Sarah's Present for her brother (Part 3)


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Sarah M.
It had been 6 months since Ben's birthday party, the first time I'd sucked his cock and the first time we had fucked. During those 6 months I hadn't seen Ben because of my work and his school, but we had kept in touch to say the least. Through IM's, phone calls, emails and webcams we'd continued to develop our relationship. And now here I was, driving home to spend the Christmas vacation with him and my family. I pulled into our driveway around 7 pm just as the snow began to fall. Dressed for the weather I was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, a blue thong, a white turtleneck sweater and a blue bra along with knee high boots. Grabbing my bags from the backseat I hurried up to the door and walked inside.
My parents were sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV. They smiled and got up as I walked in.
"Sarah! Welcome home sweetheart!" My mom said as she wrapped me in a hug.
"Thanks mom, it's great to be here.

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  . . . . hi dad. " He smiled as he also gave me a hug.
"Welcome home darling. " He said as he took my bags.
"Is Ben home?" I asked. "No, he's still over at one of his friend's houses. " My mom answered. "I don't think he knew you were going to be home tonight. "
I smiled, "Yeah, I thought I'd surprise him. " She smiled and gave me another small hug, "I think it's just great how the two of you have grown so close Sarah. We never thought he'd get to know his older sister like he has.

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  " I couldn't help but smile at her understatement, and couldn't begin to imagine what she would do if she ever found out how close of a relationship we had.
"It works out great that your going to be here so soon, I didn't really want to leave him here by himself all day tomorrow while your father and I are at work, especially during the holiday season, but now that your here he'll have someone to hang out with," my mom said.
I couldn't help but smile as the possibilites began to run through my mind. Having the house all to ourselves until 6 pm was a wonderful surprise. "Well I'm sure we'll find plenty of things to do together," I said. "When will he be home?"
"Well he's spending the night with his friend, but Janet is going to drop him off tomorrow morning. "
I smiled, "That sounds great. " I went and sat down with my parents in the living room after unpacking. We talked for awhile before they went to bed and after awhile I went up to my room. After checking to make sure I still had plenty of birth control pills I took off my clothes and looked at my body in the mirror. I wanted to make sure it would be perfect for the inevitable fucking I would be getting the next day. I had lost most of my tan but I was still kind of dark. My butt was firm, but nice and round as well. My hair was wavy and dark, coming down to my shoulders and my pussy was trimmed into a neat strip of hair. Satisfied, I went to sleep, eager for the next day.

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The next morning I woke up around 7. My parents were just heading out of the door and I hugged them both good bye. I went and took a shower and put on pair of blue panties and a blue bra. I had just finished when I heard a car door close in the front and a moment later the front door opened and closed downstairs.
I walked out of the bathroom as I heard him running up the stairs. I saw him look down the hall and see me. Wearing a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, a long sleeved shirt and a black jacket, he looked just like the sweet 18 year old kid I loved. I smiled as he ran to me.
At 5'2" he only came up to my chin as he wrapped me in a hug, his cold clothes and hands were like ice against my body but I hugged him back tightly.
"I missed you so much," I said
"Me too Sarah, I've been wanting to have you back so badly!" he said.
He let go of me a litle bit and stood back to look me over, "damn, Sarah, you are sooo hot. "
I smiled, "We've got the house to ourselves until 6 pm"
He grinned, "really?" I nodded, leaning down I pressed my warms lips to his. As our lips pressed together his tongue slid into my mouth as we made out. Backing up a bit after a few moments I grinned, "Now we can be as loud as we want. .

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  . and we don't have to worry about any 'accidents. '"
Taking his hand, I led him back downstairs to the living room. Looking around, there were large windows looking out over the front yard but I didn't care. Instinctively he began to undress, shedding his jacket, then his shirt, and then his shoes and jeans until he was down to his underwear. I smiled at him and undid my bra, letting it fall down. Then, sliding my panties down and stepping out of them, I revealed my nude body to him again. He stared at my nude body and I could tell from the hardening cock in his tight white underwear that he was enjoying it.
Grinning, "Your turn. " Looking up he smiled, "Ok. " Grabbing his underwear he pushed them down and stepped out. His hard young cock looked like it had grown a little since we last fucked. It now stood hard and erect at 5 in. and average width, surrounded with a good amount of brown pubic hair.
He sat down on the couch and looked up at me, "suck my cock Sarah.

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  " I gave him a smile and then got down on my knees. Leaning down I slid my lips and mouth over the length of his hard cock. He moaned as I used my tongue to lick the underside of it in my mouth.
"Fuck Sarah, that feels so good!" He groaned. After a moment I started sliding my mouth up and down on the hard shaft, enjoying the taste and feeling it pulsing in my mouth. After a minute or so he began to moan and I felt his cock beginning to throb. Thinking he couldn't possibly be ready to cum already, but suddenly he groaned out, "Fuck, Sarah I'm. . . . .
    I'm CUMMING!!!" I felt his hot cum shoot into the back of my mouth as I began to swallow. Thick cum sprayed in my mouth, filling it as I swallowed it. After a moment, his cock twitched one more time then he relaxed.

