Topic: SHE WASN'T LYING. pt2 Pt. 2 Before continuing the MILF story,I intend to digress a bit for content at this stage.
 My old man had weedled this from me over a period of time. Surprisingly he found it a at the first story,where I refered to our son as, - "Older one" - who is in fact,Vernon (big 'un) born 1-1/2hrs before John (litlun) Twins? well sort of!
 The digression:-
 I'm no angel,so going back to their conception,this is as it was. For about a month at that time,I'd been having a fling, - as they now call it, - with my old man's  mate. Pure lust,you understand. So,on several occasions having nearly got caught by my husband, I distracted him by getting him all randy and fucking his balls off. This meant I had both their spunk's within about an hour or two.
 As our two got older,it became clear I'd had two eggs available and our youngest was indeed my old man's as anyone could see by appearance. The other was altogether a likeness of his mate,bigger,swarthier and in all things his. Over the years we moved at times like one does and so no one knew or queried any of our history we chose to withold,but I admit occasionally to still taking of my hubby's mates nectar.
 This is the shock bit as I said to start with. Having weedled these facts,my old man's response was to say the least,surprising. "Better I know who had you than any old Tom,Dick or Harry. I suppose you still get the yearning sometimes? Okay by me,but tell me how it was,I get a real buss from your antics,including that he knocked you up.

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   Run through it again for me" I DID!Then without a further word,I kid you not,he fucked the ass off me. I'd gotten after this,whereby it got me horny telling him,but that's another story.
 So,back to my tale;
 My old man,got off on my telling him about our lads young mate and probed me if I'd had anymore of this fantasy for him. Condescending bastard,he still thinks I'm making it up. Mift,(Annoyed) I think 'that's ok then,I'll let the randy little bugger have me,serve you right if he knocks me up like your mate did' on calming down though I still had doubts about going that far.
 We're in our bedroom on this occasion about to go to bed. I'm naked looking at myself in the dressing table mirror and also watching my old man disrobe while appreciating his hardon as it appears before me. I know by experience he wants to give me one while I grip the dressing table unit so he can watch my face when I'm cumming,as he gets me from behind. I also like this because I equally watch his face going all strained and his veins look about to burst as he shoots up me.
 As our door is rarely completely closed when in bed,tonight is no exception. The landing in semi darkness,lit only by our bedroom light draws my attention in the mirror,as it lightened further then returned to the original. I can now see two forms which can only be our son's out there. Its confirmed when I see their nude forms with two dangling cocks come into view in the shadows. My pussy twinged as I knew they were watching my body in the mirror before me and I in turn liked the view of their two young dangling cocks,both bigger incidently than my old man's.
 My old man,on coming round the bed to do me,didn't have the benefit of this view.

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   He put his hands on my tits and fondled them,followed by running them down my belly,smoothing my pubes and with one hand he held his knob ready to guide it in me. Then gripping me like a dog he started to fuck me slowly at first. I dropped my elbows down to rest on the unit while gripping under the mirror to steady myself with his thrusting as he speeded up,this in turn moved my body slightly more forward. I could now have a better look at my now hard son's cocks. The sight of their cocks was making me all hot while I knew they could now see their fathers cock and my cunt coming together.
 I felt myself start to cum as they in turn were wanking themselves while watching their mother being fucked. I couldn't stop from closing my eyes as my old man came in me and I went into orgasm. On his cooling off strokes I just managed to open my eyes in time to see our son's shoot their spunk all over the place including a lot running down over their fingers. They stayed just long enough to see hubbies wet cock emerge from my equally dripping wet pussy. A quick increase of light and they were few days later while still relishing what I'd seen,I bumped into my toyboy's mother. 'Come on round to my place I need to talk to someone or I'll bust' Taking coffee,she offered me some stronger stuff, - We weren't boozers but clearly she needed some dutch courage so I partake as did she. Now a couple of drinks in,she opened up. 'Remember when we were on about our lot having crushes on us'? I did indeed. 'Well we were right,thing is,when they muck about,do we stop them or let them do things'? Like what? I ask,playing dumb. 'You know thingamy things' Oh! like squeezing your cheeks instead of just looking.

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   'Yeah,well something like that' Who and what sort of like that?
 She went scarlet. 'Promise its just between us mind' Of course! 'Well my son,I still can't believe it mind,with your two watching,got in front of me and reaching round to my behind,pulled my skirt up so your two could see my knickers. then I felt your lads put a hand on my cheeks inside my knicker legs mind and fondled me' 'I know I aught to have gone mad with him/them but I was so shocked I just stood there' 'They kept doing it,its so embarrssing,they made me tingle' 'Then he said to your lot,there you are I told you my mum would let you like your mum let us' 'Did you'? Drink over rode modesty. Sort of,after he,that's yours told me you let him all the time. 'Lying little bastard,I never did' Brashly now,I did,not with mine but I did with yours.
 'Come on,would you have done with yours'? I smile,I'm thinking about it. The dam burst. 'Yeah,I am too,I know what you mean,our marriage is great but wow the buss those little sods gave me was something altogether different. How far did you let him go then'? As far as you did,he told me you had anyway! 'What,like your two'? Probably,did they touch your pussy? I tried to tell my old man,but he thinks its fantasy. Me to,yeah,I couldn't believe it,your two put their fingers in my slit. I've never had two at the same time,I wanted to pee myself,then as they slid up and down my slit past my clit I could feel myself cumming,the excitement was amazing. Half in a daze,my own son asked me if they were making me cum,like he had you' 'Did he'?
 Yeah and we nearly got caught by my two,they've obviously got their heads together and are playing us with half truths,little swines. 'I feel a lot better now I've got some one to tell,how about you'? Yeah,I needed to as well,I'd been kicking it around and had planned to only let any one of them do it to me alone. But now that you've told me you had three together,I think I might as well.
 Her husband appeared at this stage so we closed with.

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   'Keep me posted' Likwise you. 'Something I aught to know about? says her hubby. No,it wouldn't interest you Bill. I went away thinking. Thank goodness,I've got an understanding ally.
 On returning to my home a bit inebriated,you've guessed it,my sons and toyboy are already there and clearly waiting for me. In a truly emboldened tone, - strength in numbers,applies I guess, - We've come to show you what my mum lets us do. I keep stumb about seeing her and what we discussed. Oh yeah,that got to be sexual,I bet! Toyboy moves to my front and in a flash pulls my top up exposing my tits. He's lying,but let it run I think,that booze helped here of course. Reaching round each side of me he grasps my skirt as relayed earlier and hikes it up. Then a shock,oh yes,my sons put their hands in my pants and start to fondle my ass but there was no mention of two hard cocks hot against my thighs. 'Remember these the other night mum? we seen you cum off looking at them,we reckon you're ready to have them now'
 Fuck,I shocked myself,they were right,I was and toyboy could fuck me as well. I knew exactly why I wanted it,it was all the talking I'd just had with toyboy's mother. Sounds crazy I know but I wanted to be first to have the experience of all three before she did.

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   Not here,lets go upstairs,more private I heard myself saying. God what a slut I am,I'm going with my own sons and with a witness. Stop it now sheila. NO! The devil in me made me climb those stairs with my two sons still groping my ass.
 Did I let them? You'll have to wait and see. bye,bye.