Topic: SHE WASN'T LYING.  Pt. 1 Youthful crush? It just don't happen with my type.
We're middle aged with teen kids.
 I thought this to be a sexual fantasy of a middle aged seen it with my own eyes!" Quote from;My just a mundane sort of household. Me and my old man, - not old really,we're in our late 30s - Two teenage sons that plague my life out when the old man's not about and an older daughter away from home. Our sexual life is just great for both of us we reckon. Me? well,I'm fatter than I would like, - comfortably padded,my old man calls it and the boys see it as cuddly mum. My tits don't stand out like when I was in my teens, - Well what wives/mothers would! having had three kids and a husband hanging from them for twenty years! - but they still draw eyes especially when my nips are stiff,like when its cold. I dislike bra's and I suppose that helps their eyes,love 'em. Love handles? of course! Ass? ample! Ha! Ha! Thighs? something to be reckoned with if I catch you between them when on an orgasm. Hubby said, they'd crack walnuts! - A back handed compliment? maybe! My old man's just like most,but I love him. Mind he's a right goer with that dick of his. Our son's have made comments, "What do you do to that woman dad? Don't you two realise some of us need our sleep!" To which our joint comment is, "Wait till its you" meaning with their girls/wives.
 So lets get to the nitty-gritty of this tale. My lads mates follow them in as though they live here.

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   Occasionally catching me off guard,you know with just a full slip and knickers,even a couple of times without knickers,but the full slip doesn't show through,just highlights my bodies contours. Mind the top breast part is sometimes a netty type of top. That do show a shadow of my oreoles. When our boys were younger little or no interest was paid to me,but as they started to mature,I got the feeling their more frequent visits with their mates were now not so much seeking food for ever hungry bellies. More like seeking belly to harden penis. Dirty little sods! At this time I wasn't sure whether my own boys were at it with their mates towards me,but being healthy teenagers,I got from the other mothers that they were when they in turn were around their mates respective homes.
 One said she had been caught in the altogether having just got out the bath while going to her bedroom with the towel rapidly drying her hair off. While being shocked how her own son had ogled her pussy as he climbed the stairs. She absolutely vapourized to find all his mates trailing up behind him with eyes glued to her privates then ass as she scurried past to her bedroom. All those men looking at me,god it was so embarrassing. I tore him off a strip later I can tell you. Then he really sat me back on my ass,cheeky little sod. Know what he said? "Why such a fuss mum, none of the other's mother's bat an eyelid if we see their bits" I can tell you,I made a swipe at him,but the little sod was to quick and shot out the door laughing.
 Having found we mothers all had,had similar things happen we just concluded it was a phase thing that lads go through and it would pass. I did also mention it to my husband though,when enquiring, "did you go through this phase?" "Sort of but times were different then" I didn't pursue it,but thought,Yeah but women's bodies weren't.

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   So I got used to getting nearly caught,it almost became like a challenge to beat them. Then I had a mind change,what if I could shock them,that would scare the shits out of the little sods. - bad decision that! - Telling myself,there's no way a woman of my age and build would appeal to these young stags when put against the female young bodies they went down our lane with. I admit I did watch sometimes at what they were at with them and I even admit getting a bit hot and moist when these young teen things wrestled to keep their tits in their bra's generally loosing to their multi handed suitors. Still all as I'd experienced a long time ago!
 Two of these mates in particular went to some trouble to always get themselves sat strategically in the right place as they saw it on the occasions I sat together with them. Invariably this was somewhere handy to seeing up my legs, - No prizes for guessing what they hoped to get a look at! So I decided,the very next time I'd give 'em a scare. As I said I'm no stick insect and I sat on my bed and took a look at what they would see. Jacking my head and shoulders with some pillows,I craned my neck to look at what I intended to show. I immitated the fall back as I made out I was rising from the settee. On bouncing back I threw my legs wide open and was pleased to see a very wide thigh gap about four inches with my vulva's puffy sides around my inner lips as they stayed stuck together and all nicely surrounded with my chestnut brown fur, I had first thought about wearing knickers, but I had a mind to really scare them off.
 I had been telling my hubby on going for a while now that I thought at least two of our boys mates had a crush on me, "Yeah! if you say so was his total contribution. By this time I was more than sure though because not being blind I'd notice their hard cocks sticking out inside their trousers after having some near misses,resulting in them gloating my ass and tits. At the next opportunity,I did what I'd been practicing and at least the two that targeted me got the full works. Their eyes said it all and the youngest just couldn't contain himself. I'd done the action just as my two said, "We'll go now" A bundle of them got up,my targets holding their place till reluctantly being last out.

