Topic: SHE WASN'T LYING. pt3 Pt. 3 Read pts. 1 & 2; if you haven't already to make sense of this story.
I know I shouldn't have but,those drinks had gone to my I suggested we go upstairs a part of my mind said 'Stop now Sheila,you're out of your cage' but the lust part said, 'Go on,think how they will feel,those two hardon's you seen the other night' Goody Sheila lost to Lusty Sheila,so as I hastily scrambled up the stairs,I found I had my hands on the higher step to help steady my slightly inebriated body in my haste. This in turn allowed my sons who were still grasping and groping at my ass to see farther up my legs in their attempts to pull my knickers down.
 By the time I'd nearly reached the landing,they'd managed to get them halfway down my thighs. In our excitement I knew my pussy was showing at the back of my thighs,so panting for breath I paused only to feel fingers touch my lips and try to enter me. Glancing down through my legs I could see it was toyboy. 'See,look how wet she is,look at her juice on my fingers,just like my mum went on yours,she's ready for it all right,quick lets get her on the bed before she chickens out'
 This done it for me,CHICKEN OUT INDEED! we'll see who CHICKENS OUT! young man,when I drain all your balls dry. CHICKEN OUT INDEED! I half get to my bed,slowed now by my knickers round my knees. Wait! Just calm down a bit,I'm not going to run away and lock myself in a cupboard. Lets get some stability here,otherwise what you think you want to give me will be wasted down the inside of your trousers.
 My power had kicked in,they waited now for their dream to be fulfilled. Let me get my clothes off and you lot can get yours off as well,specially you 'toyboy' What would your mother think? seeing you appear in her street with all our goo all over your clothes. Crazy I know but I was loving the excitement now.

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   'Oh yes' Call me Sheila,they all do around the house. 'Yes,alright Mrs. sorry,Sheila' By now I had three hardon's before me enough to make any woman's mouth water.
 I'm thinking,shall I choose who goes first or shall I just let them get on with it. Either way,I could feel my pussy dripping with love juice. I needed those cocks and quickly as well! All gasped as I hit the bed with my legs well open. I felt my tits flop to and fro as I bounced a bit. I let my legs now make the bottom of a cross,then quickly closed them and pulled my legs up towards my bum while I grabbed a pillow and pulled it over my face.
 They started to panic,toyboy said, 'Quick grab her legs she's changing her mind,we're not going to get it' My sons conceded this I think because they grabbed a leg each and tried to open me to reach my goodies,while clutching a tit each. 'Don't stop us Sheila,please don't' Toyboy,I wouldn't do that would I? I say as my legs get parted slightly then I snap them shut again. I'm secretly laughing like a drain under my pillow. Thinking,fight for it you little fuckers,this will make your sap rise. Peeping unobtrusively I note that all their cocks are running in precum. Thats what we want,hot sticky cocks for Sheila. I mumble,not to hard with the tits and I'll open my legs for you.

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   They comply and let go of them completely. I tell them. No play with them but go more gently. In unison, 'Sorry mum,No Sheila'
 Ignoring this,but going all hot at the point they'd made,- "mum" - they pull at my closed thighs and I let them open enough to let them get a healthier grip and they force me wide open now. Shocked,like an arrow a mouth with its tongue pointing out hit my pussy with a vengeance. It was toyboy,. Fuck! I'm bound to hand it to him, if he sucks his mother like that she'll never let him leave home,I'm sure I wouldn't. The little sod had me cumming in nothing flat,mind you my two sons playing with my clitoris at the same time did have a major input.
 By now I just couldn't care less about anything except being multi fucked. I heard myself say, For fucks sake,one of you get in me,I'm in the middle of cumming! 'Get on her toyboy, (It had stuck) he did and without my instructing him he rammed a plentiful amount of boy meat up till my pubes and his were squelching together. We were both soaking with love juice and I'm sure his mother had left a bit out,namely that she'd let him fuck her. He hit me in one,like a husband,he knew where and what a woman needed and gave her his all.
 All it was too,he was fucking me so fast and as I took a peek,he was bouncing around on my middle aged wobbling belly as though he was on a jelly,gripping what he could he just shot the lot up me,it never dawned on me to say, 'pull it out and spit it up over my belly' still I had thought it would serve my husband right if he knocked me up. 'Pull it out and come round this side so I can do her' it was litl'un. I'd noticed something move as I watched toyboy bouncing around.

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   It had caught my eye through the mirror I'd watched my sons wanking through.

     A fist was doing a lot of work on a cock I reckonized immediately,it was my husbands. Hearing my sons planned change over,my stomach turned at the sight of seeing my husband watching,but in an instant I thought,well there you are,you thought I was making it up so don't bother to complain when I prove it to you. I just stayed under my pillow and felt the change over. This cock was bigger and as hard as iron. Ever the thoughtful son, 'Where shall I spit it when I cum mu'sorry Sheila'? Up there! Toyboy did,besides I love to feel it fill me up. 'I do as well mum' oops! big'un passed on 'I felt it go up toyboys mum' This sounded sincere to me,so I guess she had been conservative with the truth and was first to get all three,but then again,it prompted me to let them get up me.
     Oh fuck! I'm going to cum with my son in me for the first time,I did just as he shot his first shot. I knew it was a lot and so was the follow up. No sooner had he pulled out and big'un was in me up and running. 'I nearly lost it waiting mum,here it comes,before I could go for another orgasm he shot his spunk up me and jerking he flopped on my belly giggling. 'Sorry mum,I better go first next time' I thought,I wonder if there'll be a next time,then again I could see my old man still watching. If there wasn't going to be I reckoned he would have stopped my session by now. The horny bastard was still wanking I noticed,surely he hadn't lasted that long,he must be on a second wank,or could it incredibly perhaps be a third?
     Grabbing their clothes they all departed to our sons room,but not before my cheeky toyboy said, 'Do you suck as well Sheila'? Necky little sod,still,if you don't ask you may not get. 'My mum does' followed by a giggle.

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       I lead on the bed well satified I admit,while wondering what had happened to my husband. I knew he hadn't gone in the toilet because one of the lads did. Then he appeared,all hot looking,with a sweaty brow. He shut the door,saying quietly, 'fuck they nearly caught me,I've been watching,I'll never dis-believe you again I promise' 'Fuck that was so hot,I had to wank while I watched them' 'I couldn't believe it when you let 'em shoot it up you,you craven woman'
     I grinning,opened my legs and let him see it coming back out of me. Want some? there's lots inside. 'I'll lick it later for you,don't let it all come out,I have drained mine just now watching' I didn't let on I'd seen him doing it. After a while,we heard them trooping off down the stairs, 'I wonder if she'll let us do her again' I and hubby heard big'un say. He looked at me, 'Will you'? Depends! 'On what'? What you think about it. 'Oh,I loved watching' So,what if they've knocked me up? Laughing now, 'You'd better keep on letting them then,just in case they haven't and you're not' Horny old bastard,go and have a wank on it, I said. In turn getting a wiggly tongue poked at me as he half dropped his trousers showing me his ass. Mind they don't see you like that,they might give you one or three up there mind.
     What do you think? bye.