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      . . I'm sorry. I didn't think I would cum that soon. " he said, blushing. I smiled though, "Don't worry baby, it's ok. "
    He smiled, "Thanks Sarah. . . . but don't worry, I'll be ready again in no time! Ummm, do you want me to go down on you?" I grinned, "that would be great. " Standing up I sat down on the couch, sliding my hips out to the edge and spreading my legs. He stood up and walked to the kitchen for a moment. I was confused until he came back with a large cup and a smile.
    "I know how much you cum, so I don't want to make a mess.


      " He said.
    I laughed, "That's a good idea. Think you can make me cum?" He smiled, "I think so, sis. "
    I leaned back as he lowered his mouth to my pussy and began to lick. It was electrifying as he put his lips to my pussy and ran his tongue along my slit. I wasn't expecting much, and was thrilled when he slid a finger in the bottom of my slit while he began to flick his tongue over my clit.
    "MMM, fuck Ben, that feels amazing. . . . . yesss, lick my clit baby!" Soon I was rubbing my breasts and moaning as Ben surprised me with a skill I had no idea he had. He continued relentlessly, passionately eating my pussy as I moaned with delight and ecstasy. Within minutes I was feeling an orgasm building inside me. .

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      . . . coming close and closer to a climax.
    "Ohhhh fuck Ben, baby that feels so good, yesssss. . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . Oh Ben I'm gonna cum!" I moaned out. He brought up the cup to my pussy as he continued to rub my clit. I screamed out as the climax washed over me and my pussy gushed the clear sweet cum into the waiting cup.
    As I relaxed from the orgasm I looked down, Ben was holding the blue dixie cup nearly 3/4 of the way filled with my cum.
    Ben was looking at the cum in amazement. "You. . . . . you always cum like this?" He asked.
    I nodded, "Yeah, mostly.

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      " He looked up at me, "You always swallow my cum for me Sarah. . . ," and then in a move I never expected he brought the cup to his lips and began to drink my cum. I watched in shock and complete love as my brother drank my cum. It took him a few moments but finally he had finished all of it.
    "Ben, that was. . . . that was so hot, baby. " I said, breathlessly. He smiled, "it tasted. . .


      . . weird. But I'm glad you liked it. " I leaned down and pulled him close in a hug, his face buried in my breasts. After a moment of the embrace he stood up, his cock was solid hard again and he was smiling. "Sarah, let me fuck you. " He said, with a determination in his voice. I smiled and stood up, walking to the back of the couch. Bending over I presented my pussy for him to fuck. He positioned himself behind me, and then, with one solid thrust he shoved his cock into my pussy; the first cock I'd had since the first time we'd fucked.
    "Ohhh FUCK Ben!" I groaned as his small cock thrust inside me. He moaned as he began to pull out and then thrust back in, "Sarah, your so fucking tight!" His pace quickened as well as the strength of his thrusts. Soon I could hear the slapping noise as his hips hit my ass and pushed me and the couch further and further.
    "Fuck me, yessss, yessss, fuck my pussy Ben!" He continued to slam me, harder and harder.

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       Suddenly his thrusts slowed until he stopped. I then felt him press his cock against my ass and begin to push. Although I had never had anal sex, I didn't resist as Ben began to shove his cock up my ass.
    "AGHHHHH!!!! Fuckkkk!" I groaned out as he shoved all 5 inches inside me. Soon he was pounding his cock in and out of me as I remained bent over, taking it, and despite the pain, enjoying it. As his hard cock slid in and out of my ass he reached around, groping my breasts.
    "Sarah, your ass is so fucking tight!" He said.
    Through grunts and groans I managed to reply, "Your f-f-fucking me. . . . soo. . . .

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      . . hard Ben. Y-Yesss, fuck. . . . my tight. . . . ass"
    Soon I heard him begin to groan louder and louder, "Fuck. . . .

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      . ohhhh damn. . . . Sarah. . . . I. . . I. . .

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      I'M CUMMING!!!" I felt his cock throb in my ass and felt the warmth of his cum exploding inside me.
    "MMMMM Yesss baby! Cum in my tight ass!" I felt him hold steady inside me, unloading the last of his cum. Then he pulled out, giving my ass a playful slap he walked around to the front of the couch and sat down, his cock still hard.
    "Sarah, that was amazing. Your the best sister ever. " He said with a smile. I walked around to the front of the couch, smiling, I got on my knees infront of him.
    "Well the best sister ever wouldn't let her little brother's cock go un-cleaned. " Lowering my mouth and fighting revulsion I suck his cock clean.
    As he looked down at me, and I looked up at him, it was clear that the two of us loved eachother more than we could know, and would never, ever, deny the other anything that would make them IV will be coming out soon, I hope ya'll all enjoy.



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