seducing & mothering best friends wife


Seducing & Mothering best friends wife
By skyclear

Iwould like to narrate a story which happened years back when I had got married, kindly let me introduce myself my name is Nagaraj and 18 years back got married to Rekha, presently we are settled in Chennai. My wife Rekha had a friend named Kavita and she was married a year before us, her husband was working with a renowned multinational company. Kavita and her husband used to visit us regularly and myself and my wife we used to go to their house, this was a routine and we had become good friends. This went on for 5 years & in this period Myself and Rekha had a baby boy. Whenever the wives went to their maternal houses myself and Kavita’s husband whose name was Kiran we used to have parties to kill time. Once only my wife Rekha with son was away to her brother’s housefor Christmas vacation and was all alone, Kiran asked me to join them for dinner and asked me to come early so that we could have a drink session, I reached Kiran’s house and rang the door bell, Kavita opened the door she was looking very sexy as she had worn a beautiful sari, she welcomed me inside their house. I had taken with me a chivas regal bottle and then Kiran asked Kavita to bring glasses so that we start the drinking session, Kavita brought three glasses for which I was surprised, Kavita said that she would like to taste it, that was good instead of 2 people drinking there was company of third person also we had the first round, we cheered and then started sipping the drink, Kavita asked about Rekha and when she was coming back, I told her that she will be back after 18 days for which Kavita asked me to take dinner at their place for the next few days
I had never observed Kavita properly but under the influence of alchohol I shifted my thoughts on her, as she was serving us Pakodas her pallu fell down and her boobs were very clear. Her boobs were fully developed and ripe. Her fleshy hunching hips below her narrow waist were also well projected back making big curves there, enough to make her look sexier. Her breasts bounced sexily with her every step while moving in and out of the kitchen. It was nice to see that the neck of her blouse was cut in the square shape and was wide and low enough so that her cleavage as well as the upper halves of her boobs could peep through it easily. Her boobs were richly luscious and stood firm ovulating. Kavita had observed me seeing watching her movements, she sat down and then said to her husband Kiran that why not we all play cards to kill time, so it was agreed & we started playing, Kiran was getting little high and wanted to watch TV he wanted to know the stock position so the TV was also running when we were playing I observed that Kavita’s pallu had fallen down and could observe her cleavage which made me mad and her saree had gone up the leg till her knees and her hairy leg was visible, while playing slowly shifted my leg in such a way that it touched her legs, there was a lightening current passing through me, she also knew what happened and she was also feeling the heat. She was observing me in a special way & immediately switched over talking to me about my college days and whether I had any female friends, she said surely you must have had many women admiring such a handsome man having such good personality. Her admiration about me and calling me handsome made me more wanting herOn hearing from her like ‘handsome’ and ‘manly’ for me I also responded instantly with words of praise for her. I told her that she was a very beautiful woman and I mentioned her that Rekha also admired you a lot ….

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  ” She just gave a sexy smile. She leaned forward in course of the conversation, and intentionally let her voluptuously attractive boobs be more visible to me through her low cut blouse. She deliberately but quite intelligently let her chunni fall down exposing the roundness which were not covered by her low cut sexy blouse. Kiran had left the TV and resumed playing Cards and that is when Kavita who was day dreaming about something was abruptly awakened by me by patting her thighs and kept my hand on her thighs which had further more ignited fire in me I wanted her badly, at the same time the lights went out and I took the oppurtinity of sliding my hands on her thighs further upwards when Kavitha put her hand on my hand to stop it, immediately the lights came on & I had removed my hand, my conscious was also stopping me to do all this since she was my wife’s friend ,but she was also my best friends wife and at that time Kavita immediately asked her husband to go to the market and get some parcel for dinner since she had made only snacks but Kiran asked Kavita to go to market with Nagaraj and get whatever was required as he did not want to leave the house since he was enjoying the drink, this was a good sign for me since Kavita would be accompanying me to the Hotel to bring something to eat.

