her sweet pussy. I pulled my hand out and stood up and slide my dick in her again. I stood there pounding that pussy for I don`t know how long before I came again.

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      But when I did, it felt like my peter was going to explode. I buried it in her pussy and let it unload. I had to sit down on the floor for a few minutes and rest. The light from the other room was still on and from where I was setting I could see my cum oozeing out of her pussy. I got up and went out to the other room and got a drink of water. I came back in a few minutes later and she had rolled over and got up on the bed more. I went and layed down beside her. I layed there for awhile. That speed that kid had gave me still hadn`t wore off yet. Well to make this  a little shorter let me just say that I fucked her one more time that night and filled her pussy with my cum once again.  She layed there sleeping with cum dripping out of her. I shot my load three times that night By then I felt like I could go to sleep and it looked like it was starting to get light out side. Not sure how long it was but I must have fucked mom for three hours or more that night. Besides the hang over,she never said a word about it the next day. But I thought I was quite the stud.

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