Sam's Mother 2


Sam made his way down the hall towards the laundry room on his tip-toes, trying not to make any sound. If his mother was upset he didn’t want to bother her. The images from what Sam had done with his mother last night played over and over again in his teenage mind. He thought about how soft and smooth his Mother’s skin had felt. How her breasts were so firm and still filled with milk, and especially how her soft pussy felt like velvet when he entered her. These ideas were too much for Sam and his little penis began to get stiff. The wood floor of the hallway was cold against Sam’s bare feet and there was a slight chill in the air from the air conditioner. The cold air made Sam’s penis smaller but his growing erection was making up for it quickly. As Sam came to the end of the hall and the laundry room door he walked even more stealthily. He moved close to the door and put his ear to the wooden frame. He could hear the machines in the room running, no doubt washing the sheets from last night. Sam could not hear his mother in the room so he slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open slightly. Inside Sam could see the pile of sheets and clothes on the floor and the loudly running washer and dryer, but no Mother. He poked his head inside. The door at the other side of the small laundry room was open. This door led to the garage and the garage led to the back yard.


   Sam pushed the door open and tip-toes inside. He poked his head into the garage and didn’t see anything but his Mother’s cars. One Honda Civic and a mid 90’s Mazda Miata which his mother bought on a whim for weekend getaways that they never really went on. He could see the door to the back yard was slightly open as well. Sam went back into the laundry room and looked at the pile of clothes on the ground. There was his pants from last night lying next to his mothers bra and panties. He bent over, feeling somewhat self conscious about being bent over and naked. He grabbed his mother’s panties and brought them to his face. He inhaled the sweet aroma of his mother’s perfume and womanhood. He loved the way his mother smelled. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. Sam dropped the panties and moved into the garage, his now half hard penis flopping as he walked on his tip-toes. The garage was extra cold and he felt his balls tighten and his penis shrink just a little. He peered out the crack in between the garage door and the frame. Outside he could see his Dog, Buddy, a white and grey Siberian Husky that was as large as they come.

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   He could see the pool in their back yard that was medium sized for such a yard. The water glistened with the morning sun. Then he saw her. His mother, Katherine, was coming out of the shed behind the pool. She wore tight shorts and a tank top that showed off her wonderful size D breasts. When Sam set his eyes on her he fell in love. This was his mother, the woman who had given him birth. The woman who had made love to him last night. His first and as far as he felt, his only for now on. She was carrying a small cardboard box with her. Sam had been in the shed before but didn’t recognize the box and couldn’t guess its contents. His mother moved to the chair by the dog house where Buddy was sitting contently. “I just don’t know what to do Buddy. ” His mother said to the Dog, but also she was speaking mainly to herself. Katherine had always been very fond of Buddy.

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   They were like best friends, or as best friends as a dog and an adult woman could be. “I don’t know what to do when he wakes up. ” She looked over at the dog. “Any suggestions? I didn’t think so. Thanks for the support. ” Katherine opened the box and looked inside. A tear formed in her eye. She put her hand to her mouth and began to cry softly. “I don’t know what to do about him. He’s my baby boy! What the hell was I thinking!” Katherine grabbed the box and went in the house through the back door. The door slammed shut. Oh my God! Sam thought. Did I do this to her? I didn’t mean for this to happen! I thought she liked it! I thought she loved me! Sam began to feel guilty. He pushed open the door and stepped out into the back yard butt naked. Buddy got up and moved to his side with his tale wagging.

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   “Buddy, what did she tell you? Please boy, please tell me!” Sam pleaded, almost hoping his dog would actually answer. “I love her so much! I can’t lose her. Not now! I love her!” Sam stepped towards the pool and sat on the edge. He hung his legs off the edge into the water. It was cold and sent shivers up his spine. His guilt and the cold air and water made his dick go limp and small. “I wish it had never happened. ” Sam closed his eyes and bowed his head.
Katherine was in her study with the box she took from the shed. She placed the boxes contents on the desk in front of her. The box was filled with old pictures of Sam when he was little and drawings he had made for his mother over the years. Katherine cried softly as she looked over these heirlooms. She picked up one picture of her and Sam at the beach when he was 6. Sam looked so happy in the picture. She could hardly keep from laughing at the sight of them on the beach looking so much younger and so much happier.

