Rob and Tracy part 5


     As soon as Brenda's train pulled into Penn Central station, Tracy and Rob's Dad Burt was waiting for her. He swept her into his arms, and kissed her wildly, until she was giggling and gasping for breath. At JFK, two first class seats were waiting for them on the afternoon flight to Mexico, and as they left New York behind, Brenda could feel the tension draining away from her, all she was aware of was her hand being held tightly by Burt, his loving brown eyes gazing into hers, and the gentle nuzzles of affection he gave her.

     They checked in at their beachside hotel, all through dinner, he held her hand, gazing at her with naked love and adoration in her eyes, and soon they were alone in their room. Brenda wanted to change in the bathroom, she was starting to get the shakes. She stripped down, and slid on a pearl white, short silk nightie, that had pearl shaped buttons down the front, and she did her best to keep herself under control. The remembered terror of her rape was trying to force its way to the surface, like an old rotted ghost ship on the bottom of the sea, threatening to break loose, and float to the surface. She fought it down, and forced her mind away, no God, please, not now.

     In the bedroom, Burt was in bed, her lifted the covers away, and she joined him. Her body was still shaking, Burt held her close, his fingers slowly unbuttoning her nightie, gently lifting the twin sides away. He gazed at her nudity spread out before his eyes, the exquisite feeling building. The anticipation of their bodies in that hot collusion of fiery, implacable joining, made his cock almost painfully eager, he was aching to feel the tight, wet heat surround his cock as he sank into her pleasure well.

     Brenda was fighting to keep the rape away from her mind, and when Burt gave her gentle kisses, and soft caresses with his fingers, trailing loving designs over her body, she could feel the terror retreating, like that horrible ghost ship has just been torpedoed, and was sinking fast, out of her conscious mind. By the time Burt had lavished an extended session of foreplay on her, and pressed his rampant cock into her more than eager entrance, she felt the burst of joy as her lover, yes, her lover, started to give her a loving, gentle ride, their mouths coming together, sharing tongue filled swirls of passion, bringing her towards that pinnacle of joy. He was so loving, so gentle and so sure, skilfully bringing her body to that area where nothing else existed in the world, except his lovemaking, to that point where she would be lost, wonderfully lost in a world of pleasure. She felt it rushing at her, and her howls were howls of sheer pleasure, as she exploded in that gigantic burst of orgasmic rapture, and she heard Burt's answering growl, and the feel of his cock throbbing wildly, pumping his thick cream deep inside her, her inner muscles eagerly milking at him, wanting to get every drop, making her orgasm all that much better.

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   She loved the feeling of him crossing that plane with her, pinned to the mattress by his stiff, eager cock, feeling the throbbing and pulsing of his rock hard prick exploding and squirting wildly in her, feeling the heat of his creamy load filling her womb.

     Relaxing in the afterglow, Burt was thoughtful. Smiling, but very thoughtful.

     Brenda asked, "Penny for your thoughts?"

     Burt replied, "I want to ask you something, so I'll just plunge in. Brenda, would you marry me?"

     Brenda was thunderstruck, she couldn't make a sound, her eyes wide and staring, her heart pounding.

     Burt rushed on, "I want you to move into a better apartment in New York. There's a brownstone on Central Park West, with a wonderful 6 room apartment with a fantastic view of Central Park, that my realtor is keeping a hold on for me. You are too wonderful a lady for me to suggest you be just my mistress. My marriage is not working out, my wife and I can barely stand to be in the same room. I'm sure the kids sense the tension, I think they'd be relieved that the other shoe had dropped, as it were. This summer, I've been happier than I have in the last 20 years, and you know what the difference is? It's you Brenda, I feel like I've just been handed a second chance, to live, love and laugh again. I know there's a 26 year age gap, but age is just a number, nothing more nothing less, I feel. You wouldn't have to worry about money, student loans, or any of the problems of attending classes. My lawyer was smart enough to insist that she sign a pre-nup, my Dad left me a considerable estate, and my lawyer told me that I needed to safeguard my assets, that and my practice will keep us more than wealthy enough while you are in university.   Of course, it's not something we need broadcast to the world at large, especially my ex and the kids.

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   I will simply make my mailing address my office, I have an apartment attached to it, so that's where I will supposedly be living, for the foreseeable future. Tracy's going off to UCLA, and Rob wants to join the Air Force when he graduates, so the kids will be out on their own, and I can't survive being trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage, alone with that woman who has become nothing more that a stranger, and not a stranger that I like. I would die, and I want to live, and my life is in sync with you, I am hoping that you feel the same way, my precious Brenda. "

     Brenda had listened, her heart pounding, feeling her soul starting to take wing. Her lover, my god, he wants me, as more than just some summertime fling!

