Sarah and Daddy part 2


     Feeling like I was Adam being tempted by Eve to nibble on the forbidden fruit, I was eager for another look. The next day, my mind wouldn't let it go, and I rationalized it like I was just going to watch, that was all.

     Around 18 PM, Sarah said good night to me, and she went upstairs to bed. A few minutes later, I quickly stripped down in my bedroom. I eased open my door, and took a look down the hall. Sarah's door was open a bit, just like last night. Picking up a towel to shoot my load into, I crept silently down the hall, and peered in. I could feel my cock swelling up quickly.

     Sarah had bunched up two pillows, and on the top pillow, she had a 7 inch dildo perched, ready for action.

     She said, "Too bad Jim, but since you're not my boyfriend any longer, no cherry plucking for you. "

     I watched as she swung into position, squatting above the pillows, the dildo ready for use.

     She growled huskily, "Yeah, this should do it. Unless. . . "

     Her eyes moved away from the mirror, and looked right into my eye peering through the doorway.

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     ". . . my Daddy would like to have the honor of taking my virginity. Yes Daddy, I can see you, I saw you last night, I wanted you to look, I wanted you to see. Did you like seeing your daughter playing with herself? It made me feel so sexy and hot, knowing that my Daddy was watching me, I hoped you stroked your cock while you were watching. Now, I want my Daddy to deflower me, not some hard, impersonal piece of rubber. Come in here Daddy, please, I want you so much. "

     I knew I was caught, so I eased open the door. Sarah saw my 7 inches, rock hard and eager, and she smiled a lust filled smile at me. Seeing her squatting over the pillows, her legs spread, getting set to impale herself made up my mind quickly. If she wanted her virginity ended, why not let her Daddy have the honor? She pulled away the pillows and the dildo, and welcomed me in to her arms.

     Sarah cooed, "Yes, yes, this is the way it should be, teach me Daddy, take my virginity and turn your daughter into a woman, show me how glorious it can be. Kiss me Daddy, kiss me like a lover. "

     I did so, feeling my heart thump as our lips came together, her tongue sliding out, coaxing out mine, as our lips clung hungrily together in tongue filled swirls of passion that made my cock throb.

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   I reached down, gently gliding my fingers along the rim of her labial lips, feeling the juices of her desire start to slick up her tight, virgin opening. I lay back, and told Sarah to sit on my face, and keep her eyes open, watch her reflection in the mirror as I licked her. I wanted to be surrounded by her tight, virgin essence. She smiled at me as she squatted over my face, and her tight, virgin opening was hovering just above me. I felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through me as my daughter's beautiful sex was only inches from my mouth. It was wildly erotic seeing Sarah's tight, virgin opening that close and it ramped up my arousal to a fever pitch. I could feel the heat from between her legs warming my face. The scent of Sarah's arousal, hot and musky, filled my senses, and it made me almost dizzy with desire, everything was dewy wet. I ran a finger along Sarah's pink trail, she started to pant as I pulled her hips down. I slipped my tongue in, gently spreading apart the tight cling of those virgin lips, and ran my tongue up and down the opening, tasting the rich flow of Sarah's juices.

     "Oh my god, that feels so wonderful, lick me Daddy, lick me it feels so good!"

     I was happy to do so, listening to Sarah's panting increasing as I brought my tongue up, sliding it over and over the clitoral hood, until her clit rose up, free from its hooded canopy, deep pink, hard and erect, needing my tongue. I looked up, saw Sarah staring at her reflection as she rode my face, her hands cupping her breasts, squeezing, pulling and tugging gently on her hard, stiff nipples, making little noises of joy as her reddened nipples sent sizzles of pleasure straight at her churning center. I surrounded her clit, my tongue sliding over and over that straining joy button.

     "Right there, oh my god, I'm, gonna, gonna, yes, yes yes, OH FUCK YESSSSS!"

     Sarah let out a long, drawn out howl of sheer pleasure as her virgin pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices, she came with a force, pushing her gushing opening hard against my mouth, her hips bucking, riding her climactic pleasure, giving my face a juicy mop down. Sarah's eyes sparkled with pleasure as she slid down my body.

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     "Now, stay right there Daddy, and let me end my virginity, with your nice hard cock doing the honors. "

     "Ok Baby, just take as much as you can stand, I won't move, if it's too painful, you can stop, no problem. "

     I was treated to the sight of my daughter swinging into position, squatting over my cock, her tight lips slightly parted, letting me see that inviting virgin entrance that Sarah was giving to me. The thought that Daddy and Daughter were soon to be locked in an incestuous embrace, my manhood deep inside my daughter's virgin pussy, just made my cock even harder. Sarah's hands caressed my shaft, smiling at the feel of my surging cock, so hard and eager in her hands. She nudged me against her, took a deep breath, and started to push down slowly. I felt the head go in, she stopped, pulled back, and did it again. She got a look of determination on her face, she took my head in again, and this time, pushed down hard. I felt the sudden loosening as her virginity gave way, Sarah let out a yelp of pain, but she just kept pushing down. I let out a loud growl of pleasure as she impaled her virginity, and let my cock take it, shattering the membrane, surging past her torn hymen as she took me in. She let out another yelp of pain, but she didn't stop pushing down, my cock continued to surge into her, spreading apart her tight walls as they got their very first fuck. The eager wrap of her tight teen virgin cunt took one last hard push down, and with another yelp of pain, she had buried my cock balls deep in her.

     She stopped, breathing hard, her eyes squeezed shut. She had my cock clamped so tightly, the animal part of me just wanted to roll her over and fuck her wildly, but the civilized part told me to stay still. This was her first time, and I was setting the matrix for her sex life, and a Daddy rape would NOT happen.

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     "Oh my god, that kind of hurt, but I'm okay Daddy, I don't need to stop, I just want to loosen up a bit. You feel so big, I feel so filled, now, I just need to relax. "

     After a minute or so, I could feel the tight clamp ease up a bit, and she rose up, and pushed down again.

Slowly, slowly she rode me, and oh my god it was like my cock had died and gone to heaven, wrapped in Sarah's heavenly tightness, feeling like my cock was surrounded by a fiery wet, satin lined glove, her tight walls were gripping at my cock, eager to get Daddy's wet spray of sperm.

     She opened her eyes, smiled down at me, then looked up, I could see her eyes glazed with lust as she watched herself in the mirror, riding Daddy's cock. Her breathing started to deepen, and she started to make little noises of passion, as she adjusted to the feel of being a non-virgin. After the beginnings, she picked up a rhythm, and started to ride me a bit faster, her eyes wide as she watched herself riding my cock. My cock was starting to sizzle, but I wanted her to climax before I let it go. I slipped my hand down, and started to strum at her clit, and that did what she needed.

     "Oh god, good, good, love you, oh love you, good, good, love you oh love you so much, cum in me Daddy, cum with me, fill me, NOW, YES, FUUUCKKKKK!!"

     I felt the tight clamp, rippling with spasms, and as my Daughter shrieked out her climactic pleasure, I gripped her hips, and pulled her down tightly as I thrust up hard. My cock erupted, our cries of climatic pleasure filling the bedroom as I felt the jetting streams, my cock pulsing in repeated ejaculations, pouring my seed deep inside her body over and over again, Sarah's no longer virgin tightness eagerly milking my cock, wanting every drop of Daddy's incestuous sperm.

     Sarah looked at me, smiled, and leaned down, letting me hold her close as she calmed down from the effects of her first fuck.

     "Hold me close Daddy, cuddle me all night. I want you right here in my bed with me when I wake up. "


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