Romp with Mom Part Two


Mom grinned with a hint of mischievousness. "Does that make it more exciting?"
"Yeah," I confessed with a broad grin.
As I sat there taking in her nude form and her female attributes, I suddenly felt my penis responding in a way that I could neither prevent nor hide. Its aroused display pushed up boldly from between my legs. I felt embarrassed not only to be having a boner in front of my own mother like that, but also by how big and stiff it was.
"Oh, my!" Mom exclaimed at the sight of my erection.
I blushed. "Sorry about that," I hastily apologized, somehow feeling that I should.
Mom was hardly shocked, though. "I feel flattered," she said. "It's a nice compliment. "
I grinned, grateful for her putting it that way.
"It's been a while since I've seen one of those," she said quite happily. "I never knew that you had such a handsome one!"
"I didn't think it was something that a boy was suppose to let his mother see," I said.
"Well, it's not like you're fifteen," she remarked, taking a mature view of the situation.

I smiled.

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   Seeing that she had no objections, I felt proud to let her see the exaggerated measure of my masculinity. Sitting there, it felt good having an erection and letting her see it.
Affectionately she leaned over and slipped her arms around me, and my arms went around her. We squeezed together, pulled back, and smiled at one another. Then, with an equal affection, we did a little lip touch. It was gentle and easy and not involved. Still, under the circumstances, I felt my penis being even more encouraged by our shared nakedness.
"I don't think this is helping," I remarked, grinningly.
Mom just grinned, too.
She reached her hand down to take a hold of my stiff length, giving it a firm squeeze.
"I wouldn't say that," she teased. Her fingers continuing to feel my stiff organ.
I sat there letting her do that.
"I think it's making your boner even bigger," she appraised.
"I think it is, too," I agreed.

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I reached my right hand up to feel the fullness of her bare breasts, fondling their large shapes and playing with her firm, erect nipples. It was surprisingly not awkward doing this at all. In fact, it was remarkably easy. The two of us sitting there having this groping moment.
To my surprise, however, Mom pulled back a little, and then leaned all the way over. I felt my boner going into her warm, wet mouth. She gave a muffled murmur and I sighed. I could hardly believe it. I was sitting there watching my mother sucking on my dick. You never think of your own mother doing something like that. . . or enjoying it. She sucked on me, her head moving slowly up and down. Then she finally pulled away.

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   I drew in a shaky breath.
"How was that?" she asked.
"Great. . . " I choked.
I leaned over and sucked on her nipples. First one and then the other. While I did that, I slipped my hand down between her legs, feeling her bristly public hair, and then finding the soft folds and feeling her vaginal wetness. I moved my fingers back up to her clit and massage her erect organ. She moaned and closed her eyes. I fingered her some more.
"Ohhh. . .

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  that feels so good!" she breathed.
Her hand was still holding my boner, squeezing it hard.
I pushed my fingers up into her vagina.
She was really wet.
My boner was absolutely rigid.
"Oh, honey. . . " she breathed, her head back, her eyes closed.
I rubbed her clit, and then, feeling particularly daring, I bent over to lick it with my tongue which had an extraordinary effect upon her. She wriggled and her breathing became quite rapid. .



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