Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Lust


My name is Johnny. I am sixteen years old. This story is about me and my twin sister Sara. Sara is also, of course, sixteen, and gorgeous, although a few weeks ago I would have said that I had never noticed how attractive she was. Sara is about 5’1” and around 95 pounds. We have a clear family resemblance: bright-red hair (hers falls about six inches past her shoulders), green eyes, freckles. However, it ends there. I do not have a pair of mouthwatering double-D tits that every guy at our school must dream about, or a large, tight ass. Sara is also extremely skinny. (I personally suspect that she might be mildly anorexic, but it just makes her look hotter).
When we were young children, me and Sara were the best of friends. We loved spending time outside together, exploring, building forts, getting in fights with our neighbors. She was kind of a tomboy then. In middle school, we started drifting apart. Me and my friends didn’t smoke, didn’t drink much, and were in sports. She went with a group of girls who would eventually become the biggest sluts in our school.

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   At this point, she was already developing into the beauty she would someday be. However, we were still able to find time to spend together.
By the summer between our eighth grade and freshman years, though, our friendship was definitely strained. Sara had been out all summer, hitting up a lot of the big parties and getting wasted. She had also joined cheerleading, giving her yet another excuse to shake her ass in front of large groups of people. I, on the other hand, spent most of the summer at home or at friends’ houses, playing video games or training for Cross Country. I still remember perfectly the day me and Sara’s friendship ended for good.
Sara had come home past midnight once again, this time with an older guy. I could tell that they were both wasted. I decided right there to put an end to all of this. I had to talk to Sara as soon as I could. Being a naïve pre-freshman, I didn’t think twice about what would be happening when I opened her bedroom door.
The older guy (I think he was a junior at the time) was screwing Sara doggy-style. She was moaning and screaming, her tits bouncing up and down. “Oh, yes, Harvey! Yeah! Harder, faster!” She then spotted me and stopped instantly.

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“Johnny!” she shouted, stopping instantly, her face going white. “What are you doing here?” She grabbed a blanket to shield herself from view, but not before I got a good long look.
“Are you stupid?” I asked.
“Just because I know how to have a good time?” she yelled back. “No, I’m not stupid. You’re stupid!”
“Sara, you’re becoming a little whore!”
“I’m not…”
“Just get out of here, Johnny. ”
“Fine. ” I left, slamming the door behind me. I could hear them going at it again as soon as I left.
Since that day, I had not really talked to Sara. We went our different ways, our friendship soon a distant memory. It seemed like she got with a different boy every week, but I didn’t care anymore. I stayed with my friends, and she with hers. I had a girlfriend with whom I never got anywhere with for a while, but she dumped me at the end of my freshman year.
Even though I now couldn’t stand my sister, ever since that night, I felt strangely attracted to her, even though I refused to admit it to anyone, even myself.


   I made excuses to go in the bathroom whenever she was taking a shower in hopes of seeing the silhouette of her naked body, and the main attraction of football games came to be seeing her shake her ass in a skimpy cheerleader outfit. As the months passed, Sara developed more and more. Pretty soon, I was sure she was the most attractive girl at our school. When she wore a miniskirt and tank top to school, everyone’s eyes followed her, including mine.
As time passed, also, I became more and more attracted to her. Now, no other girls looked anywhere near as appealing to me. I convinced myself that I would never, ever have sex with her, and it was only natural, because she was gorgeous and lived in the room next to me. I found myself jacking off to her, picturing her double d tits against my chest, her pouty lips pushed against mine, her long hair against my face, my longer-than-average dick in her pussy…
After these sessions, I always felt horrible and guilty. But during, nothing could get me hornier.
As I passed Sara in the dining room one day, perhaps my glance lingered for a second too long. Sara turned around.
“What are you looking at?” she spat venomously.
“Your ugly face,” I said quickly.
Sara wasn’t really helping. Summer vacation after our junior year had started, and Sara had a lineup of tiny skirts, short shorts, and tank tops to go with it.

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   Since Mom and Dad were at work most days, it was just me and her at the house. Every time I would see her dressed scantily, I would get a boner and be forced to run off to my room to blow a load. I was terrified that Sara would find out. What would she say? What would she do?
Once when I was on our computer I saw a file marked “SECRET: DO NOT OPEN. ” I hadn’t created it, so it must be Sara’s. I double-clicked on it and it opened.
My mouth almost dropped open. There were pictures of her naked across the screen, many in very provocative poses. I couldn’t believe how much she’d grown up in the less than two years since I had walked in on her. Her breasts were full and mature. Her pussy was shaved and her long red hair cascaded down around her shoulders. Suddenly, I was the most turned on that I had ever been in my life. Neglecting to remember that Sara was home (Mom and Dad were still at work), I pulled out my dick and began jacking off to the pictures.
I heard a knock at the door but I thought that I had locked it. This was not the case, as Sara barged in, wearing a tight red tank top and a pair of black short shorts which must have been a couple sizes too small.

