Seducing sis


   My parents were leaving for two weeks, leaving my sister angela and me alone together.
Now, until the week our parents went on vacation, I had never seen my sister in a sexual way. My sister was 19, 5"9 and 120 lbs. You couldn't tell she had any curves by looking at her, cuz she had the tendency to wear loose conservative clothes.   I was 21, 6"1' and 225.
Since our parents weren't going to be around, I decided to sunbathe nude. I spread a dark tanning oil on myself, and settled into a lounger. It felt like hours, but after only a half an hour, angela came out. "would you at least put some trunks on?!?" she grumbled. "If you don't like what you see, go in. " I replied. She sighed, "But I wanted to lay out too.

" I looked at her from behind my mirrored shades, " you're gonna tan in that???" I asked sceptically. She was wearing a one-piece, 40's style swimsuit, which covered way too much to tan in. "Get dressed" I told her,"I'm gonna take you shopping for something to tan in, cuz that is gonna leave you just as pale as before you laid out. " She was somewhat taken aback by  this anouncement.

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   "but. . . " "No arguements. " I told her.
After dragging her to the local surf shop, I got her to put on a regular bikini. Looking at her in that, blood started to divert to my dick. My sister was in good shape, taking pilates twice a week. A little more background is in order. My sister has red hair, green eyes, 44c tits, a 24in waist, and 34in hips. Seeing her in just that bikini, which was kinda conservative for a two piece, a plan started to formulate in my head. "You know ang, You aughtta think about a different bikini, that one still covers too much.
    " "Really?" she asked. "Sure,"I told her" You don't want huge tan lines do you?" She looked at me, the gears in her mind obviously turning. "Find me the smallest one you can.

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      " she told me boldly. Jackpot! I found her a brazilian G-string bikini, handing it to her. She blushed, but thanked me before paying for it anyway. The next day, I laid out naked once more. She came out after a half hour, same as last time. "Again???" she groaned. "I don't want ANY tan lines. " I told her. I could feel her looking me up and down. "Maybe I don't want any either. " she said in a half whisper. Just seeing her in her bikini had already given me a massive hard-on, and I know she had to have noticed. I quickly took advantage. "Let me put some oil on your back!" I said, sitting up and patting the chaise in front of where I sat. "Just a sec.

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      " she mumbled, shedding her bikini before sitting down.
    It was time.