I was washing myself under the shower when, all of a sudden, the bathroom door opened and in walked Jessica, my 18 year old granddaughter.
“Oops. ” She exclaimed when she saw me naked under the shower.
Being seen naked by my granddaughter didn’t upset me as I’d always been rather lax about nudity.
I’d seen her naked too, but that had been quite some years ago.
She’d started closing the bathroom door as soon as she’d started developing breasts and growing pubes about 5 years ago.
To me, that was just part of growing up and it had not bothered me that she’d chosen to hide her body from my view.
“Granddad, can I please go out tonight?” she asked, not bothering to turn her face away from my nudity.
Jessica had come to stay with my wife and me after she’d had a fight with her mother.
“Where are you going to be?” I asked, still washing myself as we spoke.
“With some of my friends. ” She answered and I saw her eyes dart downwards quickly to stare at my cock which had started to grow.
It was not surprising that my cock had started to grow.
It wasn’t everyday that I was totally naked in front of a beautiful 18 year old girl.
Bringing her eyes back up to my face, she said, “Well?”
“Well what?” I countered, seeing her face had grown slightly red with embarrassment.
“Can I please go out?” She replied, again her eyes darting towards my semi-erect cock.

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“You be home by 9pm, okay?” I told her, pleased that she had seen my cock growing.
“Okay granddad, Thanks. ” She answered.
I expected her to leave the bathroom then, but to my surprise she didn’t.
“What are you going to be doing today, granddad?” she asked, once more darting her eyes towards my cock which had by this time, had grown to its full 7 inches.
I’m not overly big, but I knew Jessica wouldn’t have seen a cock my size before.
It was 2 inches thick and now stood proudly out in front of my crotch, allowing young Jessica to see every inch of it.
“I’m not doing a lot sweetheart. ” I replied.
My wife had gone to the office and wouldn’t be back till this evening, so I knew I was safe allowing Jessica to stand there looking at me fully naked.
“Okay” Jessica replied in an off handed sort of way.
All of her attention was now firmly fixed on my erection.
I couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on my face.
I started to wash my cock with my soapy hand and Jessica watched with fixed attention as I did so.
She was no longer pretending not to stare at my cock, but instead just looked openly at it standing mere inches away from her.

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I slowly stroked myself in front of her, knowing as I did so, that what I was doing was both morally and legally wrong, but any guilt I should of felt wasn’t there.
Instead, I found myself being thrilled by the very thought of pulling myself off in front of my granddaughter.
Jessica just stared at my fist pumping away at my cock and suddenly, a white stream of warm cum shot out of the eye of my cock and landed on the tiled floor of the shower and was washed away to be swallowed by the drain in the centre of the shower.
The 2nd and 3rd streams of cum followed the 1st stream and my cock softened inside my fist.
I looked at Jessica standing there wide eyed still staring at my now limp cock.
“Granddad!!!” she finally managed to get out after overcoming the shock she’d experienced at seeing me pulling myself off in front of her.
“What?” I asked in what I hoped was an innocent tone of voice.
“You’re disgusting. ” She replied, but her tone of voice told me that she was far from being disgusted; in fact, I’d have said that she’d enjoyed the whole thing.
“Why am I disgusting?” I asked, squeezing the last few drops of cum from my cock.
“You’re not supposed to do that sort of thing in front of your own granddaughter. ” She replied, finally taking her eyes away from my crotch and looking me right in the eyes.
“My granddaughter should not have come into the bathroom while I was taking a shower. ” I replied with a grin.
“You could have left any time, sweetheart.

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  ” I added grinning.
Jessica knew that I was correct in what I’d just said.
She didn’t reply.
“I want to take a shower, granddad. ” she said looking down at the drain in the centre of the shower stall, maybe half expecting cum to come back up the drain.
“Okay. ” I answered and turned the water off and then I stepped out of the stall and picked up a towel and started wiping myself dry.
I saw Jessica’s eyes drop downwards again as she stared at my cock waving between my legs as I toweled myself dry.
“Why don’t you get undressed and get under the shower?” I asked, hoping she would.
“I can’t get undressed in front of you granddad. ” she replied in a shocked tone of voice.
“Why not?” I asked amused.
“You’ll see me naked, that’s why. ” She replied.
“Jessica, I’ve already seen you naked hundreds of times.