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   A curtain of her red hair was in front of her cute face. I was just able to minimize the document on the computer screen before she could see it.
“Johnny, I was wondering if…” She stopped dead as she saw what I was doing. “Oh…my…God, that’s disgusting,” she said. To me it looked like she lingered on my cock, which was around eight inches long, for a few seconds, but I thought maybe I was imagining it. I quickly pulled a blanket in front of me. I didn’t know what to say, so I just made it sound like it was her fault. “Jeez, don’t give much warning, huh?”
“Oh, right, blame me? This is DISGUSTING. ”
“What, it’s not disgusting how you fuck a different guy every week?”
“What- that’s none of your bus- how dare you?” She looked at me with absolute fury in her eyes. “You’re a sick fuck. What were you looking at, anyway?”
I tried to stop her, but she was too fast. As she saw it, her look turned from disgust to horror.
“Oh my…what the…this is SICK! I’m going to tell Mom and Dad! What is WRONG with y-“
I will never know what made me do the next thing. Maybe it was instinct, or maybe I just figured that things couldn’t get much worse. Either way, I bent in and kissed Sara, holding my hand behind her head so that she couldn’t get away.

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   She tried to pull away, but couldn’t. I could see from her eyes that she was furious, and my boner, still under the blanket, became rock hard. After about five seconds, to my surprise, Sara stopped fighting. She leaned in and kissed me passionately, her red hair brushing in my face. God, it was amazing. She was incredible. Her enormous breasts pressed up against me, barely covered by the thin tank top. It was a dream come true-
No. I couldn’t do it. Regardless of everything else, she was my sister. With a huge effort of willpower, I pulled away from her.
Sara still looked a little dazed. “Oh…Johnny…” she mumbled.
“Sara, I’m so sorry-“ I began.
“How long have you wanted me?” she demanded.

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“Two years. ”
“Oh, God, Johnny, I’ve wanted you for so long…” she purred, leaning over my bed and looking at me. Her curtain of red hair almost completely obscured her innocent face. Or, it looked innocent. In this case, looks were clearly deceiving. She bent in closer, and my cock just about exploded. This should be a dream come true, but some part of me was refusing to give in. She was my sister, after all.
‘Your amazingly hot sister,’ I reminded myself, trying not to stare down her tank top, which was failing to cover the upper part of her breasts.
“No, Sara, I can’t,” I said weakly.
Sara appeared not to have heard me. “Oh, I’ve wanted you for so long,” she whispered passionately. “Remember that time we went swimming at Grandma’s pond, and we were having a water fight with Monica, and your trunks almost slipped off? God, I wanted to fuck you so bad after that. ”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Sara, we were like thirteen then!”
 “Oh, Johnny, we used to be such good friends.

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   What happened to us?”
I had an answer ready for that one. “You became a dirty little slut. ”
Sara smiled. “Oh, you’re just jealous. ”
“Sara, I’m sorry about that kiss earlier, but I don’t want to-“
“Come on, Johnny, you know you want me. I can see you get a boner every time I have a skirt on. Not bad, by the way. What is it, eight inches?”
“Eight and a half. ”
“Can I see it?”
Sara lunged forward for the blanket, trying to grab it from me. She fell forward onto me and once again I felt her stunning body against mine. My boner actually ached with hardness, and I knew Sara felt it against her.
“Oh, come on, Johnny, just let me suck it,” she pleaded, her voice seductive.
“I’ll take my shirt and bra off. ”
“Well…” I said, starting to give in.
“It’s not really incest if it’s just a blow job,” she said, smiling mischievously.

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Half of me believed it, the other half didn’t care. “You are a dirty, dirty sister,” I said.
“That’s the best kind,” said Sara. She gently pulled the blanket off, revealing my still-throbbing cock. Her mouth fell open. “Oh my God, this is huge. ” She began to pull her shirt up, starting at the bottom, and slowly working up. I could see her slender, milky-white body, followed by the bottom of her tits (even huger than I had imagined), her nipples (hard and erect), and finally her chest. She saw that I was staring.
“Like what you see there, bro?” she asked, smiling.

    “You’re gorgeous,” I said in awe.
    Sara blushed a little, making her look even more innocent. “You have no idea how few of the guys I’ve been with have ever told me that,” she said. She then dropped  to her knees and began to lick and suck my cock.
    “Oh, Sara, that feels so good…Sara…oh, Sara…”
    “Call me ‘sis’,” she said, between licks.