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   This box was full of memories that Katherine looked upon whenever she was having trouble dealing with life. The memories made her laugh and cry till she was so full of emotion that she couldn’t held back the smiles. It was working even now. She picked up a drawing Sam had done for her on her birthday. It was of the two of them outside their house. It was done in crayons and was no DaVinci but it made Katherine laugh still. Then she picked up a small black portfolio and opened it. Inside was a set of pictures of herself when she was pregnant with Sam. She had taken them with a time set camera in her old apartment. She was completely naked with her arms over her bare breasts and in front of her crotch. Her pregnant belly was large and round. She smiled a deep emotional smile filled with pride. Then she flipped the page and there she saw pictures of her bathing Sam when he was a toddler. He was butt naked and so cute. She was in her panties and a tank top and completely wet.

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   In some of the photos he was standing up out of the tub and his little penis was in full view. Katherine laughed but a tingle began in her crotch. She felt it and it sent guilt down her spine. That penis, that little boy’s penis was not so little anymore. And last night it had been inside her and had filled her womb with its cum. She felt guilty but the tingle in her crotch persisted. She flipped the page and saw the next set of photos. She was now in the tub with Sam in her lap facing her. Her breasts were in the open in front of Sam and he was holding them. She was looking at him with such proud eyes. The nest set was of Sam sucking on her large breasts and Katherine noticed her look had gone from motherly love and pride to a look of near ecstacy. She always loved to breast feed. It felt wonderful to her. It was functional and it served her a purpose. She couldn’t breast feed Sam without wanting to rub her pussy in the process.

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   She often did it while he fed but made a point not to make the whole thing too sexual in front of her son. She could see in some of the pictures she had her hand under the shallow water rubbing in between her legs. She felt her pussy begin to get wet in her shorts. She smiled at the pictures. She reached up and rubbed her breasts and felt another shiver go up her spine, but this wasn’t guilt. It was lust. She squeezed her breasts again and felt a drop of milk come out and onto her tank top. She reached into her shorts and under her panties and rubbed her pussy. It was wet and ready for attention. She stood up and moved to the center of the room. She took off her shirt and rubbed her breasts with both hands, making even more breast milk flow. She licked some off her breasts and then proceeded to remove her shorts. She went to the corner of the room and tossed her shirt and shorts on the chair there. She turned and saw out the window into the back yard. She stopped and gasped.

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   She saw Sam down by the pool. He was obviously naked and maybe even crying. Oh my God! My Baby Boy! Katherine yelled in her mind. She peered out the window down on her son. His body was shivering in the cold and his penis was so small. She felt so guilty all of the sudden. She was up here worried about herself and her actions last night when she needed to be worried about her baby boy! She saw him down there and couldn’t help but feel her motherly instincts rise and her pussy get even wetter. What is happening to me!?! She reached down into her panties and rubbed her pussy. Sam was turning her on so much. Her own son. She lusted after her own baby boy! She couldn’t stop it. She felt guilty and dirty this morning but now as she looked at her boy naked by the pool she couldn’t help it. Her pussy was drenched. He’s my baby boy. He is my best friend! I love him and nothing, not even last night is going to ever change that.

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   We’ve always been close, now we’re closer. I love him with all my heart, and now, all my body. She grabbed the hem of her panties and pulled them to the ground and kicked them off with her foot. She made her way down the hall and down the stairs towards the kitchen and the back door. She peered out the window at Sam. Okay Katherine. Here it goes. She pushed the door open.
Sam heard the back door swing open and he looked up surprised. Before him was the most beautiful sight in the World! His mother was standing there with the light shining on her naked body. Her full breasts hanging nicely and her soft legs stretched long below her ending with her pretty little feet and painted toe nails. She looked at him with a snicker and a glint in her eye. “Sam, what are you doing out here honey? Aren’t you cold? Baby, please come in. ” She stepped back and beckoned for him to follow her. He jumped up, splashing water all over himself as he did.

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   The cold water stung his skin. He hurried to the door and hugged his mother tight. His head pressed into her large breasts. “What is this for Sam?” Katherine joked. “I love you Mom. ” Sam hugged her tighter then ever before. “I love you too sweet stuff. But we need to get you cleaned off. You didn’t take a shower last night and you worked up a sweat, I know. ” Sam let go of his mother and smiled at her. “Sure mom. ” Sam made his way to the bathroom. Katherine watched as Sam’s naked 18 year old body bounced down the kitchen. “Don’t trip baby!” Katherine was soaking wet now and she needed relief. She followed Sam to the bathroom.