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  ” I replied with a laugh.
“Yeah…well, that was before…” she stopped short of saying before she’d started developing into womanhood.
“Jessica, just because you’ve got a couple of hairs down there, doesn’t change the fact that I’ve seen and wiped your backside many times. ” I replied laughing.
“I’ve got a lot more than a couple of hairs down there granddad. ” she replied angrily.
“Yeah sure you have. ” I said with a smirk.
“I have too. ” She replied, before unzipping her jeans and pealing them down her thighs, and then she pulled the front of her panties away from her crotch and revealed a nice bunch of pubes growing around her cunt.
“See?” she said with a satisfied grin.
“Mmm, you’re right; you do have quite a few hairs down there. ” I replied, happy that she’d gotten angry enough to want to prove that she did have a lot of hair down there.
“Well, seeing as you’re showing me your vagina now, you may as well get undressed and get under the shower, eh?” I asked with a grin.
The thought of seeing her totally naked under the shower made my cock begin to take an interest; I felt it starting to grow again.

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Jessica looked at me for a few seconds before her eyes once again dropped down towards my cock and I saw them widened as she saw my cock starting to become erect once more.
She looked back at me and I’d have given a million dollars to have been able to read her mind right then.
Without a word, she finished off peeling her jeans and her panties off her legs and then slipped her top off, revealing a smallish pair of breasts, with both nipples standing erect.
She stood there for a few seconds, allowing my glaze to roam all over her naked body, before stepping into the shower stall and turning the water on.
I stood there staring at the twin buns of her cute arse as she started to wash her body with the soap.
She was acting as though I was no longer standing in the bathroom with her, totally naked with an erection.
After a couple of seconds, she bent down and started washing her feet.
Because she was facing away from me, I saw her nude cunt appear.
Soapy water ran off both plump lips and dripped to the floor of the stall as she washed her feet.
I then decided to take the matter in my own hands so to speak.
“Would you like me to wash your back for you?” I asked.
She half turned towards me and again stared straight down at my stiff cock pointing straight at her, before replying, “Sure, okay. ”
I stepped into the stall behind her and Jessica’s small body seemed to shiver in anticipation as she handed me the bar of soap.
I started to wash her neck and shoulders with the soap and after a minute or so, I began to move my soapy hands down her back.
“Mmm, that feels nice granddad.

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  ” she said softly.
I then dropped the soap on the floor of the stall and moved both of my hands downwards until they cupped the twin cheeks of her arse.
I gently massaged her soft cheeks with my fingers, slowly working my way towards the crack of her arse.
Then I ran the tip of one finger down the groove between her cheeks, moving closer towards my ultimate goal.
As soon as my finger touched her tiny anus, she groaned softly to herself.
I gently teased her little hole with my fingertip, bringing forth more little groans of pleasure from this wonderfully not so innocent young girl.
I bet none of her boyfriends had ever played with her arsehole.
Then, I slipped my finger downward until it met the soft wet flesh between her outer lips and I slowly ran my finger along its moistness.
I sank to my knees behind her and used both hands to spread her legs apart, causing her vaginal lips to part even further apart.
I rubbed my fingers over the whole of her cunt, enjoying the softness of her flesh against my fingers.
I then planted the tip of my index finger at the wet entrance to her cunt and began to push my way up inside of her.
She spread her thighs apart even more as my thick finger eased slowly up inside of her.
I began to finger fuck her, knowing as I did so, that my throbbing cock would soon replace my finger inside this tight little hole.
I brought my free hand around to the front of her body and started to use my fingertips to tease her tiny clitoris, bringing forth even louder groans from her.
It took only seconds before her whole body shook as she orgasmed on my finger which was firmly planted inside of her.

