Sleepless Night


It was a moist summer’s night andthe air conditioner was broken. Jack was asleep in his room with his windowswide open. The sound of a train across the river woke him up. The first thinghe noticed was how humid it was in his room. The sweat was running off hisface. His balls were sticking to his legs. He got up and took off his boxersand stood in front of the fan he had sitting on his night stand. The breezefelt good and it dried the sweat off. He stood there for a moment and began todoze off. He slowly started to get an erection. The head of his penis hit thecage around the fan. He snapped out of it and began to put his boxers on.
Across the hall and in Jack’ssister’s room lies Sarah. Sarah was obviously hot and sweaty too because shewas spread out on top of her covers with her oversized T-shirt pulled up pasther bellybutton and her white cotton panties moist from the summer’s air.
Jack stood there at his doorwaywith a half pitched tent in his boxers looking at his 18 year old sister liethere breathing. The night light in her room glowed behind her bed.

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   Then Jackheard a noise. There was somebody coming up the stairs and Jack could put aneye out with his member flailing about like it was so he tucked it in betweenhis legs.
A shadow was cast on the floor nearthe stairs and the figure appeared. It was only the family’s cat walkingaround. Jack went to go pick him up and set him is his bed. On his way back tohis room, his penis popped back up right as he passed Sarah’s room. Jack stoodthere.
Jack could almost see the outlineof his sister’s pussy through her panties. Jack was 18 and even though she was13, he thought that it couldn’t hurt to just look so he walked in her room andstood beside her at her bed. He could see the outline of her nipples throughher shirt. Looking down at Sarah’s panties, Jack noticed how large her moundwas and how big her pussy lips must be. His penis was growing harder now andfinally poked through the hole in his boxers.
With his dick throbbing out of hisboxers he grabs a hold of it and starts to rub it. Sarah’s hand was laying onthe edge of her bed and Jack decided to lay his now sweaty balls in the palm ofher hand. Sarah then unconsciously squeezes his balls and Jack moaned in pain.

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  Luckily she did not wake up from her sleep. Jack looked back down at her mound.
Her panties almost went all the waydown to the top of her crack from her pussy. Jack had to feel it so he reachedhis free hand toward her sister muff and he rubbed her pussy lips from theoutside of her panties. Because her legs were spread, he could feel her lipsspread apart. Just then she breathed in deep and she opened her eyes.
“Jack what are you doing?” she saidsoftly.
“Um…I saw a mosquito crawling onyou and I did not want you to get bit so I was getting it off of you. ” Shelooked at him and sighed. “I think it went down your panties though. ” Jackdidn’t know what he was saying but Sarah did not seem to be alarmed. Jackreached his hand back down to his sister’s panties and slides his fingersbeneath the fabric.
“I think I found it. ” Jack said ashe slid his fingers back and forth between her hairless pussy. Just then hefeels a small hand wrap around his cock and Sarah says,
“There was a mosquito on you.

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  ” Jacklooks back down at his hand rubbing her pussy and slides her panties down. Herclean tight pussy was shining in the light.
“Have you ever rubbed your vaginabefore?” Jack asked with a smile on his face.
“Once in a while I play with it. ”She mumbled.
“Do you want to go play in my room?”Jacked asked her.
“Why Jack?” she questioned.
“Because it is too hot to sleep. You will never get back to sleep now that you are awake. ” He said encouragingher to fallow him.
“I guess. ” She said as she slid offher bed allowing her T-shirt to fall down to the top of her knees. She kickedher panties off of her foot on her way out of her room. She walked behind Jackwith his penis sticking out of his boxers. They sat together on his bed withthe lights turned off.

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   They could only see the silhouettes of each other. Jackreached up to his window opening the blinds allowing the moonlight to shine in.
“How do you play with your vagina?”Jack asked.
“I sometimes just rub it with myfingers in the shower. ” She replied hesitantly.
“I rub mine in the shower toosometimes. ” He stated.
“How do you rub yours?” she asked.
“Well grab it and I will show you. ”He said.
“OK. ” She hesitantly replied as shereached her hand out until she could feel Jack’s throbbing penis sticking outof his boxers. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and he then took a hold ofher hand.
“Just rub it slowly back and forthlike this” as he guided her hand. Pre-cum was starting to drip from the head ofhis penis to his sisters hand lubricating his shaft.

