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This Is A Story I WroteIt Is Made Up . . Hope You Enjoy It

Hi my name Christina(everyone calls me Chrissyim 18 and live with my parents and 2 sisters Zoe (16 ) and Nikki (18). Im around 5"3, very slim with brown hair and green eyes while Zoe is 4"7 with black hair and green eyes and Nikki is 5"8 light brown hair and green eyes. Anyway it all started 1 day when our parents went out for the evening as it was there wedding anniversary and Nikki was asked look after Zoe and i didnt have any plans

and so decided to stay in with my sisters. We didnt really do much for most of the evening and it got quite boring and then it was time for Zoe to go to bed so while Nikki stayed downstairs to watch tv and went and put Zoe to bed which wasnt that hard as she was really tired. About 5mins later i started to walking down the stairs and got to the living room door. I was about to go in when i saw Nikki on the couch

and it looked like she was touching herself, 1 hand on her breasts and the other down her jeans. I looked at the tv and saw this attractive actress and then i knew why she was doing what she was doing (i knew Nikki was bi and it had never bothered me). I coughed loudly before i went into the room and Nikki quickly sorted herself out. I walked to the couch and just smiled at her and she did the same

and i asked what she was watching. I know it was kind of mean but i started to tease her about her liking the actress and she got embarrassed but refused that she liked her and started to push me. I just laughed and pushed her back and she did the same and we got into a mini fight but a funny one. Then Nikki pushed me hard onto the couch and she ended up on top of me. We looked into each others eyes and slowly her mouth moved closer to mine and we kissed softly. I couldnt believe what was happening.

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I never thought that i liked girls and certainly not my own sister and i never knew she liked me. I could have pushed her away but i didnt and we carried on kissing. Then after a few mins she stood up and took my hand without saying anything we went upstairs and into Nikki's bedroom. We ended up on the bed over the sheets still kissing and touching each other and we started to lose our clothes until we were

both topless and just had our panties on. My sister took my hard nipples in her mouth which made me moan and i did the same for her. Then she slowly took off my panties and took her own off as well. Her pussy was perfectly shaven and i knew i just wanted to touch it and i did. First her lips and then over her clit as she moaned and she started to get really wet and i could feel my own pussy dripping.

Nikki touched mine and started to rub quickly and then started to finger me which felt amazing. It wasnt long until i had my orgasm and she had hers too and we collapsed on top of each other. Then i looked to the bedroom door in shock as i saw our little sister Zoe standing there topless and a hand down her pj bottoms. All i could do was just stare at her and then Nikki saw her too and froze not knowing what to do next. .