Rose and her Mother Part 2


Part 2
Things went well and I was back before I knew it. After carrying everything into the kitchen I looked out the window and saw that Carol had arrived. I busily put the groceries away and tidied up a bit and decided that I should go try out the pool also, it was pretty hot and the water did look inviting. I went to my room to change and pulled out my three swimsuits trying to decide which one to wear. I loved all three, but I decided on a once piece number I had purchased in Hawaii a few years ago. It was white, and was cut very low on the back and high on the hips. The panty part was about as close as you could get to a thong without really having one. The front was tied around my neck so there was not a lot of cleavage, but there were a couple of teardrop shaped cutouts on the sides that exposed the side bulge of my tits.
Ready to go I walked through the house, grabbing a sun wrap as I went and headed for the pool. The slate was hot under the skin of my feet. The girls were at the far end o the pool and waved at me and said hello as I climbed onto the board and dived into the water. It was a bit cooler than I normally like it, but the feeling of swimming again after the winter overcame that immediately. I did a couple of laps before I swam to the girls end and pulled my self up the ladder near them. The both looked at me at the same time and giggled. “What are you two giggling about?” I asked happily.
“Nothing really mom, it’s just you can see you nipples really good when that suit is wet, and especially when they’re real hard and stiff like yours are now.

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  ” I looked down at my breasts and sure enough, you could see my nipples as plain as day. Luckily I tended not to wear swimsuits in public very often, and when I did I typically was not swimming. For some reason both of the girls thought this was really funny. I did have a close look at them now and couldn’t believe what they had on.
“What on earth are you two wearing?” I asked looking at the two skimpiest bikinis I had ever seen either of them wear, or any one else for that matter. They continued their giggling while at the same time trying to act like they didn’t know what I was talking about. They did look pretty hot from where I was standing, and I wanted to see more. “Okay, both of you stand up and show me just exactly what you have on. ” I said this very sternly but both of them knew they were putting on a show for me.
Both of the girls have beautiful bodies, with well formed tits, thin waists and womanly hips. Rose was a bit more developed in the breast department, probably into a D cup by now, although Carols were larger than most sixteen year olds. Carol’s top was a fine white knit that showed her dark nipples poking through the material. The bottoms were a standard bikini type, and I guessed that under closer inspection I would be able to see her clit poking through just like her nipples.   Rose’s was a solid stretchy type of fabric, what there was of it. The bra cups were barely larger than postage stamps, and the dark brown of her aureole was clearly visible, probably about one third of them exposed.

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   Her bottoms were a thong type and from the front the two halves of her young cunt were emphasized by the shining material pulled tight across it. I asked them to turn around and wasn’t surprised in the least by what I saw. Carol’s ass was somewhat covered by a small triangle piece of the knit material, although the top part of her ass crack was showing. My own daughter however had her ass cheeks fully exposed, and I could hardly detect the thin piece of material that held everything in place. I could feel my cunt start to tingle as I inspected the two young women. Deep inside I knew exactly where this was going to start heading, and although I knew I should keep my sexual activities with my daughter between the two of us, I suspected that Rose had already informed Carol on everything that had happened this morning.
“Do you think the boys at the beach will like these?” Rose said teasing me.
“They’d trip over themselves if they ever saw you two in those. You will only wear them around our pool, nowhere else, is that clear? They are hot though, where did you buy them?” We sat down a chatted for awhile and it soon became clear to me that Rose had told her best friend of our activities that morning, although the subject didn’t really come up directly.
I’d laid in the sun about as long as I thought was safe without some block on, so I got up to go in. “If you two are planning to stay out here much longer than I would suggest that you cover yourselves up or put some sun block on. I’m going to go have a shower. The two of them stood up also and said they had had enough for now. They followed me into the house, still giggling about something that I had obviously missed. I turned into my bedroom and they kept going down to Rose’s.

