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A few months after Jack's death, Angela was now planning the big seduction on Brian. She tried to come up with ideas but the one obstacle that stood between them was Emma! Angela wanted a way to get rid of her so she could take off and marry Brian. It took some time but she figured the only way to make Emma disappear was to kill her! With Emma gone Brian would be all hers. She wanted to come up with a clever plan but it was hard since almost everyone around them loved Emma so much. She remembered about her witch doctor friend, a black man who lived up in the hills. She'd known him since she was a child herself and knew he was always there for her. "So how nice and easy do you want this girl killed?" He asked as she visited him early one morning. "I want something like a sleeping potion that no doctors can detect. Something unexplained. ""Well you've come to the right person my dear Angela. Let's see?. " He began digging through a large dusty pouch. Angela looked closely as his big hands searched for the one thing that would help her get Brian. He searched for a few seconds until he finally pulled out some white looking powder. "Here love, just put a spoonful of this into her drink, preferably milk, and she'll be dead. Well honestly not really dead, more like sleep.

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   But she won't have a pulse so everyone will assume she's dead. But be careful, she could awaken if she is excited in any sexual way. "Angela scoffed. "A sexual way? No she's only 18 and besides the only ones in the house are her, her brother and me and I know her brother wouldn't do anything sexually to her. He belongs to me. "The witch doctor smiled. "Well then darling here you go. It's enough for a spoonful. Mix it in real good with her drink. "Angela rushed home ready to get rid of Emma. She was thinking of ways to seduce Brian. She knew he'd be upset over his sister's death so she'd comfort him by holding him and eventually kiss him and then she'd really get to have him in bed! Just thinking about his young thick cock inside her was already making her heart race. It was past four o'clock that afternoon and Emma had just gotten home from school. Angela knew it'd be over an hour until Brian got home from basketball practice. She saw Emma come in humming a sweet folk tune.

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   "Emma darling, come on in the kitchen. Do you want a glass of milk?" She asked anxiously. Emma nodded, "Uh no not right now Angela. I've got tons of homework. ""Well you can drink your milk while you do your homework sweetie. ""Honestly I don't like milk Angela. " Emma said giggling. Angela was losing her patience. "Emma please you have to start drinking milk. It's good for you; besides I already have a nice cold glass ready for you to drink it. Please sweetie. "Emma was surprised to hear Angela talk to her like that. She was never this nice to her. Her face even looked sweeter and motherly. Emma felt she was trying to maybe bond with her so she decided to go ahead and take the milk.

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  "Alright Angela just a little bit. ""Emma don't call me Angela. Please call me Mom. I know in the past I was such a witch with you, but I'm ready for a new beginning. You and Brian are my only children and I want to be the best mother I can be. "Emma's heart rejoiced. "Oh Mom! It's so great to hear you say that. I do need a mother right now. It's hard growing up without one. " Emma hugged Angela. Oh what a foolish child! You stupid little girl! Angela laughed on the inside. Emma took her milk and her book bag and headed upstairs to get started on her schoolwork. She took one sip of the milk and it actually had a nice sweet taste to it. Maybe Angela had put some sweetener or something so she could enjoy the milk. She drank the whole glass and was just starting to begin to read her biology chapter when her eyes felt heavy.

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   She tried to fight her sleep, but she couldn't. What in the hell did you put in my drink Angela? Emma wondered. She laid her head down and immediately fell asleep. Angela waited for a few minutes and went up to Emma's room to check on her. Her face showed a wicked smile as she saw her fast asleep in her bed. She went over to make sure she had no pulse and luckily no pulse was felt. Angela danced around the room celebrating her victory. She wouldn't tell Brian anything until later at night when she'd send him to go wake up his sister for dinner. Then he'd discover her dead and it would only be Angela and Brian together. Brian eventually got home past five o'clock and found Angela happily cooking her famous meatloaf for dinner. He stepped into the kitchen greeting his stepmother. "Hey Angela. Mmmm that smells delicious!" He said just inches away from her. He stood there wearing his black wind shorts and black muscle shirt. Angela's drool couldn't have been more obvious.

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   She stood looking at him and he at her for what seemed to be an eternity. Unfortunately the telephone rang interrupting them. She didn't move still wet between her legs. Brian was the one to answer the phone. "Angela? It's the folks from the funeral home. They say they need for you to go over there right now to fill out some forms that they forgot to give you when my father passed away. "Angela sighed. "Oh right now?""Yeah they said it was important. ""Oh alright I'll hurry back in time for dinner. Listen don't interrupt your sister at all. She's busy cramming for an exam coming up. " Angela lied. "Oh I won't bother her at all. I'm going to go watch some TV. I'll wait for you. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  "Angela smiled and cupped Brian's cute face wanting to kiss him. "Sweetie you're always so nice to me. Please don't call me Angela anymore. I'm your mother. ""Hey no problem Angela. I mean Mom?"Angela blushed and rushed out to the funeral home, which wasn't far from where they lived. She drove fast almost passing red lights praying to God that Brian wouldn't think of even going up to Emma's room. Brian sat in the living room watching TV. He was flipping over the channels and came across a commercial for the Academy of Fine Writing. He knew how much Emma wanted to go there and he suddenly remembered that her English teacher had told him to tell Emma about the new writing contest that would begin tomorrow. He knew that was vital information for Emma. He ran upstairs to quickly tell her and let her get back to studying. He knocked on her door but no answer. Her room was very quiet and that made him wonder if she was truly OK. He opened the door and saw her laying down fast asleep.