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   She stopped for a moment.
“What is that?” she asked.
“It’s cum, don’t stop. ” He said.
“OK” she said as she continued tocaress his cock.
Jack sat there for only a fewminutes before he felt his balls begin to tingle and tighten. He was about toexplode all over her in a few moments. Sarah, who was sitting cross legged infront of Jack sensed something was about to happen.
“Am I doing it right?” she asked
“Ah…Yes. . . keep going. ” He sighed.
She continued to jerking on hismember until a large spurt of warm cum shot out from the head of his penis ontoher shirt. Then several other spurts of cum fallowed as she continued to jackhim off.

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   He moaned as the last drops of cum spilled from his penis onto his sister’shand. He fell back on his bed and laid there for a moment to catch his breath.
“Did that make you feel good?”Sarah asked.
“Yes, very good. ” He replied.
“Can girls feel that good too?” shequestioned.
“Yes they can if it is done right. ”He replied.
“Will you show me how it feels?”she asked.
“Sure,” Jack replied and then heinstructed, “Lay on your back. ”
Sarah did as she was told and shelay down on his bed with her shirt still covering her pussy. Jack maneuveredhimself in front of her and pulled up her shirt revealing her muff again. Helooked her in the eyes and smiled. She grinned back and Jack lowered his head.

    He kissed her belly button andcontinued pecking down to her sweet mound.

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       He kissed the top of her vagina andbegan to suck on it as he flicked his tongue in between the lips. How sweet ittasted. She moaned. He found her clit and focused his attention on it. Helicked it as it swelled and then pulled his mouth away and began to rub it. Jack could not get over how soft and tight her pussy was as he continued tomassage her. He then slowly moved his middle finger to her pussy hole andrested it at the entrance. He continued rubbing her clit as he began to forcehis finger in. He was not even a knuckle in and she began to moan withpleasure. Halfway past his first knuckle he pulled his finger out and he beganto move it in and out slowly. Gently pulsating her vagina with his finger, shemoaned in extreme excitement and pleasure. No more than a few seconds later hervirgin body began to tense and her vagina gripped firmly on his finger drawingit in further. She took in a deep breath and her whole body shivered a little. She arched her back forcing her pelvis into the air and then she collapsed andclosed her eyes. Sarah had just experienced her first orgasm.

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    “Did that make you feel good?” Jackasked.
    “Yes. ” Sarah whispered.
    Jack crawled up beside her and justlaid there on his back looking at his ceiling. He could hear her still tryingto catch her breath. He turned his head and kissed her on her on her neck. Shelooked at him and smiled. The two laid there for the better part of an hourlistening to each other breath.
    Jack then began to get an erectionagain needed to take advantage of the situation. He slid off his boxers andreached over and rubbed Sarah’s pussy to get her attention. She looked at himand smiled again and he whispered for her to sit on top of him. With his penisnow fully erect and laying flat on his stomach, she sat on top of it. His penisrested firmly in between her slit. He reached out for her hips and guided herbody back and forth in a sliding and rocking motion. Without his penis evergoing insi
    of Sarah, she continued to slideher body over his cock.

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       Her pussy began to moisten and slide easier and morepleasurably.
    Back and forth she slid as Jacklaid his head back and closed his eyes. He had never felt anything morewonderful than what he was experiencing at that moment. Sarah was reallygetting into it too. She rested her hands behind her on the bed as the keptsliding back and forth. This continued for what seemed like and hour. Jackopened his eyes and watched his sister’s pussy sliding on his cock. He soonbegan to feel his balls tingle and tighten again. Sarah arched her back and wasabout to climax also. Jack’s penis began to throb much more and a large load ofcum spurted out onto his chest and moments later Sarah began to shutter as shehad an orgasm herself. They both moaned in pleasure then grew very tired. Shefell on top of him and rested her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes andso did he as they fell asleep exhausted.
    An hour later Jack opened his eyesand rolled Sarah off of him onto her side and he curled up behind her restinghis limp cock between her butt cheeks. They spooned like this all the rest ofthe night until the morning sun rose.

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       Sarah opened her eyes and looked at Jack.
    “Thank you Jack. ” Sarah said as shecrawled out of his bed and went back to hers.


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