   Sam was bent over the tub and started to run some hot water. Katherine came in behind him and saw him bent over, his little butt in the air and his tight ball sack hanging behind him. His little penis was tightly wound up from the cold. His little tight asshole was in full view for her. She rubbed his back and shoulders. “You’re growing up so fast baby. ” Sam looked up at her. They smiled. Sam stood up and stretched his arms out and spread his legs. He yawned and tried to wipe away the morning cob webs from his mind before entering the hot water. His mother rubbed his shoulders and then reached below and in front of him and grabbed his small cold dick. Sam gasped. “Looks like it was cold out there, huh baby. ” Sam nodded. “Yes mom, it was.


  ” She rubbed his balls and stroked his cock. It was completely flacid and was nothing to be impressed by but Katherine thought that it was the most beautiful penis she had ever seen. She’d always thought that. It’s normal for mothers to think their kids are the best but Katherine always thought Sam’s penis was amazingly cute. When he was a baby and she would wash him in the sink she would run her hand over his little dick and rub it as thought she were trying to make it cum. I wonder how big he will be. He’s got such a cute little cock even now! I hope he’s got the best cock in school when he’s older. For his sake. I wonder when boys start to cum? I should keep a close eye when he gets older to make sure I find out. She would rub his little cock between her fingers and smile down on her little miracle boy. One time she even went a little crazy. She was washing him and thought to herself, I wonder how it tastes now? Like a man’s cock or something else? She couldn’t resist the curious feeling. She bent down and placed her lips on Sam’s little baby penis and sucked gently. It tasted like innocence. Like the purest thing she ever tasted.

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   She loved it. As soon as she was finished and stood up she felt embarrassed and it never happened again. But now, as Katherine rubbed her son’s soft cock to life, the memory made her feel sexy. It made her feel at ease with her new fascination. Maybe this isn’t so abnormal? After all, he is my boy, my little man. Part of my body. This was meant to be. Sam breathed heavily as his mother stroked his soft dick to semi-hardness. “Do you like that baby?” Sam shook his head.
    “I like it too honey. You’re such a big boy now. But you seem to be having a problem here. ” Katherine smiled with a silly smirk at her son’s small penis. Sam blushed. “Don’t worry baby.

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       I know it was cold out there. Mommy is going to warm you up. I want to see how big my little boy can get. ” Katherine rubbed Sam’s butt cheeks as she stroked his semi-erect cock. “Oh my baby. You are growing. I’m so proud of you Sam. ” Katherine felt her pussy swell as she saw Sam’s cock grow to a full erection. He wasn’t large, but then he was still 18 Katherine knew it wouldn’t matter. From what she had felt last night she knew that Sam’s little cock would do just fine. It hadn’t filled her pussy all the way but it hit her right where she needed it. “Wow baby. That’s so nice. ” Katherine rubbed Sam’s hard shaft. It was thin and only about 5 inches long at most but he was her little boy and that was to be expected.

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       “You’re going to be such a big man some day baby. ” Katherine ran her fingers up Sam’s butt cheeks and felt his little asshole. Sam was in heaven. He almost blew his load as his mother stroked his cock and rubbed his asshole. “Wow mom. Thanks, you’re the best. I love you. ” Sam smiled at his mother who smiled back with the warmest motherly smile he’d ever seen from her. “Go ahead and get in baby. ” Sam stepped into the water and Katherine knelt beside the tub next to him. She let her large breasts rest on top of the tub’s ledge. She grabbed a wash clothe and soaked it in water. “Here you go baby. ” Katherine said as she rubbed the wash clothe over Sam’s chest and down his belly to his cock. It stood up out of the water and was hard as steel.

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       “You’re so hard baby. I love it. ” She smiled at his cock. She stroked it rough with the clothe and rubbed her perfect motherly breasts. “Mind if I come in too?” Katherine got up and stepped into the tub with her sexy little feet before Sam had even answered. She didn’t need an answer. Sam stared at his mother’s soft legs with strong muscles forming the most feminine shapes, and her sexy little feet and cute painted toes. Sam loved his mother’s feet and legs. Ever since he was young and would see her in high heels he knew his mother’s legs were her best assets. Katherine stepped into the tub and sat down with her legs spread so that Sam could see her soft pussy lips. He stared like a zombie at the birth canal he was born from. He lusted after that hole forever. He was deep inside it last night and wanted to be again. “Come here baby, come to mommy. ” Katherine said beckoning to Sam with a sinister grin.