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   He shrugged thinking she was just tired but as he looked closer he knew there was something else. He found his eyes wondering up and down her long golden legs as her short plaid schoolgirl skirt was raised high almost giving him a peak to her white cotton panties. He felt his cock grow hard immediately just looking at her resting. He couldn't seem to tear his eyes off her legs, her sweet little body. Her white button up shirt was also slightly raised showing off her flat tummy. Brian saw her little white socks and tennis shoes were still on her so he began to take them off so she'd sleep better. He only hoped not to waken her. He moved towards her slowly and grabbed one of her feet taking off her shoe and then her sock. Her toenails were a light pink color and her skin felt so smooth and soft. He proceeded with the next foot and finally she was barefoot fast asleep. He was surprised she hadn't wakened up. He looked at her more now and felt his heart beat accelerate. He never knew just how pretty his little sister was until this moment. She was incredibly sexy and innocent and that turned him on. He wanted to kiss her supple lips so bad.

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   He felt his balls engorged full of cum just thinking about touching her. He sat next to her stroking her long hair and caressing her angelic face. He felt her still warm and he couldn't fight it any longer. He leaned down and placed his lips on her very gently hoping not to wake her up. It was a soft and inviting kiss. Brian felt his cock throbbing as he kissed his sister. Still she layed there fast asleep. He stood there looking down at her. He touched her flat tummy very gently and slowly slid his hand down her smooth legs. God she feels so beautiful!He raised her skirt a little higher and saw her tiny white cotton panties just inviting him to take them off. She must be one hell of a heavy sleeper Brian thought to himself. He put his hands under her buttocks and slid her panties off his sister. He stood there in amazement looking at the most delicious pussy he'd ever seen. It was so small and tight. She had a long slit and as he moved her legs apart the slit opened up letting her pussy lips spread and showing him her sweet pink clit.

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       He swallowed hard and felt his mouth water. He'd never gone down on a girl but this pussy sure was making him hungry. He couldn't believe she still was fast asleep so he went ahead and kneeled down putting his head between her legs. Her smell was so invigorating making him salivate. He moved his head forward and started to slowly lick up and down her long pink slit. She was dry but his saliva was wetting her little by little. He flicked his tongue faster now directly on her sweet little clit. He suddenly felt her clit swell up and now he was actually tasting her juices as they slowly oozed out with each stroke of his tongue. He looked up and saw Emma shifting her body side to side very slowly as she was just waking up. It was too late to stop now. If she woke up he would continue to eat her sweet pussy. He was addicted to her taste and smell already. He wrapped his lips tightly around that sweet throbbing clit and sucked on it. By now Emma was slowly opening her eyes trying to remember where she was and why she was feeling so good. She felt warm breath between her legs and yet she felt weak and couldn't even raise her head to see what it was.

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       She just kept her head back and moaned softly. Brian heard her moans and dug deeply now tasting her move and devouring her juices. He slipped his tongue deep inside her extremely tight opening wiggling it around feeling the warmth of her pussy. Emma lifted her little body up with excitement and slowly raised herself on her shoulders to see what was happening. Her eyes opened wide as she saw her handsome brother licking her making her feel so damn good. She knew it was wrong and wanted to yell and tell him to stop but she couldn't. Brian looked up at her and their eyes met while he ate her pussy. A hard sweet sensation flowed through her. It was the most intense feeling she'd ever felt. She fell back down gripping her bed sheets and her body trembled as she was experiencing her first orgasm. Her body tightened and she clamped her legs around her brother's head holding him there making him drink her honey. "Mmmmmggggghhhhhh!" She cried out while she felt her juices leak. "Oh Brian! This feels so goooood!"Brian felt his cock ooze out precum inside his shorts as she heard his beautiful little sister screaming with pleasure. She tasted so sweet and she looked so sexy laying there cumming just for him. Emma's body weakened and she slowly released the hold she had on her brother.


       He got up and looked at her not knowing what to say. Her eyes were small and she was breathless. She looked up at him wanting more of him, more of his tongue or even his cock. She was so ready to losing her purity all to him. Her hot brother. He lay on top of her and they began to kiss seductively. They kissed hard and she could taste her juices in his mouth. Brian rubbed up against her and it only took a few seconds and she splattered his cum all inside his shorts. He groaned loudly as he came and Emma watched him not sure what was happening. He tossed his head back and grunted. "Hmmmm fuck! Oh fuck yes!" He felt about five spurts of hot cum just shoot out of his cock hard. "Brian that felt so good! Oh God Brian I want you!" She held him closer to her. "Emma you're delicious. Fuck! I came inside my shorts!" He moaned. She giggled.

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       "Well next time maybe you can cum in me. "Brian felt his cock harden again as she said that. They started to kiss once again and Angela walked in with her face in shock. Brian quickly got up and covered up his sister. "Uh Mom? Uh I didn't hear you come in!" Brian said nervously. "What the hell are you two doing? You are brother and sister for Christ sakes!"Emma got up slowly and put her arms around her brother. "You tried to kill me didn't you? You witch! I know you don't love me. Brian loves me though. He and I are family and you're not!"Angela felt furious and wanted to slap her and Brian stood up. "You tried to kill her? How could you? We are leaving this house. We got our grandmother's house to go to. ""No I didn't try to kill her. Look I-I just thought she was under pressure and felt the sleep would do her good and?" She paused and just blurted out, "Besides I wanted you Brian. I'm in love with you!"Brian looked at her with disgust. "Well my sister comes first.

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       I love her not you. Come on Emma let's get the hell out of here. "Angela stood there frozen. She never had planned for Brian to seduce his own sister! She watched the siblings walk out holding hands. She sat in her living room crying her eyes out. Once again Emma had ruined her life. Angela remained lonely for the rest of he life and heard that Brian and Emma lived happily ever after. The End.



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