Simple day of Summer


Topic: Simple day of Summer It was a simple day of Summer: not too hot, and with a slight, refreshing breeze. However it wasn´t an ordinary day for Armstrong familly. As Mike stood in is bedroom, looking trought his window he sighted. His mom had invited the family to a dinner. For the 18-year-old that was one of the worst ways to spen his Saturday.
A few hours later, dressed up for the ocasion, he got out of his room and went downstairs. His mom – Jules – was running in and out of the kitchen, making sure everything was allright. While she did that, Mike stood there watching his mother. She was 37 year old, with bright blue eyes and long dark hair and had a great body. He was even proud of the mother he had. Then, Jules said she was going upstairs to have a bath and get dressed.
It didn´t take much for the people to arrive. Mike´s father welcomed them. As a bald middle age man arrived, Mike´s mood improved. He didn´t knew his uncle Barry had been invited. He was allways telling jokes, and suddenly Mike tought that maybe that day wouldn´t be so bad.

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   A few minutes latter, like if the gods were trying to help Mike, a dazzling figure appeared in the front door, as my father oppened it. My mother sister Daphne was standing there with a ankle-lenght skirt and a shirt that showed and firm, big breasts. The was 22, and just like her sister, but younger. She kissed Mike´s father in both cheeks with a sensual smile. She aproached Mike, who, by that point, was semi-hard.
- Ooh, I see my nephew is becoming more and more atractive has the years pass on. – She said with a strange glint in her eyes. Then, for Mike´s horror and pleasure, just has she kissed him, her hand slide down and brushed his cock trought his pants. Mike look to his Aunt turning away like it was nothing, and then around him. No one seemed to have understood what had happened.
Excusing himself, Mike almost run upstairs. Don´t caring in which door he had entered he slide down his pants and start do jack off. Only then he looked around and saw he was in his parents bedroom. He didn´t care. Locking the door Mike continued to jack off, and only then he would return downstairs.

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   He closed his eyes imagining his Aunt on her knees stroking his 8-inch cock and giving him a blowjog. The warmness of her mouth surrounding his cock was so real. Too real. He openned his eyes and saw a female figure with long dark hair on her knees sucking his cock. For a few seconds he tought it was her Aunt, but then she looked up and he realised it was her mother.
-         Mom, wha. . .
But the fealing was to good to control and his closed his eyes again and enjoyed it. For a few moments he didn´t even tought that that was his mother sucking his cock. The sensation was inexplicable. He was aproaching his climax, and his mother must have realised it because she stoped the sucking a took his cock out of her mouth. Without any word she led Mike trought the room, still holding his cock, and pushed him to the bed. She cimbled him and started to lower herself on his cock. When its full lenght was inside of her, she talked for the first time.

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- Oh my god! – she said and the she leaned and whispered on Mike ear. – You won´t forget this baby.
With that she started to rock back and forth, riding his cock in slow sensual motions. Mike started to fondle her firm breasts and niples. Jules gave litle moans of pleasure. Mike got into a siting position and licked his mother niples. She grabed his hair and moaned even louder.
- Oh, yes. . .
Suddenly she threw in down on the bed again and started to ride faster and harder.
- Oh, Mike your cock his so goood.
- That´s it mom. Fuck me harder. – Mike said, in full pleasure.

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The bed let out some noises because of the pressure that they were creating. At that point, throwing all the caution trought the window, both of them moaning loud and letting splip small screams and grunts.
Mike got up, securing his mom, still with his cock in her pussy, and slamed her to the door. Then he grabbed her legs and started to pound her pussy as hard as he could. Jules was screaming and this point in the pleasure of heavens. With each long, hard stroke of Mike in his mother, he slammed her into the door and soon the sound they were making as beginning to become too loud. However, they continued to help each other to reach climax.
And then, they heard Mike´s father voice.
- Jules? His everything ok? – And he tried to oppen the door, but it was locked. Jules eyes showed her fear, and though Mike slowed his rythm, his still fucked his mother.
- Don´t stop baby. – she whispered to Mike. – Fuck me with all you have got.
That was all Mike needed to ear and then he started again to fuck his mother has hard has he could. His father´s tone voice was getting even more worried while they were smashing the door with their bodys.

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Mike and his mother began to reach climax. Harder and faster he fucked, with his mother breath on his ear and her legs wraped on his body. Mike couldn´t hold muck longer and when he camed deep inside his mother pussy, he sensed it´s walls tighten. As they camed at the same time, though Mike was able not to scream his mother did it in pure pleasure and if it wasn´t for the loud tudding in the door, Mike´s father would have understood it.
- Oh, Goood!!!
Mike continued to trust in cock in and out of Jules in small slow motion, as they tried to regain air.
- Jules? – Mike´s father voice dragged them to reality.
As Mike started to get dressed he saw his mother picking up a towel on the floor and wraping it around her body. Only then he realised that his mother must have been having a shower in the bathroom attached to the room.
Mike oppened the door when they were ready to find his father with a look of great concern and confusion on his face. Mike smiled.
- You got pretty scared! We got you! – he said, as if all of that had been a joke.
His father still look confused but Mike´s smile looked genuine. At last he forced a smile and punched Mike in the shoulder.
- You two are the personification of evil.
- Tell me about it.

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   – said Mike, smilling. He hurried to downstairs, his mind still running fast with what happened.



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