Rob and Tracy part 3


     Rob got behind the wheel, after helping his sister into the car. Tracy's muscles were howling in protest over the misuse she been dealt, her ass felt stretched and sore, like a hot poker had been rammed up inside her. Her cunt was somewhat red and inflamed also, though less so since her natural lubrication had made the gang-bang of her cunt easier.

     Probably have to sit in a hot tub for a couple of days before I can appear in public with a normal gait, she thought. Well, she'd wanted it, a grand gang-bang, and she'd gotten it. She did enjoy all the hard stiff cocks driving into her pussy, fucking her until they all emptied their balls deep inside her. But that little bastard Jason, that busting open of her asshole cherry was the most painful thing she'd ever undergone, damn that Jason, he just had to fuck my ass, and then direct everyone else to join in. She hated the greasy, slick feel of all that butter than had been delivered up her back door by the plunging cocks, having not seen the famous butter scene in "Last Tango in Paris", she wondered where the hell he'd got that idea from. She wondered if every girl initiated got the same asshole fucking, recalling Jason's enjoyment of reaming out her last virgin territory, she suspected every girl had to take it up the back door.

     Just to rub it in, she'd had some guy fucking the hell out of her while she was still woozy from all the booze and dope. When they turned on the lights, she'd seen that guy was her brother on top of her, right after he'd shot his hot load deep inside her overused pussy. Damn, that was a hell of an initiation.

     Rob was thinking also. Man, he'd loved his first time, Noreen had been an excellent sex partner, and he'd totally enjoyed his first time. His cock had recovered quickly, and he'd totally enjoyed his second time, thinking it was Sue Ann. When he saw he was emptying his balls into his sister, he wished he'd been able to see his sister while he was fucking her, that would have been awesome.

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     After a silence, Tracy said, "Look Rob, there's probably a 30 percent incest factor in the country. Let's not make a big deal out of it, we don't need the parents to find out about it. "

     Rob replied, "Ok, after all, it was very common for Egyptian pharaohs to have sex with their sister, and in a lot of places, the taboo against incest is just a cultural thing. But I don't know if I want to have anything more to do with that group. They look like they could be real bad new. "

   Tracy replied, "Sorry Rob, but we're in it for good. They film everything, I caught a view of the camera filming my initiation, I'm sure there was one filming you with Noreen, and the pictures of you and me right after you blown your balls inside of me. If we try to back out, or squeal on them, copies of the pictures and the video will be sent to our family and friends, and copies of our movies will be sold to the kids at school. "

     Rob felt chilled, as he said "How long does this go on?"

     "Until Jason gets tired of us.

So you see, unless you want everyone to see what went on at our initiation, you just play along. Can you imagine the looks on our parent's faces, when they see their sweet little girl getting gang-banged, then being flipped over and ass fucked by every guy? And the still pictures of you and me together?"

     Rob shuddered at the thought, and the rest of the drive home was full of silence. Brother and sister knew what a spot they were in, and like it or not, they'd have to attend whenever Jason ordered them to.

     Three days later, and Rob and Tracy were told about the next party, they didn't have to be ordered to attend, they knew they had to.

     When they arrived, Jason grinned as he greeted them, it was time that Rob got the very same initiation that Tracy had. Very soon, Rob was on his hands and knees on the bed, his sister sitting on a chair next to the bed.

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     "Now, since big sister got her last vestige of virginity taken, it's time for little brother to lose his!"

     Rob realized what was in store for him. The girls spread apart his cheeks, and he could feel soft fingers spreading slick, greasy butter around his ass, and right up the hole. He wondered how big the dildos were that were going to bust him open, but he wasn't going to be that lucky. The guys all stripped, and they formed a line in front of Tracy.

     "Ok baby, open your mouth, and suck every cock, so they can fuck Rob's tight asshole, we're going to have every cock pump his tight, virgin asshole full!" 

     Rob saw his sister open wide, and she sucked in Jason's stiff 8 inches, Tracy sucking wildly as his balls hit her chin. Oh fuck, holy fuck, the guys are going to fuck my ass, Rob thought. Jeez, he wanted to get up, and just fucking run, but the pictures held him as solidly as if chains of iron were holding him. His parents would fucking die if they saw what he'd done to his sister, he'd always been the favorite one.

     He grimly decided he'd better accept his fate, and Jason's stiff, rock hard 8 inches was pulled out of Tracy's mouth. Jason was the leader, and he was the one to fuck all the assholes of the newest members, didn't matter the sex, just the virgin tightness.

     "Relax Rob, it'll make it easier. "

     He did his best, but as that stiff shaft started to enter, and slowly slide up his buttery back door, he let out grunts of discomfort as he felt his tight, virgin asshole getting its first fuck. With 4 inches in, Jason pushed hard, and Rob's asshole got the full prying open. He let out grunts of pain, it felt like a steel hard pole had been rammed up there, and Jason gave him a minute to adjust, then the fucking began.

     Right next to him, Tracy was wildly sucking the next cock, readying him for fucking Rob's asshole.

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   Rob realized that he was going to get every cock rammed up his tight ass, and he did his best to endure it, Jason fucking him, hating the fact that he was being fucked just like a faggot, hating even more the feel of his cock growing, stiffer and harder than ever before. His sister, bitch that she was, noticed, too. As she released the second cock, she felt like commenting on it.

     "Rob, dear brother, such a stiff cock! My little brother loves it, he loves getting fucked just like a faggot!"

     Jason growled, and he felt the hot jizz squirting, spraying his bowels. As soon as Jason withdrew, another cock took his place, and 9 inches drove up his ass, and Rob discovered that he detested it just as much as Tracy had, greasy butter slick cocks driving up his asshole. It went on, every hard cock was sucked up to a stiff, ready to fuck state, and Rob was taken up the ass, every cock reamed out his no longer virgin asshole, and his asshole was filled to overflowing with the hot sperm of the males emptying their balls deep inside him.

     Tracy decided to add to his humiliation, she grabbed his cock, and stroked him in time to the plunges of cocks fucking him. It took no more than a minute, and Rob's cock responded, erupting crazily, spraying thick ropes every which way. The orgasm did little to make him feel any better.

     Tracy laughed with pleasure, seeing little brother get his ass reamed. Seeing her laughter as he got his ass gang raped started a fury of anger going, that little bitch, he endured the ass raping until the lat cock had blown its load up his battered, abused asshole.

     After the party started to break up, Jason pulled Rob aside.

     "Hey champ, I'm impressed by the way you took it. Tell me something, would you like to give that bitch of a sister some payback?"

     Rob growled, "Yeah, I wanna fuck her like she's some cheap fucking whore!"

     Jason handed him an envelope, and said, "Here's a little memento of your first visit, she'll have to do as you demand, with this evidence in your corner. "

     Rob took a look, saw big close ups of him and Tracy locked in that incestuous embrace, and he smiled.

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   The perfect tool to blackmail his sister, she was going to get it, and get it good.