Shelly Learns The Hard Way


We moved to the subburbs and i had to commute for work,Shelly started a new life right along with me,She was sullen at first feeling abandoned by Marge ,who never even bothered to call or write to her. Shelly clung to me as if she thought i to would leave her. We spent all of our off time together at home we would watch movies or play video games,excursions to the mall for shopping and a movie and Shellys soccer games kept us together and helped us deal with the situation. when she was ready we talked about her mom leaving,Did mom love us? why did she leave us ? i told shelly the truth, Her mom and i met clubbing,I was 25yrs old then and Marge had just turned 32. We married a year later and 3 years after our marriage Shelly was born . I told her how her mom started to have problems because the Doctors said she had a chemical imbalance. I tried to keep it simple and not show my emotions as i told her of all the times her mother had gone off for days only to return without an explanation, I told her everything i thought she could understand leading up to her moms involvement in that dam cult. When i had finished she crawlled up in my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck and said "I love you Daddy,I will never leave you" I held her tight and cried like a baby. Something strange happened as we held each other i was aware of shelly's scent and the softness of her skin pressed so close to mine and the firmness of her ass as it pressed upon my lap and i started to become aroused,a heat was pressing from my groin to my bowels and a lump formed in my throat. I was ashamed of myself and quickly broke the embrace ,Shelly looked at me as if i had snapped at her but i just smiled and said lets go for ice cream a treat that always made her happy. Yes Daddy lets have a doubble scoop she said. It was friday night and the weekend was upon us,we got home and decided to watch a jason movie. I had all but forgotten about the shamefull feelings i had had earlier,i had forced them from my mind. We decided to get into our pjs before the movie started i was changed first and went to the kitchen to make a big bowl of buttered popcorn and grabbed a beer for myself and a coke for Shelly. shelly came out of the hallway just as i came from the kitchen. She was wearing a pink night shirt that was thigh high on her and her red hair framed her beautiful face,her breast pushed and strained against the cotten nighty and she said to me "hurry up silly daddy we will miss the beginning of the movie if you just stand there" Shelly was about 5'2 and no more than 90lbs at 12 yrs old she was beautiful and i was aroused again.

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   she jumped on the couch and tucked her feet behind her ,i sat next to her close enough to share the popcorn ,gave her the coke and picked up the remote and turned on the movie. Shelly seemed to be interested in the horror flick 15minutes into it i was leering at my own daughter out of the corner of my eye. I got up to get a beer and shelly said" oh dont leave me here alone im scarred"I chuckled and said i will run,as i went through the kitchen door shelly asked for a beer to,I dont know why but i got 2 beers from the box and gave one to her. Shelly ate most of the popcorn ,drank all of her beer and seemed to be into the movie. I was just into Shelly ,her lips would pout when something happend in the movie that made her sad and they would form a perfect o as she was startled ,shelly moved closer to me and wrapped her arms through mine ,I had to put the popcorn bowl in my lap because i was rock hard. every time she went for the popcorn the bowl rubbed my cock and i swear it got even harder. finally the movie ended and i told shelly it was time to go to bed. She reluctantly agreed and kissed me on the lips goodnight ,a kiss a daughter gives her father but my breath was shorter and the swelling in my pants needed attention and soon. Shelly was off to bed ,i picked up the mess locked up ,turned off the tube and headed to my own room. I climbed into bed and wasted no time dropping my pjs . I grabbed hold of 6 inches of steel and started to stroke thinking of shelly,picturing her sweet ass and firm peach sized titties,her luscious full pouting lips and i started to cum a massive blast of cream spraying the bed sheets and dripping all over my right hand. OH jeez what have i done i thought ,what a sick bastard to jerk off thinking of my own daughter. I was exhausted and confused about my thoughts and actions and lay there slowly drifting off to a fretful sleep. I woke up slowly not sure why then i heard a moaning ,Shelly was moaning,something was wrong ,i jumped from the bed and stumbled out in to the hall heading to shelleys room,the moaning was louder the closer i got . I reached her room the door was ajar and i pushed it open calling her name ,shelly whats the matter honey ? As i crossed the room to her bed i realized i was but naked ,i hadn't put my pj bottoms back on.

