Sibling Love Chap.2


Sorry about the wait guys. Had no internet for a few days. . My arm was around her, and i could feel her breathing on my chest. About half way through the movie i feel her breathing start to get more even and slower as if she were sleeping, so obviously pretty soon she was asleep. The movie credits rolled with soft music playing, so i turned to TV off and started to pick her up off the couch in the pretense of taking her to her bed - not wanting to wake her, like any good brother - only to have my hand slide down her pants and under her puss and cute butt. I quickly looked up, expecing the worse but she was still sound asleep with her mouth slightly more open than before or so it seemed. I slid my hand down under her butt and thighs and picked her up and damn was she heavy! she was definatly working out, and must have put on about 20 pounds since last time i did this. I still managed quite easily to get her up the stairs and down the hall towards her bedroom which i went straight into not thinking. Her light was already on, she must have left it on thinking this outcome may happen. I was confronted by something i would have never thought i would have. On her bed was a small, pink glass dildo sitting low on the messed up blankets, and there was small stain in the obvious place her puss would have been when she layed down. Instantly i got hard, and started thinking slightly more with the other head. I managed to carry her over to the bed and lay her down, picking up the dildo to move it so she could stretch out and sleep good. The other head was thinking and before i thought of anything else, suddely the dildo was in my mouth after i had sniffed it. it was the best thing i had ever tasted, a great mix of perfect sweetness comparable to nothing else in the world, with just a hint of something sour which helps to add to the flavour.

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   Just smeeling this would instantly make anyones mouth water, and i was obviously no match for resisting. Only after a few seconds did i realize her breathing had became more non sleepy, so i looked down only to have her staring at me with her eyes wide yet also. . seductive? i couldn't really tell in this horny, very embarresed state. Quickly i took it out of my mouth and put it down gently on her night stand, blushing and trying unsuccesfully to hide my incredibly large and likely noticable dick. i muttered a quick 'sorry' and started to head fast towards the door, only to be stopped in my tracks by a hand around my arm. 'wait, don't go so i spun around and looked down at her, and her eyes looked very pleading and incredibly cute and innocent. 'what?' i asked lamely 'will you stay here with me tonight? the rain makes it hard for me to sleep. . ' i looked out the window for the first time and noticed it was raining pretty hard, and without the other head thinking at all, using all the strength i could muster in my own mind i said 'i'm not really all that sure that would be a good idea' looking down at my now very noticable bulge. '. . please?' the look she gave me was such that i could not physically say no. not that i didn't want to, it's just that it wouldn't be possible. It's like someone asking you if you want some oxygen after holding your breath for 2 minutes.

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   'ok' i said quickly, and headed around to the other side of her bed, pulling my shirt off on the way like always. Once i realized that this wouldn't be normal for her, i quickly looked over at her, only to be greated with the view of her doing the exact same thing, albeit she had no bra on either. i tripped over. i really did. when i got back up, blushing to the extreme, i looked back at her and she was giggling. 'damn' i thought 'that sucks'. I noticed, again too late, that i was staring at her when she cocked her head slightly to the left like an interested and confused dog so i quickly contined around and got in her bed, only to be greeted by something glass and cold which i pulled out from under the covers to find myself staring at another slightly larger glass didlo. the smell was even stronger on this one, and i almost died when i saw her face blushing so much it looked like it was on fire, even though the set on her lips looked quite seductive and almost ammused. this confused me, so i handed the dildo to her and she shocked me so i much i stopped breathing by taking it and then sliding it under the covers near her, while i still looked at her face it went through a range of shocked - likely the cold -, concentration, pleasure, and then extreme pleasure as i assumed she buried it in her puss. then she rolled over and switched the light off, muttering a 'good night' to me before laying back on her pillow. i noticed that my hard on was starting to become very uncomfortable and i was drooling all over my chest, so i layed down and with what i assume was the other head thinking, i moved over to her back and pulled her into my arms, spooning her in a more brotherly protective stance than anything else. She obviously would have noticed my erection pushing at her legs, so i adjusted it so it went through her legs just above her knees. she sighed a very content sound with something else in it, and i noticed when she sighed my erection bulged so i assumed the other thing in the sigh must have been something primative and sexual. Just about when i realized that, she moved down slightly pushing my dick up closer to her puss and moving in towards my chest more, making me hug her tighter. something happened then, and i'm not sure what it was but instantly this seemed absolutely and perfectly.