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“Mom, come see us when you’re done, I have something I want to show you. ” I said okay and didn’t think a lot about it and went in and peeled my suit off and jumped into the shower. I took the opportunity to shave my legs and my pussy which made me think of Rose and our morning lovemaking. As I rinsed off the lather I rubbed my pussy mound, running my middle finger along my clit, bringing myself to a quick orgasm. I loved these little mini-orgasms I provided myself on a regular basis. I had learned years ago how to quickly bring myself off, and although it may not have been the most intense orgasm, it made me feel good.
I dried myself off and threw on a pair of shorts and a halter top and walked down the hall to my daughter’s bedroom. The door was open a crack and as I knocked it swung open enough to see the bed. I guess I wasn’t surprised to find my daughter and her best friend naked and holding each other, their young firm breasts squashed between them. “Oh, I’m sorry girls, I should have been more careful. ” I said, not really knowing what to do. Rose broke away from Carol and sat up on the bed.
“It’s okay mom, we wanted you to see us. I know you told me not to tell anyone about this morning, but Carol is my best friend, and we have been making out a long time. The thing is though, is I had the most intense orgasm of my life this morning and I want to share that with Carol.

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  ” She moved off the bed and slowly walked over towards me while she talked. She was right beside me when she finished and started pulling me towards the bed. “Come on mom, I want to show you something really neat about Carol. ”
I didn’t even try to resist. I went with her to the edge of the bed and looked down at Carol. “Go on Carol, show my mom, I know she’s going to love it. ” Rose urged her friend. I could tell Carol was a little shy, but she really didn’t need a lot of encouragement. She was lying on the bed directly in front of me and slowly opened her legs. I should not have stared but could not help it. This girl had a clit the size of my hard nipple, and it was encased in the most beautiful pussy lips I had ever seen. Her cunt was literally a work of art, even down to the little tuft of blond hair the sat right at the top of her pussy. “Doesn’t it just want to make you want to lick and suck it?” Rose said while rubbing her body up against mine.
I had to agree with her, even though I had licked a few pussy’s in my day, this one was exquisite, inviting and totally sexual. I was almost frozen on the spot as Carol reached down and used her fingers to pull the soft puffy lips apart, which made her clit look even bigger than before.

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   Rose had undone all the buttons on my blouse and was caressing my nipples through my bra as she whispered in my ear about how sweet Carol tasted. “She loves getting her clit licked, and it grows even more when you do. ” For a fleeting second I thought that this was going too far, and making love to my daughter this morning was more then enough, and I should put a stop to this. However my own pussy was telling a different story. As Carol continued stimulating herself, I could feel the juices in my own cunt start to flow, and Rose running her fingers under the waistband of my shorts didn’t help.
“Come on Mrs. Allan, I would love you to have a taste,” Carol said holding out her hand reaching for mine. I couldn’t resist and as I started towards her I felt my blouse slip from my shoulders as Rose eased it off. I crawled up between her legs as I bent to get a close look. Her scent was intoxicating as I approached her pussy. I reached out my tongue and touched her clit ever so lightly. She shuddered at the touch, hyper responsive was one way to put it. I pulled my head back a few inches so I could have another look. I pushed two of my fingers between the folds of her lips, running them along either side of her oversized button. I pinched them together grabbing her sex organ and brought my tongue to it again, licking it harder this time, getting it good and wet with my saliva.

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I released the grip I had on it and wrapped my lips around it and sucked it gently, feeling it with my tongue and experiencing the electricity emanating from her body. I settled in, and started sucking with a regular rhythm, and moving my fingers to the opening of her vagina. Her juices were running good as I slipped them inside her tight virgin pussy. As all this was going on my sweet daughter Rose had slipped my shorts and panties off, unfastened my bra, and was now running her hand between the back of my legs, rubbing my pussy and clit, them pulling her wet fingers back and pressing them into my butt hole and up my entire ass crack.
“See, I told you she could lick pussy real good Carol, she’s only been at it a few minutes and you look like you’re about to cream her face already. ” Rose was right, Carol’s clit had swollen even more and her juices were flowing like a river, I kept up the fierce tongue and mouth-work as I felt her orgasm approach.
    She suddenly wrapped her creamy thighs around my head and raised her hips off the bed driving her clit hard into my mouth. I continued sucking as I felt her vagina tighten around my finger and a surge of juice seep from deep inside of her. I slowed the pace as her orgasm faded, and as much as I wanted to keep suckling her clit, I finally pulled away and looked up at her face and it’s look of fulfillment.
    “Mmmmm, that was wonderful Mrs. Allan, I’ve never come so hard, and so fast before. ” I smiled at her and moved my body up and pressed my now naked tits against hers, and kissed her on the mouth, our tongues lightly dancing with each other.
    :”Hey, what about me,” Rose exclaimed as she joined us and all three of us played swords with our tongues until we all fell back on the bed laughing.
    “Mrs. Allan, Rose told me about what happened this morning,” she started to say.

