Sarah and Daddy part 1


     Trying to get interested in some porn video, I watched it for a while, than lost interest. All the professional porn looked the same, same porn actors trying to look like they are enjoying it, the fake cries of excitement, and of course the traditional money shot. Boring, boring, boring. I needed something more stimulating, and porn vids just weren't doing it.

     My wife was due back home in a few days, and I was gonna fuck her silly. Maybe I should just save it up, and ride her all night. That was an idea, and I tried to concentrate on getting to sleep. My hard cock wouldn't let up, and I got up to get something to drink from the kitchen.

     Stepping out into the hall, I could see the bedroom door to my daughter's room partly ajar, a dim glow coming from within. Curious, I crept up to her door, and peeked in. Oh what a sight. By the light of a single candle, my 18 year old daughter Sarah was slipping her jeans down to her ankles, her back was turned towards me, and I could see her white satin panties tightly wrapped around her buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve. I could see the crack of her ass clearly defined by the tight hug of the fabric, these panties were nice, abbreviated ones. They were like tanga style, except instead of covering half her ass, they just barely covered a quarter, as the lines ran up well above the area where her ass joined her legs. I have been an ass man all my life, and Sarah's glorious globes were the best I had ever seen. I was aching to know what they looked like stripped down for action.

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   Kicking away her jeans, she turned and faced her full length mirror, I could see her almost from the front, since her mirror is right next to her bedroom door. My cock rock hard, I drank in the sight, her firm, full breasts, topped with stiff, erect nipples, filled my eyes, wandering lower, I could see the slight tummy swell, I find that to be incredibly sexy, and the bulge of her sexy mound covered by her tight white panties. My daughter seemed to study her reflection. Evidently pleased by what she saw, she smiled as her hands started to move, her fingertips grazing her belly in a sensuous caress. I could see Sarah's nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolae reddened and needing her touch. She reached up with both hands and cupped her breasts, fingers stroking and tweaking her hard, aching nipples, sending pulses of pleasure to her horny center.   Watching her as she watched the image of her nude body in the mirror, hands stroking and fondling her tits, her body and mind responding fully, set me on fire with lust.

     My daughter let out a drawn out groan of pleasure, as she fell back on her bed. She spread her legs, and one hand reached down, running her fingers over the front of her panties, lighly teasing her fingers along her sex, little gasps of pleasure starting as her movements grew more urgent, her fingers pressing more insistently, pushing the thin fabric in tightly against the seam of her opening, her other hand caressing and fondling her aching nipples.

     "You like watching don't you?" my daughter growled, "You want to see me, all horny and ready for your cock? Watch me play with myself, then bring your stiff cock to me, ram it in and bust my cherry, I need it so bad Jim!"

     Fearing that I had been caught, I relaxed, she was in a fantasy with her ex-boyfriend Jim. My cock was fully extended, and I quickly pulled off my T shirt. I started to slowly stroke my cock, trying to make it last, fuck, what a sight.

     Sarah reached down with both hands, slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties, in one fluid movement she pulled her knees up to her breasts, drew her panties down off her legs, tossed them aside, and spread her legs wide, letting me see her thin, wispy covering of chestnut colored pubic hair. She reached down with both hands, and started to really work on herself, masturbating furiously, I matched her, stroking my cock with wild abandon, listening to her grunts and growls of pleasure.

     "Yeah, yeah, ram it in, fuck, oh fuck, bust my cherry, YEAH!, yeah, love the feel, complete my virgin busting, go deep, right to the hilt, yeah, ride me baby, ride me hard!"

     My cock was aching, and I could feel the throbs starting, my cock getting ready to blow.

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     "Yeah, yeah, yeah, shoot it, squirt it, fill my pussy, yes, yes, yes, OH FUCK YES!"

     My daughter was squealing and howling as she went flying over the edge, and that brought on my explosion, thick ropes of hot spunk spraying into my T shirt, watching her body shuddering in the grip of her climax just made me go off like a hose, just about falling over from the wild sensory rush.

     After I had gushed my pent up lust into my T shirt, I watched as she let out a dreamy sigh of contentment. She pulled herself up to the top of her bed, blew out the candle, and made another sigh of fulfillment as I heard her slide under the covers of her bed.

     I crept back quietly to my bed, my mind whirling. Thoughts of forbidden lust entered my mind, bedding my daughter, who is 25 years younger than me. Forbidden, incestuous, but damn, so hot. My wife was due back home in a few days, and I was looking forward to it. I needed her to chase away the incestuous thoughts that were still filling my mind. When my wife got home, I was gonna give her an all night ride fest, and pour all the passion that my thoughts were churning up for my sexy daughter, into my wife.