Sisters and me


This is a complete true story on my memory. One evening after skool, my parents picked me up and said we were going to go over to my dad's friends place for dinner. I was like ahhh crap, i want to watch TV/simpsons, but of course i was force to go. So i went and put on my cloths( get out of my skool uniform) and hop in the car. When we got there, we were greeted by My dad's friend and his wife, they told me to go into the Rumpus room to play with the other kids. When i got in there, i saw Zoe and laura watching a video. Zoe was 18 years old and laura was 18 years old. Both were developing breast, but Zoe was much bigger. I said hi and sat down. Laura was only wearing a skirt and top, and i could see her white panties, when i sat down. Zoe on the other hand was wearing board shorts, and singlet. which really showed her breast off. After the movie was finished we went outside, grabbed some food and returned to the Rumpus room, when we started to play fight a bit. Eventually i tried to de pant Zoe, but her board shorts were down to tight, she asked me wat i was doing, and she did the same thing to me. Then i said that was unfair, and i depanted her, but i asl took off her panties as well. I couldnt really see he pussy, but it was clean shaven and small.

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   I gave laura her pants as i held Zoe back so laura could go hide them. Eventually i ran off, and Zoe was walking aorund the house with no pants on. Zoe's mum came and asked me where her pants were, and i am like "i dont know, I been over here". she bought it. Anyway after settling down and watching some tv, I asked Zoe if she had ever done a strip tease before. She said "no", so i requested one. She said no, but then i made a deal with her, if i carry her around on my shoulders, she will give me one. So the next 5 minutes i carried her on my shoulders, and then we played horses. I took her into her room and told her to strip. . . . . . .

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  "No"-Zoe"Hey you made  deal"- Billy"So, i dont care"- ZoeLaura walked into the room and sat next to the door. "ok, why dont you wanna strip, are you scared?"-Billy"no. . . . . i jsut dont want to"Zoe"i already seen you butt, so you dont hav to be scared"-Billy"ummmmmmm, well i will strip butt i want to see your thingy"-Zoe"ok"-billyI reached into my pants, and pulled out my semi erected cock. she came closer, and her younger sister came over and took a look. "you can touch if you want"-Billy"ummmmm, ok just dont pee on me"- Zoe"i wont"-BillyShe reach out and played with it, but not sexually, like the first time you hav ever seen a cock, she pull the forskin back and forth, and tehn pulled on it.
    I grabbed her hand and said that is enough. And put my rock hard cock back in my pants. She moved away and went to get a small chair i could sit on. I sat down and asked if she had a G-string, she said no, so i said turn around and reach down her pants and pulled her panties up, so it was a makeshift G-string. She put on some music, and began to dance. She remoed her shirt and her little training bra was on, she moved behind my and then sat on my lap, rubbing her ass into me.

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       She got up and removed them for the second time today, I could see her tiny little ass and she had a small camel toe. I told her to come close, and she did. I took off her bra, revealing to small nipples and small breast. I didnt stop to admire, but i went straight for her panties, i peeled them down, revealing her small pussy, she danced around me a bit and then posed for me. I slowly got up and told her to get on the ground, i grabed her legs and spreaded them, and but she closed them straight away. I told her to get on the bed and to bend over, i could see her A hole and everthing. By now Laura was sitting on the ground jsut starring at her sister, i said to Zoe, hmmm laura got to see me for free, wat can i get from her. Zoe pulled lauras pants down and i grabbed her ass, she was wearing pink panties and her ass was warm and soft. We all stopped suddenly because we heard our parents walking around, they got dresses and yeah. . . . . . .

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      The end.