sisters 2


Sisters 2
After what happened that night between Jaci and me, make it hard to be around each other. It was uncomfortable being in the same room with her know what we did that night. But after awhile things got back to normal, hanging out, watching movies together.
Our parents tell us that they are going to go visit a friend of there’s and they would be gone for the weekend. After school she took a shower and I started dinner. I heard her get out and walked down stairs. I looked up to see her in a white t-shirt and pink panties. She normally didn’t wear that around the house but mom and dad weren’t here. She started to watch TV and I finish dinner. Drop some food on my shirt and I went up and changed in to a sleeveless top and shorts.
We started to watch the news and it said that there was going to be a bad storm that night. We were laying on the coach and she lend against me and it made me think about that night, and I started to feel a little horny. But I just ignored it and went to bed after awhile.
I woke up when she came in my room. “Tiffany can I stay in here, the storm knock out the power and my room is getting cold. ” Jaci said from my doorway.

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   I said sure and let her climb into my bed. Feeling her warm legs against mine and her breathing on my neck made me very horny.
“Hey tiffany can I ask you something?” Jaci asked
“ya what is it?” I said.
“Well remember that night you came in my room, and we played with each other”.
“ya, i'm sorry about that Jaci, I don’t know what came over me. ”
“No it’s ok, it was fun, but I was wondering, you made me lick your pussy, and you just rubbed mine. Ever since I've wanted to know how it feels. Could you do it to me?”
I rolled over and looked at her eyes, and I was thinking about it until she put her hand between my legs and said please.
I started to kiss her, and she started to French kiss me. I put my hand between her legs and noticed that her panties were wet. I unbuttoned her night shirt. She still didn’t have any tits and didn’t have any hair just yet. I put my tongue out and ran it down her neck, and to each nipple, to her belly button; I looked up and saw that she was watching me. I pulled her panties down with my teeth and kissed her pussy; she took a deep breath and started to play with my hair. I kissed her pussy in different places and I slow started to lick her pussy lips, and worked my way in.

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As my tongue slide in and out faster she moaned loader and loader, I was glad mom and dad weren’t home. She began to shake. I reached up and played with her little mounds and tiny pink nipples. She was pulling on the sheets and arching her back. When she came she came hard and could brealy move. She just laid still for a moment. Then she licked my chin “Um, almost like yours” I took off my shirt and her little hands shot up and start to rub them. I laid back and she got on top of me. I couldn’t believe that my little 12 year old sister was naked on top of me. She took my panties off and dove right into eating me out.
I let out a few moans and then out of no where she jams a finger into me, it felt great. “Jaci wear did you learn that?’ I asked between breaths. “Don’t get mad but I’ve watched you threw the key whole in your door. ” I lend up and she sat up to look at me. “I’m not mad” I said.

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She didn’t stop fingering me, she pulled me in closer and I ended up with my head on her shoulder and when I cam I cam harder than I ever did fingering myself. I laid her down and kissed her cheek, pulled the covers back over us and went to sleep. The next morning I woke and she look so cute with her hair kind over part of her face and the sun was making her bright red hair shine.



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