I took out my Hero Honda motorcycle. Kavita sat on the pillion and I drove the vehicle. Kavita came closer to me and held me by my waist saying that she felt slightly unbalanced. Her fleshy and spongy boobs were being pressed on my back. It was clear to me that she deliberately did so. All through the way she put on pressure of her fleshy luxurious boobs on my back so as to get her boobs sandwiched and crushed completely between me and her. I got excited by that. While driving I put my left hand on her thighs & started feeling her sexy thighs but she objected and said that people will object hence she asked me to concentrate on my driving I told her that I was mad about her& told her that she wasnot only beautiful but also a real hot and sexy looking young woman, my dear Kavita …you look quite voluptuous I again told her that she was a very sexy looking young woman. She thanked me for the compliments in a sexy manner. We bought a parcel from the hotel and had our fillbut Kiran had already started drowsing & said goodnight and went to bed. We took the food together.

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   After finishing it we both again came to the drawing room and sat in the sofa. I saw that Kavita had let the pallu of her sari fall. Her shapely boobs were peeping out of her deep low cut blouse. The neck of her sexy looking blouse was very widely cut also, which was barely covering her shoulder even. Her boobs were looking as if they were struggling to come out jumping of her sexy blouse. She leaned forward with pretext of itching her legs exposing her fleshy boobs further. I got her intention. It was just to lure and seduce me. Upon seeing her boldness I further went a step ahead by saying “…you are not only beautiful but also a real hot and sexy looking young woman you have maintained every curve of your body very well…. It is enough to ignite any young man …. etc. , etc…. . ” and waited for her reaction. She, looking into my eyes, made some sexy movements giving jerks to her luxuriant and succulent looking boobs and smiled more seductively.

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   That had an igniting effect on me. Kavitha was well aware that she had ignited a fire which would explode anytime, both were ignited and. I further gathered some courage and wentnear her where she was sitting sat next to her and pulled her embrassing her and started to kiss her, she obliged and did not hesitate to stop me I planted kisses on her lips. Wow, her lips were real good, juicy, hot, soft, and what not. I placed my hands on her fleshy boobs. In fact I was very much longing for that moment. My hands slowly caressed her boobs. Ohh, the touch of her boobs on my palms was simply marvellous. I was moving my palms over the roundness of her shapely boobs. She remained unmoved, and kept her eyes closed. …. ” I took her in my lap and again showered kisses on her. I kissed her sexy boobs. I sucked her lips. She also reciprocated me well by offering her pouting lips and partaking herself in the act.

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   After enjoying thus we both stood up on our feet. We hugged each other in tight embrace. At that very moment Kiran called from inside the bedroom to Kavitha as to what was she doing, this was an indication that I should leave for my home and promisedto come again tomorrow evening, we parted saying goodnight, nor I could sleep nor she, was just waiting for the next day evening to come & I got a call from Kiran stating that he is going out of town on a tour for 2 days and I should feel free and have dinner at their house, it was a god sent gift for me so without any hindrance we could enjoy.

I reached as usual at 7 pm to their house, Kavitha opened the doors and welcomed me, she wore a nighty which was seductive & all ready for the occasion. She told me that Kiran had just left and should be reaching Bombay in an hour or so, she immediately brought two glasses & the remaining whisky of last night and poured 2 drinks & we started sipping & our bodies were eager to taste each other, Kavitha asked me as to what I will have for dinner and then she went inside the kitchen to prepare food, I went behind her and embrassed her from the back& told her to forget the dinner as I was unable to hold on the excitement. We kissed each other madly I pressed and rubbed her boobs from over her blouse and bra and told her that she possessed very fleshy and spongy boobs. Kavitha said in special style “…. is it so…. …. do you like them really…. ” I told her with my palms on her luxuriant boobs “…. yes Kavi… …you really possess a pair of luxurious, fleshy and spongy boobs…. ” She just smiled seductively and uttered that she wanted me badly and always dreamt about me, she also told me to father a baby for her she said that Kiran was also good in bed but till date 6 years have passed and she does not have a baby, she also promised me that If I make her pregnant she would do anything for me,She silently crept her hands on my cock that had become hard in excitement by that time. She was caressing my stiff cock with her soft hands from over my pant and underwear. I had taken her both the boobs in my hands and was busy in fondling and pressing her protruding boobs arrested in the bra and blouse.

