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Initially, to begin with, I started sending adult related material to her via e-mail, but I confined it only to adult jokes which are funny, without a hint as to what was in my mind. I asked her once whether she liked the jokes I sent her and she replied in the affirmative. This encouraged me. Then a golden opportunity came my way!! Since she had completed her education and was looking for a job, before she started work, her parents decided to go on a small vacation out of town and I was invited. I gladly accepted the offer. We had to stay in a flat owned by my uncle's friend. It was a 2 bedroom apartment with master toilets attached to each bedroom and a common toilet. So naturally, me and my dear cousin had to share a bedroom and my uncle and aunty, the other bedroom. Throughout the day she wore a sexy Punjabi dress which highlighted her sexy figure and my tool remained rock-hard most of the day. So I had to be a little careful, so that she wouldn't notice. At night I was really looking forward to sleeping beside her. She wore a sexy single piece gown which looked as though she was getting ready for a nice honeymoon!! So we talked for some time and then went to sleep. (rather she went to sleep !!) I acted as if I was in deep sleep but after about half an hour, I was pretty much sure that she was asleep. I called her name softly to make sure that she was asleep. Then I slowly sat up and removed my pants and underpants and covered myself with a cotton sheet in case she woke up. Slowly I started stroking my rod, which was rock-hard, watching her sexy figure in the moonlight.

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   Then I slowly lifted her gown up to her thighs. Her bare legs were so slim and sexy that I somehow stopped myself from jumping on her, tearing her clothes and banging her virgin count with my thick rod till I exploded inside her!! But I continued to masturbate watching her legs. Then I slowly tried to open her gown button so that I could see her bra. But she suddenly moved, turned and slept on her side so that her back was facing me. My luck ran out but I could at least see her sweet ass. I masturbated looking at it and exploded inside the sheets. Then quitely wearing my pants, I went back to sleep thinking about her. Next day was not much fun as we out site-seeing and I didn't have much time to see the "site" which I really wanted. We had lunch outside and returned home in the evening. But then Uncle decided that his old friend's place was just few minutes drive away and he wanted to meet him. My aunty and cousin went along with him but I decided to stay home and "chill out". I had other plans in mind!! As soon as they left, I put my mind to work on how to see my cousin naked and in full bloom. There were many possibilities. Since our apartment was on the ground floor, I could easily go out and have a view inside the bathroom window from outside. But it was too risky in broad daylight.

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   Then I thought of a better plan. I searched the house and found all tools I was looking for : a sewing needle, hammer and flour. First I punched a very small hole in the wooden frame of the bathroom door with the needle and hammer such that the area of the shower was easily visible. Then I put some moist flour in the hole to temporarily seal it so that no one would notice it. Then I waited for them to return. As I expected, my cousin decided to take a shower as soon as she got home. This was a chance of a lifetime and I wasn't about to miss it. As soon as she went inside, I slowly closed the door and removed the flour with the sewing needle and there it was. . . . the scene I had been dying to see!! I saw my sister undressing. She removed her jeans and top first. She had a white bra and a white panty. God!! she looked so hot in the lingerie!! Then she removed her bra and the two gorgeous mounds popped out of it.

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   I had never seen a naked girl before, I was practically shivering with excitement!! Her boobs were medium sized but very firm, they stood proudly even without the support of the bra. Her nipples were dark buds at the tip of her boobs. I had read that when girls are aroused, their nipples become thick and enlarged. I wondered how hers would look then. I was enjoying my show when I was called by my aunty for some work. Cursing, I went outside and missed my chance to see her love-hole. That night was not much different than the earlier. We talked for some time and then she went to sleep. After waiting for some time, I removed my tool from my pants and stated masturbating. I lifted her gown up to her thighs and even took a peek inside to see her panty. But this time I was able to open her upper gown button and get a glimpse of her bra. This made my masturbation more fun. I was afraid to proceed further or else she might wake up. The next day in the morning, when I was about to see her removing her clothes, my cursed uncle called me outside to help with his car repairing. But I had a plan fixed by then.

