Sailing the open seas with Em - PART 2


. . . . so I thought to myself. . . . . here I am, hundreds of miles from civilization. My daughter, a beautiful 18 year old is naked, legs spread, drunk on tequila and I'm about to shave her pussy. Life is good!
I massaged in the shaving lotion, spending WAY too much time around her lips, spreading them really really wide. She was literally dripping wetness at this point, plus the temperature outside was easily 100 degrees. I whirled my finger around her clit and she quivered. . .

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  . . I had a lot of extra shaving cream to deal with so i reached down and began to rub it on her ass hole. to my surprise she just relaxed and let me do whatever I wanted. I fingered her tiny hole for a while, then moved back to her lips. After 4-5 minutes of me rubbing her beautiful pussy, her eyes closed, Em moaning lightly but sensually every 18 seconds or so, I finally grabbed the razor from her hand.
"Wait" she said quickly.
Then she proceeded to grab the tequila and take another huge drink.
"Daddy, are you trying to get me drunk? I have to warn you, I'm kind of wild when I drink Tequila. . . but today I'm daddy's little princess, right?" she grinned and layed back down, spreading her legs as wide as she could go, and I was just staring in amazement thinking of what I was about to do.
I began to work the razor over her pubic area, staring at every inch of her beauty. When I got to her lips I took extra time to make sure I got everything, I tugged and manipulated them side to side. .


  . . caring little about the shaving, and mostly about touching her pussy. At one point I slipped my finger fairly deep inside her as I pretended just to be getting around her lips with the razor. To my surprise she pushed my hand away, and said "Dad, we don't want to go there. . . you're just shaving me, nothing else, remember?" and back to reality I was. I touched and rubbed and stared in amazement at her beautiful pussywhile I shaved it, but at this point I thought that this was as far as I could ever go.
I died a little inside, thiinking I was going to be on a boat with this gorgeous 18 year old for the next 2 weeks, and this might be the last time I ever see her nude because I just had to try what I knew would be too much for her. I curbed my anger and decided I was going to make the best of this.
"turn over" I said firmly.
"Why?" she asked
Cause I'm not going to shave your pussy and leave you with a hairy butthole. . .

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  hahaha" I lauged and she did too
She slowly turned over and I could tell she was tired, probably from the Tequila.
She did surprise me though, and got on her knees, legs spread, and exposed her beautiful ass to me.
"oh my god" i mumbled
"what, what did I do?" she stammered.
"nothing baby girl, I just remembered I need to make a call in a while" I gave her the lame excuse that I just remembered something, even though I was clearly intoxicated my the sight of her naked ass in the air just inches from my face.
"go easy" she said softly. . . "I'm really sensitive down there!"
my hand was like a snake, slithering over every inch of her anus as i shaved it. . . . it was beautiful, and i was drunk from it's ridiculous beauty. I tickled and poked at her hole, and she just smiled and ground her ass against my hand. My little baby looked like a baby again, hairless, and beautiful. Then, just as I was almost done the razor slipped.

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"Ouch, what the hell Daddy?" and i looked to see what happened. I was on my final stroke with the razor, thinking my fun is over, and as I brushed past her inner thigh to set it down, it cut her. The cut was tiny, but it was bleeding like crazy.
"oh my god, I'm so sorry baby!" I said with a crazy tone to my voice.
"owwww. . . she cried. now u have to kiss it and make it better dad!"
"what?" I stammered
"kiss it!" she said as I stared at her bald backside raised in the air.
"really?" I asked
"don't you love me? kiss it and make it feel better daddy. "
Just when I thought it was over. . . . .

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  . a new opportunity presents itself.
I stared at the small drop of blood dripping from the skin between her thigh and pussy. . . . . "well, I would't be a good dad if i didn't, right?"
"kiss it and make me feel better" she said, with almost a hint of crying in her voice.
So I leaned forward to kiss her wound. I was stopped just inches away from her by the intoxicating scent. . . . I took a deep breath and a good look. My lips landed about an inch from her hole, and i lightly kissed it, and licked the spot where the blood was.

