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Let me start off by telling you about myself. My name is Todd and I live somewhere around the Midwest. I stand 6'8'', no joke at all, and I play basketball at a fairly big time Division I school in Tennessee. Both my parents are also tall as well as my sister and so whenever we go out to places people look at us somewhat awkwardly.
Anyway, I was just heading back to school for the Fall Semester of my sophomore year. Since I'm on the basketball team we are usually pretty busy but since it was the first couple of weeks I didn't really have much to do. One day my sister, Kristen, called and asked if she could come down to see me. Now I had never really thought of my sister as attractive but all of my friends always told me that they wanted to fuck her. Kristen is 18 years old, I was 19 at the time, and she was just starting her senior year of high school. Kristen had long blonde, almost white, hair and she stood about 5'9''. She was skinny from being a cheerleader and also being so tall but she had definitely started forming good sized boobs in the last six months. After having this encounter I started to look at Kristen differently and decided my favorite thing about her was her ass. It was absolutely incredible and quite honestly something I feel like I could stare at forever. Anyway to get on with the story. She called me and after having asked our mom was making sure that it was alright if she came down to school to see me as she wouldn't be able to see me much once basketball season started. So she left after she was done with school on a Thursday night when they didn't have school on a Friday.

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She got their fairly late at night because it is about a five hour drive to school from our house. She arrived late Thursday night and we ended up just ordering pizza and watching a movie since by the time she got there she was fairly tired anyway. That night nothing really happened although a couple of times I could've sworn she was looking at me in a different way. That night we went to bed and slept in the same bed. Although my roommate thought this was a little unusual it was nothing unusual for us since we had been doing it all our lives on out of town basketball tournaments. The next morning we woke up and since I have mandatory class with the basketball team I had to go and attend both of my classes. Before I left I showed Kristen where everything was around my apartment and also showed her where she could shower and stuff. I headed off to class thinking everything was normal completely unknowing that everything would change in just a couple of hours. I was walking home from my classes and as I was approaching my apartment I could hear music blasting and I just assumed it was my roommate. As I walked in the door I read a note from my roommate telling me he had gone home for the weekend and I was welcome to use his bed if either Kristen or I wanted to sleep in it. As I wandered through our apartment I came up to the bathroom and the music was louder than ever. I noticed the door wasn’t closed all the way and walked in just to turn down the music so I could relax a little bit. As the music was so loud I hadn’t heard the shower stop running and just as I walked to turn the radio down Kristen stepped out of the shower wearing nothing at all. This was the first look I had gotten at my sister naked since we were both really young. I was stunned momentarily but quickly regained my composure.

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“Oh shit Kristen sorry I didn’t know you were done in here already”
“It’s cool can you just hand me that towel over there”
I couldn’t believe how relaxed she was being about this just being naked around me. As I handed her the towel and turned to leave she reached out and grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. She looked at me and our eyes connected and it was the first time I had ever seen my sister in a sexual way. Then she just asked “What are we doing tonight Todd?”
I just dumbly responded, “No idea sis, whatever you want to. ”
I went into my room dumbfounded at the turn of events and just turned on the TV. Kristen came in, wrapped only in a towel and, all of a sudden, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She noticed and asked, “What’s wrong bro, never seen a girl naked before. ”
I told her I had and asked her to put some clothes on. She dropped the towel and started walking over to me. She asked, “Why, am I making you uncomfortable walking around naked?” At this point she was within an arms reach or me and she reached out and rubbed across my upper chest around my shoulder. I was just stuck, dumbfounded, unable to move as she swung her leg over me and she was now naked, straddling me, with her beautiful tits in my face. At this point I knew I had lost and I was sure of what my sisters intentions were for this trip. I just reached out and rubbed my hands up the sides of her body which was so much softer and firmer than I had ever remembered. I ran my hands teasingly up under her arms teasingly and ticked her slightly. She just giggled and I then ran my hands over her breasts and nipples and squeezed gently.

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   Her giggles were quickly replaced with a gasp of inward air and a slight moan. I then took her nipples into my fingers and started to roll them between my index finger and thumb. This elicited a good response from her as she gasped and then said, “Oh Todd that feels so good. ” She then looked down at me with her beautiful eyes and right then we just launched into the most passionate kiss I have ever had.
Our tongues danced together and our lips locked. We continued this for a couple of minutes but after that she decided that it was time to move on and she moved my hands down to her pussy. At this point she was soaking wet. Her lips were just covered in juices and my hand slid between them freely. I started kissing down her neck and as I did I slipped a finger into her vagina. Man was she tight I though wondering if she had ever had sex before. I fingered her a little and used my other hand to caress her tits and sometimes drift down and rub her clit. Before long she was getting really heated and began to moan. Not wanting her to cum yet I stopped fingering her and just kept kissing her. She let out what almost sounded like a sigh of disappointment. She quickly recovered and started kissing me furiously all over.

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   She quickly slipped off my shorts and began to play with my by now, rock hard cock. She ran her body down it and when it got into her tits if felt so good I just held her there. She began to rub her stiff nipples all over my dick and it felt amazing. However she was just getting started. She then moved down and started licking the shaft. She did this a couple of times getting me nice and wet and then, once she was at the top, she just dropped her head all the way down on my cock. At this point I knew she had done this before but I didn’t care at this point. She had taken my cock all the way into her throat and just held it there.
She went up and down a couple of times but this was not by any means what she wanted. As she came up my body she put my cock in her tits again and began to play with it. She did that, almost as a way to cool me down and get my cock back into room temperature so that I wasn’t so easy to blow my load on her. The next thing she did surprised even me. She got up, over my cock and just slammed in down into her. I thought there was no way that she was going to be able to take my whole cock, especially not on the first try. This was amazing.

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   She started to go up and down but she had to stop because I had stuffed her so full. She just sat there and we made out furiously. She started grinding around in circles on my cock and this loosened her up. She started pumping herself up and down on my cock and soon she picked up the pace to where we were both moaning and once I heard her scream, “Fuck yeah Todd, make me cum all over your dick. ” That nearly sent me over the edge but I had to try to hold on to make her cum before I blew my load all over her. She kept riding me and then she screamed, “OH YEAHHH BABY IM CUMMING SO HARD. ” I felt her pussy muscles contract and I knew I was so close to cumming. I asked her where she wanted me to blow and through her gasping she said, I needed no more encouragement and just sent my cum blasting into her pussy. This seemed to send her to another level and I felt her pussy clamp down so hard on my dick in nearly hurt. I just sat there and dumped the rest of my load into her as we both came down. Little did I know she wasn’t done yet. She got down on her knees and began to suck me clean. This was the first time I had ever had a girl blow me after sex and Kristen seemed to be enjoying the taste of our juices mixed together almost as much as she enjoyed us fucking. Whenever she had me all cleaned off she just came up and kissed me lightly on the lips and then, after nibbling on my ear said, “Hey bro, I need to go shower now. Care to join me?” After that we got up and headed for the shower, both of us knowing it was going to be a fantastic weekend.

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