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       Sam inched forward and on his knees he bent over his mother. “Baby, are you hungry? Here, there you go honey. ” Sam’s head was pulled into his mother’s huge breasts and his lips found her right nipple. Sam sucked on his mother’s breasts like when he was a baby. He tasted the milk immediately. “Hmmm…” Sam moaned. Katherine couldn’t help it. The memories of her breast feeding Sam as a baby came flooding mind with incestuous lustful thoughts. She reached down and began to run her swollen pussy under the warm water. Sam felt his mother rubbing her pussy and brought his hand down on top of hers. “Let me mommy, I want to. ” Katherine removed her hand and felt Sam touch her pussy and begin to rub softly in circles around her swollen birth canal. “Oh my God! Sam, I love you!” Katherine gasped. Sam didn’t speak. He kept drinking from his mother’s breasts.

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       “Oh Sammy. Please, God I love you baby!” Katherine was deep in thought. All the times she rubbed her pussy as Sam would suck on her tits, and now, he was doing it all. Paying his mother back for being so good to him. She wrapped her legs around Sam’s back and pulled him closer. Sam took his hand away and steadied himself. The other hand grasped his mother’s breast as he drank from her. Katherine pulled Sam in until his small erect cock was pressed against her shaven pussy like a hotdog. Just as he had done last night. “Baby, I want you inside me again. Please baby, I can’t wait anymore. Please baby. I love you so much. ” Katherine ran her fingers through Sam’s hair while she begged him to fuck her. Sam began to hump his hard cock into his mother’s tummy.

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       “Oh baby, here. ” Katherine grabbed her son’s hard cock and guided it to her pussy lips. “Go slow baby. ” Sam pushed his cock against his mother’s birth canal and felt his cock slide into her. She felt like silk. She was so warm, so wet, he loved her. He slowly pushed his cock deeper into his mother, deeper into her birth canal where he came from. He was searching for her soul again, desperate to find it. He pushed until his hips met hers. He was as far into his mother as he could go. He cursed himself for not being more of a man with a larger cock so he could reach deeper into his mother’s being. He wanted to be as deep inside her as he could. His balls rested against her asshole and they looked into each other’s eyes. “I love you mom. ” Sam said.

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       “Oh my God baby! I love you too. So much! I love you Sam. I always will. You’re my baby boy. Please baby, make love to mommy!” Katherine was gasping now. Just the realization that the hard object deep inside her womanhood was her own son’s rock hard penis made her mind swim. “Oh God baby, please!” She gasped. Sam slid his cock in and out of his mother slowly. He felt like he was in heaven. This was the most beautiful woman in the world to Sam and he was making love to her, and she would never leave him. Not now. She was his. Sam couldn’t hold back. He picked up the pace, slamming his hard cock into his mother’s pussy like he had all the energy in the world. “Oh God baby! Oh God!” Sam kept it up.

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       His dick sliding into his mother’s pussy with ease. She was not tight, not to Sam. But in his mind she was perfect. Sam felt his mother’s muscles inside her pussy clench his cock and he couldn’t resist. “Oh Mommy! Here it comes! Oh…!!!” Sam shot hot ropes of his little boy cum deep into his mother’s waiting womb. “Oh God baby, I feel it. Yes! Give it to me baby!” Sam slapped his hips to his mother’s and shot load after load into her. She could feel it filling her womb. Entering her very soul. I love this boy. This man! Katherine knew she needed no one else. This boy, her son, was her soul mate. Sam stopped pumping into her. Katherine’s pussy was clenching in a mini-orgasm and her breasts were dripping milk. Her eyes were shut tight and she was gasping.


       She was cumming just by thinking of what had just occurred. The image was all she needed. It was the most erotic moment of her life. “Oh my God Sam! I love you so much baby!” Sam couldn’t speak. He was spent. He laid his head on his mother’s wet tits and gasped for air. Katherine looked down at him. This little man was her love. Her life. She stroked his hair and kissed his forehead. His soft cock still buried in her pussy where it came from 18 years before. Buried right where it belonged now.
    3 Months Later…
    Sam came in from school and hugged his mother. She had been showing now. It was obvious.


       Her new baby was growing deep within her womb. The child she had created with her first child, her love. Her and Sam made love every night and afterwards Sam would read bedtime stories to her pregnant belly. Sam told her he hoped it was a baby sister. Secretly, Katherine hoped for the same.



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