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    “Oh, sis… yeah, sis…” Her fiery red hair bobbed back and forth. After her stunning tits, Sara’s hair had always been her biggest attraction. It was so thick and long, wavy and stunning…
    As the pre-cum started to drip out, Sara began to suck, moving up and down my long shaft. Maybe I had never had a blow job before, but I could still tell she was amazing. Probably because she had been with so many guys before, but I didn’t care. At this point, her slutty behavior, her dirtiness, even the fact that she was my sister were all huge turn-ons.
    “I’m gonna cum, sis!” I shouted. Sara responded by sucking even harder and faster. The spurts came, each one going deeper and deeper into my sister’s throat. We were both ecstatic, we were both being so loud that I wouldn’t have been surprised if the neighbors heard. Neither of us cared. It was the best feeling I ever had.
    And then it was done. Sara finished licking off my cock, and we were facing each other again.
    “That was amazing,” I told her.


    “You weren’t bad, either. ”
    “I didn’t do anything. ”
    Sara smiled. “I can think of one part of you that did a lot. ” She licked her lips again. It was kind of strange. I was beginning to get cold feet all over again. I grabbed my boxers and started to pull them up, but Sara stopped me.
    “You think we’re done?” she laughed. She pulled her short shorts down. This didn’t reveal much extra, as they had been so tiny in the first place, but it did show her little pink panties. I couldn’t believe that after two years of being a high-school loser, the most gorgeous girl I knew was standing three feet away from me in only her underwear.
    “Pull them down, bro,” she whispered intensely.
    “I don’t-“
    “JUST PULL THEM DOWN! Christ, why do you have to be such a pussy about everything! Any straight guy would die to be in your position right now. ”
    “Fine,” I said.

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       My voice sounded annoyed, but inside I was ecstatic about seeing my sister fully naked. I reached in and pulled them down, around her ass and waist. I was now going crazy for two reasons. First, because I saw her pussy. It wasn’t tiny, but I thought it was pretty small for someone who got around as much as her, and it was almost completely shaven. Second, because this was the first time I had actually felt her body. As soon as her panties were down, I began feeling her all over. My hands moved around her tits, down her thin waistline, and around her pussy. As I moved my hands closer and closer, she let out a moan. My dick instantly sprang to life again. As I moved my fingers around her pussy, she began to moan even more, and writhe back and forth. “Oh, Johnny,” she moaned. “Johnny…”
    “That’s right…sis…”
    After a couple minutes, Sara told me to stop. “Let’s do it, Johnny. I’ve waited so long for this.

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       Fuck me senseless. ”
    “Sis, I’ve never done this before. I don’t know how long I’ll last or anything. ”
    “Oh, come on, bro, you’ll be great. Remember that night you caught me and Harvey having sex together?”
    “The whole night I was picturing that it was you I was fucking, not that stupid douchebag. I’ve wanted you for so long. Please?”
    I looked at my sister, who I had hated and despised for years, and who was now asking me- begging me- to fuck her. She really was gorgeous. It was a dream come true for both of us. And I knew that I didn’t have to say anything at all. I kissed Sara on the mouth, and she dropped to the ground.
    Carefully, I inserted my swelled cock into her semi-tight pussy. I heard her moan as it went down. It felt so warm and wet. I instinctively knew what to do.


       I started going back and forth, up and down. Sara moaned loudly and writhed about. It was unbelievable. I had never felt a feeling as good, nor do I expect to.
    Unless she was faking it (and I doubt anyone could fake that well), Sara was in the same situation. After a couple minutes, I noticed my sister’s pussy become wetter and tighter. Her shrieks of pleasure became louder and more pronounced, and there was a look of surprise on her face.
    “OH GOD! GIVE ME AN ORGASM, BRO! COME ON!” A few seconds later, her pussy erupted with warm juices.
    Until now, I had been somehow able to stop myself from cumming. But with her pussy now wet, I couldn’t hold back much longer. With a final glance at her beautiful body, I let go. Spurt after spurt of cum flowed from my cock into my sister’s pussy.
    We were both panting heavily and covered with sweat as we pulled apart. For a few seconds, we just lied next to each other, catching our breaths. I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

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       It had to be the greatest thing in my short life.
    “Wow,” said Sara finally. “I thought you said that you were a virgin. ”
    “I am,” I said, feeling a little embarrassed.
    “Wow,” repeated Sara.
    “You were amazing, too,” I told her.
    “Of course I was,” she said, grabbing her underwear from the floor and pulling them up. “I’m the best. ” She pulled up her shorts and put on her tank top, and brushed her long red hair out of her face. She looked exactly as she had before we fucked.
    “Wait,” I said. “Are we ever going to do this again?”
    Sara raised her eyebrows, giving me a look that was both surprised and seductive. “What do you think?” she asked, smiling.


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