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My names Bek and from my early teens I had a girlcrush on my younger sister as she is such a babe. Although I know I am attractive (my boyfriends say i'mhot. . great for the ego) and always had guys wanting to date me. I can appreciate that my sister is hotter than most. She is a long haired brunette with the perkiest breasts and a tight little bottom with great legs. I have never been jealous as I love spending time with her but in a naughty way i liked to perv on her (not naked) We are very close and hang out heaps. A year or so ago I went over to visit her as she lived with her boyfriend (Rob)who as you can imagine was a greatlooking guy (she only dated hot guys). I was on my way home from a friends on a Saturday afternoon and had the urge to have a wine with my sister. I didn't ring and just dropped in. I went through the back entertaining area expecting them to be outside entertaining as they are very popular and it was a nice warm day. I got to the back sliding door and was about to yell out when I heard noises. I looked through the door and there was my sister on her knees on the couch with her hot man slamming his cock into her and when i say slamming i mean slamming. I was stunned as I don't think i have ever been fucked that hard. He was telling how hot she was and how much he wanted dto cum in her. It was hot sexy stuff.

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   I watched till I heard him moaning as my sister told him to fill her pussy up. I was so wet. I waited a few minutes and then yelled out like I just arrived before they saw my car. They looked at each other like they had just got away with being caught. They said stay there and we'll have a drink outside. I could tell Rob was onto me. Rob asked what I had been up too I said at a friends. I knew he knew. He kept smiling. I was so horny. The sight of this hot guy shagging my sister drove me wild. My sister said I need to have a shower. She went into the bathroom. Rob came straight out and asked me if I had been there long. I didn't answer.

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   He reached forward and kissed me. He said thats your hot sisters pussy juices you can taste. I so enjoyed that. It was so wrong but so right. He said he knew I was always staring at Kylie. He kissed me again and asked if I wanted to taste her. I said in fantasy. He led me into the garage. He said lets be quick. Do you want what you saw your sister get he asked? This made me so horny. I had never been fucked like that. He lifted up my dress. No foreplay he just grabbed my hips and started to drive his cock into me. Gee hes in a rush i thought. Before long he was driving his cock into me so so fast.

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   Gee it was good. He was ramming it into me. He stopped and said we'll finish it later. He quickly went inside. He was still hard. I sat down again. He disappeared. after a few minutes I went into the house I pretended to go towards the toilet. I realiised he had taken my sister to the bedroom. I heard my sister say we don't have time and we just did it. He told her she drives him wild and just a quickie. Gee here he is putting his cock from my sister to me and now back to her. I heard her start to moan again as she gave in. I listened as he pumped her. He then said I'm cumming.


   I heard Kylie say thats quick what brought that on. I knew it was having both of us. I couldn't believe this I was so horny but so jealous I wanted him to finish with me. He was a master before long he had my sister ducking to the shops on her own. He quickly grabbed me and led me back to spareroom. This time he said suck my cock. He was so dominate but so good. I loved knowing this cock had just fucked my hot sister. I sucked his cock till he was hard and then I layed down as he enetered me. He fucked me missionary then me ontop and finally his favorate as he said doggy until he blew inside me. It was so hot. He was the best fuck i've had. I begged him to fuck my sister where I could see. He instructed me to drink and stay the night. I did so.

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   He told me to pretend to go to bed and he'd do my sister by the pool. I waited till dark and then said I needed sleep. I waited and then went to the window where there my sexy sister was sucking his cock like i was hours before. She then rode him and I so wanted to go outside and kiss her as he fucked her.
We have fucked many times since and we both get off on talking about my hot sister. I love sucking his cock shortly after its been inside Kylies pussy. He has started to do my arse as I wanted to do something my sister won't. I would so love to eat Kylie but i'lkl have to settle for her juices from her boyfriend.