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   It was a terrific plan which I knew couldn't fail!!(even some of U can try it out!!) In the evening, when uncle and aunty went for a walk, my cousin invited me to go to some park with her friends in the building. I refused on the pretext that I was tired and wanted to get some sleep. As soon as she left, I searched all the cupboards and her suitcase and found that she had brought 5 bras ( 4 +1 she was wearing). My plan was simple. I innocently put all bras in the washing bucket in the bathroom so that after she took her bath, she won't have any to wear!! I waited for all to return. At night, my cousin and I were playing cards and sipping coke (which I had purposefully demanded!!)in our bedroom, when I got up on some pretext and slipped very spectacularly and dropped most of my coke on her!! She was pretty upset and I was pretty happy to have been successful in un bra-king her. I apologized a thousand times and offered to go out while she changed clothes. I very well knew that she will have to change her bra but not find a single dry one and hence have to sleep without one!! And soon I overheard her grumbling to her mom about being careless to have mistakenly put all her bras for washing. Soon after that I went back inside to sleep. I went inside and a look at her told me the whole story. She was wearing a gown with all buttons tightly closed and it was pretty obvious that she was not wearing a bra!! Every time she moved, her boobs jingled and moved up an down, making my heart thump loudly. I decided to sleep rather early that day. I accidently fell asleep but my 6th sense woke me up. It was around 2. 00 in the morning.

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   I looking around to find my cousin sound asleep beside me. I slowly removed my pants and took my already hard tool in my hand. I gave it a few strokes to make sure he wouldn't go to sleep. My hands were practically shivering as I moved near her and opened the top gown button. It unhooked easily but 2 more were remaining and I had to do it without waking her up. I slowly removed her 2nd button and her cleavage and upper portion of her soft naked breasts was easily visible to me. But what I wanted was her Nipples. Very slowly I opened her 3rd button and parted the portion to reveal her extremely gorgeous breasts. I was so excited that I shot my load within a few minutes. But there was something I did which made me even more happy. I took my semen and placed a little bit on each of her rubbery brown nipple which was a bit stiff, being out in the cold. Then I slowly closed her 3 gown buttons and went to sleep with a few ever-lasting memories. So now that I had a good look at her tits, my thirst was not quenched. I wanted her completely and I became more and more restless. But I knew that if I did things in a hurry, I might bomb everything.

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   And as you all know, to get something, you should give something. So now we had spent a few days out of town and we were ready to go back. I was not at all cheered by this thought. But I didn't know about the good days to come. Just a few days later,my cousin got a job and started working in some computer company. About a week later, my aunt called me up and said that she and my uncle had to go to their native place to settle some property dispute involving their land. So, since my cousin was working, she could not go along with them. My aunt asked me to give her company at night cause they didn't want to leave her alone at home. I agreed to stay full time with her, to give her company and also help in cooking, cleaning, etc. Besides, I wanted to spend time alone in her house, so that I could use a few tricks!! My uncle and aunty left that very day and I moved in. The next day we both got up, had breakfast, and soon she left for her job. As soon as she left, I went to the bathroom and found her bra. It didn't smell much but anyway, I used it to Masturbate. I watched some TV, then searched the house. In my search I found some pics of her and her college friends, taken during a trip.

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   Most of her friends were hot as she was, so I had a good time jacking off watching their pics. As evening approached, I had already jacked off 3 times and my cock was throbbing. But my desire had not subsided. I prepared a nice dinner and waited for her. She returned in the evening and looked pretty tired. We had a quick dinner and I offered to clean up the table. Then, at night, we talked for sometime as got ready for bed. I slowly turned the subject to girl-friends and boy-friends. I asked her whether she had any boy-friends. She said,"no, I don't!" Before I could stop myself, I blurted out,"Hey, you are lying! Don't tell me that a sexy girl like you doesn't have a B-if!!" I didn't know whether I had said the right thing and I just uttered a meek sorry. She said,"its alright and thank you!" This gave me little bit of confidence. I asked her,"Are U a virgin?" She said,"Of course I am!! U think I'm a whore or what??" I said,"No, but I'm still surprised that a sexy girl like you hasn't been ducked till now. I've seen most of the girls of your kind getting ducked as soon as they get into college!" I could sense that she was getting a bit uneasy by this conversation, so I decided to end it there. We both said goodnight and went to sleep. Next day was the same as earlier.