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   Piling out my living room door, as I said a second ago,he couldn't contain himself, "Fuck! Did you see her cunt? No knickers man,it was all there,slit,hairs,the lot" "SSSH! She'll hear you berk,(Idiot) then we won't get anymore chances" "I'd fuck that!" "That's my mother you're on about" "Well,you said it about my mum when we caught her naked that time" "That was different!" "Not for me though,it wasn't" This all between the older gloater and my son.
 The last bit shocked me even more. Young lad says, "Lets go down the lane I got to have a wank on the strength of her cunt,I'll describe it to you lot, what it looks like" "Me to! added the older voyeur with relish,just imagine shooting our spunk all over it" I must admit,I'm not sure of my emotions at that instant. Flattered that I could pull, - That's ridiculous,its lads with hard  on's! Yeah! Hard,hard on's though. I'm not blind as I followed their traveling round the outside path now heading towards the lane - stop that you dirty cow! Shocked also that I had even given my own sons a buss, - That was even filthier! - Then I became absolutely disgusted with my own thoughts,I'm heading to the bedrooms hoping to watch them wanking, - What's got into you girl? but none the less I kept going. There they were,stopped now where they thought they couldn't be seen. The youngest yapping avidly,with the older one making finger gestured,one of which needed no explanation, with fore fingers together and thumbs similar forming roughly a small rugby ball shape,he gestured a fucking action,then undone his front and I could just glimpes his cock above the fence top being pushed through these fingers as though fucking me. Fuck! disgustingly it made me tingle.
 I was even disappointed now that I couldn't see what all of them were at. I knew by their arm movements they were all wanking but that damn fence and a bush were just too high. Then I got luckier, my oldest move towards the pillar of the nearby garage on the far side of our lane and I got a full look at his ample cock as he spurted his cum on the concrete pillar.  Still absolutely disgusted with myself I glanced around as though I might get caught as I put my hand on my cunt and started to masterbate. Then each as they got near to cumming copied my sons action. Five in all and as I was getting myself nearly there,I shut my eyes and pictured all these youg fuckers spitting their jism on mine instead of the garage. I plopped down on the bed to finally cum so hard.

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   Panting I felt so guilty,it didn't seem so bad at watching the mates but to watch my two sons make out they were having it in with me freaked me I can tell you.
 Mind they did all look big enough to satisfy me I reasoned when I lay there as guilty as hell at my very thoughts. It crossed my mind also whether any of the other mothers had these kind of thoughts. Later I half told my old man what had transpired as he went for me in bed and as I told him I know it was giving him a buss. But I didn't mention our boys were present or that I watched them wank over the mates description of my bits. After we had a damn good fuck on the strength of my relating all this to my husband,we lead back quietly. "Where was our two then when all this supposedly happened?" Fuck! He thinks I'm just horning him up with a fantasy,but no way was I going to admit they fancied fucking their own mother as did I them. "Probably spotted those girls I expect and drifted off with them" Lying cat! I went hot,I'd just admitted to myself I'd not say no given the chance,even with my own sons! FUCK! Get that out your head girl,straight away now.
 Trouble now was I couldn't stop thinking about it and what it would be like to get touched up by any or all of them. I decided fucking was out of the question,although when playing about on the bed by myself it did appear an option to be thought about.
 Then it was taken out of my hands. The youngest, - mind I knew he was of a legal age to marry, - had been calling on his own with a 'cock & bull' story that he'd missed the group and had they said where they were going to be at. I twigged this as bull,when on the second time I'd seen them in our lane and they were still there when I went back and checked after his time spent ogling me. Up till this time he was looking and trying to see the merchandise he fancied. This time I was stood by the kitchen sink, - now understand this guy was a cocky little so and so but I liked the way he seemed so determined on all things he done, - So, I'm talking as I do what I was at and he stood off to the side and slightly behind,then the thing I was holding slipped and splashed back in the water in turn making a wet mark on my white top.

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   Quick as a flash he's alongside looking at me all concerned, "That didn't burn you did it?" No its only cold water, - which he knew,he wasn't daft and with no steam it was obvious, - as you know,braless has its plus's, a large splash had my blouse become see through and my tit end was now hardened by the cold water and clearly visible through the cotton.
 His eyes were glued to my bosoms nipple and oreole. "Fuck! Sorry that slipped out" he said and in fairness he blushed profusely. Tut! Tut! I made to wipe some of the wet away, "Look away a minute,I must wipe up under a bit,because its running down between. He did,course how dumb can you be? I'd forgotten the way he now faced had a mirror reflecting right where my now naked tits were on display. I wiped in no hurry,pulling them out and up to get this cold splash off my chest. It was only later,it dawned on me he'd watched the whole episode so politely looking the other way and how stupid was I? It was me who put the damn mirror there in the first place,so I could view myself when shaking these very same bosoms in fun while hoovering and such like. WELL!!!
 Dropping my top back over them, "Okay,nothing to see now I said smiling innocently. Then my eyes went into shock,that was a hardon I spotted I was sure,as he moved from my right to the left of me. He had to press between me and the table and chairs to my rear. As he squeezed by the space,there was nothing untoward,he lightly held my hips and moved past except,for a hard bit drawing past my ass and bouncing across my ass crack. "Sorry! Sorry! It was a bit more of a squeeze than I thought" OK. I gave him a knowing look but said nothing. I think the moment passed for him and he thought he'd got away with it. But,for me it was a whole lot different.