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  . right. i knew i shouldn't be doing this. i knew if my sister slid slightly lower and slipped her puss over my erection i would go with absoltely whatever she wanted. but it didn't matter. this was the weirdest thing i have ever felt. . it felt like half of my sister was here, like i was her big brother protecting her from whatever was happening, and that was absolutely right to the extreme. but the other thing i felt was perfect sexual contentment. suddely my erection faded from my memory, it became comfotable and everything was perfect. i don't know why i did it, but i pushed into her slightly more, sliding my hand up to cup her beautiful breast in my hand while sliding my dick up slightly more so i could feel the warmth off her puss through it. This right here, but the single most complete thing i had ever felt. i could lay here for years and never get tired of it. this felt absolutely right and good, with nothing else in the world the matter. everything slotted perfectly into place, and i realized something i know i shouldn't.

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   i was in love my sister. i was in love, with my sister. and i knew it should be wrong. I knew it was a social taboo, and i also knew i would get in extreme amounts of trouble and possibly even jail time if i got caught like this. but i didn't care. it wasn't my dick thinking at all, it was all me and i was perfectly coherent. i could do algebra and long division right now and be perfectly clear at it, and i knew this was how i really felt. i was in my love with the most beautiful, smart person in the world. but i didn't know how she felt, and i knew me having my hand on her breast and my massive erection between her legs might become a little bit confusing for her. so i started to pull my hand away from her breast and move slightly away, only to be stopped again when she grabbed my hand and brought it back up to her breast 'no, please don't move bro. this feels incredible' what!? so it wasn't just me? she felt this too? of course she felt this too. . i don't think anyone could not feel this and have a reaction. so, with this new knowlege, i hugged into her ever tighter and placed my hand back on her perfect, beautiful breast. she sighed again, this time more like the purr of a cat.

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   i don't know why or even how it slipped out my mouth, but suddenly i was saying it at the same time i was squeezing her breast. 'i love you sis. you're the most beautiful person in the world. i'm in love with you. ' this time i wasn't preparred for her reaction at all because suddely she groaned an angry groan which made my heart sink, only to have it float back up when she replied 'you're only realizing this now? do you really think normal brothers and sisters hold each other like we do all the time? i've loved you in more than a sisterly way now for a year or so. the first time i said the words to myself in the mirror i thought i was insane. i'm in love with you too bro. i wasn't joking when i said this felt incredible. . just under-exagerating it. this is the best feeling i have ever felt in my entire life. ever. ' that was it. that was all i needed to hear, and suddely she was underneath me looking into my eyes at point black range, her tounge in my mouth with mine in hers. i doubted her last statement, because THIS had to be the best feeling in the world.

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  Suddely everything went slightly hazy, and the next thing i knew the room came back into focus, covered in light because our mother was standing at the door having thrown the light switch on, she was standing there in a slightly freaked out pose. i think she blurted the words out before she honestly wanted to say them, but she said them anyway 'what the fuck are you two doing in here?' then she threw her hand over her mouth and muttered sorry. shit. that was it. i was busted, and i would probably get my ass kicked by my dad and the local police. I was felling like death, like the end of my life was near, but the next thing i knew my sister suddenly cleared her throat and muttered something i didn't catch for i was freaking out, and our mother looked down to her noticably. . pleading? eyes. . What was all that about? obviously she wanted this, but to look like that to mom? what shocked me even more was the fact that my mother suddenly went red and muttered another 'sorry', turned the lights off and headed out the door quickly as if she were late for work. 'what the h. . ' i began, only to be interuted as my sisters tounge entered my mouth again, which was all the convincing i needed to go on like nothing had happened. suddely i was moving with her, taking off our pants with our free hands while she traced the lines in my chest muscles while i copied her movement with her breasts. everything became stunningly clear and perfect when our pubic hair touched for the first time and my erection hit the glass dildo that was now sticking out of her puss.

