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I was home for the weekend. And it had been almost 2 years since Mom had found out about my insatiable lust for her. And all had appeared to be good in our family. Until, that one day. When she was in the shower. I was in her room. I loved rummaging through her drawers. Smelling her panties. Jacking off and leaving gobs of semen in the crotch of her white cotton panties. It was there that I stumbled upon my own drawings and stories. She had kept it in the oak chest I had made for her years before. I had forgotten how horny they made me. Her finger prints blotched sections of the lead on the papers. It was there I knew that she was really turned on by the thought of having sex with me. Any shred of regret or guilt I had felt before was completely gone. As I felt my cock stiffen and push through my jeans.

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  I could still hear the water running in the bathroom. I quickly took off all of my clothing. And started on my way to the door. Of course, she always locks it. But I was good at picking the lock on the bathroom door. A simple Q-tip in the hole. A bit of manuevering and the lock popped. I could smell her scent already. "Babe, is that you?" She asked out. Calling for my father. I crept in and reclosed and relocked the door. I pulled back the shower curtain ever so slowly. Her bright red hair was slicked back. I gazed upon her voluptuous body, it was crying out to be fucked. She really did have a small mole on her right ass cheek.

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   And those baby making hips. I was getting hot. Watching as the water trickled down her body. My heart was pounding. I climbed in and grabbed her firmly by her breasts. Squeezing and rubbing those firm nipples. Barbara finally realized it was me. "John! NO!!!" She screamed out. She struggled to pull away. But I forced her up against the tile. And before she could do anything I thrusted my cock into her. With each passing thrust, her struggling ceased. And her tense frame became calm. I savoured every minute I had while I had my penis deep inside of her. "You did want my cock.

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  " I whispered into her ear. I could not believe how tight her clit was. I remember her telling me that her and my father had not had sex in almost 4 years. My mother prety much gave up on her sex life. I was going to make sure. That I would make her orgasm, then orgasm some more!She began to moan and cry out as I fucked her "doggy style. " Such glorious deep penetration. My sack was smacking against her ass. Tears ran down her cheeks as she screamed out. I could feel her breasts swell into the cups of my hands. Her ass quivered and her stomache began to spasm. It just made me thrust into her deeper and harder. I could feel my cock swelling and her clitoris firmly tightning around my thick shaft. My thrusts became faster. I cleched my teeth and grabbed her by her waist.

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   And with a final thrust I could feel my sperm shooting wads after wads inside of her. She sank back onto me. Gasping and panting for breathe. Damn, it felt so good. And I wanted more! I picked her up. And carried her into her bedroom. Layed her down on the bed. She looked at me with a faint smile. As she saw that I was still rock hard for her. She spread her legs for me. Exposing her gorgeous hairy cunt. This was the best day of my life!.