She Needed a Place to Stay


This isn't exactly and incest story, it is about my (follow me here) aunt's husband's son's wife. So it's through a lot of marriages, lol. . but anyway. . to the story. .
My name is Brandon, I was 18 years old, with nice abs, muscular arms and legs, about 5'9" and 160 lbs.
It was a usual Saturday night for me. I was sitting in my room, alone, playing video games. It was storming outside, rain, thunderstorms and whatnot. At about 10pm, I heard the doorbell ring. It scared me a good amount, since people don't usually come to your door at that time. I slowly made my way down the steps, and across the living room. I was very timid to open the door, so I grabbed a nearby steak knife. I unlocked the door, and cracked it open.

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"Hey!! What's up buddy?" a voice yelled from the darkness.
"Who are you? And keep your voice down," I replied.
"Oh, I'm sorry. It's me, Fran!!"
"Oh. . . Hey what's goin on girl?" I basically whispered back. My cousin Fran was a pretty good looking woman. She's in her early 30's, has a nice round ass, about 36DD nice big tits, and long black hair. She smelt amazing as she walked past me into the house.
"Not much, me and (her husband) Steve got in an argument at the bar down the street, so I figured I'd come on down here for the night. It's okay if I crash here right?" She was wearing very hot and revealing clothing, so I kind of drifted off. Since the room was almost completely dark, with only a candle being lit, she could barely see my face anyway.  "Hey!! It's okay right?"
"Oh, yeah, I'll leave a note for my mom," I said as I turned on a nearby lamp. I wrote the note quickly and set it on the table.

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   When I looked over at her she was bent over fixing the pillows on the couch before she sat down, giving me a nice view of her perfect ass, and giving me an almost instant erection. And of course, I just happened to be wearing athletic shorts.
"Sorry for my clothes, I expected to party hard tonight,' she said as she giggled. "Probably nothing you haven't seen though, right?" The statement kinda caught me off guard, so I murmured under my breath:
"Uhm. . Yeah, I guess. . . "
Just when I thought she was about to lay down, she looked over at me, and said what I was hoping she would. "Looks like you like what you see there kiddo. " When I looked at her, she was focused on the bulge in my shorts. I tried to cover up at first , but then I figured, why I would bother? I knew I wanted to fuck her. "Why don't you come over and have a seat next to me?" So I followed her orders, and walked over to the couch, and sat down next to her. Just as I sat down, she scooted closer to me, and starting rubbing my stomach through my tanktop. "Ya know, Steve hasn't given me what I want in quite a while, think you can help me out a little?"

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  . . S. . Sure. . I guess. . " I said timidly. So her hand lowered down, and started rubbing my upper leg.
"Get ready honey," she wispered as she stood up. She started to remove her clothes, piece by piece, until she was completely naked. She had a body like a goddess, tan and perfect. Her huge titties bounced around as she came back down, and laid next to me on the narrow couch. "How bout we lose them clothes, big boy?" Without any hesitation at all, I removed my tanktop and shorts, along with my boxers, allowing my eight inch throbbing cock to jump out and show itself.

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   "Wow," she said. "You're bigger than Steve!!"
As I laid back down, she started to rub her body against mine. After a few seconds of sensuality, she wrapped her hand around my huge cock, and started slowly stroking it. I almost unloaded right then and there, as her hand felt amazing. She then started to speed up and lower her head towards it as she didn't break eye contact with me at all.
After about five minutes of alternating hands on my cock, she lowered her head down, and began to lick the head.
    Her huge tits hung down from her chest as she delivered the most amazing blowjob I had ever felt. It didnt take long for her to get tired of it though. She lifted her head off, and pushed me back into the corner of the "L" shaped couch. She stood up in front of me, and pushed her tight clit into my face. I licked and kissed it until it started dripping out. She lowered her body and placed my stiff cock between her huge tits, and started to titty fuck me fastly, almost causing me to unload at that moment in time too.
    When that was all said and done, she repeated, "Get ready. . " as she lowered her beautiful pussy down onto my cock, slowly inserting me into herself.

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       As she slowly started bouncing up and down on my huge cock, she pushed her enormous titties into my face, which led to me sucking her nipples like a baby's bottle. She started to speed up, and bounce faster and faster, shoving her cleavage into my face. After about 25 minutes of switching positions and fucking every hole in her body, I finally started to feel it. I was on top of her, fucking her pussy like a crazed man.
    "Ohhh. . Fraaannnn i think im gunnnnna cummmmm. . " I struggled to say it, but eventually got it out. Just as I said that, she removed my cock from her pussy, and we sat up. She got on her knees on the floor, and I sat on the couch, stroking faster than I ever had.
    "AHHHHHHH HERRREEE IT COMMMMMEEESSS. . " I yelled it as I shot a hot think load into her face and in her mouth. As she started to lick it up, I shot another huge load, thicker and bigger, into her face, and dripping onto her tits.

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       I then shot one more load, not near as big into her mouth.
    "DAMN boy, you gotta lot of jizz!!" she said as she licked the cum off her face and tits. As we cleaned up, I walked back into the living room. "I need to come hang out a little more, with my cousin and his enormous cock," she said as she laid back down.
    "Okay, well get some sleep, maybe I can come over to your house tomorrow sexy. " We shared a long kiss with a lot of tongue, before we parted ways. I went upstairs as she laid on the couch. I closed my bedroom door, and laid down in my bed. . and thought: "What a Comments would be nice. . .