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In our conversations, we began to talk about sexy clothes, lingerie, bikinis and primarily, thongs. I began to constantly try to picture her ass in a thong, and I told her this. These conversations went on for about 2-3 weeks, all the while getting hotter and hotter. She would tell me about having sex with other guys, the clothes she wore, the things they did, I could barely take it sometimes and would pull out my cock while we talked and masturbate. One Saturday morning, as we talked, she was telling me about giving her date head while he was driving her home in the car the night before. I told her she had me so hot that I had my cock out and was stroking it thinking of her giving head. She was curious, asked the typical female question, “How big is it?” I told her, “A good 7 inches now and maybe bigger if we keep talking”, she laughed. I could have stretched the truth and told her 18 inches (like some writers) but who knew how far this would go. Her response was that she had her hand was inside her panties rubbing her clit as she was real hot too. She started telling me how she enjoyed giving head and was describing how she’d suck “my” cock as I groaned and shot my load. There was a moment of silence, then a muffled moan followed by some heavy breathing as I could tell she rubbed herself off on her end of the phone. She then, out of nowhere, asked me to get her a new vibrator, which I agreed to do. She said she didn’t have the nerve to go into a sex store to buy her own. We planned to meet at my garage to exchange her new toy, which was close to where she lived. That afternoon, I was at my garage, my heart pounding with excitement when Deedee showed up. She was wearing a small beige bib-overall shorts outfit, which was in itself just average in appearance, but she made it look very sexy.

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   Her top was black cotton tee, which came down just above her navel. We talked about several things and I finally got out her new toy, a 6 inch purple cock shaped vibrator with veins on it. I also bought her a sexy sheer red thong and bra outfit. Her eyes got kind of hazy when she held the cock shaped vibrator and turned it on as she was obviously turned on. She was stroking like it was a real cock, holding it up to her lips and flicking her tongue across the head, teasing me. What a sultry and sexy sight to behold. My cock was rock hard and straining in my shorts to get free. Deedee noticed the huge bulge in my shorts as a devilish grin came to her lips. She then moved to checking out the thong I bought her. We then talked about thongs and she said she was wearing one. I joked with her saying I'd love to see it. Her next move shocked me as she undid the left shoulder strap buckle, turned around and lowered her overalls to partially expose her perfect ass in this black thong. My heart was again pounding with excitement. I couldn't believe my eyes as she stood there just sticking her dark tanned butt at me. I had to act fast and asked her to drop the overalls lower so I could see her whole ass.

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   She slowly did this and as she did I got to my knees behind her, inches from her soft ass. I slowly began to run my hands up & down her legs, caressing them. All the while I trailed kisses from the backs of her knees up to her soft butt cheeks. She stood there breathing heavily and as I moved up to caress her ass, she let out a slight moan. I rubbed her ass, sliding my fingers under her thong, lightly touching her pussy with gentle touches, teasing her. My fingers gently slid up and down her slit just grazing her hardened clit. She was so hot and wet, dripping with excitement. She was starting to wobble as her knees were getting weak. I hooked her thong with my thumbs and slowly slid it down over her sweet butt, down her legs, kissing a trail just above them. I stopped for a second to take in the incredible sexy sight of her pussy mound and dark black wisps of hair just below that perfect ass. You could see her juices glistening on the edges of her cunt lips. She stepped out of her overalls and thong and I turned her around to see her neatly trimmed pussy. Her pussy was at eye level and I could smell her sexual arousal. I pulled her right leg over my shoulder and began to eat out the sweetest pussy I'd ever tasted. I tongued her clit, tracing my tongue all over her pussy.

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   My tongue ran up and down her slit until I sucked her clit gently between my lips, rolling it side to side. I worked first one then two fingers in her moist hole all the while sucking her clit between my lips, flicking my tongue across it softly. She was nearing orgasm as she was moaning with desire, pushing my head into her while she gyrated her hips against my mouth. She finally grabbed my hair, pulled me up, looked into my eyes and said "I want to feel your cock inside me. " I had my pick-up truck in the garage and a blanket laying inside the bed (just in case), so I dropped the tailgate and she laid out the blanket with her upper body and stuck that firm ass out to me. She looked over her shoulder and said “Give me that hard cock of yours”. I dropped my shorts, removed my t-shirt and got behind her, sliding my rock hard 7" cock into her wet pussy. I moved it in real slow to tease her some more. As I began fucking her from behind, I grabbed her hips and pushed slow and deep into her. I was so aroused just watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy, feeling her soft butt cheeks caress my thighs on each inward stroke. I could feel her tight pussy trying to hold my cock in her on each outward stroke. We maintained this slow teasing rhythm for several minutes. She was panting and moaning with desire. I moved my right hand around her and caressed her clit, feeling my cock sliding below it on each pass. After several minutes of slow hard grinding thrusts from behind while rolling her clit between my fingers, she was over the edge and she shook with an intense orgasm.

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   This was all I could stand and I pushed deep into her shooting my hot seed to the point I was light headed.
    Man I loved that sweet ass of hers. She had me so hot that my cock was still rock hard. She turned me around, sat me on the tailgate and got between my legs. She then began to give me some of the best head I’ve ever had. She first slowly ran her lips and tongue up and down the sides of my throbbing shaft. She then looked into my eyes as the purple head of my cock passed between her soft lips and she took about 5 inches deep into her hot mouth. At first she slowly worked my cock up and down in her mouth. She then began to swivel her head around from side to side as she continued the up and down motions. God she was good. As she did this she began to groan, sending vibrations thru my hard shaft. She increased her tempo until her mouth was like a piston moving up and down. Her tongue swirled around feverishly as she brought me close to cumming several times, paying me back for my teasing her, then she would start the routine all over again. She kept my hard cock in her mouth the whole time as she was driving me crazy with lust. I could hardly stand it as my cock was getting too sensitive to her movements.

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       I tried to caressed her tits thru her blouse (she wasn't wearing a bra) while she sucked my cock but I’d loose myself as her speed picked up again. Finally after what seemed like 18 minutes, she made me cum with such force I thought I was going to pass out. She swallowed most but some spilled out of her mouth onto my leg. She looked into my eyes with her deep dark brown eyes and with the sexiest look ever, she licked the spilled cum off my thigh and rolled it across her lips. I thought I died and went to heaven. We stood up and passionately kissed for several minutes as I removed her top. I held her shoulders and slid my hands down her back as I softly sucked her hard swollen nipples. I rolled her nipples between my lips as she panted to catch her breath. She pulled me with her as she slid on her back up into the truck bed as I followed her, hovering above her tight hard body. She spread her legs wide and wrapped them around me as I lower myself, spreading her, sliding deep into her hot, wet cunt. I just held my cock deep inside her and our mouths locked, tongues chased each other as we kissed. I slowly began to roll my hips as we kissed, working my hard cock from side to side inside her hot pussy. This time we made slow, hot, passionate love as we fucked and rocked our bodies together as one. She was so hot as she gyrated her hips in time to my thrusts. The sex was extremely hot and passionate.

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       I don’t know how I held off cumming but after about 20 minutes, she was begging me to pound hard into her and make her cum, which I eagerly obliged. My balls were slapping her as we fucked hard and fast. My mind spinning, I drove deep into her and released what felt like a gallon of cum. We came to another mind blowing orgasm, her just after me. I felt like I'd never stop cumming and she kept shaking in her throws of orgasmic pleasure. God she was so fucking hot !! After many minutes holding in each others arms, we regained our composure, kissed and got dressed. We definitely plan to do it again sometime soon and we both can’t wait for our next phone sex conversation. I can hardly wait to see what color thong next time. I requested RED. .