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   our pants were off instantly then, as was the glass dildo covered in her juices. suddely i was sure the other head was thinking because it was now sitting on her soft, very hot skin and VERY wet skin. and because everything was so clear, suddely i was back into control of my actions. i stopped everything, looked into her eyes with my own version of her pleading eyes and said a simple 'no. . i can't. we can't. ' she looked at me, and her eyes were intense, and much better at their intended job - pleading - than mine, and she said in the most sure tone i had ever heard her say 'yes. i'm on the pill, i'm a virgin and i love you more than i could ever love anyone else. . please?' her eyes did it. when she said please, they were watery and pleading while still managing to sad all at the same time. it took me everything i had to not plunge right into her just then, and the last bit of reserved strength i could find deep inside myself to say the words. 'but. .

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  you're my sister. i. . i. . i can't. . ' the tears in her eyes started spilling over. that was it. the discision was already made. all she had to do was ask, and i would take her. seeing her cry was the single most gut-wrentching thing i had ever seen. everything in me screamed to give her what she wanted. everything in me wanted to hug her the tightest i could and love her more than anything. everything in me screamed love, and i knew there was no point in trying to resist now, because it simply wouldn't work.

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   she said the words that made it final. '. . i. . i love you. . p. . please do it. please' there they were. the words that could make me literally kill for her. it was set. so it happened. I started to push into her wet, tight and hot puss while i licked the tears away from her face and kissed her very softly on the lips, breathing into her mouth an 'i love you'.

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   everything quickly fell into place just then. i was in love with my 18 year old sister, and i would literally kill for her. i pushed into her tight mound slowely, hoping to try and keep whatever pain she would feel to a minimum, but the only look that ever crossed her face was that of pure pleasure and the most beautiful form of. . ownership i had ever seen. and i knew it too. i was hers for however long she wanted me, and she was mine for the same length. being away from her right now would cause me a crippling, physical pain. as i was sliding in and thinking through this, i suddely hit a wall and her mouth screwed up slightly, so i knew this was her hymen and i knew she was telling the truth when she said she was a virgin. i looked into her eyes and asked the final question i would have to that night with only my eyes. she looked straight back into mine and the look in her eyes was of the most pure kind of love and lust. she said it. 'yes'. so i did it. i pulled out of her slightly and pushed in at a moderate rate, but as lightly and gently as i could.


   her face contorted in pain while i slowed to a stop inside her. i would have kept going, but seeing her face in pain nearly made me have heart failure. knowing i had cause the pain did exactly that. i couldn't fell my heart beat. . it was as if it just stopped. my only realease from this feeling was when her face returned to a less pained state, and she said softly 'please go softly and gently', which i replied with a simple yet effective 'i love you sis', so she said the same back to me 'i love you bro. ' and with that i pulled back, to thrust back into her with a groan at full strength. she returned my groan with the most incredibly content and sexy moan i had ever heard. She was moaning softly and quietly, and i was returning her moans with my own soft groans. i started playing with her hard nipples, rolling them between my fingers and thumbs making her rock herself into my thrusts. the only rest i can remember of that night was when we reached orgasm together, with me groaning and her moaning like a content cat, we layed still for a minute while our breathing returned to normal, and she was the first to break the silence with again the words 'i'm love you bro. ' we both then fell asleep in each others arms, incredible feelings passing through both of us. remembering back over last night had made my dick grow slightly back to a decent size, which i think woke her up. she stretched above our heads lightly and said in a soft, extremely content tone 'good morning bro' which i replied with a just as content voice 'morning sis.

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   i love you'. with that, she rolled around slightly and kissed me full on the lips which i returned without hesitation. this continued for a few minutes until i realized i must stinck, with dried sweat all over my body. i broke the kiss and backed away from her. the look she gave me made me laugh, because it looked as though if she has a knife, she would have stabbed it into my back and pulled me back to her. 'shower?' i asked, and she was only too happy to agree once she understood what i was doing. we got out of bed together, not bothering to put any clothes on, and walked together with out hands interlocked towards the bathroom, with nothing in the world mattering at that moment. i loved her, and she love me. that was all that mattered.
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