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When I was very young and Daddy would bath me I often would run around naked and Dad would say "bare bums are for spanking". I would shake my touche and he would go to swat it and I would run away. After I was old enough to bath myself that part of the game ended but at bed time when watching TV he would use the term "haul ass" if I did not go to bed when told. As I was leaving for bed I would often shake my butt just out of reach of the swat I knew was coming. Both of us would laugh as I ran up the stairs to my room.

One Saturday morning when I was 18 I woke up feeling a bit horny and thought that I would start the weekend with a nice orgasm. Just as I got myself worked up I heard my Father yell that I was to get my butt to the family room and clean up the mess I had made the previous night. I got right out of bed and ran down stairs. I had promised to clean up the mess before I went to bed and if I did not get it done now I was sure to get grounded for the weekend.

I was wearing an oversize t-shirt and loose fitting shorts with no liner or panties as I like loose cloths when I sleep. Dad was sitting on the couch scowling at me as I walked in. He said it was dam good that I had come right away or there would be trouble. I had been cutting out pictures from old magazines to create a collage for my art class and there were bits and pieces all over. I stooped to pick up the pieces. When I was close to Dad I bent over at the hips and he muttered "what you see when you don't have a gun". Thinking of the game I wiggled my butt like in the old days and Dad took a swipe.

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   My butt zigged and Daddy's hand zagged and accidentally his fingers slipped under the side of the shorts right onto my pussy lips.

We both froze and locked eyes. Daddy blurted out "you're wet" and I retorted "I was busy when you ordered me here". My hornyness took over and I pushed my pussy into Daddy's fingers and moaned. He said "if you want me to help you finish, what you started, pull your shorts off and get on all fours".

Hornyness defeated common sense and I slid my shorts off watching Daddy feast his eyes on what I had to offer. Daddy guided me to the carpet and I got on all fours with my head low and my butt in the air. Daddy started to massage my ass and told me what a pretty pussy I had. He then proceeded to plant a big wet kiss on my pussy. I stuck my ass out to invite some more of Daddy's kitty kisses. He started massaging my clit and wetting two fingers pushed them into my pussy.

Daddy massaged my gspot and started rapidly pumping his fingers in and out of me. Soon I was pushing back to his rhythm and moaning. Daddy rubbed my clit harder and pumped his fingers faster. Soon I could not contain myself and came loudly, shaking from my head to my toes.

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   I said Daddy you have magic fingers. He said if you really appreciated that then you should know that Mommy had to go to work before she could help Daddy with his morning wood. Would you be interested in helping Daddy out? I looked at Daddy's sweat pants and notice the large tent I then looked at him and said yes please.

Daddy told me to stand, take off my top and he lifted me up and turned me upside down putting my thighs over his shoulders and he gave my pussy a good lick. He then told me to pull down his sweats and give his cock some sweet daughter loving. I only needed to hear that once and Daddy had his sweat pants around his ankles. His cock was pointed straight up and I grabbed it and plunged my mouth around his big member. Daddy started to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said you keep that up and I will come in no time. Daddy said let me worry about that and use your mouth for something better than talking. I started sucking him for all I was worth.

As predicted Daddy's oral talents had me shaking on his shoulders coming like only Daddy can make a horny daughter do. After I had calmed down he asked if I was still a virgin and I told him no that as soon as Mom put me on the pill I let me ex-boyfriend Josh take it. I said Josh and I did it a few more time before he dumped me to chase another virgin. Daddy asked how I liked it and I said Josh could only get me to come if he bothered to eat me out.

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   He then asked if there was any part of fucking that I did like and I told him I liked it near the end when Josh was thrusting fast but that always made Josh cum so it stopped too soon.