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       “I’m sorry Mrs. Allan, but I just need to talk to ask someone about this, and without a mom around I just need someone besides my dad. Anyway, Rose told you how we’ve been making out for awhile, and we really both like it a lot. I love the feel of her body against mine, and when we have orgasms it’s just great. We’ve talked a lot about whether we are lesbians or not, but I don’t think we are becasue I want to get fucked real bad. I’ve never had anything in my pussy bigger that a couple of Rose’s fingers, and I get that itch deep inside sometimes. The thing is, neither of us want to associate with the boys at school, they’re so immature. ”
    She paused for a second so I decided to speak. “Well I don’t think you should just go out and get laid by some older guy if that’s what you’re suggesting. You both know the dangers associated with unplanned and unprotected sex, not even to speak of the pregnancy angle. I know how you feel though, I grave sex with a man sometimes also, and it’s not easy getting laid with a teenager in the house. ” I added the last part jokingly to hopefully get them to relax.
    “Don’t be an idiot mom, neither one of us is going to have sex with some guy that just comes along. And you don’t have to worry about any unwanted pregnancies because we both have been on the pill since we turned 16. ” Rose retorted quickly.

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       She explained that they went to a clinic in the city so know one would know who might possibly know them or their parents.
    “Listen if you girls want I have some accessories in my bedroom that you can use. They’re not the same as the real thing, but they can definitely fill you up and enhance you experience. ” I added. They both giggled at first but Rose was quickly on her feet trotting off to my room, urging us to join her. Both Rose and I got up and walked down the hallway together. She snuggled close to me and whispered that I was like a mother to her, which really made me feel quite good.
    When we got to my room I open my dresser drawer and took out a bag that held several sex toys. I had a couple of vibrators, a large lifelike dildo, that was a bit oversized but not too big, a string of beads that could be used either vaginally or anally, and a pair of nipple clips that had been given to me by my ex-husband. The girls were giggling again as I dumped these things out on the bed and they started picking them up and feeling them. Rose was holding the large dildo with her hand wrapped around it like she was going to jack it off. “This is certainly a lot bigger than Billy Walker’s dick,” she said before remembering I was there. “Oh mom, sorry, I was making out with Billy last year and I ended up jacking him off, it was not big deal, and I certainly wasn’t going to let him fuck me. ” The two girls just laughed at that and kept on inspecting the toys.
    “I think my dad’s cock is about that big,” Carol said in a very matter of fact tone.

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       Both Rose and I just stared at her, not really understanding what she was saying. “I walked into the bathroom by mistake one time and he was just getting out of the shower. His wasn’t as firm as this but it sure looked like it was just as long. I only saw it for a minute so maybe I just think it was bigger. ”
    “Can you show us how to use this stuff mom?” Rose asked, “They all look like a lot of fun. ”
    “Well I don’t think you need a lot of instruction, everything is pretty self explanatory. You should take it easy at first though, like don’t go jamming that big fake cock into your tight little pussy, start out with sometime small and work yourself up. Don’t forget about breaking your hymen either. If you haven’t lost it already, which can happen, then you’re going to have some pain if you go that far, just be prepared and it won’t be that big of a deal. By the way Carol, when is your dad coming to pick you up? I’m going to go and get something on for dinner; do you think he will want to join us?”
    “I think he said about six-thirty, depending on the job finishing on time. I don’t know if he’ll want to stay or not, but I sure want to, she said eyeballing the toys. ”
    “Okay, I’m going to get dressed then and go start cooking. You two can do whatever you want but there is still some daylight hours so you could go for some more sun if you want. ” I half expected them to just grab the toys and go try them out but to my surprise they decided to go catch a few more rays. I got the feeling though that they had their own agenda and somehow I was playing right into their plans.

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       I got my clothes gathered up and dressed again, and went down to the kitchen to get things started.
    End of Part 2.


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