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“Oh god. ” She cried out as wave after wave of pure pleasure rode through her tiny body.
Her body nearly collapsed against me as she started to come down from her orgasm.
Instead of stopping, I continued to gently massage her sensitive clitoris with my fingers bringing more loud moans from her as she started building towards her 2nd orgasm of the morning.
But this time, before she could actually orgasm, I stopped playing with her and stood back up behind her as she groaned in disappointment.
I’d worked her up the 2nd time, because now I wanted to fuck her and knew if she’d been sexually satisfied by her 1st orgasm, then just maybe she would have stopped me from fucking her.
Her body stiffened as soon as she felt the head of my cock touch her backside.
“Granddad…I don’t think we should be doing this. ” She complained fearfully.
“Why not?” I asked, bringing my finger back around to her clitoris and started massaging it again.
“Oh god. ” She cried out as my fingers worked on her sensitive clitoris.
I slipped my thick cock in between her thighs until it nestled against her wet hole.
She made no attempt to stop me.
As I rubbed her clitoris with my fingers, I began to move myself in and out between her thighs.

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I wanted to fuck her badly by this time, but also didn’t want her to be able to say later on, that I’d raped her.
I wanted her to be the one who asked for my cock to be put inside her.
I found that Jessica was responding to having my cock rub along the moist groove of her cunt, by squeezing and releasing the shaft of my cock in between her thighs.
I leaned forward and said to her softly, “Are you quite sure we can’t do this?”
“I…I don’t know. ” She replied a little breathlessly as she again neared her 2nd orgasm. “You’re way too big for me. ” She added
“Couldn’t I just put the head of my cock inside you? I don’t have to push it all the way up inside of you. ” I said hoping she was getting so worked up, she’d agree to anything I asked.
She was pushing her hips downward against the shaft of my cock.
“I suppose so. ” She managed to say.
“But what if you get me pregnant?” she suddenly said, horrified that she may fall pregnant to her own grandfather.
“I’ve been fixed up. I can’t give anyone Babies anymore. ” I said from behind her.

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“Oh. ” Was her only reply.
Taking that as a yes to me fucking her, I stopped playing with her clitoris and brought my hand back behind her.
I then spread the cheeks of her arse and angled the head of my cock up towards the moist entrance to her cunt.
I gave her a couple more seconds in which to object, but when no objections came, I began to slowly push the head of my cock in between her outer lips.
“Oh god. ” Jessica said as she felt the head of my cock trying to force its way pass her outer lips.
She was very small down there and at first I thought that I may not be able to get it inside her.
I pushed myself forward a bit more forcefully and suddenly the head of my cock popped inside her.
“Shit. ” Jessica exclaimed as she felt the head of my cock enter her.
I stopped myself from plunging deep inside her and again, started to play with her clitoris.
She was so tight; it was like having a vice around the head of my cock.
But the more I played with her clitoris, the wetter she became, soon becoming loose enough so that I could slowly push my way deeper and deeper inside her.
Within seconds, I felt her starting to push herself backwards onto the head of my cock as her sexual buildup increased.

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Slowly, but surely, I felt my cock entering her, an inch at a time.
It wasn’t too long before I nearly had all of myself deeply imbedded inside her.
I knew full well that she wasn’t all that far away from having her 2nd orgasm.
My strokes were becoming faster and deeper as I too neared my own climax.
Suddenly, I felt hot cum shooting from my cock to finish up deep inside of her.
Jessica must have felt it too, as it seemed to trigger her own orgasm.
I felt a hot gush of juices as she orgasmed against the head of my cock, flooding over my cock and leaking out of her to fall onto the floor at our feet.
I could see our mixed incestuous juices going down the drain and wondered if she would become pregnant after all.
I had lied about being fixed.
Until I knew for sure, I was going to be fucking this child as often as I could.


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