Simple day of Summer - part 2


Topic: Simple day of Summer - part 2 For the rest of the day, Mike´s mind wandered between the world of dreams and reality. It was like he was expecting to just wake up from all of that. However, small signs kept saying that everything had happened. The constant nervous look on his mother and the arousal he had when he looked at her were examples of those signs.
He had fucked his mother! And it hadn´t been “an accident”. They knew who they were fucking, they were even interrupted by Mike´s father and they weren´t drunk, maybe they of arousal, but not from alchool. Mike didn´t even pay attention to his sexy aunt, moving around in the house teasing every men in the room.
His mother didn´t looked at him and he thought that she avoinding him. Fear struk him: what if she regretted what she did? He didn´t and was just processing the information of what happened, but only then did he trully realised the problems that were arriving.
When the night settled and after they had dinner, all the familly was in the living room chatting. Aunt Daphne was the one who drank the most and, with Uncle Barry, led the party. Everybody was laughting. Well. . . everybody but Mike and his mother.

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   There was only one time Mike´s thought were pushed back and that was when his Aunt bent for some reason and he just couldn´t resist looking at her ass. His Aunt caught his look and gave a little and sensual smile. Mike continued to drink not caring if he had already blood in his alcohol.
As the hours drifetted, one by one the guest left. For the first time after a familly dinner Jules didn´t cleaned the house and went straight to her room. Mike offered himself to clean it and so his father went to sleep. Mike headed to the kitchen and his heart almost died. He didn´t realised that his Aunt was still in the house and seeing her with her back to him was scare enought. ´
- Aunt Daphne what are you doing here?
She turned around with that sensual smile.
- Oh, I asked Jules if I could sleep here tonight and she agreed. Tell me. . . where are forks?
Mike gave a few steps forward so he could point to a drawer right behind her. She oppened it bending a little, immediatly push her ass against the fabric of her skirt.

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   Mike was simply mesmerised. Unwinlingly he stepped forward.
- You know, you could do better than just look.
Mike realised that his Aunt was looking at him and felt his face burn with shame. But then his Aunt´s words started to reform in his mind. Daphne aproached him stoping just a few milimiters from him.
- I know you have been dreaming about this ass for a long time. – She whispered. Her hand grabbed his cock trought his pants. – So here his your chance. . .
She turned around and brushed her ass against his cock. Without thinking, Mike grabed her hips and pushed her into the kitchen balcony. He drop his pants and took his cock out, already at it´s full 8 inch.

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   He lifted his Aunt´s skirt and massaged her ass. It was so soft and firm. He kissed her neck from behind and was glad to know that she was already breathing hard. He parted her legs a little bit and, without warning, shoved his cock into her tight, even when wet, pussy. She gave a deep moan and then Mike began to start to fuck his Aunt. His rythm was getting fast and hard quicly.
- Yes baby, fuck me hard. I know you like that ass.
Mike didn´t need any encouragment and, blame it on the alcohol or the arousal, he took his cock out of her pussy and pointed it into her ass hole. His Aunt was about to say something but Mike shove his cock´s head into her ass. She let out a contained scream.
- Mike, baby. . . – She was about to ask him to get his cock out until she realised the pleasure of having his cock inside her ass.

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   – go easy first.
Mike was a little sober and went inch by inch, with his Aunt groaning. Her ass was even tighter than her pussy, but his cock was weel lubrificated with his pre-cum and hers. Finally his had entered fully in her ass. The fealing was exquisit and he began to pump it.
Aunt Daphne bent down on the balcony trying to hold on to something. The pleasure was taking control over her and, like her sister, she started to scream in extasy. They were lucky that the kitchen was downstairs and Mike´s father room was upstairs and with the door closed.
- Yes Mike! Fuck me! Fuck meee!!
Mike was grunting and trusting with all his strenght left.
- I am cuming baby, dont dare to stop. – And then with a last scream the started to cum, her ass tightning in such a way that Mike couldn´t move his cock. When the first orgasm subsided he started to thrust again nearing his orgasm.
- I am cuming Aunt. - He managed to say. With that she took his cock out of her ass got on her knees and shoved his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking with such ferocity that Mike, with that sensual image, couldn´t hold and cumed in her mouth.

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   His Aunt drinked every drop and cleaned his cock and when it was over, she sitted in a chair breathing hard.
- Mike. . . come here and lick your Aunt.
Submisive, Mike neared his Aunt and got on his knees. Jules spread her legs wide, putting one in her nephew´s shoulder. Mike then began to play with her clit and licking her pussy lips; he fingered her and fucked her with his tongue. With the combination of all of this he sent his Aunt over the edge again and, as she grabed his hair and wraped her legs around his head, she cumed in his mouth.



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