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   She giggled at the fact that I actually did it, but kept swaying her hips back and forth in front of my face. I kept kissing, only on the spot where the razor slipped. . . . . and kept licking and sucking when I had the chance. Then after a few minutes of this game she wanted to play, she swayed her hips at the right time, and my tounge went directly into her pussy, and I sucked on what would easily be the best tasting juices of all time. My hands found her ass cheeks quickly , and spread them, and I stuck my tongue deep inside her. On my way out i sucked on her pussy lips and she squealed. . . . "oh my god, daddy!"
"what?" I asked
"I just wanted you to kiss it, not lick it, silly!"
and with that I kissed it a few more times. .

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  . the bleeding had stopped, and her dripping wet pussy was inches away from my nose, and making me drunk with pleasure.
" I have to go make a call, my little princess" I said as I kissed her thigh.
"ok daddy, who are u calling?" she giggled
"the post office to tell them to stop my mail for a few weeks" i lied.
"hurry back and bring me some ice ok?"
Ice, I thought of 100 different reasons why that would be a bad idea, but of course I'd do it anyway. . . I wasn't really going to make a phone call, just to get my phone.
When I got back on deck, Em was really quiet, not moving. I poked her and asked what she wanted the ice for. . . I could see that she had taken another drink of tequila, and at this point was maybe passed out.
my heart raced with anticipation.

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      . . . . I slowly rubbed her lovely stomach, staring in wonder at her gorgeous budding breasts. She started breathing hard like she was asleep. . . . . I knew this might be my only chance. . . . I took the ice and sat a cube on her left nipple, she didn't even flinch.

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       I ran my hand up her thigh as I watched her nipple get hard. . . no response. . . . . I finally pushed dwon firmly on her torso and tried to wake her up. . .
    "EM!, wake UP!" she continued to breathe hard, deep sleep.
    I looked around at what was happening. . .

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      . . . i had my naked daughter, passed out, on a boat hundreds of miles from the states. She was drinking, and I was sitting inches from the razor i just helped her shave her pussy with, and I'm sitting here with a camera.
    I opened my phone and put the camera on HQ mode. . . . . I stared at Em's budding breasts, and took picture after picture of them, wet from the ice cube, nipples rock hard.
    My hands shook a bit as I spread her legs. . . I had just been there, but as far as she knew it was just me being a good daddy.


       Now I was determined to document every square inch of her beautiful pussy. I pushed the towel and the razor out of the way. I got down within inches of her pussy, and began taking pictures as fast as my phone could take them. She was snoring, I was safe.
    The scent from her pussy made me so hot that I couldn't take it anymore. I shut off the camera and pushed her knees all the way up to her ears. I stared for a moment at her pussy, dripping wet and bald. . . . . right in front of me. I took my shorts off.
    I dove in like an olympic swimmer. I was sucking and licking like a madman, my middle finger flicking and pushing deep inside my daughters womb.

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    I finger fucker her for what seemed like an hour, and she dripped wetness all over the boat and my hand. I got a little rough and turned her over. . . spread her legs as wide as they could get, and licked her ass and fondled her tits for about 18 minutes. my tongue found places on her that no other man would ever discover.
    I finally turned her back over, and she finally moaned a little. At this point I wasn't sure she knew what was happening, but now I knew it didn't matter, I was going to cum inside my little girl. . I climbed on top of her and started to spread her lips with my dick, rubbing up and down, slow then fast, until she was ready. her pussy was dripping wet, and every time i kissed her tits she moaned in her sleep. I kept looking around to make sure no one was near us, but really I knew they weren't
    I pinned her legs behind her head and ever so slowly I sunk DEEP inside her.
    Usually I can go for hours if I want, but the sight of me inside Em. . .


      and the feeling of her tight pussy just milking my dick, lips spread as far as they could go. . . . . I came really fast.
    Here I am, on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean. . . . hundreds of miles from civilization. . . . my balls are slapping againt my daughters asshole as I rape her beautiful young, naked drunk body.

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       and all I can think about is taking pictures, but it feels so good I can't even reach for the camera.
    every once in a while I would get a loud moan "daddy" out of her,,,,,and then I just sunk as deep as I could into her, and filled her tiny womb with my cum. I mean literally, I cummed gallons inside her. My dick wouldn't go soft, and I fucked her and came inside her 3 times. I'm sure she was wondering the next day why her pussy was sore, dripping and leaking all day, she had no idea that her own dad just tried to get her pregnant. And the beautiful part. . . . . we still had 2 weeks before were saw another person. A lot can happen in 2 weeks, with no one around, and nothing to do but drink, and no condoms.