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   She was making all sexy sounds. After a while as I started removing her Nighty, she told me to take her to her bedroom first and then do what ever I liked to. I tookher to bed room. I removed her Nighty immediately. I undid the string of her petticoat. She did not object me at all, rather she kept on smiling in a special sexy manner. Then she was left in her bra and panty. head tight in her sexy slender smooth arms and kept on sighing sexily. Then I unhooked her bra and removed it. Oh, what a pair of boobs she possessed! Her boobs stood firm even without the support of the bra in spite of the fact that her boobs were fully swollen. They were still in their shape.

The nipples on the tips of her fleshy boobs had grown hard and pointed. In fact I have found a number of young girls and women possessing such sexy pairs of boobs.
    I took her bare boobs in my palms and pressed them gently. Wow, they were really firm and tight.

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       I mouthed her boobs. She was looking restless and sighing. I went further down to her smooth silky thighs and crotch and kissed them frantically. She had given me the signals by her sexy sounds that she was getting hotter and hotter. I pulled down her panty making her completely nude. I pulled my underwear also. My dick was then free and stood erect. She looked at my hard looking dick from the corner of her eyes and smiled looking at me meaningfully ------ that she would be soon having it deep into her. I again took her in my arms and kissed her sexy body all over. I took her fleshy and spongy boobs in my palms and pressed them. I squeezed them gently, and at the same time I was kissing and sucking her juicy lips. It was great doing that. Then I changed my position and held her from behind. I placed my hands on her luxuriant boobs. I again started caressing, fondling, pressing and squeezing her boobs.

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       Oh, her boobs were quite firm and tight despite the fact that she was married and and her boobs might be squeezed hard by her hubby every now and then. I told her while pressing and squeezing her fleshy boobs that the pair of boobs she possessed were really firm and tight. She thanked me for the compliments in a very sexy way amidst moans and sighs. I rubbed my mouth on her boobs for quite some time. I took her hard pointed nipples in my mouth and sucked them one by one. She held me tightly moaning sexily. She kept on caressing my hairs and sighed all through. Then I moved down to her crotch and thighs once again and did the same thing that I did earlier.

    She was vibrating and wriggling her sexy looking young body like any thing. Her young nude body had become very hot. Then my mouth again sifted to her crotch and thighs. I kissed her smooth and silky thighs and crotch. I brushed them with my lips again and again Kavitha was writhing her sexy body in ecstasy and joy. She lay straight on the bed & inviting me to come closer to her. She was looking at me sexily.

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       She was moving her arms sometimes up and some times round her sexy looking belly. That gave slight jerks to her fleshy breasts. Her fleshy breasts stood firm like mounds. The shape of her breasts were were quite tempting that time. Her hard nipples were pointing upward straight on the tips of each of her well developed shapely breasts. The roundness of her fleshy breasts were simply luring. I told her “…. yes darling, I know, you want fucking now…. …. now you are fully hot …. …. and want strong strokes from me…. ” Then I separated her sexy thighs and positioned my self between them. Her pussy was wet. I pushed my hard erect dick tight inside her vagina.

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       Oohhh, it was very hot. The hot lubricant inside her vagina eased my entry in to her. My hard and stiff penis had no problem in entering her vagina. I gave some pushes and was then completely inside her. She moaned in ecstasy I toldthat I was completely inside her. I told her that I had pushed the full length of my dickinto her lovely pussyna. She told I was longing for it… …now fuck me at your will,Itold her that even in my dreams had not imagined that this holidays would be the best of my life, Kavitha expressed her desire that she was interested in me from the day we met but looking at circumstances and the good relations she did not want to spoil theI started moving my torso to and fro. My penis was getting harder and harder. In the beginning I made slow movements. She held me within her arms and started moaning in low sexy voice “…. uuuhh jijju…. aaaahhhh…. . oooofff” She encircled her thighs around my waist. I pushed my fully erect cock a little bit more inside her with more vigour.

