Sibling Love


Topic: Teaser - Chapter 1. Sibling LoveI never thought something like this would happen. It's dark - early morning i'd guess - And here i lay, with my 18 year old sister in my arms completely naked with my limp dick still stuck in her Puss. Let me start at the beginning. . It was a nice, sunny Saturday and after just having lunch i decided to go for a swin in the big pool we got installed last month. My sister was already out there, having not had lunch, and our parents were out at work like every other day. Neither would get home before 18 at night. I threw on some swimming trunks and headed out towards the pool, putting a towel on the seat next to my sisters. She was busy doing backstrokes down near the other end of the pool. She is 18 years old, i'm guessing almost a D cup wth a slightly, yet also athletic build. She has dark brown hair, with a hint of red in it and the most beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen. I did'nt realize i was staring at her until she asked me "what are you doing?" "oh, um. . er, sorry" was my genuis response, quickly jumping in the pool, hopefully before she could see my semi-erect dick, and started doing some laps freestyle. We kept swimming for a while, but i could have sworn i saw her glancing at me every now and then.

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  . or maybe i was just paranoid, or even hopeful. After about an hour of nice swimming i decided to get out and soak up some sun before it started to cool off. I got out, dried a bit, then lay down in the chair closing my eyes. I didn't hear it when she got out of the pool, but suddely everything went cool and darker, She was standing in the sun cooling off, with the sun shining behind her face. I saw this view for one quick moment and knew she was likely the most beautiful girl i would ever see. Quickly i sat up trying to hide my erection, using normal Sibling bickery taunting her that she was in my sun, she replied with a "too bad, i'm almost done" i knew my dick wouldn't go down very soon, so i told her i was going inside and asked her if she wanted a drink, she said "yes please" so i went into the kitchen, Quickly i grabbed a few ice cubes and put them in glasses, while chucking a couple down my trunks to get rid of my erection. I poured the glasses of Coke, adding a small amount Bourbon to both drinks, a little bit less in hers. Now would be a good time to tell you about me. I'm 16, about 5 foot 9 and am also slightly big, but i try to keep myself in shape using some weights. I consider myself fairly strong, and am on the football team at school. I go back outside, only to stop in my tracks using what little concentration i could muster to keep the drinks in my hands. She was topless, with her eyes closed, her bra on the ground next to her. instantly, my erection came back because those were the most beautiful tits i have ever seen. Her nipples and areolas were perfectly matched to the size of her tits - which without the fabric of the bikini - now stood out well.

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   Damn they were big, and her nipples were erect. I looked up in time to see her staring at me with a questioning look. I gathered all the self-control and strength i could to walk over to my seat and hand her her drink. "thanks" she said, seeming to forget me staring at her. She took a sip and instantly looked back at me "what's this?" "Bourbon and Coke. . c'mon, you've had a few before" she replied with a simple "yeah" and took another sip, leaning back into her seat, where her breasts jiggled nicely. Only then did i realise i had a massive hard on, so i stayed sitting up trying to hide it from her. She glanced back over a few minutes later and asked the question "why were you staring earlier?" "errm. . sorry. . it's just that you were topless. . and.

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  . you're really. . pretty. " "haha, thanks and don't worry. . i'm sorry i surprised you, it's just that i don't like tan lines. . " She layed back down closing her eyes, and i did the same. It was about a half an hour later she sat back up, took a last sip of her drink and then went back inside, asking me if i "want to watch a movie bro?" "umm. . what've we got? anything good?" "sure, i just finished downloading that new horror movie?" "great. . Get that on and i'll be in in a sec sis" "k". I got up and walked into the kitchen, putting my glass in the sink next to hers, noticing it was empty.

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  . I heard the shower start up, meaning she was taking one. . I should do the same i thought. I walked into the bathroom, seeing her bikini laying on the ground, i pulled off my clothes and got into the second shower. . Our house was weird like that. . having two showers in the same room, with a very good hot water system that can support both at the same time. Quickly my erection faded much to my happiness. It had been up all afternoon and it was starting to become a physical discomfort. She got out of her shower first, and i got to see her figure through the frosted glass. My dick instantly popped back up. Damn. She toweled off right there, paying special attention between her legs for some reason it seemed.

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  . That defiantly didn't help me to get my dick down. She left the bathroom completely naked, going to her room i assumed. As soon as she left, i started to jack off. Only one way to get rid of this it seemed. After i had gotten out of the shower and dressed in my 'lazy' clothes - tracksuit pants and a loose fitting T-shirt, i headed downstairs to find my sister dressed in her version of my outfit - pink tracksuit pants and a tanktop - laying on the couch watching the movie's opening credits. I pushed her over to a sitting position and flopped down on the couch "hey!" she cried. I laughed. She grunted "you could've asked. . " "sorry, but it was funnier this way" She grunted again, hitting me on the shoulder. And it actually hurt. "Ow! what the hell? have you been working out or something?" She just smiled at me "eh, whatever. " i said, and lay back getting comfortable as the movie started. She moved over towards me a little bit and started leaning on my chest.

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   This was nothing new, as we considered our selves good friends, so i put my arm around her shoulders like always. End of chapter 1 - yes this was just a little teaser / opening chapter, and yes this IS my first ever story. Please leave feedback - chapter 2 will be put up soon, as it is going to be a very big one. .