     "Yes, yes, oh my god yes, I'll marry you, I love you so much!" Brenda cried.

     Burt's smile was enormous, filling her vision.

     "And I love you too, Brenda my darling, the future Mrs. Brooks!"

     Brenda lay back, spreading her legs, and Burt quickly took the hint. It was natural that they seal their engagement in the best way possible. Between her thighs, he rode her deeply, slowly, giving her a loving ride. Their lips pressed eagerly together, Brenda's senses were reeling, the man she loved beyond measure, was going to be her husband. His lovemaking quickly brought her to climax, Burt held on to his explosion, and he enjoyed the look of absolute pleasure and joy crossing her face, watching the bliss as her second orgasm roared into her, then a third. Her joy and delight in their coupling made his holding back well worth the earning, the tight clenching at his prick finally took him over, and as Brenda howled with pleasure as her fourth orgasm joined the fun, she heard Burt roar like a tiger, and the pulsing of him deep inside her as his cock burst, jetting his thick creamy passion deep inside her.

     As they settled in to sleep, Brenda smiled as she felt Burt's body spooning against her back.

She had just discovered the best way in the world to chase away those mental demons, as she drifted off to sleep, she was sure that they would never bother her again.

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     Back at the beach house, Rob was getting ready. He'd decided to make Tracy wait, he'd not jerked off since the night he'd busted open Brenda's tight asshole. He was saving it up for Tracy, she was gonna get it good. His bitch of a sister was going to be taught respect, just like Jason Everest had said.

     Tracy was beginning to hope that Rob was going to not make a visit, to collect on her promise, but that hope was dashed when he marched into her room, a little after midnight. It would have been of no comfort to Brenda that Tracy was going to get even worse that what she had gotten. Baby brother was here to collect, and he was gonna collect big time. He locked Tracy's door behind him.

     "Ok Tracy, get your ass out of your bed, and strip, get your ass naked!" he barked.

     Grimly, she did as she was told, and gritted her teeth as her brother leered at her nudity, feeling more naked, more exposed than ever before in her life. She would just have to put up with it, and soon it would be over. She was heading off to college at UCLA right after summer. She'd be on the other end of the country, and she'd never have to look at the little shit again, except in passing.

     "Now woman, kneel at my feet and honor me!" Rob ordered.

     Grimly she looked up at him, it was going to be one of those nights.

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   His cock, swollen and hard, was right in front of her face. She closed her eyes, trying her best to escape into a fantasy about sucking her first boyfriend's cock. Parting her lips, she wrapped her mouth around the head, and thrust forward, swallowing his prick down the first 4 inches. Rob grunted as he felt the hot, wet liquid grip of her mouth wrap around him, taking him in.

     "Yeah, yeah, suck it good sister!"

     Tracy did as she was told, hoping he'd blow off a load quick. But Rob had learned his lessons well, she had to keep sucking him, her jaw sore, using all her cock sucking techniques to try and get him off, she had 6 of his 8 inches in her mouth, until finally, with a roar, he grabbed her head, and shoved his cock in as deep as possible, all 8 inches stuffed in her mouth. The feel of her hot, wet mouth wrapped around every bit of his prick brought on the explosion, she heard his growl of pleasure, then felt his cock pulsing, gushing crazily, his streams pouring straight down her throat, forcing her to swallow it. She had planned to spit it out, but Rob had guessed she'd try that, and made sure that wouldn't happen.

     Tracy glared at him, that little bastard had known she'd spit it out, and virtually choked her with her cock, to force her to swallow it.

     "Now, my dear sister, get your ass back on your bed!"

     Tracy resigned herself to getting her pussy plundered by Rob, but, her brother made no quick leap upon her body. Instead, he directed the bright glow of a reading lamp down on her pubic region, and told her to caress herself, play with it.

     Rob said, "Spread your legs wide, play with yourself so I can see what goes on. "

     Unable to take any more humiliation, Tracy tried to climb out of her bed, but her brother grabbed her.

     Rob growled, "A promise is a promise, sis, keep going. "

     Tracy hissed angrily, "Get your fucking hands off me, I'll be good and godammed if I'm going to masturbate while you watch me as if I'm a lab animal.

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   Go get your fucking jollies somewhere else!"

     She wrapped her bedsheet around her body, watching as Riob went to get his robe. Instead of leaving, he pulled a photo from his pocket. He held it up to her face, and she felt that sinking feeling. It was a picture of the two of them, that had been taken that first night, with Rob and Stacy locked in an incestuous embrace, his cock in her, right to the balls.

