Deep inside, I think my parents knew it was their fault. Getting caught up in an incestual relationship, and having children could only lead to damaging roads. They had lost one daughter to society, and now they were going to lose another one to biology. They made sure that I didn't have any contact with anybody. No boys, no girls. They didn't want to risk me getting inflamed by those people who saw me as a freak, or a mutation. I tried my best to stay knowledgeable. I studied hard, I worked hard in school. I got a job at a real nice Starbucks. I was doing good for myself. I finally got accepted to college in Miami, but my parents weren't so sure I should go. When I asked why, they eventually had to tell me the story of their past and their incestual relationship since Miami was where they were born and raised. I decided to go there anyway, not to trace back my roots, but to see for myself if the world my parents had formulated in my mind was true. Turns out. . .

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  it was.
Upon coming to college all there is other than studying, and tests, is one huge orgy party of raging hormones, and a 6 year goodbye to adolescence forever. I tried to follow my parents rules, and stay away from people who might become aware of my situation and use it to vilify me. Unfortunately, for me, I didn't listen, and one of the guys that gave me more attention than necessary; he said he would be with me no matter what, and he liked me for who I was before he even knew what I was. As soon as he found out, he wasn't the same guy I thought he'd be. No sooner was my secret out, and all around school. Even in college, kids can be cruel. The only hope I had was turning to a group of kids just like me. The gay-straight and transgendered alliance that our university had, but that soon fell short. Despite their "open-minds", many of the gay or lesbian students weren't too keen on being involved with the transgendered. Then the worst of things happened, I found out that the scholarships I had earned were pulled away. I didn't understand how or why that had happened, but now there was only one thing I could do to cover my school costs. I still don't understand why I wanted to stay in school. It truly was a cruel place to be, and no doubt that when I got out, it was going to be worst for me still. I had to find a place where I belonged.

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   Where I could be accepted, and not ridiculed for what biology has given me. But where would that be?
Just as I was looking for an answer it came to me. A Help Wanted sign at a strip club. The club was called "J's". I didn't clearly understand the name at first, considering that most places like these would be named after anything that would peak some sexual interest. "J's" didn't really do it for me, but what shocked me was how much business they actually had. Once I went in to the dusky cavern of a stripclub, I realized how many people enjoy this place. The girls were gorgeous, friendly, respectable, and horny as hell. Nothing wrong with that. I'd fit right in. Just as I was looking over the place, a stout, 6'5, Caucasian man with a beer belly the size of Africa greeted me. "Age?" he asked in his husky, barotone voice.
"Umm. . 21.

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  " I replied.
"You here for the show?" the bouncer, which I'm guessing he was, asked me.
"No. . . not really. I'm looking. . . f. . for a job. " I said, barely ushering the words from my lips. He grabbed a hold of my shoulders, and tugged on my long brown trenchcoat which I'd been wearing to cover up my scantily clad outfit. I was wearing a low cut, halter-top that was strapless, and barely touched my navel.

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   It was cut short enough to show off my athletic waist, and tight enough to cup the curves of my lively, 36C breasts. My skirt wasn't even close to knees, which almost made me feel thoroughly uncomfortable. The idea that I could grow rock hard by some guy checking me out didn't occur to me until this moment when the barhop was circulating his eyes over every square inch of my body.
"Looks good. " He complimented, "Name?" the bouncer retorted.
"Oh. . um. . Angie. " I replied.
"Angie dear, the boss is in the back. She'll be able to tell you everything you need to know. Oh. .

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  . and call her "J". She doesn't answer to anything else. " the barhop warned.
"Okay, thanks. " I said cautiously, as I walked casually through the crowd of sex, skanks, and booze. Finally, I got to the door in the back of the dimly lit strip joint, simply marked "BOSS". I knocked.
"Come in, Angie. " A voice called back to me. I opened the door carefully already a little spooked that the person behind the door knew my name already. Once I got inside, the room was almost an oxymoron compared to the outside. It was bright, and full of color. She had the walls painted white, instead of the tarnished red color that splattered every wall her dancers were near. I shut the door behind me, and saw no one in plain sight.

