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Ashley had just turned 18 the on saturday her father let her have a party. To whick Ashley invited only her closest friends. Dan her father had bought some alchohol for the girls and the party lasted all week end. It was now Mon and ashley was on summer break so she decided to sleep off the long weekend on the couch. Ashley decided that she would watch a movie she rembered that she had been the last one to use the vcr so her favorite movie should be in the machine. So she reaches and grabs the remote and turns on the vcr. She knows first off that this is not her favorite movie at all but rather looked like a home movie. Ashley was curious as to what this tape was. then she recongnized the back drop this is taking place right here in the very room she was in. The tape is of the blank room for a few moments. Then a beautiful woman looking to be in her mid 20's enters the screen. Ashley notices that she is totaly nude. The woman had a mid c cup with pink  nipples that were so hard they were poking almost straight to the ceiling. The woman started to rub her nipples first pinching the nipple then she made small circles around her areolas. Ashley was getting a little uncomfortable. She had seen porno before but this there were no men and the setting was in her own home.

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   The woman moved her hands all over her soft body, down her belly and the whole time the camera followed her hand so Ashley knew that ment there was at least one more person in the room. the womans hand continued down to rub her pubic mound. Although in her 20's the woman was totaly bare of pubic hair. Then all of the sudden the rubbing stoped. The woman flicked her clit. It was like Ashley had been tied to the touch of the woman with the first flivk Ashley fealt a surge of what fealt like a mild shock and fealt the moistness under her soft white cotton panties. Should this be turning her on she was confused but she continued because it fealt so good. As Ashley continued to rub her clit, A man entered the screen, she could not see his face he had his hands on what must have been an 9" long hard penis. Ashley had seen penis before she was accualy quite into giving head, but this was much larger than any she had seen before. she fealt the fire explode inside her and the pleasure took her over. She looked at the mans cock as he mounted the woman. Imagining what that woman must be feeling like she is being split intothis turned her on very much. She speed up and with foce slammed 2 fingers into her cunt she shuddered uncontrolably with the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Then the man turned around the man was her father.
Asley was stunned for a moment before she quickly got up and turned of the tv and vcr.

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   This was the first time she had seen her father nude let alone shoving that huge meat pole in the pussy of a girl Ashley did not even know. She had just had the most amazing orgasm of her life and her father was the visual aid that was used. Ashley fealt dirty she needed a shower. While she was it the shower she could not stiffel the thoughts of her fathers huge cock. She knew it was wrong but she had to have somthing fill the void that she now fills in her loins. So she grabbed the closest thing she could find a hir brush and with no hesitation she jammed about 3 inches of the handle into her cunt. Still all she could think of was her fathers huge cock. Ashley was again rocked by orgasm not as powerful as the one earlier but made her week in the knees none the less.
When Ashley Got out of the shower she heard a voice comming from the living room. She was on her way to check out what it was when she heard her father call. She had on a towel and her panties she had slipped on in the bathroom. So she went to the living room to see what her father was calling for. When she arrived her father said "Ashley have a seat we need to talk about what you saw on the video tape. " How had he known Asley woundered. Her father continued "you did not rewind the tape Ashley.

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  " "Are you mad at me daddy" ashley managed to choke out she was so emberessed. "No baby i just need to explain some things to you. ""you see Ashley every since you mother died i can find anyone who can fill the void in my life so this is my way for release. " Ashley interupted " but daddy i thought i filled the void. " "baby you are all the woman i will ever need emotionaly but the void im feeling is a sexual one". Just hearing her father saying the word sexual made ashley's nipples hard. " Her father continued "plus you are too young to be watching that kind of thing especialy one with your own father in it. its just not right Ash". her father continued but with all this talk of the tape she could not get her mind off of her fathers huge cock. she look at it and imagined it out and in her mouth. She knew it was wrong but, she knew she had to do it before she went crazy. Ashley had decidedm she was going to seduce her father let him be the first to enter her.
Ashley let her father continue talking but she raised the towl up so her father could see her moistness in her cotton panties. "Ash baby your panties are showing. " said dan.

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   " She looked down and said oops gave the bottom of the towel a pull, and it landed on the floor. She was standing in front of her father in nothing but soked whie cotton panties. Her father just stared for several seconds before saying "Ash what are you doing". She had to say somthing and there was no turning back now. " daddy can i see your cock. " dan was set back yet again before finaly conguring up enough to say "no baby that is wrong". Dan was still staring at his nude daughter he fealt his dick getting hard at the site of those nice perky young breasts and the tight smooth body he is seeing in front of him. Ashley noticed the growth in his pants. "you may not want him to come out and play but he wants to come out. " Dan could not believe what was happening on one hand he has wanted to fuck this nubile piece for 2 years, but she was his daughter. he said" he may want to come out and play but he not going to". Not relizeing until after he spoke he had just told his daughter he wanted to fuck her. He hoped she did not catch the small mistake. " So he raly does want to come out and play so wyh dont you let him". Dan continued to fend of this beautiful young woman for several minutes.