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   But, in the afternoon, while I was surfing some porn, I got an idea! I deliberately left a porn link on the desktop that lead to incest pics. In the evening, she came home, we had some snacks and I decided to watch some TV while she went to check her e-mail. I was waiting for this and tiptoed back to the bedroom door and peeped inside. She had just booted the PC and the link I had left had got her attention, much to my delight. She cautiously clicked on the link to open a page with pics of brother ducking a gorgeous sister in different positions. She seemed to like those pics cause she saved them on the PC to some secret folder. I went back to TV but I wanted to know what kind of response would she give to this. But she didn't say anything. So, as usual, we went to sleep. The next day, I decided to tease her a little more. The Next morning, I got up early and took out a hot porn magazine and was waiting for her to get up. I knew that she would get up and clean up and come in my room to wake me up. I wanted to give Her a little show!! As she got up and was brushing her teeth and stuff, I started my show. My door was closed so I stripped up naked wearing only a shirt and lay on my back and started furiously master bating while waiting for her to peep in. Just as I expected, she came without knocking, expecting that I was asleep.

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   But there I was, my thick rod in my hand facing her. She seemed very embarrassed and quickly went back saying sorry. I also acted as if I was caught unawares. Then I quickly took a bath and went down for breakfast. For some time, she was a little uneasy and her eyes did not meet mine. I said,"hey!! Cool down. If someone has to be embarrassed, it should be me and not you! We both know that every teen has his/her private sex life and there is nothing to be ashamed of!!" She just looked at me but didn't know what to say. But I made things bit easier for her and soon she seemed pretty normal. So we sat down for breakfast and I suddenly asked her "How do you master bate, with a dildo or with your fingers??" She nearly choked on her juice.
    "How can you ever think about such a question??",she asked. "Hey now don't act too pristine ok!! I know pretty well the things girls do!!" "Can we continue with some other topic?",she said. I said,"Ok, but that is unfair cause U see me completely naked jacking off and I don't even get to know how U do it ??" "Fine !!", she said,"I'll tell you in the evening cause I'm getting late for office. " This was what I had been waiting for!! I was excited all day cause I was sure that I was going to get a treat in the evening!! I was eagerly waiting for her to return in the evening. She came in the evening and we had something to eat and drink. I acted all cool so as not to show my eagerness.

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       But when we were getting ready for bed, I couldn't hold it and asked her,"Hey U were supposed to show me something remember???" "Excuse me?? I was going to TELL U, not SHOW U!!",she said. "But in order to make me understand properly, I'll have to see it!!" "No way mister!! I'm your cousin remember?" "Hey you see me naked, tats ok? And I don't get to see anything??" But she seemed reluctant, so I didn't push it. "Fine !! have it your way!! At least tell me how U do it. " "Well. . . I use my fingers. . 1 or 2 fingers. I insert 1 finger inside while with the other, I stimulate my clitoris. Tats it!! I'm telling nothing more!!" But that was enough for me! I spent nearly an hour jacking off thinking about it before I went to sleep!! I was thinking of new ways to seduce her. I knew that in her mind, she was attracted to me but she was reluctant to show her feelings outside. My job was to make that happen. That day she had a half day, so she would be coming in the afternoon for lunch. I had rented a few movies that day and also 1 x porno.


       I kept it near the PC in her room. After she came,we had our lurch and I cooly told her,"Listen up! I have rented a few movies to watch today. But theres a XXX movie in there too. And its not for kids!! So don't even think of watching it. All movies R kept on your PC table. I'm going to sleep. Wake me up in the evening. " And I went to sleep in my room and closed the door. I was pretty much sure that she would watch the porno movie. So I waited to make sure that she was in her room and tip-toed near her room. She was initially watching a normal movie, but after few minutes, she couldn't hold it and played the porno movie. It was an incest hard core movie in which a brother is having holts for his sister and is spying on her. There was a scene in which the brother is watching his sister master bating to a hard core porno. As the movie progressed, she began to tense up a bit. Then to my utter delight, her hands slowly went to her breast and she slowly started rubbing her nipple over her dress.

