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Hello my name is Shanna I am a Mother of 1 son I have been into Incest all my life and I found this website about 4 months ago and have read all the great storys and I think I would like to share my real life Incest in my family. have change there names and place.
I live in a small town outside of Seattle. I married a great man who is partners in a Law Firm. We where lovers for 2 years and when he was married. Well I am 48 and he is 54. We finale got married and had 1 beautiful Son. My son James was in alot of trouble growing up. At 18 he got a girl pregent and she was 20. Later she had a miscarrige. I found drugs in his room and dirty videos and mag. I caught him stealing money from us and we even sent to a boot camp for trouble kids. Well when he was about 19 I came home one day from work early and went inside. I heard some noise in his room so I check when getting to the door I heard what was sex and a girl screamin in pleasure. I was shock and I decide to walk in and yeild at him. I got in and he was behide her and she was bent over the the bed.

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   They where shock and was trying to get in the covers. I watch and when I saw my son naked and his cock something inside me got me hot. I talk to them both about safety and to use condoms. Well later that night I was takin a shower and started to think about my son sexual I rub on my body my fingers rub inside my lips and my nipples where geting hard and as caress them I felt my body jerk as I cum inside myself.
As weeks went by more and more I thought about him and I watch him walk around the house. I would fantisize about him when I made love to my husband. I would think that it was James that was in my pussy deep, his cock in my mouth, and him eatting me out. One day my husband want to visit is brother in another city. I ask James if he wanted to go and he said sure. It was about 2 hours and it was around 4 pm. We stay about 3 hours and headed back home. James was asleep in the back seat. I got up and bent over the front seat to get something from the back. I reach down and when I look at his cock he had a hard on. I could see it bulg in his shorts.

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   I got so turn on that I made a move to get something else I look at it again and this time he had his hand down his pants. I was so hot and I wanted to suck his cock and let him bend me over like he did his girfriend that day.
That night I fuck my husband but could not stop think about my son and him fuckin me. Week went by and my husband had to go out of town for 2 days. I came home that Thursday and knew he would be gone until Saturday. I fix dinner for James and I and told him that I need to take a shower. I went in my room but left the door crack. I took off my clothes and was just in my Lite Blue. I went to turn on the shower and went back to my room. We had a shower in our rm. I went to the closet to get my pj. I haed to the bathroom when I saw James in the door way watching me. I was so turn on and it made me want to fuck him. I left the door open and took off my bra and panties. I stood looking in the mirrorand rubin myself I watch him glue to the door and I slowly made my way down to my pussy.

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   I rub and open my legs so he could see from the back my pussy lips and pink that was inside them. I caress my breast and started to runb my ass and stick my finger in my mouth. I know he was watching me and never did I think I would be play with myself and my son watching. I open my eyes and he was gone. I went in the shower and finish inside. I read my book in bed and it was getting late. I went out to say good night. James was watchin TV in his room. I knock and went in. I stood there in my robe and bent down to kiss him good night As I did I felt him touchin my ass. I pull up and we just staired at each other.
I bent down again but this time I kiss him on the lips. He return the kiss and we open so our tongues could feel the passion in our mouth. I started to rub his head and run my fingers in his hair.
    I felt the air come in my robe when he undid it and it open up.

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       I stood up with out a word and drop my robe. James pull the covers off and to my surprise was naked and was hard. I stood there in my panties and want to climb in bed with him. STOP MOM LET ME LOOK AT YOUR BODY.  James sat on the bed and pull me between his legs. I stood there watch him look at my body and rub on it. His hands move all around my body and I could feel my pussy getin wet. He move one of my legs on the outside of his and slowly rub on my pussy MOM YOUR SO WET.  I felt his fingers in my hair and then aroumd to my butt. He went inside my panties but did not take them off. He grab each cheek and pull my ass open. He bent forword and kiss at the top of my panties and slowly went down to my pussy but he was on the outside of my panties.  I was sok around my pussy and I reach down to grab his cock.
    I felt his hot and precum from it and he push up everytime I went down. He slowly pull down my panties and stood up.

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       He told me to lay down and as I did he got on top of me. We kiss and touch each other. I felt him push his finger inside my pussy. I gave a lite moan to let him know that it felt good. As he finger me I could hear the sound of wet pussy. He got up and pull me towords the end of the bed and he went right down to eat my pussy. I was in pleasure and was pushin up to meet his tongue. I push his head to tell him dont stop. Every sound that I made was pleasure and he know he was going to make me cum. I raise up and dug my nails in his back and with this he know I was going to cum. Faster and sucking more of my clit in his mouth I com so much and was out of breath. STOP JAMES OH MY GOD as I was shacken he stood up and pull me towords him. I felt his cock go in me and with this he began to pound hard and fast. I was going crazy and could feel my juice buildin up again. I felt his balls hit my ass hole and reach back to rub them about 18 mins he exploded in me deep and every shot he would push in.

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       We both laid there and this was the start of our Incest.
     6 years have pass and James has join the military. I am 54 and he is 25. I think about that time and all the other times we shared. He was home about 6 months ago and we fuck so good and never feel bad about what happen 6 years ago.   



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