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       Her voice became slightly louder. I went on fucking her gently. After some time She arched her legs and thighs up so as to give way more to me more inside her. I made more thrust. she was accommodating me more and more that way inside her. I increased my speed a little more. She was just sighing and moaning making sexy voice I increased my speed. I was stroking hard into her. I was trying to push my cock more and more into her. My cock was going and coming fast to and from her pussy. I was stroking. She was wriggling. She gave me all support with her haunches and I was romping fast. She was sighing and moaningMy piston was working fast into her bore. .


      . please go on fucking like this don’t stop it is giving me pleasureher wet pussy touching my balls each time she landed on my lap. Sometimes she went down slow and easy, letting me feel her soft flesh as my cock entered, and sometimes she hammered me, slamming against my lap with all the force she could muster. She worked and stroked me. The large bed groaned and creaked as we were doing it wildly. She was doing something magical with her hips now, twirling them in slow circling motions round and round, and I was grunting, heaving up under her. She bent over me, her superb back arching, rubbing herself against me. All I could do was grip her hips and indulge the sensation.

    She fell on to my chest and said, "Hold me tightly. " I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed. She held her cheek to mine. I took over the movement below by arching my hips. I withdrew my penis till only the head remained inside her cunt and waited for a few seconds. Then I gave a mighty push, which buried my whole dick in Kavitha’s cunt. And Kavitha wrapped her legs tightly around and locked my hips, and while she grabbed my hips she pushed me again inside her.

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       This time it felt a lot better. I was enjoying this a lot.

    With my every stroke she was moaning with pleasure. With each stroke, my dick was pulsating in such a way in her pussy that I was feeling I would not last long. As I moved in and out of her pussy, she started moving her hips in rhythm to mine, faster and faster. A low moaning began coming up from her mouth. She pulled me more tightly into herself as we rocked together in unison. Her groans grew louder and louder until they nearly became screams. She was now crying, with happiness that there was someone who is going tomake her a mother soon shescreamed, writhing in ecstasy and raking her nails across my broad, sweaty back. Her whole body shook, and her breasts jiggled wildly. Now I grabbed her legs by the calves, lifting them high and wide in my hands and began fucking her with long, deep, stabbing thrusts. My cock ran in and out of her cunt, glistening with our juices, piercing her flesh deeply. With each inward thrust I could feel my testicles clapping against her buttocks. She wrapped her legs round my waist, gripping me tight.

    She was giving me encouragements all through.

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       Amidst her sibilation, moan and sigh she used to tell me” I went on pumping like that with full speed. Then taking her into my arms and caressing I asked her “…how was it did you like it… she told me “…you are great jijju. . . . you know the art of fucking… . perhaps you have fucked lot many young girls and women. I told her that I had actually fucked some more young girls and women earlier other that my wife. She cooed sexilyyou are so experienced…I never knew jijju…. . that is why you know how to fuck I liked the way you fucked me. . We both were too exhausted and I asked her to finish it. And I increased my rhythm of stroking. After few minutes she and I both came together with full of sperms in her pussy from my heavy load .

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       I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me, we lay there for a while and were kissing each other. This time I was kissing her with lot of love, because she gave me lot of pleasure, the pleasure that could not be enjoyed with my wife. I love my wife and we have a successful sex life and she has always made me happy, but with Kavitha it was different. She kissed me again and again, and then told me that she was going to kitchen to bring one more round whisky so that we could regain our energy, after this episode I went to their house for the next 18 days but could not enjoy since her husband Kiran was also present, I could only flirt here and there, but as time passed after a month Kavitha called me to tell that she had missed her periods and after another2 weeks time she confirmed that she was pregnant after 9 months she gave birth to a baby girl sheresembled me a lot and once again after 2 years she again became pregnant from me and she had a boy, My wife also gave birth to a boy again both Kavitha and Rekha with kids are doing fine. In the whole affair nor my wife nor Kavitha’s husband knew what the real fact was which was preserved as a dead secret.
    …. …. ”



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