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       My cock became rock hard and I immediately opened my pants and started playing with it. She was so heated up that she didn't even bother closing the door or looking to her side cause if she had, she would have found me beating my meat looking at her. The next thing she did was what each horny brother would give anything to see. She opened her gown buttons and started massaging her nipples over her bra. My attention was completely focused. She began to move her fingers round her nipples slowly at first but then she started pinching them at intervals. Then she lowered her bra and exposed her full breasts. She started pinching and massaging her nipples and applying saliva to them. Soon her dark brown buds were thick and tall and I was so mesmerized by the scene that I even stopped master bating and continued to watch. Then she slowly pulled her gown up to reveal her expose her black panty. She continued to pinch one nipple with her right hand while her right hand slowly crept towards her love hole. She started rubbing her finger over her panty. She had started breathing heavily now. She also started moaning,"UUffff. .

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      . . . AAAAhhhhhhhh. . . . . . " These moans were killing me. I knew this was my golden opportunity. It was now or never. I pulled my pants up and got ready to go to war!! I quietly crept inside the room, keeping low and got behind her. She was so engrossed in the hot movie and master bating, that she didn't know when I was close behind her. "Here, let me help you.

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      " I said and put both my hands on each of her nipples. Before she had a chance to respond, I pinched and rubbed her already sensitive nipples. She realized swat had happened and started uttering,"No. . no. . please. . . " But those words turned into,"Harder. . . . harder. .

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      . please. . . . ",once I replaced one hand by my mouth and started biting her nipple. I rolled my tongue over it, bit it, and pulled it with my mouth. This action was having a tremendous effect on her and I could sense it. Then I stopped and ordered her to remove her clothes. She didn't hesitate much and within a minute she was standing butt naked in front of me. I took her to the bed and made her lie on her back. I spread her legs and positioned myself in between. I asked her to massage and pinch her nipples. I looked at her love hole and I was sort of mesmerized. I'd never seen a more beautiful vagina!! It was clean and neatly shaved.

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       Her slit was sitting there looking at me, inviting me to invade her privacy!! I was going to go to where no man had ever gone before !! I slowly licked her slit from the upper end up to the ass hole. She uttered a load moan. Then I slowly separated her outer lips and located her clitoris at the upper part. One lick at the clitoris and I felt her shiver. So I slowly picked up speed to lick her clitoris which was slowly swelling from all the attention it was getting!! One of her hands had left her nipple and had got into my hair which she was pulling. She started pushing my head closer to her love hole!! The flicks with my tongue on her clitoris was having their full effect and she was soon moaning loudly and squirming as I licked her. Then I Slowly put 1 finger in my mouth and wetted it sufficiently and slowly inserted it in her hole. She uttered a load "UUffffff. . . " but didn't ask me to stop. She was now completely in her own world. I started moving the finger in and out and gradually increased pace. She continued to utter moans and pinch her nipples. 1 Finger was replaced by 2 and gradually 3 fingers which continued to piston in and out of her count!! I was getting a feeling that her orgasm might be near.

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       Suddenly she shouted,"Shove it in Her body sort of seized up and then she started trembling and I doubled my speed. Her orgasm had started and she continued to tremble and shiver and I felt her juices flowing and covering my hand. Her orgasm lasted for over a minute during which I continued to finger-duck her and even after her orgasm stopped, I continued to finger-duck her cause I knew that she was enjoying, lost in ecstasy!! The orgasm process lasted for very short time but I tell U all, it was one of the most beautiful scenes I had ever seen in my life, She was lost in ecstasy under me . . al shaking and having the time of her life !! After everything was over, she was lying on the bed, panting and completely exhausted. In all this I had forgot that not only did I not duck her, but I didn't even get a chance to master bate. I told her so and she said,"Dear!! U have made me so happy that I would do anything for U!!" Not only did I get to duck her but I also got a lot more !! I'll tell U the things we have done together. . . they are absolutely amazing. But that would be in future stories to come. I would like to know how U liked my experience, specially from girls. Have fun !!.



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