Roy and Aunt Kristen


One day his mom got a phone call from Aunt Kristen, she had told Roy that she was coming up to visit and that she would be staying for awhile, Roy was more then thrilled to know that she was coming, he ran up to his room and closed his door locking it. He jumped on his bed and almost ripped his pants off trying to get to his cock, when he did get his shorts off he was already in motion stroking to the images of what his Aunt may look like now, Roy wondered if her chest was any bigger, if she was still a virgin, if she was shaven, what color her panties were, hell he even questioned if she did wear bras or panties. A smile arouse on his face as he came all over his body, he had imagined her sitting there on his cock when he erupted like he did. A week had passed and Roy's mom told him to get ready for they were going to go pick up Aunt Kristen at the airport, Roy was already dressed and out the door to the car, his mom and dad were suprised at how badly he wanted to go, for he even said hed drive. When they arrived at the airport there stood Aunt Kristen, Roys eyes widened when he saw how little she had changed, or so it seemed on the outside. "Welcome home sis!" said Roy's mother to Kristen. "It's good to be here" replied Kristen, she glanced over at Roy and motioned him over to give him a hug. Roy was alittle nervous to walk over for he was hiding a slowly growing boner in his boxers, Kristen noted his shyness and walked over to him giving him a hug, her eyes lighted up when she felt his boner rubbing her leg. "You must be tired, lets get you back to the house so you can get some sleep" said Roy's father. "You're right, I should get back to the house, but if it's alright, i'd like to rent a car and follow the instructions you gave me to your house just in case you missed me" she replied. "Alright, that is fine, me and Mike are going to the house to drop off your bags, then were off to go see a movie at the drive-in, so were not sure when we'll be back" replied Roy's mom. They all nodded and got into their cars, on the way back to the house, Roy couldn't help but fidget in his seat feeling uneasy due to his boner, he tried to find a comfy position but just couldnt achieve it. When they returned to the house, Roy's parents asked Roy to take the bags inside, so he did and his parents left him some money to order a pizza. When Roy walked inside, he closed the door and ran upstairs forgetting to lock the door behind him. " I cant wait, I have to find release or I'm going to blow my dick off!!" said Roy as he rushed to his room. When he got into his room he discarded all his clothes and found the house completely empty, so without throwing caution to the wind he left his door open and began stroking off for relief.

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   It had been 18 minutes since he started that he had completly forgotten about the front door, the doorknob turned and a shadowy like figured stepped inside, locked the door and heard Roy's moans, the figure creapt up the stairs and gasped loudly at the sight before it. "R. . . Roy what the hell are you doing!!!!!" Aunt Kristen said in shock. "Oh shit" said Roy in critical shock, he guickly begun covering himself. "When the hell did you get home Auntie Kristen?" he said in a small panic. " I just got here a few minutes ago, and I just remembered that your parents were going to the show, but I thought that the house would be completly empty when I got here" she replied, taking a few glances down at the buldge in his bedsheets. It soon became apparent to Kristen that he was jacking off when a large poodle formed where his cock was, she kinda felt sick at first, but then smirked some, stepped closer to his bed and sat down by him, when she took a closer look she found that he was still hard, she toke this chance and reached under the blanket and started to stroke his hardened cock, Roy looked alittle uneasy. "W. . . what are you doing Auntie Kristen" he said in further shock. "I'm just checking to see if this thing can stay as hard as it looks" she replied with a slight grin, she then moved the covers and say that it was true, it wasnt going down, it was still very much hard. " Are you sure you should be doing that?" Roy asked nervously, yet in his mind he knew he enjoyed it.

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  "I don't seem to mind, do you?" she grinned impishly, she then began to tease him more by breathing on his shaft, this caused him to shake and shiver. "That feels good. . . just like I've always imagined. . . " he said catching himself at the last part. Kristen grinned hearing that, she was right in knowing that he had gotten his previous boner from looking at her, but she thought that he got it from seeing her clothed, she wondered what would happen if she showed him more. Kristen grinned devilishly now, Roy became slightly scared he had no idea what would happen next, his eyes opened wide as he watched Kristen reveal her braless chest, he wanted to reach out and touch them badly. Kristen then slowly teased him by removing her skirt, if Roys eyes could have gotten bigger. . they would have when he found out that she didnt wear any panties at all, what thrilled him the most was that she had a shaven pussy just like he imagined and dreamt of.
    " Does my body please you Roy" she said not covering up a single part of herself. Dumbfoundly Roy just nodded and stared, she knew exactly what it was he wanted and she went down and swept her toungue over his shaft, this caused joy to jump back into reality.

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      "Seems I hit a spot" said Kristen with her devilish charms, she wanted to do more then just please him, she wanted the same down to her and maybe alittle more, so she turned her body around to 69 with him, Roy still dumbfounded glanced up at her pussy, then snapped back into reality and begun licking her pussy lips in a feverous attempt to please her. " You're doing very well, I wager this is your first time, just keep this up but dont neglect my clit, it needs love too" Kristen said helping him out. Roy nodded and toke her advice, within seconds a large amount of liguid squirted onto his face, he blinked thinking that she pissed on his face. " Auntie Kristen, what just happened?" he asked, he hadnt ever seen this kind of thing before in porn, so he had no idea what it truly was. Kristen looked slightly shocked and moved her body, she toke her index finger and rubbed her pussy, she toke a small drop of the liguid from her pussy and looked it over, then grinned. "You silly boy, that's my pussy juice, you just gave me an orgasm" she giggled at his actions. "And now I believe we should finish this. " How do you mean?" Roy said puzzled. "Like this" Kristen replied, with that she picked herself up and hovered over his cock. "You're going to be my first, I hope this fullfills any dreams you've had of this moment. " she said as she begun to lower herself down onto his 7 inch prick, she knew it would hurt the first time so she eased herself down to take some pain away. Roy felt like he had died and gone to heaven, here he had dreamt of seeing his Aunt naked, instead he had gotten to have sex with her and be her first one, but he had questioned from how well skilled she seemed on her blowjob, he wondered if he really was her first. " Your cock is so big Roy, I can feel it rubbing my walls and sliding all the way into my stomach" Kristen cooed, she had no idea of how long his cock was, yet she was too lost in lust to care. "I want this to last forever" she went on saying. Roy knew by the pulsating sensation forming in his balls that he was going to cum soon, Kristen knew that somehow he was getting close and brought herself down on him.

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      "I'm so close Roy, let's cum together, please I want you to cum inside me!!!!" she pleaded heavilyRoy nodded and latched his hands down onto her legs, matched her bounces with his and shoot his baby-making fluid inside her, she soon feels this and clamps down hard onto him having her own orgasm. After calming down from her Orgasm, she falls down onto his chest and nuzzles his chin, two shadowy figures stand at roys door, then close it and head to the parents room, the door closes and the figures plop down onto the bed. "I remember those days dont you Mike" Roys mom said to her husband. "Yes, I can't forget how much of a mink you were when we had sex like that" Mike replied" I'm still a mink in bed arn I?" she said looking at him. "Yes, you are, and let nothing change that sis. . . err honey" replied Mike in a nervous way, remembering that he too did the same thing Roy and Kristen did, but wheh they married, they vowed never to call each other like that. "You're right, nothing ever will" she said nuzzling him and falling asleep in his arms. .


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