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   I looked for something to cover myself with ,there on the chair was a bath towel , I picked it up and wrapped it around my waste as i sat on the edge of shelleys bed she answered me "oh Daddy my tummy aches" releived i smiled and said no wonder little girl ,you had doubble scoops of ice cream and coke ,you pigged out on popcorn and you swigged down a bottle of beer,oh ohh she moaned i guess i was a little piggy. I will get the pink stuff for you i said . shelly says" oh yech No daddy" Well then what can i do to make you feel better? Rub my tummy ,please Daddy she implored. Shelly pulled the covers down to reveal her stomach and i placed my left hand on her tummy and started to rub in circles. The cotton nighty was soft and i could feel the firmness of her belly under the warmth of my hand. As i moved my hand over her the nighty started to rise revealing her panties white against the darkness. I was losing the battle of my life as the heat from our contact shot to my groin and my cock tented the towell wrapped around my waste. there i said hows that? enough to make you feel better?Oh Daddy it feels so good please dont stop just a little longer. My breath was coming in short hot gasps ,I said ; ok but let me turn on the light so i can see what im doing ok?Shelley said Daddy just turn on the night light ok so it wont hurt my eyes. I reached over her and had to get up on my knee to turn on the light as i did my cock brushed over her belly and i shuddered or was that shelly. as the light came on it washed over her and she looked so hot. Shelly lifted her nighty up to her breast without uncovering them and said hurry Daddy rub my belly. I complied ,the heat was rising in me as i rubbed her ,i went a little lower each time untill i reached the waistband on her undies and then just a little higher till my fingers brushed against the bottom of her beautiful tits. Slowly i moved from top to bottom and as if in a daze shelleys eyes were closed and she moaned ever so softly.
    It broke the daze i was in and i looked at her .

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      She was rolling her head slowly from side to side , little ,almost unheard moans escaped her now pouting lips. my cock strained to be free. Shelleys breath became short and raspy as mine and i decided that i was going to have her. Dam the lust i was going to fuck my little girl ! Shelly i rasped are you ok now ? should i stop? Oh God no Daddy please dont stop, it still hurts. where i asked ?" Oh lower Daddy ,Just a little lower she replied" I smiled Knowing that she would be mine willingly. I slowly moved my hand towards her little pussie untill my palm was covering her mound burried under her panties. and shelley lifted her ass off the bed to press that juicy cunt into my hand. I rubbed her pussie lightly feeling her downy soft pubic hair and shelley moaned a little louder ,breathed a little harder and whispered oh Daddy just like that right there dont stop. Oh dam she was a little slut hot for a friggin . I slid my index finger over her soft slit and let it slip in between her mound,Shelley was wet ,soaking wet . My finger slid into her like a hot knife through butter and i started to frig her with my left hand ,with my right hand i pulled her nighty over her peach sized breast, her dark spots were the size of quarters and her nipples stood out waiting for my attention. I rubbed first one then the other pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers. Shelley moaned and lifted her ass off the bed higher forcing my finger deeper. I leaned over to her breast sucking and licking first one then the other taking her nipples between my teeth and biting down nibbling each one just a little harder than before. Pulling one and biting the other .


       shelley s moans are louder and she is pumping her ass up and down faster untill suddenly her body goe's ridgid and shelley starts to come. She reaches down with both hands and covers my hand with hers pressing me deeper and harder in to her then she slowly relaxes. I pull my hand out of her pants and stick it up to my nose smelling the sweetness of her virginal nectar i stick it in my mouth savoring the sweet musky taste and then i lean in and press my lips to her's and we kiss ,i push my tounge between her lips and she willingly receives it ,exploring each others mouths,wetness ,soft willing lips. I break our embrace and look into my daughters eyes. "OH Daddy that was wonderfull ,I love you so much please let me do that to you" I kiss her full on the lips and pull away ,looking down at my hardness the towell long since discarded at my feet. Yeah baby see this i grab my cock and push it towards her ,touch it shelley ,she reaches out and the softness of her grasp almost drives me to cum . Oh Daddy it is so big and hard but it's soft and hot . yeah baby it is really hot for you . I put my hand over hers and start to jack off . Do it like this for me . she strokes it mabey 20 times and i put my hand on her head kiss it baby you want to kiss it for Daddy. I push her head down to my cock ,shelley no longer exist she is just a little slut . She opens her mouth and licks up and down my shaft ,my balls lick my balls baby ,she goe's down and back up a few times im ready for your hot slut mouth suck it bitch. She opens her mouth and covers my shaft with her lips and starts to suck. I grab her head and start to pump it deeper ,she gags but i just go deeper and faster,breathe through your nose baby or you will choke i say as she starts to gag.

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       Im not thinking about my daughter my cock is doing all the thinking as i push in to shelleys throat her teeth scrape against my shaft adding to the sensation. Shelley wants to please and she gives it all she's got. she relaxes her throat and i slide in tight hot and wet,shelley slurps and drools and makes mewing sounds while the pressure builds up . shelleys pussie is starting to drip as she realizes she is sucking her Daddys big cock and loving it. Oh baby im going to cum and i pull out of her throat cause i want to cum in her mouth. eat my cum you little slut and i erupt washing her tonsils in white hot cream ,shelley sucks and taste her first cum desperately trying to swallow every drop of her daddys love juice shelley cums again. Im exhausted but i want more ,im going to fuck shelley in her tight little cunt and her sweet ass,im going to eat that fresh pussie . Shelley crawls up the bed and asks" Daddy did i do it right"Well sweety it was good but you need to practice some if you want to be real good. OH Daddy i will, can i practice on you ? will you fuck me to? Yes baby, You can practice on me and im going to fuck you silly but first we need to rest up so i can get hard and then you can learn. Can i be your little slut Daddy? Oh you are my slut,now go to sleep. we embraced ,lovingly as we drifted off to sleep in each others arms i knew everything would be ok. .