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   I knew immediately what it was and the shock in my eyes was because of the feeling between my legs.
 My pussy had twinged and twinged again as contact passed to my other cheek. I'm sure he never picked up on this though I did automatically clench my buttucks. Un-noticed I eased forward and pressed my pussy against the handle in front of my belly, - one of those round knob type shaped ones,- it pressed me just above my hood. I stood still savouring the two sensations. More shock almost in my dazed mind it became a dream,my ass cheek was being squeezed very gently outside I knew but squeezed none the less, "No,behave,NO! you mustn't! "Mum never stops me,she says nothing when I do it to her" Fuck! I gather my senses,I'm think, she'd murder him if she thought anyone knew she let him work her up. Crazy I know but I just stood silently letting him squeeze me.
 Fuck! what am I at,its nice,I'm even pushing back a bit. That's skin he's touching, "Then I do this" I've stopped what I was doing and I'm just holding on to my sink edge. "See,like this,she likes that!" his hand has pulled up the back of my skirt and as his hand traces up the back of my thigh I push harder at the handle. He moves,now he has two hands doing it,Fuck! this is so wrong but fucking so exciting. His hands are inside the bottom of my pants up the leg holes, "Like it,I always smooth her like this,I can feel the gusset pressing up in my crack as the leg part is forced now above my cheeks. His fingers are smoothing across my cheeks in a circular movement while I feel his thumbs moving up and down my bum groove. "Is that nice?" mmmm!
 "Then" I savour the moment,not knowing what is to follow. My thighs being fleshy as I said earlier are closed together so I know he won't get his hand on my pussy.

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   I change my stance dropping my elbows and resting them now on the sink top.  I feel the cold stainless steel against my tits and they both harden in tandem. I leave them now resting on the edge. This change helps him because my quim is poking out the back a bit more.
 But fuck! by this time I do want him to. I shift my feet open more,In my ear, "That's what my mum does" I know my thighs are more receptive to any fingers he wants to use. God do it boy,DO IT! no,he puts a finger in each leg hole and pulls at my knickers. Fucking hell,I can here myself panting,I'll cum before he touches me if he don't hurry up! The fingers are back tracing along my groins,I can't control myself,I open my legs some more,I must have done what he expected because he has his hands there now,or one anyway. I know its inside the gusset and he's bent down at the back of me trying to reach through. I bend my knees a little in anticipation of what? The hand is right through to my hairs and he smooths them a bit, Silently I think,stop it or I'll piss. Then he finds what he was obviously seeking. A couple of his fingers traces over my swollen hood and gently probes up under.
 I flinch as these two fingers touch my clit for the first time. "Mum makes me rub outside that skin bit. I hear myself say 'my hood' "Yeah,that" Fuck he tweaks it some more,yeah and I do.

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   Then I hear myself shockingly saying, "I only like it inside with the tongue" He brightens "Yeah and my mum says that" Tantalizingly he's rubbing my clit. "Wait! Wait! let me get them off. I drag my pants to the floor,blatantly showing my ass in his direction. I shock for a second as while still bent a couple of his fingers jabbed in my cunt slot. "You're really wet there" I think,tell me sommut I don't know,get on with it before I regain my sanity! "My dicks just at the right height for a fuck on you like this" Thinking I'm so sorely tempted you little spunk machine.
 I straighten before I weaken stopping him from finishing me. He goes back to fingering me and almost immediately I cum, fuck do I cum some! "Let me fuck,bend over" "No,do your mum? bend over I mean. "No! Will you let me?" NO,not now,wank yourself like down the lane, grinning, "You saw us" his cock was in his hand, "Show me! Go on show me it so I can cum quick" Like a kid I did and in about twenty strokes he shot it all over my naked belly and cunt hairs with one big splodge stuck on my thigh. Quickly I grabbed my pants from the floor, Hissed "put it back away quick" wiped my pussy and leg,dropping my skirt in a flash. He sat quickly on one of the chairs as if he'd been there all the while just as the door opened and in came his mates with my sons. All in this linked action I was by now bent and wiping his jism from the floor. Damn sink,why did that have to splash,it makes it slippery,wait! mind you don't slip as you go through, "I've been looking for you guys" What a pair of liars!
 I didn't miss the nudging either as they stood waiting to pass with what I knew was a much exposed rear end I displayed before them. Fucking good job it wasn't five minutes earlier when I was cumming.
 "I been bored shitless wondering where you were at" My other son to son, "See her ass then,I could slip up her I can tell you!" Filthy bastard,thinking like that about his own mother!
 "I'd be happy with just a feel" my little horny freind uttered, He'll keep his mouth shut then,I know that much.
 I hoped he wouldn't tell either.

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