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   "Sit down", I heard someone command of me, although I found it hard to see where they were coming from. I took a seat on her white leather couch, and waited for the one they called "J" to show herself. Instead, she lurked from a distance. "You're very beautiful. " She commented.
"Ummm. . . thank you. " I said shyly.
"No need to be nervous. We're a special kind of people here. We take care of everybody. " J's voice resounded over a small speaker, so I couldn't distinguish her whereabouts. "Angie, tell me about yourself?" J asked.

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"Umm. . well, I'm a freshman in college, and some of my scholarships have been revoked. I'm just trying to stay in school, nothing more. " I answered.
"Yes. School is very important. Many of our girls here attend school, and are doing increasingly well on tuition. " J reassured. "I intend to hire you Angie, but is there anything else I need to know?" J asked.
I bowed my head down sadly. I know this is a strip joint, and I'm not sure what kind of people they have here that would be so accepting to what I have to offer. "Well, there is one thing. . .

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  " I started to say, "I'm. . . uhhh. "
"Yes?" the echo of J's voice asked.
"I. . . uhhhm. " I couldn't even bring myself to say it, I figured it'd be best just to show her, but truth be told, I didn't know where she was or who else could be watching. "I. . . I wanna see you. " I choked out.

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   I was expecting her to say no, and kick me out, but instead the reply I got was nicer, and more accepting.
"Ok. " I didn't notice it before, but there was a door behind the couch I was sitting on, and it started to creak open, and out of nowhere came J. She was beautiful. She had wavy black hair down to the small of her back, and her lips curved to dimples of her cheeks. Her body slid seductively as she walked. As if she couldn't move on part without accentuating the others. There was something about her that seemed familiar to me somehow. She came over and greeted me with a handshake. "I'm J. " she announced. "It's nice to meet you Angie. " she said.
"Ditto. " I replied.

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"Now that you've seen me, is there anything else you would like to tell me before we make this official?" J said while relaxing me back down beside her on her plush couch.
"I have an issue. " I managed to say.
"What kind of issue?" J asked showing obvious concern. I still couldn't bring myself to say it, but I managed to slide my hands up my skirt, and removed my panties to show her. Her eyes lit up when she saw what I was talking about. Not in fear, or shock, but in excitement and interest. "That's so beautiful" she answered.
"What?" I asked.
"Don't be shy. That's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. " J reassured. "Let me explain something to you Angie. Here at J's, we try to provide all aspects of fantasy. Ranging from the girl next door, to the school principal, to lesbianism, transgenders, and even incest-"


  " I interrupted, "I'm not a big fan of that last one you mentioned. " I answered.
"Oh please, everyone has at least one incest fantasy in them. " J retorted.
"Not me, I think I've had all the incest to last me a lifetime. " I replied.
"Why is that?" J questioned.
"My mother and father were involved in an incestuous relationship. " I suddenly saw the impact of pain course over her face. And then, jsut like that, she smiled.
"Mine too. " she chuckled. I looked up at her in a strange way trying to salvage what she had just said to me. It felt strangely alluring and comforting in a way that she had the exact same experience that I had. "Yeah, when I found out, it was too heavy to deal with, so I bailed.

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   Did some stripping, and made some friends, and sooner or later, I had my own place. With all the things I picked up along the way, I knew I could make my place genuine, and it is. Live performances, and I even let the audience write stories so they can have thier favorite strippers perform them. I've made millions. " J eplained.
"Wow. Did your parents ever go looking for you after you left?" I asked her.
"I don't think so. If they did, they gave up early. " J explained. I felt a sudden chill rupture my back. That sense of familiarity was returning to me, and I was beginning to get nervous. This was too strange of a coincidence that I wound up here, sitting with her, talking with her. Something was unusual. Something felt too close.

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I wasn't certain whether I should just come out loud and say what I was thinking, or hold it in until I knew for sure. I went with the former, but only one word would come out, "Jelissa?" I said. I watched J's expression grow worrysome. Fear overtook her, as she realized I may have known more about her than she wanted me to. She rose from the couch hurriedly, and looked down on me.
"Who the hell are you?" she asked angrily.

    "Angie. . Jelissa. It's me Angela. Your sister. " Nervousness overflowed her. Her body fell back down onto the couch, and into my arms.
    "Oh my God. Angie! Wow! You've grown up so well.