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Ashley could wait no longer she aproached dan and pressed her lips to his she heard a slight whimper that she thought was a no we cant but she kept on going. she put her hand down the front of his pants he started to pull away. she followede him and pushed her hand all the way to his cock her small hands grabed his cock and began to stroke it. Dan at this point had all but given up he knew it was wrong but her small hands fealt so good on his huge shaft. Ashley continued to stroke her father inside his pants" fuck me that feels so good Ash" this was all the encouragement she needed. She had to let that monster free. She unbuttoned his pants and his growing cock sprang free eager to be paid atention to. Ashley imeadiatly had to lick the pre cum off the tip. Dan pulled away "no baby just a hand job. " Ashley looked up at her father with a please fuck me now look and said "dady shut up and enjoy. " she grabed his cock with more than ample force afraid she would tear it off dan stepped forward. Ashley put her mouth over the head of his penis and gave a few licks. Dan let his finaly slip away and then Ash took him in slowly until her chin was rubbing his balls. Dan could not believe the talent and enthusiam his little girl sucked his cock. "you are just a little cocking sucking whore" dan said she spit out his cock looked up and said" but im your little cock sucking whore daddy. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  " she engulfed him all the way to the balls again and the combo of his little girls talking like such a slut and her experience he could no longer hold back. Ashley fealt him arch his back and her mouth filled with the hot seed that had made her. dans cock started to fall soft. it came out of her mouth with a plop. Ashley had got some cum on her face she wiped it with her finger and rubbed it on her tounge " yummy cum daddy but now i need you inside me. " this shocked dan he said "arent you quiet the little whore. "no daddy its not like that at all im not a whore im still a virgin, i want to to have that special treat. "
"no way am i going to fuck my own daughter. "dan said "please daddy i want to fill the phisical void mommy left.
    " " you only want to do this to make me happy but you will feel horrible about it after it happens ash". " no daddy i want to do this for me and its gonna happen so might as well cooperate. "
    Ashley moved over to the couch and bent over the back and said" fuck me noww daddy but be easy with that tree im still a virgin rember. The sight of that soft young pussy bent over and ready to fuck made dans cock jump back to life. Just then a feeling of pure lust built up in dan daughter or not he was going to slide in that beconing pussy.
    he first rubbed her clit back and forth" umm.

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      . oh yea rub it daddy be mean slap it slap my pussy daddy/" dan abliged and gave it a slap it made ashley jump and shudder. dan put one finger into her waiting swollen cunt he worked it for a moment before he stuck a second diget in. " damn baby your soo tight i hve to loosen you up a little so i dont split you in half. dan continued to finger her cunt for several minutes before Ashley screamed" just fuck me daddy i have to have that cock in me fuck me please. " dan grabbed his cock and placed at the entrence of her young fertail cunt he rubbed the tip of his cock all over her clit and labia " the first time hurts baby but i will try to be easy" said dan 
    Dan began to push into the soft folds of his own fleash and blood inch at a time. " fuck its soo big get it all in  daddy make me fill full. " dan was now at her hymen "brace youself baby i have to break through your hymen i have to push hard. " he began to push when ashley said "i cant take it any more" and pushed back hard sinking dans cock all the way it her now burning cunt. She let out a squeel and a few tears escaped from her eyes it feal like the huge cock would split her into. dan knew this had to hurt his little girl she was so tight he fealt like he had his cock in a soft wet vice. He stoped and held still waiting for Ash to accomodate his size. He fealt her loose up a little and he began to pump in and out of his daughter.
    Ashley still fealt burrning pain but with every pump the pain faded and turned more to a stady ache but and ache and a pleasure. Soon most of the pain was gone and every time dan pulled back his cock was so large it fealt like the shear suction and emptyness would let her insides fall out when dan would trust forward he would fill her to the hilt  like he was packing her insides back in for her.

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       Ashley fealt her orgasm building. She started screaming "fuck me daddy hmmm fill me to the brim ohhhmyyyy god you soo big daddy fuck you little girl fuck her hard and fast. " to which dan replied "You like daddys big cock dont you yuo want daddy to pound that beautiful youg pussy huh wel hold on. "
    Dan sped up the pace at wich he pumped his daughter harder and faster not carring anymore if he hurt her. " harder, harder daddy oh god im gonna cum dont ever stop fucking me. " Dan could take it no longer the tightmess of his daughters cunt and the sound of his little slut in front of him sqeeling while he railed her. then he fealt the muscles in ashley cunt tense up and squeeze him like a vice " ohhhmyyygod im cumming daddy cum in me daddy i want to feel the seed that made me. " dan arched his back for one final thrust and exploded his sticky cum on the walls of his daughters woumb. Ashley cunt muscles tightened again the streams of spunk into her pussy set her off milking every drop of seed from her fathers prick. Dan roled over his cock falling out with a plop.
    Ashley imediatly put her fingers under her snach to catch her dads cum as it dribbled out. she then put in her mouth. " mmmm yummy cum". Ashley looked up at her father hair all messed up from the intense session they just had" daddy" "yes baby" dan said. "can i be your perminent little whore you dont any other women i will make those tapes with you if you want  just please never stop fucking me like you did tonight.

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    " i would like for you to be my little whore baby i love you so much. "  " i love you too daddy. "