Robby's Mom


Robby and his buddies huddled together in the large tent in Robbie's back yard. Like Robby, Mike, Billy and Eddie were 18 and perpetually horny. The four of them always stayed up late during these summer night sleepovers, discussing girls and the mysteries of sex. Only Mike claimed to have any experience with girls and the others really didn't believe he'd actually "done it". This warm night, as darkness gathered, Mike had their full attention. They all stared at some small pills he held in his hand.
"What did you call it?" Robby asked.
"GHB", said Mike. "It's called the 'date rape' drug. "
"Does it make girls wanna do it?" Asked Billy.
Mike snorted. "No, dumb ass. It knocks em out and you can do anything you want to 'em. Then later, they got no idea what happened!"
"No shit?"
"No shit. " Mike leered. "You can fuck their brains out.

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   I swiped 'em from some stuff my dad had at his pharmacy. "
"Well, that's great," Eddie laughed. "Too bad there's no girls around to give them to!"
Everyone but Mike laughed and Robby said. "Yeah, why don't you swipe some pills that make horny girls appear?" This elicited more laughter.
Mike looked sullen and said nothing for a while. He liked being the "bad boy" of the group, always coming up with ideas that could, and sometimes did, get them all in trouble. Finally, he said quietly "Your mom's home, isn't she?"
Robby missed the implication at first and then stared at Mike in disbeilef. "You try to give my mom that shit and I'll kick your ass!"
Mike raised in hands in a gesture of surrender. "Hey, hey, ok man! But you were the one who said you peeked at her dressing and sometimes jerked off about her! That one time, we all admitted we thought about our moms. "
Robby shrugged and looked away. It was true. He HAD said that. At 43, his mother was still sexy. Sure, her butt was chubby and she had a bit of a belly but when she bent over, he'd felt his penis stiffen at a glimpse of her large breasts.
"Didn't mean to piss you off," Mike continued.

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   "But, hell, your mom is still kinda hot. I bet all of us have thought about fuckin' her. " The other boys averted their eyes, confirming their lusty thoughts about Robby's mother. ". . . and it's not like she's never done it. "
"But I don't wanna see her get hurt," Robby said. "You don't know what those things really do!"
"Sure I do," Mike retorted. "I read all about 'em on the web. The woman just falls asleep and wakes up hours later. "
The group fell silent, thinking about Mike's awful, yet terribly appealing suggestion. Mike finally spoke again. "Anyway, we wouldn't have to DO anything to her. We could just, you know.

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  . check her out. "
"You mean with her clothes off?" asked Billy eagerly.
"Sure!" said Mike. "You ever seen her cunt Robby?"
Robby shrugged. "No, just got a quick look at her bush a couple times. Too much hair to see, you know, what's between her legs. " Robby thought of his buddies standing over his naked, helpless mother. He knew the thought should repulse him but he felt his penis start to rise. "We'd just look at her, right?"
"Sure, just look, " Mike said quickly.
"How would we get her to take that stuff?" Robby asked.
"Easy," Mike grinned. "Just put it in that big bottle of Pepsi she has in the fridge. You know she always has some of that while watching TV at night. This stuff doesn't have any taste or smell so she won't notice.

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Robby's dad was away on a business trip. Tonight would be the perfect time to do this. His penis became completely erect. "I guess we could try it. " The other boys looked at him excitedly as he took the pills from Mike. Robby felt his knees shaking a little as he went out through the tent flap and into the back door of the house into the kitchen. His erection had disappeared.
"Robby?" his mother called from the living room. "Everything OK?"
Robby jumped a little, nearly dropping the pills. "Uh. . . Yeah, Mom. Just came in to get something for us to drink. "
"Ok," she said absently, obviously engrossed in a TV program.