Daddy took me off his shoulders and put me back on my feet. He asked if I would allow him to show me that fucking could be more fun than it was with Josh? I was a little unsure but thought Daddy had made me come twice and he had not come at all. That was already more than stupid Josh had ever done. I told Daddy I would like to experience a good fuck. Daddy said that because I liked the fast thrusting he would try to see if I liked it a bit rough. He said that if it was too much for me that he would give me some "safe words" and if I said them he would stop immediately. Daddy said this was about give me some control. He told me that my safe words were "Mommy's home". I giggled and said "yeah that better get you to stop". With this bit of laughter I relaxed and wondered what Daddy meant by being a bit rough it was exciting considering Daddy's cock was definitely bigger then that bastard Josh.

Daddy told me to get on the couch and stick my butt out. He got on his knees behind me and started to lick my pussy again. This was great but not what I expected. Soon he had me working towards an orgasm when he stopped and stood up behind me.

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   He took his cock and rubbed it up and down my slit and slapped my clit with the tip. This started to drive me crazy and made me very impatient. I told Daddy I wanted him inside me but he just kept teasing. I was going insane and thrusting my butt to try to get him to enter me.
    I squealed please Daddy, please fuck your princess. He said princess do you want Daddy to fuck you hard. I panted yes Daddy fuck your baby girl hard please Daddy do it NOW!

    In an instance Daddy hilted my pussy knocking the wind out of me. He held me by the hips hard and it was a good thing as I was being stretched so much I would have pulled away. Daddy said "Princess just relax and focus on the feeling of Daddy's cock on your pussies walls". With that Daddy reached around and started playing with my clit. He slowly loosened his grip on my hips. I found my self moving back and forth on his cock. That's it baby doll just tell Daddy when you are ready for him to take over and give you the kind of fucking you were made for. As I moved a little faster the sensation of Daddy's cock stretching my pussy felt better and better. I started to go faster still, drawing out and then slamming back into Daddy.

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       My pussy seemed to scream "NO, NO, NO" when I was pulling away and "YES, YES, YES" when I thrust back. I yelled no fucking for you Josh I'm Daddy's girl now. Fuck me hard Daddy.

    With that order Daddy grabbed my hips and slammed into me then he continued slamming me faster and faster the room echoed with a sounded like my ass was being spanked. I have never felt so over powered before, no wonder he had given me safe words, but I did not need them as the feeling was oh so good. I said "Daddy fuck me harder" over and over and the man did his daughter proud. I heard him say princess come as many times as you can, Daddy will not stop. I was already close but the promise of more sent me over the top and I yelled Daddy I am coming for you. Good to his word Daddy kept pounded me and may have even picked up the pace a little.

    He was thrusting so hard that my butt rippled and I could feel the vibration go right to my clit. That vibration and the feeling of Daddy fucking the day light out of me had me coming again even though I had not come down from my last orgasm. Daddy still pounded away at me. Daddy ask if his little girl liked rough sex and then slapped my tits. He surprised me and I came again. That glorious sound of my ass slapping into Daddy was like music to me ears.

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       Just then Daddy slapped my ass real hard and told me to come, I could not resist, fucking was better than I could have imagined. Daddy laughed and told me that it seemed his princess like it rough and I pant and moaned Daddy your baby girl loves it when you treat her like a fuck toy.

    He said OK baby girl Daddy is going to come in you, get ready and come with me. At that Daddy took it into another gear rattling my teeth. I was screaming and moaning nothing intelligible. Daddy pulled my hair and said he was going to cum, thrusting into me deeper then I thought possible. As soon as I felt his first spurt of cum I came too and screamed Daaaadddddyyyy at the top of my lungs. Daddy spurted several more times and I was in heaven.

    Daddy was still savoring his ejaculation all the while buried deep inside me. We both must have had our eyes closed. When I opened my eyes there was Mom looking at us shaking her head. I said "Mommy's home" and Daddy said "princess you do not need the safe words now that I am spent". I said "No Mommy's really home". Daddy opened his eyes saw Mom and stuttered "Honey she likes it as rough as you do". .

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