     In a low voice, Rob said "You either keep your promise tonight, or I'll see to it that Mom finds this, and a few more just like this, tomorrow. You know Mom never blames me for anything. I'll explain that my big sister led me astray, and be repentant. Mom will forgive me because I'm a boy, and the victim of my sex urges, but imagine how she'll feel about you?"

     Glaring at him in impotent rage and fury, she recognized the truth in what he said. She couldn't get out of this. Wearily she unwrapped the bedsheet and let him watch, and in spite of herself she had orgasm after orgasm as her fingers played herself at his directions.

     Rob's cock was rock hard, and he ached, he was going to give his sister the fucking of a lifetime.

     He ordered her to stop, and he quickly got between her legs. Nudging his cock against her slick entrance, he mounted the body he relished most, his hot boxed older sister, listening to her grunt of discomfort as he stuffed every bit of his cock up her, going balls deep on the first thrust. He gave her no more mercy that Brenda, as he rode her, ramming his cock in and out, enjoying the sounds of discomfort she was making. It was so good to have her at his command, instead of the other way round, as it had been all their lives.

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   He humped at her body, enjoying the feel of her cunt wrapped around his cock, her big melons against his chest, squishing them down as he power-fucked her. If he'd thought of showing her any mercy, the memory of her laughter and pleasure, her taunting him as his asshole was gang raped at the club kept him from doing so. The years of patronizing him were over, he was boss now and she was being taught that lesson; he'd learned a lot from Jason Everest. He grabbed her legs behind the knees, brought her legs up and hoisted them over his shoulders. That tilted her hips up, and his cock was getting ready, swelling with a massive urgency. His cock pierced her cervix, ramming through the tight walls, and Tracy growled loudly with pain, it was like music to his ears.

     Tracy felt his cock start to jerk and pulse inside her, and his cock erupted, his growls of pleasure, and the feel of his slimy load filling her, spraying directly into her womb. For the first time in her life Tracy felt like a filthy slut. Her bastard of a brother had turned her into nothing more than a cheap cum dump for her over sexed baby brother. The first time he'd fucked her, she'd been so out of it that she'd hadn't known up from down. This time, she got to experience every little bit of the horrendous sensation, and Rob wasn't done yet.

     He grabbed her, flipped her over, using his strength to keep her pinned as he grabbed a couple of belts that he'd brought with him.

He looped the belts over her wrists, and bound her securely to the headboard of her bed. He shoved two big pillows underneath her hips, and put her ass in perfect position. Tracy felt ready to throw up, she knew what was coming next.

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   Tracy was ready to hurl a string of screams and words strong enough to make a sailor blush, but Rob beat her to it. As she opened her mouth to begin her tirade, Rob took advantage of the situation. He quickly stuffed a large red rubber ball into her mouth, and fastened it around the back of her head. Tracy was now ball-gagged, unable to make even the slightest sound, and she felt Rob's fingers spreading the slick, greasy butter around her ass, fingers digging in, making sure she was extra slick and greasy. He took position, shoved her legs as far apart as possible, and saw her ass, upthurst, the tight pucker glistening with the butter coating. He positioned himself, and rammed in, in one thrust.

     Tracy's shriek of protest was completely muffled, as Rob drove into her. He was fired up, and he drove in and out with no mercy, Tracy's muffled howls and shrieks of pain just making him fuck her harder. Tracy was getting the ass rape of a lifetime, as little brother really reamed out her tight hole. Thanks to getting his load off in her pussy, she was due for a long ride. Rob relished the feel of ramming in and out, parting her tight ass walls painfully. Fifteen minutes later, he was still pounding at her, Tracy felt like it had been fifteen hours, her ass was spasming painfully.

     Finally, her little bastard of a brother growled, "Yeah, yeah, take it sister dear, oh fuck yeah!"

     Tracy felt the pulsing, then the feel of his thick gooey load pouring into her, filling her sore, abused asshole, and she felt positively ill. Her little bother had fucked all her holes, disgusting and sick.

     Rob had more surprises in store for Tracy, he'd planned carefully for this night.

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   After he pulled out, he went over to his robe. In the pocket, he had a six inch buttplug, and he grabbed it and went back to the bed, grinning. Playtime with big sis wasn't over yet. He climbed back on the bed, pulled her cheeks apart and stuffed the buttplug right up there.

     Tracy let out a totally muffled growl of anger. She hated the feeling of her ass walls being kept pried apart, and the slick, greasy feel of the butter rammed up her back door. That little fucker, if it wasn't for those pictures she'd, she'd: then that thought left her mind as a new feeling intruded.