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   "Just leave the open bottle of Pepsi. You can take anything else. "
Robby opened the refrigerator and fummbled the screw-on cap off the Pepsi. He got two of the pills in but dropped the third, nearly stepping on it. He grabbed it off the floor and put it in the bottle. They were visible through the dark liquid which nearly panicked him. Then he saw that a slight swirling of the soda made thewm start to dissolve. In a moment they were gone. He started to leave and remembered he was supposed to be getting pop for his buddies. He turned back and opened the refrigerator door. He was startled at the sight of his mother in the kitchen doorway. She held out her glass, empty except for ice cubes.
"Pour me some of that Pepsi, will you dear?" she smiled. Somehow, Robby kept his hands from shaking as he poured the spiked Pepsi into the glass.
Back in the tent, his friends were beside themselves with anticipation.

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"Holy shit! She already drank some?" Mike grinned. Robby nodded and asked "How long does it take to work?"
"Oh. . . not real long. " Mike answered vaguely. He had no idea how long
In about an hour, they had their answer. The back door opened and Robby's mom called to them.
"Robby? I'm going to bed early. I'm really, really sleep. I don't know why. You boys gonna be OK out there?" She sounded groggy.
"Uh. . sure, Mom" Robby answered.

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   "Just leave the back door open in case we gotta go to the bathroom. "
They heard the door close and sat for several minutes in the darkness without speaking.
"How long should we wait?" Eddie asked.
Robby sighed. "I probably oughta check on her"
"We'll all go," said Mike quickly. "We'll be real quiet. "
Robby crept in the back door, followed by his three friends. The house was silent. Robby peered down the hall and saw the light on in his mother's bedroom. He listened but heard nothing. He sneaked down the hall and peered into the bedroom.
His mother lay on the bed on her back, her feet on the floor. She wore only her panties and bra. The bra was open and part of the back strap lay out beside her. She had obviously been seated on the edge of the bed undressing and passed out.

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   Worried, Robby crept closer. He saw her bust risely and falling regularly as she breathed. She seemed OK and he was relieved. His friends were in the room doorway.
"Shit! Look at her!" Mike said gleefully. "Out like a light!"
The four of them stood over her, none yet daring to touch her. Finally Mike said, "Hey, well, her bra is open. Might as well take that off her. " He glanced at Robby and reached down and grabbed the bra between the cups and pulled. Her arms flopped upward and then fell back on the bed as it came off, baring the twin mounds of her 34D breasts.
"Oh man! Look at those titties!" Mike almost whispered, staring at her large brown nipples. No one was even trying to hide the bulges in their pants.
Robby knew what was next and felt guilty about it but his lust overcame his reluctance. He hooked his fingers in the waistrband of her panties and pulled. The front pulled down to reveal the top of her dark brown bush but he couldn't get them off.

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   "Hoist her hips up a little, Mike" His friend put his hands under her and pulled up. Robby pulled his mother's panties down her legs and off. She was naked.
"Oh man, nice bush," Billy said. "But still can't see her cunt"
"Let's pull her up on the bed more so we can get her legs open," Mike directed. Eddie and Billy clambered up on the bed and took her by the arms and hauled her up on the bed. Mike pushed out one leg and then the other. Everyone looked between her legs at the slit visible through the more wispy hair on her crotch. "There it is, man!" Mike said to Robby happily.
Billy leaned over for a closer look. "Where's her hole?"
"Inside her pussy lips, ya dumb shit," Mike said. He reached over and spread the labia. Robby gasped at the intimate touching but said nothing. Mike continued, "Man, shes got a big clit!" He flipped it experimentally. Robby noticed Billy had begun fondling his mother's left breast.