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      " Jelissa cheered.
    "The same could be said for you too, sis. " I complimented her.
    For hours, Jelissa couldn't come down off of the shock of seeing her sister whom she hadn't seen in nearly ten years. We talked, and laughed, and enjoyed each other's company for hours. Jelissa even had me stay over with her for the night. We still talked, and laughed and cried over time we missed, and all the fun we missed out on having. And then Jelissa asked me the question, I knew she was burning to ask. "So, have you ever had sex before?"
    "Once, but it was with a gay guy, and he only wanted to fuck me. " I answered.
    "So, is that who you're going for. Gay guys?" Jelissa asked.
    "Actually, I'm not really into guys. I think I like the idea of having sex with a girl with my cock. " I replied.

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       I had broken down all my shyness barriers with Jelissa, I was bold enough to say anything to her that I wasn't able to say to friends, colleagues or even my parents.
    "Well. . " Jelissa started. We laid in her plush, Queen Size deluxe bed, and we were both tucked under the sheets. I didn't have my panties on because I knew Jelissa would want to play with my cock, and for some strange reason, I would let her. She started to stroke it gently, getting me aroused, and excited. "Can I be your first girl?" Jelissa asked. I nodded anxiously. In my mind, I didn't want to do this because after all my parents went through, I didn't need the problems that incest can bring, but my body was telling me that I needed to be inside Jelissa. I wanted to feel her warm, wet pussy swallowing my full cock whole. Jelissa went under the covers, and took my 8 inch cock into her mouth. Her lips were soft, and luscious. Caressing every inch of my dick with loving care. It felt so good as her tongue hit spot after spot after spot.

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       Finally, she took it out before I exploded, and brought her head back to the surface. She was wearing a sheer pink nightie that she lifted off her head as she straddled me. Pushing all 8 inches of my cock inside her. Jelissa began to ride me. Her pussy squeezing my cock for dear life. I reached up and cupped both her breasts in my hands, and let my tongue greet them. Jelissa was an incredible fuck. She made sure I made good use of my cock as I pounded her pussy sideways. It felt so incredible to be inside of her. My very own sister with my very own dick. I was fucking her for dear life. Her lips tasted delicious, her tits were magnificient as they bounced from the force of my cock. Her pussy was so wet. It was almost as if this was what I needed, this was all I needed. I grabbed hold of my sister's breast as I was sure I was about to blow my load inside of her.

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    "Oh sis. I'm gonna cum!" I shouted. Jelissa fucked me harder. She wanted her sister's cum inside her, and I was more than happy to oblidge. I grabbed both her legs under her knees, and gave one final thrust as I shot sperm after sperm inside my sister's cunt. It felt warm, and intense. It was til this day, the best fuck of my life. My cock softened as I pulled it out of her, and we laid next to each other falling into a silent sleep.
    Until Jelissa woke up to announce something to me, "Oh yeah, you need a stage name. " she mentioned.
    "I got it. How about 'Secret'?" I said.
    "I love it. " she replied, and softly drifted back to sleep.
    "Jelissa?" I started just as she was almost sleep, "Do you think I'll be okay from now on?"
    She turned to face me and with all sincerity replied, "I already told you.

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      . . we take care of everybody. "
    The End.
    My name is Angela. I prefer it when people who know me call me Angie, but everyone at my job knows me as Secret. I love my stage name. Lord knows it suits me well. Secrets was basically all I had when growing up. My family didn't want anyone to know my secret. They knew that everyone would scold me, and hate me for what I was. I wondered what people would think of them if they knew thier secrets? A little known fact to everyone else in my hometown is that my mother and father, are also brother and sister. When thier parents found out, they threw them both out at 18 They struggled for awhile, but eventually moved here to Vermont to begin again. It worked. Thier past hadn't followed them, but it didn't mean that their nightmares were over.

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       By the time my mother was 19, her brother had impregnated her with a child. They named her Jelissa. She is my sister. Jelissa had a pretty rough life too. When she was 13, she was raped by three guys in school. She didn't tell anybody either, which would remain her little secret. I found out when one of them tried to do the same to me. When Jelissa turned 15, she became more rebellious, and indignant than she'd ever been. She stayed out late, partied, got drunk, and rarely spent time with the family. When Jelissa turned 16, she ran away. Nobody ever told me why she ran away, or where she ran away too. And no one really tried to look for her since she was rarely around before she left, she really wasn't missed. I was born a year after my sister. But I also had a problem that my parents wanted to keep a secret. I was born a hermaphrodite.

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       Female looks, but with male reproductive organs. .



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