     Rob had a riding crop, and he was going to give Tracy's ass a whipping. He stroked a hand over her cheeks, seeing that creamy white skin, thinking how it would look when he was done with it. Without hesitation, her drew his arm back, and watched as the crop came down, down.

     Tracy's howl of pain was completely muffled by the ball gag, as her ass lit up with the sting from the crop. She barely had time to even attempt to adjust to the hurt, as another stroke of the crop was delivered. That drew another totally gagged shriek of pain from her.

     The muffled noises, and the jerking of her body as he whipped her ass was making Rob's cock roar back quickly to full erection. Fuck, it was one hell of a turn on, and he whipped her ass over and over, her muffled shrieks making him grin, his cock throbbing eagerly as he watched the white cheeks take on a dark crimson glow, the red marks of the crop strokes crisscrossing her ass.

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   He gave her ten strokes, and Tracy felt faint as he tossed the crop aside.

     Rob grinned with satisfaction, he had given her ass the whipping of a lifetime, her formerly snow white cheeks were fiery red, burning globes of blazing agony. His cock was harder than ever, he climbed up on the bed, slipping his hardness against her pussy entrance, he gripped her hips tightly and shoved it in, in one huge thrust. His hips smacked hard against her freshly beaten cheeks, Tracy's shriek of pain was again well muffled, as she felt the pain of the double barreled blow of her throbbing ass getting slammed, and her pussy getting raped again.

     Tracy was in another world, it was bad enough what he had done, but now she not only had his cock raping her cunt, she had that buttplug still jammed up her ass, and his hips drove back and forth, smacking against her well whipped ass over and over. Rob's body was keeping the 6 inch buttplug jammed up her asshole, she could feel his cock and the buttplug rubbing against each other through the wall separating them, and it was painful as hell. She thought she might feel a tiny bit better if she could scream and holler her pain, rage and frustration, but he had even denied her that small bit. Her cunt and asshole were throbbing and spasming painfully from the rape, her cunt getting split open, over and over, the hard thrusts as Rob raped her with no mercy.

     Rob felt the rubbing of the buttplug against his cock, and it felt superb. Raping her sister's holes, then whipping her ass and raping her again were better than anything, he wished that he could kidnap her, lock her in an underground dungeon, and make her into his sex slave, so she could service all the sick, twisted fantasies that were coming to mind. He'd force her to suck a dog's cock, then she'd get fucked by a dog. He'd invite several guys over, and they'd use her body, she liked her gang-bang so much, she'd probably love it. We'd triple team her, make her suck cock while she's getting her cunt and ass fucked, all at the same time. He'd tie her to an overhead bar, and all his friends would whip her ass, then rape that tight asshole of hers. She'd be broken and tamed.

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   He'd make her compliant, so she'd suck his cock, anytime he ordered her. She would also spread her legs for him when he wanted to fuck her cunt, or bend over so he could fuck her ass, without question or complaint, anytime, anywhere. The idea of turning his sister into his sex slave did it, and he growled.

     "Fuck, oh yeah, gonna fill my dear sister again, fuck, yeah FUCK!"

     Tracy could feel his cock exploding again, filling her up with another slimy load of her brother's sperm. A small part of her mind thanked god that she was on the pill, as his load gushed into her, splattering her cervix. Probably be some ugly two headed monster, just take a look at who the Daddy would be.

     Finally, Tracy felt her wrists being untied, and the buttplug was pulled out of her ass. Rob ungagged her, and he was in a very jovial mood.

     "Bet you never had it so good, have you sister dear? You don't need to go with some loser boyfriend, baby brother is here, and I can make sure that all your holes are well fucked! We'll do it again, real soon!"

     He chuckled as he left her room. Tracy felt the howl of her body's violation as she dragged herself off the bed, she limped over to the door to lock it. She caught sight of her body in the full length mirror, and stopped, staring at herself. She turned her backside to the mirror and looked over her shoulder, shocked at what she saw. Her ass cheeks were blazing red globes of pain, the welts from the crop already forming. Her wrists were bruised from her violently yanking against her restraints, both her ass hole and her cunt were throbbing with pain from their abuse. She pulled on her bathrobe, and limped downstairs to the kitchen.


   She pulled an icebag out of the freezer, and quickly retreated to her room. After locking her door securely, she lay on her belly on the bed, placing the icebag on her burning cheeks. She sighed as she felt the ice start to take the edge off the worst of the pain, as she felt the pain of her whipped ass recede a bit, she wondered how long it would take before she'd be able to sit down normally again.

     In a few days, she was off to UCLA, away from that little shit. Fucking bastard, she was beyond angry. It might take some time, maybe a lot of time, but some day, some way, she was going to get her revenge.