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"Hey, c'mon guys!" he protested. "We were just gonna look!"
"Get real, Robby!" Mike pleaded. "When we ever gonna get another chance like this? She won't know if we get a little!" He was already taking his pants off. Soon, he was naked from the waist down. Robby was surprised at the size of Mike's hard cock.
"Hey, no!" Robby said as Mike crawled on top of his mother. "Don't! What if you knock her up? What if. . . " But Mike wasn't listening. He lay full length on top of her and his hand was fumbling down between himself and the unconcious woman.
"Shit! Where is it?" Mike mumbled. "I can't. . .


  oh yeah. . here. . man, shes pretty tight" He thrust his hips down and sighed, "Ohhhhhh yeah!" His bare butt started moving up and down rapidly.
"Wow! He's fucking her!" Billy said. Robby stared in disbelief. Eddie was taking his pants off.
Mike pushed himself up on his arms to obtain a better angle and more thrusting power. Her breasts bounced on her chest as he pumped her. Very soon, his hips jerked and he grunted "Oh!. . Oh!. . Oh yeah".

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   He gave a few final pumps and rolled off.
Robbie only caught a glimpse of his mother's open cunt, oozing a trickle of white. Eddie mounted her almost immediately and easily penetrated her cum filled pussy. He squeezed and sucked her breasts as he frantically humped her.
Robby knew things were out of control and couldn't be stopped. There was nothing he could do. He watched Eddie fuck his mother and his own cock grew hard again.
Eddie finished even more quickly than Mike. He noisily shot his load and rolled off, dribbling cum across her thigh.
Billy had waited too long. He got in position over her and took his cock in hand. That was all it took to start him spurting all over her belly and chest. Some streamers of cum even hit her in the face. Eddie and Mike both laughed.
Robby felt like he was in a dream as he took his pants off.

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   This was wilder than any fantasy he'd ever had about his mother. The other boys watched intently as he climbed on top her. He pushed his swollen cock against her crotch and then up into her. He sighed loudly and the other boys cheered. He managed perhaps half a dozen pumps before adding his jizz to the flood of it already inside his mother.
Groggy with lust and confusion, he got off the bed and stumbled to the bathroom to pee.
When he came back to the bedroom, he saw his mother had been rolled over onto her stomach. Her legs were spread and Mike was again on top of her, slamming his pelvis against her bare butt.
"Fuckin' her in the ass man!" he said in response to Robby's incredulous look. "It's just as nice as her pussy!" Robby stared as his mother was sodomized.
Things became a blur and Robby lost track of the number of times his mother was used and in what ways. When he and his friends were finally exhausted, she was sprawled across the bed on her back, glistening from knees to forehead with sperm. Rivlets of white ran from both her vagina and anus. The boys went to the tent and collapsed in a deep sleep.
They awoke almost together the next morning.

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   They stared at each other. The lust had been replaced by fear of the consequences of what they had done. None of them spoke much as they got dressed. Robby seriously considered running away.
They all jumped when Rob's mother's voice called from the house cheerfully, "Any of you sleepyheads want some breakfast or are you going to sleep all day?" Each took a deep breath and they walked into the house like condemned men. They sat down at the table and Robby's mom served them breakfast while making small talk.
As the meal progressed, they began exchanging glances and small smiles. She didn't remember! They'd gotten away with it! Soon, they were laughing and joking with Robby's mother. After breakfast, Mike, Billy and Eddie thanked her and left.
Robby was helping his mother clear the table when his mother said casually, "My pussy is so sore I can barely walk this morning! Did all of you fuck me?" Robby looked at her, absolutley speechless. He could only nod. "Up my ass too?". He nodded dumbly again.
"I was actually awake towards the end there as you were finishing. You boys were so interested in sticking your dicks in me, you never even noticed I came a couple times.

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"You did?" Robby said weakly. "Mom, I'm sorry. . we just got crazy. . "
"Oh I understand," his mother smiled. "Your dad and I have been talking about me giving you an education anyway. But I want your friends to think I just don't remember what happened, Ok?"
Robby nodded.
"Ok then," she continued. "You only forgot one thing last night. Take out your penis. "
Robby hesitated for a moment then pulled out his cock. His mother fondled it, smiling, then she got to her knees. She leaned forward and took his limp cock in her mouth and began sucking it. He was instantly hard.

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As he shot his load in his mom's mouth and she swallowed it eagerly, he reflected on how strangely things work out sometimes. . . . .